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Political Surrealism by Mr. Luhn

by Vaska

In an article on the U.S., UK and Canadian military involvement in Ukraine, The Guardian yet again casually refers to “A growing body of evidence [which] suggests that Moscow has backed the rebels not only with arms but with active-duty troops.”

Notice that this still invisible “growing body” — are we in the presence of a reverse Cheshire Cat phenomenon, perhaps? — seems to continually hint at things and merely suggest them but never shows or demonstrates or proves anything. And why is that? Because it can’t. Being invisible to all, how could it?

There is, in contrast, nothing nebulous or hypothetical about the following:

Last week, Canada announced it would station about 200 troops in western Ukraine from the summer until March 2017 to help train soldiers there. A group of 35 military personnel from the UK began training Ukrainian forces in medicine and defensive tactics in the southern city of Mykolaiv in March.

So there we have it: while officers and troops from Canada, Britain and the U.S.A. are training the Ukrainian Army and its neo-Nazi National Guard on how better to kill ethnic Russian Ukrainian citizens in Donbass and other parts of SouthEast regions, and while The Guardian is very careful not to dwell on whom exactly the Yanks are training outside Lvov since saying it openly would be far too embarrassing and might excite some public criticism, too, our good old Graun is still repeating the same old stale NATO fairy-tale about invisible but ever growing evidence of Russian arms and even “active-duty troops” in Ukraine.

One could be excused for imagining Lewis Carroll, and not “Alec Luhn and agencies” as the author of this surreal political farce.


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May 23, 2015 8:56 AM

No surprise. Alec Loon is a discredited yankee paid-to-post shill, who writes any garbage Washington requests.

To call this bigot a “journalist” discredits the entire profession.