Biden’s latest JFK document dump is a JOKE

Kit Knightly

Waiting for a government – any government – to release their “secret” files is a waste of your time, and reading anything they eventually publish is doubly so.

If you didn’t learn that from the nothing-burger that was the 28 pages on 9/11, or the pathetic exercise in revisionism that made up the Afghanistan Papers…you should definitely have learned it today.

Yes, Joe Biden’s administration has just released their promised “secret” JFK papers.

Turns out that Oswald acted alone.

I know, I was shocked too.

Further, the release dials back on the (very slight) anti-Russia messaging of last year’s release.

In December 2021, the previous batch of “secret” files revealed Oswald met with a KGB agent in the days running up to the assassination.

The latest batch reassures us that Oswald never worked for the KGB, and that the Russians thought he was “too crazy” to recruit.

One gets the impression that has as much to do with managing propaganda positioning over the war in Ukraine as anything else. Either way, its a ridiculously transparent attempt to reinforce the “lone wolf” lie.

“He was too crazy and unstable even for the Russians!”


Further, one particular “secret” memo claims

the Central Intelligence Agency has no indication that Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald ever knew each other, were associated, or might have been connected in any manner”.

Yes, before Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald they were apparently “not connected in any manner”. He had never met Oswald before the assassination, and barely had any idea who he was when he shot him on November 24th.

This means the current “official story” is that Ruby randomly chose to attend the press conference where Oswald spoke on the evening of November 22nd, despite not being a member of the press.

During this press conference, Ruby correctly pointed out Oswald had joined the “fair play for Cuba committee” (presumably an inspired guess, seeing as they did not know one another).

Then, two days later and on a complete whim, he decided to sneak back into the police station carrying a gun and shoot a man he had never met for no reason at all, in the parking lot of a police station, while surrounded by police officers.

That’s what these “secret files” tell us…the same ridiculous story as the very unsecret Warren Commission.

So, yet again, we see just how pointless these long-awaited government releases are, and how they are only ever used to reinforce the official narrative.

It was always going to be that way.

After all, JFK has been dead for six decades, that is more than enough time to redact, edit, censor and indeed forge documents ’til they tell the story you want to tell.

Hell, it’s possible these files didn’t even exist until a couple of days ago. Why on Earth should we give the CIA, FBI or National Archives the benefit of the doubt?

Supposing they are sitting on some cache of massively incriminating evidence…are they really likely to release it? Just because someone asks nicely?

Imagine the police rocking up to a murder suspect’s house, knocking politely, and asking if he wouldn’t mind going inside and fetching all the evidence that he killed his wife. Then quietly waiting sixty years for him to do it.

The entire process is a farce.


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