More twitter censorship for OffG…maybe Elon Musk isn’t going to save free speech after all.

Censorship and OffG are old friends at this point, across most social media platforms but especially Twitter.

Aside from the covert actions – shadow-banning, follower trimming, the sort of tactics everyone in the alternate media is familiar with – for over two years now anyone who clicks on one our articles on twitter sees this warning:

What really galls us about this is the dishonesty – they choose to imply OffG is “violent”, “spammy” or “malicious”, none of which are true, rather than honestly say they disagree with our content.

But all that’s going to change now, right? Sir Elon is coming along on his white horse to save free speech, right?

Well, maybe not…

Yes, since Musk’s acquisition of twitter we’re not only still seeing the same fake warning every time people click on our links, we’re now seeing a new warning every time someone shares our content (not even the memes are safe!).

Still, that 8 dollars a month for a blue tick…that’s a big deal, I guess.


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