Are we safer now?

by Catte

A 17 year old boy from Virginia, USA has just been sentenced to 11 years in a federal prison (which means no parole) for allegedly putting info on his website about how to send bitcoin funds to ISIS.

Eleven years. Eleven years.

Not for murdering people in the name of ISIS, or being part of ISIS.

But for telling people how to send them money.

Do you feel safer?

This is the same ISIS, by the way that the US and the Saudis are accused of funding and arming under the guise of helping allegedly non-existent “moderate” rebels in Syria.

The same ISIS who inexplicably acquired those seemingly endless fleets of matching Toyotas the US was supposed to have gifted to Al-Nusra or someone.

The same ISIS with an “army the size of a Junior College” that is somehow magically able to avoid being destroyed by the largest war machine on earth.

The same ISIS who allegedly manages to export $3million worth of oil into Turkey every day, without the US being able to stop them, or even slow them down very much.

But let’s not worry about any of that. Let’s not fuss and bother about all those messy uncertainties and worrisome gaps in the official story, and who may or may not be payrolling whom. We should just focus on how evil ISIS is (which is very very evil by the way) and therefore cheer as this kid is sent down. Of course he should be locked up for 11 years. Because – hello, did you already forget – ISIS is evil.

What this absolutely is not is the thin end of any wedge. And we will definitely not see the list of organisations you can be jailed for supporting get larger and larger until it embraces virtually every source of dissident or contrary opinion.

Yes, we are already seeing brazen attempts to conflate “conspiracy theorists” (i.e. those who question the narrative) with terrorism, but that’s fine. And if sites like MediaLens, FAIR, the Intercept and Global Research become potential illegal organisations that you can be jailed for supporting – well, at least we won’t have to be worried by all their ridiculous “investigative reporting” any more. We can just settle down with our Soma, and doze away into oblivion.

Feeling very very safe.


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