“Bird Flu is back…so stop eating beef!”

Kit Knightly

If this keeps going, we're gonna need a lot more "bird flu" stock images

Bird Flu is back in the news this week. Again.

The Washington Post is wondering just how prepared the US is for a Bird Flu pandemic.

Apparently, scientists are paying careful attention to migratory birds and seals.

The Mirror is choosing to go even more alarmist than usual, headlining:

Map shows how bird flu is spreading across US – as only two states escape outbreak

Another year, another disease outbreak right?

But wait, there’s more: Allegedly,  this latest bird flu outbreak can be traced back to cattle. Because why serve one globalist agenda when you can serve two?

A few days ago the New York Times reported that:

At least one person in Texas has been diagnosed with bird flu after having contact with dairy cows presumed to be infected

Just this morning, the Telegraph reported that:

Ground-up chicken waste fed to cattle may be behind bird flu outbreak in US cows

Adding a forboding sub-head [emphasis added]:

Experts warn that lax regulations could also see the virus spread to US pig farms

Throwing any pretense of subtlety out the window, the Daily Mail went with:

What you can and CAN’T eat amid America’s bird flu outbreak

Another year, another “reason” we should all stop eating red meat.

Oh, and another reason food prices are going up too.

Strangely, the media seemed to be keeping a tight rein on the fear factor, with some outlets keeping the scary narrative in check, such as Healthline claiming “The Risk to the Public is Still Low”.

…while others prep for escalation. Such as the New York Times asking “Is Bird Flu Coming to People Next? Are We Ready?” and the Daily Mail warning “Be prepared: CDC convenes bird flu outbreak meeting where it tells state health officials to get ready for more human cases”.

So, this isn’t a big scare story…yet. But we’ll see.

In the future they may decide to unleash the bird flu as “the next pandemic” and roll out the steaming fresh vaccine they keep talking about, but not yet.

Right now, it’s just part of the ongoing fear-mongering and the worldwide war on food.


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