Quick Take: The “Epstein Client List” is not what it seems

On Monday a New York Judge Loretta Preska ruled that the infamous “Epstein Client List” must be released “in full” in January 2024.

The 51-page ruling has caused a stir, but what is it really going to tell us?

Is it going to reveal anything of his ties to US and Israeli intelligence?

Highly improbable.

Is it going to tell us anything about his supposed “suicide”?

Of course not.

The judge even walked back the “in full” part before the end of her ruling, giving anyone on the list until January 1st to petition to have themselves removed:

Anyone on the list has until 1 January to appeal to have their name removed.

We don’t know who’s going to be on the “full” list when it’s released (except Prince Andrew, and you already know what we think about him) but there’s no reason at all to trust it.

As we speak the contents of this “full list” are probably subject to feverish behind the scenes campaigning. PR firms, agents, lobbyists all jockeying to have their clients removed and their enemies added. Those in control are likely busy extorting favours from anyone who doesn’t want to be a last minute addition.

Because that’s always been the major point of the “client list”. Since the revelation that it existed, the “Client List” has been a potential threat hanging over the head of every politician, celebrity or high profile business owner.

“Step out of line, and we might just discover you’re on the list and start leaking that little tidbit all over the place”.

The persons concerned don’t need to have EVER actually been on the list for this to work.

Hell, there doesn’t even need to be a list for this to work. Not a real solid hard copy compiled by Epstein anyhow. Just a spreadsheet on a computer somewhere, updated as necessary with the names of those deemed needful.

Consider, for a moment just how strange it is that we even know the “Epstein client list” exists, and indeed that that’s what it’s called.

Consider how strange it is that we were ever told who went to what island how many times.

Now the judge has made a ruling (hooray! the system works!) and we’ll likely be presented with nothing but a list of disposable names – the old, the dead, the already discredited and/or recently stepped out of line.

What relationship, if any, it has to Epstein’s real associates or anything else real world will remain unknowable and largely irrelevant to everyone selling and consuming it.


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