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VIDEO: New anti-US protest in Kiev


Truth about the situation in Ukraine reports, with more pictures, about what seems to have become a regular event in Kiev for the past weeks:

Today [April 22], hundreds of people gathered in front of the US embassy in Kiev to protest Washington’s interference in Ukraine’s affairs. People believe that the US started the war in Donbass, and is embroiling Ukraine with Russia. Protesters carried different placards “U.S. is grief of Ukraine”, “U.S. + weapons = War”, “U.S. policy is poverty for Ukraine”, “Shame!”, “USA, thanks for poverty”, “USA, thanks for war”, “We are not cattle” + photos of destructions, killed children and women of Donbass. People of Kiev made an attempt to block the road, but police officers pushed them back to the sidewalk. Dozens of protesters were detained by the police for no reason. Ukrainian media didn’t cover the protest.

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