Catte’s Corner: Covid, virus theory & the painted goat

Catte Black

Imagine…A man has sold you what he claims is a black goat.

You take it home and discover it’s not a black goat at all, it’s a white goat painted in Dulux black emulsion.

You have two options to show the man deceived you so you can  get your money back.

1. Prove THIS goat isn’t black, the man who sold it to you just painted it in order to defraud you.

2. Prove the longstanding theory there are actually NO black goats at all anywhere, just a lot of white goats painted black.

Which option would you choose for your day in court?

If you pick the first your task is simple, just show the court your painted goat and the confiscated tin of Dulux black emulsion from the fraudster’s shed.  No contest. You have made your case.

If you choose the second option you have to prove all the allegedly black goats in the entire world are really white.

Of course if you can successfully prove this you will still win your case and get your money, but it’s going to be much much harder for you than if you simply set out to prove the fraudster painted this particular goat.

Plus you are now up against a firm belief system in your society that black goats do exist.

Your little fraudster, meanwhile, will love you if you take this route,  because while originally he was just a cheap huckster who painted a goat, now he gets to hide his paltry mean little crime in these much grander questions.

Suddenly he’s not just a goat-painter, he’s a champion of tradition and ‘science’, with a whole culture of belief in black goats supporting him.

Suddenly you’re not the victim of a con artist, you’re the “crazy” person who  doesn’t believe in black goats.

“No black goats? What, anywhere? – That’s just insane”.

And now all the fraudster needs to do is rely on black-goat culture bias, produce ONE  single allegedly black goat that you can’t prove was really white, or even just fuzzy pictures of things he claims are genuine black goats,  and, however correct you might be,  he will probably win.

Common sense, prudence  suggest you take your relatively easy win, prove your fraudster knowingly painted your goat and leave the rest of them for another day.

This doesn’t mean the big question mark over the reality of black goats  is irrelevant. On the  contrary,  it’s important and needs to be resolved.

Just don’t hand your fraudster what amounts to a free pass by bringing every alleged black goat into the court room with you and trying to prove none of them exist.

There’s considerable evidence that, at very least,  it’s an inadequate model, riddled with confirmation bias and “convenience science”.

Germ theory versus terrain theory is also a valid debate, if more nuanced than some reductionists on both sides claim.

I encourage everyone to look into all of this.

However using this interrogation as the main channel for proving the covid fraud is, in my opinion, not very useful & potentially counter-productive.

The two things should not be conflated.

However bogus virus theory may be, the fact is we don’t need to disprove it in order to show covid was a fraud, any more than you needed to prove there are no black goats in order to prove your goat had been painted.

Covid is a fraud – even if virus theory were to magically end up proven a hundred ways.

We can prove, using government data, that covid is a fraud on its own terms, from its own mouth. We have them already over a barrel. We don’t need to widen the question into the existence of viruses or “germ theory”, and if we do we only give ourselves a bigger and unnecessary task.

And I think it serves the interests of the binary-creators and the scam artists to blur and widen the debate at this time. Just like the goat-painter, they get to hide their specific, easily proved ongoing crimes behind general “principles” and deeply embedded cultural belief systems. They get to use loaded terms like “virus-denier” and sneer dismissively without even having to address their own well-documented, blatant fraud.

It also serves to construct yet another binary where unnecessary division proliferates and nuance gets lost.

They benefit. We don’t. It’s as simple as that.

Let’s unite around the fact that covid is a proven fraud. It’s a big truth. It’s enough. It brings us together. Makes us more effective and more likely to win this struggle.

I know inevitably some people will react to this by playing on the very divisions I’m trying to help heal. Some will call me a “virus-believer”, and others will call me a “virus-denier”, all based on the same words in this article.

You know the ones –  they have just picked their preference on a coin toss or by watching five minutes of some YT video and now use the few factoids they digested as weapons to beat anyone they think of as “the enemy”.

Because splitting the resistance movement into a thousand shards based on any nuance or perceived disagreement seems to be a thriving pastime these days.

What can I say to them? Nothing. Waste of time. They won’t be listening.

For the rest of my readers, hopefully the majority, whatever their views on the “virus question” might be, I hope they take my point as intended, agree or disagree with what  I actually say, and don’t see something else that isn’t there and react to that with noisy and distracting indignation.

It’s up to you.


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