Strep A….the next next pandemic?

Kit Knightly

The UK headlines are full of talk of Strep A. The infection – formally referred to as Group A streptococcus – has allegedly killed seven children across England and Wales.

The familiar refrain is echoing again – “The disease is harmless in the vast majority of cases” – and experts are coming out and saying there’s nothing particularly alarming or concerning” about the disease.

…and yet still the fear headlines churn out.

Where is this going? It’s hard to say. We already had the next pandemic, it was monkeypox and nothing much came of it in the end.

So, if they do try and make Strep A a thing, it would be the next next pandemic.

But don’t worry, there is a vaccine.

Or at least there will be soon…they started recruiting subjects for a trial five days ago.

Funny that.


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