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WW3 – this summer’s blockbuster?

by BlackCatte

Some very weird stuff in the zeitgeist lately. The tweet from John Schindler, quoting an unnamed NATO general saying we are probably going to be at war this summer (“if we’re lucky it won’t be nuclear”)…

…and then Soros predicting a US war with China unless China’s currency is allowed to join the IMF basket of currencies.

Disturbing in so many ways. Some in the alternative media are seeing parallels with the run-ups to World wars one and two, which did indeed see similar prepping of public opinion before the clashes were ready to begin. They wonder if WW3 is indeed on the way – as a “prelude to the next stage in creating world government.”

Well, yes. I mean Schindler was probably slipped that little soundbite on purpose, and Soros isn’t just thinking out loud, he’s playing for a desired effect, as all politicians and opinion-manipulators always do. They tend not to say what they think, but what they want us to think. So, it’s clearly serving someone’s agenda to keep the idea of imminent war somewhere near the forefront of the public mind right now.

But why? Where’s the payoff in launching WW3? It’s not easy to see. World wars one and two, and indeed all previous wars, were useful tools for the various oligarchies and monarchies that launched them, because they could be fought at a reasonable distance from their heartlands, and with relatively limited impacts on their own power structure. The empires could emerge more or less intact.

Oh yes, they’d be minus a few million citizens, of course, but they were easily replaceable, and the massive destruction of buildings and infrastructure in the war zones was little more than a profit and investment opportunity for those ensconced in the major cities far away from the conflict. If the war was in Europe, the elites could simply wait it out in the USA. If it was in the Middle East, they could make sure to be in Europe. And however intensely the conflict burned, there would always be more than enough civilisation left to allow continuity of control and government.

WW3 is not going to play out like this. A true war involving nuclear-armed Russia, China or US would almost certainly result in the end of all life on earth. All vertebrate life at least. And don’t quote me here, but I think this would probably cause quite a dip in the Dow Jones; negatively impact on investment and profit opportunities. I mean try getting a cockroach to invest in the stock market, take out a loan at exorbitant interest, do a dead end job and pay you for the privilege in tax, valet your Mercedes or cook your crepes.

It ain’t gonna happen, George.

So even if Soros and the rest of the monetarily rich and ethically impoverished manage to wait out the firestorms, radiation and nuclear winter in their hermetically-sealed and massively well-supplied underground bunkers, they are going to emerge into a world where their virtual money is so much manic delusion and their paper money so much dead tree. And – worst of all – a world without marks and victims. No one left to exploit, deceive, manipulate and torture.

A psychopath’s worst nightmare.

This is why WW3 – as in full nuclear Armageddon – is just not a viable form of social manipulation even for soul-dead psychopaths – because they would end up losing too.

So, what does this war-talk mean? Are Soros and the other oligarch-hawks too far gone to see what they are invoking? Are they too stupid/senile/insane to understand “nuclear war” as more than a punchline? Or is it just sabre-rattling rhetoric? Do they think they can contain and control a Russo-US or Sino-US war from going full retard ICBM-nuclear, and have their armies just slug it out in the usual fashion on battlefields far away with only “localised” fallout and big fat profits for the few?

Or are they figuring with this war the idea is enough? That a virtual WW3, a mushroom cloud of the mind, will be all that’s needed to manipulate the populace this time?

After all we’ve lived under the shadow of that cloud for three or four generations now. The fear of it is probably in our DNA. Maybe that’s all it needs. A few months of terrifying soundbites and headlines about being lucky to escape Armageddon next month or next year, and maybe we’ll all be ready to give up the last shreds of freedom and embrace “treaties” like TTIP and TPP that make world-government by corporations a reality, because peace at any price – even this price – is better than the end of the world?

In a way this bleak prospect is the most optimistic isn’t it. Whether it’s the most likely is another matter. As Australia gets ready to be the US’s attack-poodle in the South China Sea, and Soros is advising Poroshenko and Mad Yats on how to start up the Ukraine civil war again, it is looking as if genuine end-of-times lunacy might be the best explanation of current events after all.

I guess time will tell.


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