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Guardian on Russia: None of the news that’s fit to print

by Kit

The Guardian’s coverage of Russia is, famously, rather petty these days. Petty and confusing and full of conflicting assertions from various people with differing sizes of axe to grind. On the one hand you have Luke Harding interviewing “entrepreneurial” oligarchs and believing every self-serving lie that comes out of their mouth, and on the other you have decreasing poverty statistics portrayed as (somehow) “a bad thing”.

And then you have this kind of thing. A non-story, writ large on the front page. Without merit, or analysis, or even sources (save the Guardian itself, you gotta love the way they do that).

Nobody really cares – save the half dozen lost souls who patrol BTL on Russia stories making jokes about vodka and polonium. But God fordbid you try and draw attention to the actual news, about Russia, Ukraine and the developments in the chaos out there. As this man did:


That link is actually to our site – this story. Thanks for that Jeff, whoever you are – but be warned that links to our site are loca non grata these days. As you can see:


Yup. There is no civil war in Ukraine anymore. It’s not worth discussing, reporting, or even acknowledging. But Russia is awful. And also vodka.

Those posters BTL who endeavoured to point out that GCHQ has been proven to carry out similar activities are met with a predictable response:


For example, this story, about Government twitter accounts being used to spread propaganda – is tucked well away in the psychology section. There’s also this one from last year – which, again, was hardly front page news.

Feel free to scream “WHATABOUT!” in the comments.

UPDATE, 18/8/2015 13:06: After less than 10 hours on the front-page, the story was closed for comments and moved further back. A new story, gloriously lacking in irony, has opened in the New East Network. Feel free to troll away. Let’s all really earn that sweet Kremlin money.


  1. I wrote an email to the guardian enquiring whether they would like to print some of the news emanating from the Ukraine which was not anti Russian/Putin rather than always printing stories that were Russophobic. Their response was to print an article put together by three commenters. Two were Russophobic and the Third was a Russian chap who just explained that there was a tendency for non Russian media to be rather unkind to Russia and Putin . The first one was a well known Russophobe who made a load of false remarks, the second one actually misrepresented Russia’s activities and the third one just told the truth. I sent a return email thanking them for demonstrating their extreme Russophobic claptrap.I don’t take the Guardian anymore after they trashed Jeremy Corbyn, can’t say I’ve missed them except for Seumas Milne and Adittya Chakrabotty

  2. Yamsky says

    My comments were also blocked on TheGuardian, after 2-3 times I got fed up and sent an email to the moderators team, commenting on each point of the “community standards” explaining that this I did obey and neither that one… Got a reply in 15 min or so that the case was investigated and the comment is unblocked now. I guess I triggered something, and Mr “shaky hands” just blocked it just in case. Ok, I just want to say that attempt to TALK to people wasn’t a bad experience.

    [edited by author request for typo]

  3. Every little piece builds a picture for the Graun’s agitprop by miss-direction regarding Russia, as this piece proves:

    ” German spy charged with treason for passing secrets to CIA and Russia” (Appeared on the Gruan’s Russia page on 20 April)

    Fantastic more proof of bad old Russia involved in spying! Except if you read the article it’s all about the CIA spying on Germany and not Russia at all! The guy was only offering some documents to the Russian’s just before he was caught or most probably exposed.

    Then if you proceed to the main pages for the USA, or the CIA, or the NSA and look for this article as it clearly is about their activities in Germany… surprise, surprise it’s not there!

    Check it out!

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  5. Eric_B says

    there are some pretty good skeptical commenters posting on the ‘troll factory’ thread but they will no doubt soon be banned.

    I notice the troll ‘HavingaLavrov’ is very active still.

    A guy who does nothing but post anti Russian comments on Russia threads, all day, every day. Yeah that looks legit.

  6. Peter Schmidt says

    Actually there was a good comment from a person, who wrote that the ‘troll factory’ was set up by a well known Kremlin critic, E. Zubarev. Trojan horse perhaps?

    Anyway it was one of the most biased articles from the guardian. Personal abuses were not deleted from the usual Russia haters, but normal comments from others were removed.
    I think the Guardian is more afraid of those of us, who live in western countries and have differing opinions. I had my account cancelled as well, yet many western trolls’ accounts are still there.

  7. Guest says

    When you actually read the comments they are so incoherent it’s hard to think they are written by “real” readers anymore.
    As for the story they are commenting on there is absolutely no evidence in. What did she uncover? It’s all a waste of energy reading it and the comments

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