Covid’s Third Birthday – A Retrospective Weekend

Catte Black

Recently, prominent “anti-vaxxer” Michael Yeadon publicly stated he does not believe there was ever a new disease called “covid”.

This should not be regarded as a controversial position, and the fact that it is seen as such only illustrates the amount of confusion and bewilderment that most people still suffer when it comes to understanding what the “covid” operation really was.

Once you look at the acknowledged facts – and I mean the officially acknowledged facts – clearly and without pre-existing emotional bias, the fact that “covid” never existed as anything but a name becomes not simply obvious but unavoidable.

It’s right there. Written in the hand of authority. Hiding in plain sight like one of those number tests they use for diagnosing color blindness.

If you’re not “covid-blind” you can read it right off the page in everything the UN, WHO, CDC and every government agency has published.


#The PTB openly admit “covid” symptoms are indistinguishable from flu.

#They openly admit no test exists to specifically identify or diagnose it.

Yet they ask you to believe they still somehow know it exists.

And most people did & do believe it. In defiance of logic and basic common sense.

This is the state of derangement we are dealing with and it remains highly concerning. Even those “awake” enough to question the “vaccines” and oppose the lockdowns still seem to think the existence of the disease per se is an established fact.

And “disease” is the key word here. We’re not talking about whether a specific virus exists, whether or not any viruses exist, or debating terrain vs germ theory. These are interesting and potentially valuable discussions, but not relevant to Covid, as there is no point in debating a cause for something that does not exist.

The most important point – only important point – is that nobody was sick with anything new. It was usual symptoms repackaged, usual sickness rebranded.

Because unless we comprehend what “covid” really was we will be powerless to grasp and combat the ongoing agenda that this fake pandemic spearheaded, as it continues to roll out.

So, to help spread a little more understanding we are running a mini-retrospective this weekend – which marks three years since the UK was first forced into a destructive and unnecessary lockdown – aimed at reminding everyone of what “covid” was, and what it was not.

Starting with an updated edition of our Covid Cribsheet, and including new articles on the origins of Covid, the absurd headlines we were expected to believe and revisiting the early days of the roll-out.


















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