DISCUSS: Are they prepping for Plandemic 2.0?

The buzz around the alt-news sphere the last few days has been that the establishment is planning to bring back pandemic restrictions. And, in fairness, this is some evidence this could be true.

It started with Alex Jones reporting that a whistleblower from the TSA had informed him the US government was going to start bringing back Covid restrictions in starting in October and going into full lockdown again by December.

There’s also the fact we’re suddenly being told about “case spikes” and not one, not two, but THREE new variants – Eris, Pi and Pirola – have hit the headlines.

Meanwhile, some places are bringing back mask mandates already, such as Morris Brown College in Atlanta.
It’s not just the US either, last week a hospital in Dublin re-instituted Covid rules

Just a few days ago Robin Monotti posted this to Twitter:

Apparently, the UK government’s Health Security Agency is looking to hire a “Vaccine Supply Operations Overseer” for the upcoming “largest vaccination programme” which is to be “delivered at pace”.

Neil Ferguson has even emerged from hiding to warn against the Pirola variant.

So, those warning we’re in for another “Plandemic” aren’t panicking over nothing. There’s no smoke without fire, after all, and there’s a lot of smoke here.

…a suspicious amount of smoke, you might say. An “orgy of evidence” is always hard to trust. And given how watchful Covid sceptics are likely to be, for the establishment to advertise their intentions like that would be a potential mistake.

But what other explanation could there be? Realistically, we’re looking at three potential plans here.

It really is just “Plandemic 2.0”. The reason it looks like they’re gearing up to redo covid…is that they’re gearing up to redo Covid. They’re not shy about making their agenda plain a lot of the time, and this is just an egregious example.

It’s a bluff to discredit alt media. A standard ploy, the establishment deliberately feeds the anxieties of independent media outlets who reflexively report the sky is falling…and then they don’t follow through, making the indy media look like the boy who cried wolf.

It’s about vaccines. As covered in our most recent Eris piece, the latest Covid “vaccines” are set to be released next month, amid uptake rates that have plummeted since 2021. By “discovering new variants” and dangling restrictions over our collective heads like a Sword of Damocles, they may just be marketing the new vax.

If the uptake is good then the measures go away, and they can say we “defeated the new variant”. If it’s bad…in with the lockdown. Except for the people who are up to date with their vaccines, of course.

Of course, it could be a mixture of all three, or maybe they haven’t decided yet and will play it by ear.

But what do you think? Are we going to have another round of Covid hysteria? Is there a potential explanation we missed?

Discuss in the comment below.


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