DISCUSS: Is “World War 3” really on the horizon?

Is the sabre rattling genuine, or another grand narrative roll-out?

There’s a lot of “World War Three” in the news right now.

Grant Shapps, the UK’s defence minister has claimed we have “moved from a post-war to a pre-war world”, whatever that means.

Going on to say we can expect the world to be “engulfed” by wars with Russia, China, Iran and North Korea all within the next five years. Again, no idea how he can know that.

Two days ago, The Telegraph was headlining:

World War Three is approaching fast, and too few are willing to admit why

Two days before that, the Mirror went with:

World War 3: 5 chilling signs UK and US are heading for all out conflict amid global unrest

Yesterday, Spiked! asked simply:

Are you ready for World War 3?

Before adding, “Our sabre-rattling elites need to take a deep breath.”

Today, the Express reports that:

Top NATO allies strike World War 3 deal as Putin on brink of war with the West

The Telegraph has clearly got its priorities in order, warning:

A third world war would transform global finance beyond recognition

(And, incidentally, ripping off a Jasper Carrott stand-up routine from 40 years ago).

Perhaps the oddest WWIII headline belongs to Newsweek, which wants us to start farming a new superfood “in case of nuclear war.”

In terms of actual conflict, we have the ongoing “wars” in Ukraine and Gaza, and a civil war in Myanmar as well.

ISIS allegedly conducted a terrorist attack in Iran. Iran took out targets in Pakistan, and Pakistan responded in kind.

Somebody apparently droned some US servicemen in Syria. The US is blaming Iran and may retaliate.

The eternal war in Yemen is still ongoing, with Houthi rebels now attacking ships in the Red Sea in solidarity with Palestine.

The UK and US are sending ships into the area, with “experts” calling for “airstrikes to prevent World War III”, apparently hoping to invoke the rare “de-escalation via blowing stuff up” tactic.

In a similar vein, Zelensky is warning Germany might walk into WWIII if it doesn’t supply him with missiles (I don’t follow his logic, but then I haven’t spent a few billion dollars of US “military aid” on cocaine).

Trump is trumpeting that Biden’s carelessness has left the world “on the brink of World War Three.”

The “doomsday clock” is set at 90 seconds to midnight.

And suddenly everyone is talking about conscription, (as if that would have any bearing at all on a WWWIII). Both the UK and Australia have had calls for conscription in the past week.

So, what’s going on?

How does the apparent surge in international conflict work with the “great reset” world government plan? Is it breaking it or making it?

Is it possible they are dangling a nuclear Sword of Damocles over the world in order to scare people into embracing “world peace” through a global new world order? Or could they be picking the sides for the next Cold War?

…or is it all real, and we could all be radioactive ash by 2025?

What do you guys think?

    • Will the UK bring back conscription?
    • Is this about good old-fashioned military spending?
    • Are we really on the brink of WWIII?
    • Or is this a narrative, and if so what’s the purpose?
    • What happens next?


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