DISCUSS: The UFO Hearings

Today is the big day, UFO enthusiasts. Today you get your day in court.

…or, rather, your day in front of Congress.

Yes, later today US Congress will gather to hear testimony on whether or not US government agencies have been keeping UFO sightings – or even wreckage – secret from the American people.

Among the witness line up will be David Grosch, the “whistleblower” who made headlines claiming that the US had retrieved wrecked alien spacecraft that “distorted time and space”.

However the UFO narrative is more than just one guy shouting at clouds, there’s a concerted effort to move UFO talk into the mainstream spotlight, well documented in a Forbes article published earlier today which gives a good timeline breaking down each “report” and “leak” that has shifted the UFO talk away from fringe “conspiracy theorists” and, well…on to the front cover of Forbes.

What’s noteworthy in all the press coverage is how dispassionately accepting it is.

The Guardian has their own timeline, published a couple of hours ago, which blithely recounts “how we got here”.

CNN’s notice on the congress discussing “unidentified aerial phenomena” reads like the announcement of a debate on parking permits or the minutes of a particularly dull PTA meeting.

Other publications are just as trusting if not rather more enthusiastic. Slate headlines “We’re About to Find Out What We Really Know About UFOs” and tells us in the sub-head that “Nothing will ever be the same again.”

Where is the mockery? Where is the anger at wasting public money and time? Where are the official “fact-checkers”?

Where is the almost immune-like rejection of the alternative we have come to expect from all corporate media?

It is absent. UFOs are already more acceptable than 9/11 truthers, Covid skeptics or climate change “deniers”. What a time to be alive.

Going back to that Forbes article, the author addresses how UFOs went “from taboo to Mainstream”. But what they are less clear on – in fact, what they do not mention at all – is why.

We say it all the time – but the the news doesn’t just happen. It is created, directed and controlled. If we’re all talking about UFOs, it’s because someone wants us to.

We published a more in-depth article about this last month, “Wait…are they REALLY going to do a UFO psy-op?”, which pondered why this narrative would be rolling out now, but couldn’t find a concrete explanation.

Well, maybe today we’ll get some answers.

But what do you guys think?

  • Do you believe the UFO revelations?
  • Do you trust Grosch and the other whistleblowers
  • What do you expect to come from today’s hearings?
  • What narrative do UFO sightings serve?
  • …should we really prepare for an alien False Flag?


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