Everything you need to know about Covid’s “Eris” Variant

Kit Knightly

The big news the last couple of days is that “Covid” is back…again. This time it’s the “Eris” variant, named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord, it supposedly is causing a spike in cases for the first time in…who cares how long.

The bulk of reporting on it is detailing how it’s supposedly related to Omicron or Arcturus or all the other names they flash in the headlines.

That, or the symptoms.

They are a runny nose and a sore throat and…well, you know. The only noteworthy thing to mention here is that the “loss of taste or smell” – so long sold as Covid’s calling card – is no longer considered a common symptom.

Yahoo even reported – without a shred of irony – that the alleged up-tick in “cases” was due to people spending more time indoors:

Bad weather encouraging people to spend more time indoors and waning immunity have been blamed for the rise

…a peculiar position to take, considering lockdown is meant to have helped, last time.

Anyway, without further ado, here is everything you really need to know about the Eris variant:

It’s bullshit.

Just like all the others.

Nothing else really needs to be said, does it?

Sure the media are setting up softballs for us to hammer over the fence, talking about the “symptoms” and “infection” rate again as if the past three years haven’t rendered all those words meaningless. But we are – or should be – well past that point of arguing against the mainstream.

We know everything we need to know about the symptoms – they are “generally mild” and “flu-like”, because Covid is nothing but re-branded endemic respiratory diseases. We know the death statistics are made up and the tests don’t work except to manufacture cases.

We know all this, even this repeating of it is unnecessary, to be honest.

The only aspect of Eris worth discussing is why it’s in the papers, and even that answer is briefer than usual.

Eris exists because the “Cerberus” heatwave is over, and July was unseasonably cold and damp in the UK. Because Autumn will be setting in soon enough and there are no more major sporting events for Just Stop Oil to disrupt for a while.

In short, Eris is what happens when people refuse to panic about climate change.

In fact, we can probably expect headlines linking Eris to the climate in the next few days.

The trouble with that is, just like climate change, people can only be scared by words for so long. The media repeated “global warming” so much the words lost their meaning, and filled the papers with so many apocalyptic predictions that never came to pass that people got numbed to it, they filter it out now even if they don’t realise they do.

The same will happen with covid; the more they bring it back for a jump scare, the less people will jump.

That’s probably why they’re laying the groundwork “the next pandemic” of “disease X”.


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