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Someone tell the Guardian that “evenhandedness between the oppressor and the oppressed is not justice.”

by BlackCatte

The Guardian’s picture of a destroyed market in Donetsk, which it attributes to “intensified battles” around the city. Carefully avoiding blame.

The Guardian continues to do their admirable best on Ukraine, while completely ignoring new Israeli aggression in Gaza. The masters at GCHQ and Langley are clearly telling them to keep predicting the failure of Minsk2, while ignoring the fact that the Kiev government is the one blatantly trying to ensure it fails.

Did the dear old Graun mention the alleged leaked emails from Soros?

Pretty sure they didn’t. But at the same time it’s fairly clear they are working from exactly the same playbook. Just keep pretending there are no real Ukrainian people in eastern Ukraine at all, only “Russian soldiers”. When these non-existent Ukrainian people die just ignore it. Or claim they were Russians. Or as a last resort, claim the Russians killed them. Lie, obfuscate, provoke.

With impressive disregard for the realities they open their latest piece by describing Donetsk as a “rebel stronghold”. Language designed to convey militarism, occupation and aggression. Donetsk, of course, is no more a “stronghold” than Kiev or Paris or London. It’s a city full of people, living out their lives, going to work, going shopping for dinner, picking their kids up from school.

And it’s being shelled right now, by the Ukrainian forces and their mercenaries, on a regular basis, in gross, blatant violation of Minsk2.

The Graun – following the Soros way – generally do everything they can to present these violations as rebel aggression, and when they simply can’t do that they fall back on the faux “evenhandedness” of reporting both sides allegations, with a virtual shrug, implying they simply can’t tell where the truth lies.

“Each side is blaming the other for sparking this round of unrest” the latest article says, with a long-suffering sigh, as if the Guardian simply can’t verify anything for themselves, as if they were living in the 19th Century and dependent on telegrams from their man in Donetsk. The article even has a picture of a destroyed market in Donetsk (see above) with the caption:

A firefighter extinguishes the fire at a market destroyed after shelling in Donetsk, Ukraine, Wednesday, June 3, 2015, during battles on Wednesday in eastern Ukraine Territories. Intensified battles around the rebel stronghold of Donetsk on Wednesday left more than a dozen people dead and threatens to tip the country back into full-blown war, according to Ukraine’s General Staff. (AP Photo/Alexander Ermochenko)

Hmmm…I think “intensified battles around the rebel stronghold” may be Soros-speak for “the shelling of Donetsk by Kiev forces and various mercenaries.”

And then there’s this:

Regular reports of casualties among government and separatist fighters have continued unabated since February, but deaths among noncombatants had almost ceased. That trend has been disrupted in recent days in an indication that the warring sides are again increasingly resorting to indiscriminate shelling “

“The warring sides” are increasingly resorting to indiscriminate shelling? Of where exactly? I think you may find the only city being “indiscriminately shelled” is Donetsk (see your own piccie). So is the Guardian suggesting both sides are shelling this hapless city? But why would that be when it’s – the Graun already told us – a “rebel stronghold”?

So, beneath the blurry, goopy sophistries and elisions, what we get is that in recent days the Ukraine forces have started indiscriminately shelling Donetsk.

And even that isn’t true, since anyone paying attention knows the UA have been doing this for months.

The Graun should get itself a drone. Then it could see Donetsk, the “stronghold” after a further round of non-violation non-shelling by the lovely non-nazi Ukies…

You need eyes out there Guardian. Send Shaun Walker. Get the masterful Eliot Higgins on the case. With the former’s catlike ability to spot invisible invasions and the latter’s fantastic gift for drawing stuff onto print-outs of Google Maps, you should be able to sort the puzzle out in no time.

And I bet you find Putin dunnit.

A response to Ukraine at risk of return to full war after major battle in Donetsk


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