WATCH: Despotism (1946)

This educational short film from 1946 was brought to our attention on twitter when a tweet claiming it was being supressed went a little viral.

As it turns out it’s not being suppressed, as you can see it is still hosted by youtube, but it’s still a highly interesting watch.

In less than ten minutes it highlights what it calles the warning signs of “despotism”, underlining first off that the form of government does not guard against the rise of despotism, that being a republic or a democracy is not proof against tyranny, and then rattling off several warning signs including…

  • When private land ownership is concentrated in the hands of a small minority.
  • When certain people or groups are denied respect or courtesy based on their political beliefs or opinions.
  • When the ownership of the press is controlled by a small minority, or overly beholden to corporate advertising interests.
  • When education becomes dictatorial, discourages independent thought and punishes people for asking the wrong questions.
  • When taxation overly victimizes the working class.

…any of that sounding familiar to you guys?

It’s beginning to look a lot like fascism, everywhere you go.

We’d recommend downloading a copy of the film if you can, even though it’s not being suppressed…yet.


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