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Escalation of US military involvement in Ukraine

by Vaska

Earlier today, April 17, American ambassador in Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt announced on Twitter that 173rd Airborne troops had arrived in Ukraine to take part in the training of Ukrainian military.

Some 300 commandos from the 173rd Airborne Brigade of the USA Army based in Vicenza (Italy), flew in to Yavoriv military base in the Lviv Region of Ukraine today.

The official Pentagon representative announced in March that American military would start training the National Guard of Ukraine by the end of April.

As Daily Hurriyet puts it:

The US troops will train the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU), a reservist force reformed in 2014 to bring volunteers and militia under government control.

The volunteer and militia battalions in question are made up largely of Praviy Sektor and other self-identified neo-Nazi and fascist groups in Ukraine whose leaders are on record as admirers of Adolf Hitler.

Moscow has already pointed out that the escalation of US military presence will not help produce a negotiated solution to the crisis in Ukraine but will only destabilize the situation further.

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