OffG’s Quick Take: White House Truck Attack – A LITERAL False Flag?

Perhaps you heard, on Monday night a man allegedly attempted to ram a U-Haul truck into the White House railings, with the avowed intent of killing the President.

He didn’t quite get that far, naturally.

The man was later identified as one “Sai Varshith Kandula”, a Missouri man of Indian descent. According to reports in multiple papers his plan was to kill Joe Biden and seize power. Apparently he thinks Washington works like Wakanda.

Unbelievably, he also allegedly claims crashing an empty moving van into some railings took six months of planning.

According to police, Kandula – a supposed “white supremacist” – was praising Hitler when the DC police took him away, and they found a Nazi flag inside his van…which they promptly spread out on the ground for people to photograph:

Now, basic common sense – and anyone who’s seen a single episode of CSI – would tell you this is a bad way to handle forensic evidence. The flag should be bagged and tagged, not laid out on the ground. Doing so compromised potential forensic evidence – especially DNA. This one photo alone would result in a decent defense attorney calling for a mistrial.

…which I guess means it’s a good thing there will be no trial, since the avowed white supremacist Hitler fan, who just admitted to trying to kill the President, is facing nothing but a single property damage charge.

Meanwhile, the “domestic terrorism” narrative will keep on chugging along.

What we have here might be a rare example of a literal false flag*.

*Yes, before you say anything, I know it didn’t used to be rare, and that raising false flags above ships is where the term originates, I mean in a modern political context.


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