Grant Shapps is right, there will DEFINITELY be another “novichok-style attack”.

UK defense secretary’s “warning” of another Skripal poisoning was accurate, just not the way he meant it.

Kit Knightly

Two days ago it was reported that UK Defense Secretary Grant Shapps was warning the country might face another “novichok-style attack”.

And he’s completely right – although probably not in the way he wants you to think. But we’ll get to that.

First, we should ask: What exactly is a “novichok-style attack”? What was Shapps’ dire warning intended to convey?

For those who may not know, Shapps was referencing the alleged poisoning (with a nerve agent called “novichok”)  of exiled Russian GRU officer/MI6 agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury in March 2018, the “official account” of which has been subject to what one could politely call “ongoing revision”.

We were told  “novichok” was  “5-10 times more lethal than VX gas”, and  “a weapon too deadly to use”…. And yet it spectacularly failed to kill either of its Salisbury targets.

Two years later the recently-departed Alexei Navalny apparently had it spread over the inside of his underpants. Just like Sergei and Yulia Skripal, he made a full recovery.

Pretty poor showing so far for the world’s deadliest neurotoxin.

But then the Novichok narrative never did seem to know where it was going.

From the almost totally ineffective “deadly” murder weapon…

…to the early (since redacted) reports that the Skripals were suffering fentanyl poisoning

…to the “Toxic Dagger” chemical weapons drill…

…to the apparent coincidence that the British Army’s chief nurse was the first person to tend to the “victims”…

…to the D-notice on Pablo Miller (Skripal’s MI6 handler).

There was never a single aspect of the entire case that made any sense, even on its own terms.

[You can read a full archive of our Skripal coverage here. We also recommend the BlogMire, who did excellent work deconstructing the narrative.]

Returning to our opening question: what does “a novichok-style attack” mean?

According to Shapps and the entire Western establishment, it means Russian poisoners stalking the suburban streets of Britain, vials of neurotoxin in hand, dispatching innocent civilians.

…but what does “a novichok-style attack”  really mean?

It means a massively distracting, obviously orchestrated fake event, in which powerful agencies and institutions attempt to sell an agenda by spinning a narrative that revises and contradicts itself as and when it becomes necessary, and never even tries to conform to common sense or even the laws of physics.

So is Shapps right? Will there be another one?

Oh, almost certainly.

There’s very little else these days.


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