16 Memes to Get You Through the Day – Part 30

January is almost over, and we’re only just dropping the first memes of 2023?

We can only apologise. But don’t worry, because today we’re here to post memes and chew bubblegum…and we’re all out of bubblegum.

I know you’re all probably devastated, betrayed, and desperate for memes…so let’s dive right in.


Can’t we just go back to 2019? It wasn’t so bad in hindsight.


There’s a pun about stocks in there somewhere.


A lot of miles in the “stoves=guns” joke.


Well, then I guess…the second one?


People out there mashing the red button like it’s a Street Fighter special move.


We all know it’s going in the food supply eventually.


Rolling eyes and chuckling under your breath is also acceptable.


This absolutely happens…naming no names.


Now available with a pre-roofied ten-year-old in the trunk.


As the AI art craze ushers in the age of the machines, they reveal their one true weakness…


Just keep pulling the lever, it will work next time. Promise.


The first 10 million years were the worst…


Davos kicked off with Uncle Klaus spinning his Wheel of Misfortune


Live look at Greta’s “arrest” at her “protest”


Turns out they were kidding about the happiness part.


We can all agree this is the way to go right? Maybe we can get a bulk rate.

BONUS: Bob Moran on Jacinda’s surprise goodbye

And finally…

When the hero was the villain all along…

Have a good day everyone, and if you have a meme you would like to see included you can send it to us via our submissions email, or post it in the comments (instructions below).

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