OffG’s Quick Take: Lockdown was NOT a “policy mistake”…It was murder.

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Yesterday, the Telegraph reported on “new research” which claims that lockdowns saved only 1700 lives in England and Wales. A “drop in the bucket” compared to the harms done:

The science of lockdowns is clear; the data are in: the deaths saved were a drop in the bucket compared to the staggering collateral costs imposed.”

This is not a revelation, it’s not an admission, it’s not the system checks-and-balances working. Rather, it is public relations, perception management. Just one more example of the revisionism we highlighted in the most recent This Week in the New Normal.

It’s a campaign which pretends to accountability and honesty, but is really about carefully managing the covid autopsy. Ensuring any and all Covid conversation is had purely on the establishment’s terms, whilst lulling those freshly-awakened by the pandemic back into a sound sleep.

The “new research” is basically a re-statement of the fundamental lie masquerading as “confession”. It “admits” that lockdown had little to no impact on “covid deaths”, which is just a backdoor way of maintaining the fiction that “covid deaths” really happened.

It doesn’t question the efficacy of the tests, the definitions of “cases” or “deaths”, or any of the architecture of the Covid scam. It just reinforces the basic underlying assumptions:

Covid was indeed a thing, and it did kill people.

Both of which are proven lies.

The truth is lockdowns didn’t save any lives at all, and none of the “consequences” of lockdown were a surprise. We go into this in our “40 Facts” on Covid.

The poverty, the depression, despair. The shuttered stores and closed hospitals and bankrupt businesses. They were all predictable, and all deliberate.

They knew that’s what would happen…that’s what it was for.

That’s why “Covid” was invented.

Lockdown was not a policy mistake, it was a policy success.


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