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In the Grip of Corruption

by Vaska

According to a Princeton University study, public opinion has “near-zero” impact on U.S. law. One thing that does have an influence? Money. Nearly every issue [Americans] face as a nation is caught in the grip of corruption.

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  1. I’ve traveled a lot and thus have witnessed corruption everywhere [every single country I spent time in]. It’s not a particular ‘US thingie’ and we should not be fooled to believe ‘we’ are any better than ‘they.’

    Corruption is a moral issue and should be dealt with on an individual level.

    • The West routinely produces indices of corruption on which it presents itself as holding a moral high ground over others. The myth needs debunking because it is a myth which has served to seriously erode democracy — and the corruption is enabled by a legal system which aids and abets it by misnaming it.

      In other words, it’s systemic, not merely individual.

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