Catte’s Corner: “lab leaks” & brick walls

Catte Black

The “covid was a lab leak” story was always a back door official narrative that reinforced the reality of the “pandemic” while appearing to be a suppressed “alternative”.

You know, one of those “suppressed alternatives” that end up in the WSJ.

It’s now going to be used to finally bury any hope that 2020-21 will wake us up to the full modern reality of geopolitics.

Remember the grotesque spectacle of supposedly ideologically opposed world leaders all in lockstep, promoting the non-existent “pandemic”, giving the same advice, talking the same talk?

Yeah, they’d much rather you didn’t remember that…

Do you recall how suddenly it was so obvious what they all were?

Little actors, with their lines carefully written for them, scurrying about doing as they’re bidden by forces we had heretofore barely realized were operational?

They suddenly looked so small & ridiculous didn’t they – in their masks & bio-hazard costumes. Speaking with one voice – that belonged to none of them.

We could see they were just employees toeing some company line.

ALL of them. East & West. Left & Right. Putin & Biden. Trump & Xi. All differences forgotten. All rivalries put aside.

Just to sell a lie.

And kill some people with “solutions” to a problem they knew did not exist.

Remember the shock factor as realization dawned – my God, they are literally all in this together and not even pretending otherwise.

Remember how it started to wake us up – like we had never been before?

We had to abandon all our “heroes” because they all abandoned us. Or made it clear they had never really been with us.

They took the covid shilling & got in line to read from the covid script & forced us to face the fact they had never been what we thought they were.

That the world in fact had never been what we thought it was.

I think covid was supposed to launch a brand new geopolitical narrative. I think it was to be the end of “conflict” and the start of the world “coming together” to face a “common threat”.

And I think, like good little actors our global leaders and our tame media were all given new scripts and new motivations. “Ok, guys, in this scene, you’re no longer enemies. You’re seeing that human beings need to work together to overcome terrible existential threats…”

The plan was to get that New Normal communitarian nightmare world all locked in place before we could react – or even get a bead on what was going on.

It was Agenda 2030 in quick time. Six months, not ten years. A bold headlong dash instead of the usual steady creep.

It was crazy.

And it didn’t work.

The fear factor never got high enough. The obvious non-existence of the “threat” became too clear too quickly to too many.

There was pushback. They had to halt and retreat.

And today the New Normal remains just a half-built prison.

They’re still working at it but they have gone back to slow and steady and the 2030 goal. One “shortage”, one act of censorship, one tiny new legislative incursion at a time.

And meanwhile what they REALLY need from us is that we all stop thinking about what we just saw.

It didn’t happen!

You didn’t see supposed autonomous and diametrically oppositional world leaders all suddenly stop being autonomous and oppositional – as if by magic.

You didn’t see them adopt totally new personas on cue and meekly start selling the same pandemic lies, and culling their populations with the same lockdowns & useless toxic vaccines.

It did not look for all the world as if they were all on the same side, working for the same goals.

You didn’t get any kind of glimpse behind the curtain.

You didn’t suddenly get to see how superficial and performative global politics must be.

The New Normal? Please. It was just the old normal, ok? – and frankly we’d be grateful if you’d stop using that particular phrase.

The Great Reset? What even was that? Big ole nothing burger is all.

NO. You were mistaken. Imagining things. Being a conspiracy theorist.

Global politics is NOT performative. Conflicts CAN’T all be turned off in a second when it becomes convenient to do so. And any impression they can was purely accidental/imaginary.

In fact look over there – a war has started! And we can’t stop or prevent it!

See, all nice and old normal.

Oh and ok -sigh… “covid” was a lab leak bioweapon…

We feel forced to admit it.

It was those pesky Russians.

Or maybe those awful Yanks.

Or the Chinese.

Or maybe the Iranians.

Or could be ISIS I guess.

Or Israel.

Pick your side. Any side. We don’t really mind which.

Just so long as you totally forget the most important lesson you are ever going to learn about the nature of geopolitics.

Because if you remember it we are rather screwed, and you will be able to set yourself free.

And we don’t want that do we.

What a dreadful unintended consequence of our crazy little covid gamble that would be!

An awake and free world! – Horrible.

No, boys and girls (and “others”), don’t be playing with any of that nonsense.

Just come back to what you know.

The old show. The familiar songs.

Just keep your seat in our theater.

You know you want to really. It’s warm in here. And kind of reassuring.

Just keep buying our tasty popcorn, keep watching our shows. Cheer your chosen good guys, hiss at your chosen baddies.

All we ask is you never – ever – notice that brick wall at the back.

Or if you do notice it – look away and pretend you don’t.

And by the way, have you ever thought that while prisons might not be free – they are lovely and safe.

Just a thought to leave with you – for future reference.


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