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Paul Craig Roberts: “More Paris Puzzles”


As part of our series exploring different points of view on the “new 9/11”, Dr Paul Craig Roberts questions the official narrative.

Some people who are not inclined to believe the official story of the Paris attack are troubled by the question why Muslim suicide bombers would blow themselves up for a false flag attack. The answer to this question is very simple. But first we should dispose of the question whether suicide bombers did blow themselves up. Is this something that we know, or is it part of the story that we are told? For example, we were told that during 9/11 passengers in hijacked airliners used their cell phones to call relatives, but experts have testified that the technology of the time did not permit cell phone calls from airliners at those altitudes.

To dispose of the question whether we have or do not have any real evidence that suicide bombers blew themselves up, I will assume that they did.

So we have suicide bombers blowing themselves up.

Now turn to the question that troubles some doubters: Why would suicide bombers blow themselves up for the sake of a false flag attack?

As I said, the answer is simple: Why assume that the suicide bombers knew who was organizing the attack? There seems to be abundant evidence that ISIL is a US creation, one that is still dependent on US active or passive support—thus the conflict between Putin and Washington over attacking ISIL. ISIL seems to be what Washington used to overthrow the government in Libya and afterward was sent by Washington to Syria to overthrow Assad. Obviously, Washington has ISIL infiltrated. Washington has long proven its ability to use Islamic extremists. As Washington used them in Afghanistan against the Soviets and in Libya and Syria against independent governments, Washington used them in Paris. By my last count, the FBI on 150 occasions has successfully deceived people into participating into FBI orchestrated “terror plots.”

Now let us move to some bigger questions. Why do terrorists attack ordinary innocent people who have neither awareness of “their” government’s actions or control over them? The victims of 9/11 were not the neocons and members of the Washington establishment, whose policies in the Middle East justified attacks on their persons. Ditto for the Boston Marathon Bombing, and ditto for the Paris attacks. Innocents were the victims, not those who have taken Muslim lives.

Historically, terror attacks are not on the innocent but on the rulers and those who are guilty. For example, it was the Archduke of Austria/Hungary who was assassinated by the Serbian terrorist, not ordinary people blown up or shot down in a street cafe.

It is interesting that terrorists attacks attributed to Muslims only fall upon ordinary people, not upon the political elites who oppress the Muslims. In past years on several occasions I have remarked in my columns on the total vulnerability of the neoconservatives to assassination. Yet there has been not a single attack by terrortists on a neocon life, and the neocons are the source of the violence that Washington has unleashed on the Muslim world. The neocons walk around without threat free as birds.

How believeable is it that Muslim terrorists take their ire out on innocents when the President of France himself, who has sent military forces to murder Muslims, was sitting in the attacked stadium and could easily have been eliminated by a suicide bomber?

Now let us turn to questions of identification of the alleged “Paris terrorists.” Is it realistic to suppose that the millions of refugees from Washington and its European vassals’ wars in the Middle East have passports? Were these millions of refugees expecting to be driven by White Civilization’s Bombs out of their countries and thus had prepared themselves with passports in order to flee?

Did they write on their passport applications that they were going to be visiting Europe?

Was the beleaguered country, their homeland, under full military assault, able to process all these millions of passports?

What sort of dumbshit Western media goes along with the passport story — a media well paid to lie for Washington’s hegemony and crimes?

One final question for skeptics. Where are the photographs of the terrorists during their terrorizing? Surrounding the scenes of violence there were not only abundant security cameras, but also hundreds, even thousands, of people with cell phones that have cameras. With all of these photos, how is it possible that the authorities do not know if some terrorists escaped, and if so, who they are and what they look like? Why are the authorities relying on fake passports for photos of the terrorists?

Terrorism has been unleashed in the Western World, and it is the terrorism of Western governments against Western peoples.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts’ latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West and How America Was Lost.


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  3. Stephen andrew persaud says


    Attacking the general population does nothing to overthrow the existing (corrupt) power structure….it does the exact opposite…it strengths the military industrial complex….


    The probable reason why Joe public is attacked is that organisations like the RAND corporation gather as much information and data as possible and “brainstorm” about future trends and extrapolate as to how they can steer these movements …social occurrences….. If you as a ruling elite know that the “peasantry” show the potential tendency for rising up and storming your mansions (palaces) ….de-throne-ing you and your “click”….then it would make sense from your selfish position to do everything in your power to make sure the masses fight amongst themselves like Guelphs and Ghibelines……


    The RAND document contextualised this disturbing strategy with surprisingly prescient recognition of the increasing vulnerability of the US’s key allies and enemies – Saudi Arabia, the Gulf states, Egypt, Syria, Iran – to a range of converging crises: rapidly rising populations, a ‘youth bulge’, internal economic inequalities, political frustrations, sectarian tensions, and environmentally-linked water shortages, all of which could destabilise these countries from within or exacerbate inter-state conflicts.

    The report noted especially that Syria is among several “downstream countries that are becoming increasingly water scarce as their populations grow”, increasing a risk of conflict. Thus, although the RAND document fell far short of recognising the prospect of an ‘Arab Spring’, it illustrates that three years before the 2011 uprisings, US defence officials were alive to the region’s growing instabilities, and concerned by the potential consequences for stability of Gulf oil.












    Double agent recruiters…identify disaffected alienated disenfranchised ..emasculated young men who seek a position of primacy…and through careful intelligence grooming and drugs..



    these intelligence operatives/demagogues/agent provocatuers are able to steer these easily led manchurian candidate cannon fodder patsies to carry out these operations…all they have to do is regale the young wanna be “gangsters” with tales about atrocities carried out by the crusaders in the Middle Ages….



    then follow that up with the slaughter that took place…during the destruction of the ottoman empire……



    and finish it off with anecdotal evidence of the millions of muslims killed in recent decades….



    with the icing on the “vengance cake” being the effects of depleted uranium on civilian muslim population…..




    Then whilst high on drugs and having been desensitised to violence through a combination of video games …..



    and actual combat in war zones like Syria…..the agents then call upon the young “Gods Warriors” to exact Allah’s judgment upon a western civilian population that are deemed to be supportive of their respective corporate-military-industrialised-governments actions in these decimated countries….









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  5. bill says

    PR hits the nail on the head-the terrorists believed they were acting as part of a genuine Islamic mission as part of a false flag recruitment ,thats obvious from all the many features and timing of these outrages.They were patsies.
    What is the anticipated denouement? There may not be a clear and defined plan as such but it was expected that Hollande would respond by air strikes against IS and that other NATO countries could be manipulated by the MSM to follow suit. This creates a more active arena to work on with a view towards either directly challenging Russia,seeking to coopt Russia or with a richer tapestry in preparation for another false flag within Syria,another Ghouta for example.The endgame is the attempted reinstatement of NATO goals in Syria and regime change .

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  15. joe Staten says

    Ok, this is supposed to be an audio recording of the attacks:

    It was allegedly recorded by a guy’s cellphone, that was in his pocket at the time. Here are some questions I have:

    a) If the phone was in his pocket why don’t we hear the loud rustling sounds as he moves, runs away or drops to the floor? Are we supposed to believe he stood stock still while the gunmen were firing all around him?

    b)Why are there so few screams and why do they all seem to be coming from one quite distant location? if he’s in a crowd of panicking people some of the screams would be coming from close by, others far away.

    c)Why no other sounds: bullets hitting walls and floors and light fittings and people? Items being knocked over and stepped on, people stampeding and colliding with each other?

    d)is that what an AK47 would sound like in a small auditorium such as the Bataclan? It sounds real quiet. This is what a real AK47 sounds like:

    So, I think this audio is bogus and a clumsy fake. What I don’t figure is why. What’s the point? Don’t get it.

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  17. J Private says

    The Paris attacks were very much like the 1980s Bologny massacre: Random violent attacks on civilians.

    The Paris attacks, and the prior problems in France could be part of the US/NATO Gladio “strategy of tension” in Europe, which was formerly attributed to the far-right extremists, before Islam became popular as a tool.

    For an explanation of Gladio and the “strategy of tension”, this is a good link:

    From the website: The “strategy of tension” can be defined as a campaign whose objective is creating a collapse of order and law and, consequently, generating a crisis of the citizens’ trust in the democratically elected government thus creating the necessary conditions for a military or authoritarian force to assume power.

  18. J Private says

    Hi Mr. Roberts,

    Thanks for your analysis. I’m a U.S. citizen in Geneva. First, my comment that the attacks were horrible, and my heart goes out to the French people. Beyond that, my first reaction was that this was a false-flag. What I noticed about Charlie Hebdo was that Washington was very sparse in it’s response to the tragedy: Not even the Secretary of State was sent, until the situation was embarrassingly rude, and Mr. Kerry had to come over with some famous singer and apologize, i.e. the U.S. reacted oddly to Charlie Hebdo.

    What I call to mind is the 1980 Bologna rail station attack, which – according to a later Italian investigation – had links-back to Gladio.

    My guess is that France was getting a bit too-far out of line for some-unknown parties in Washington, military or otherwise. You note the comments of possibly offering asylum to Assange and Snowden in June by the Minister of Justice Taubira. That was a red herring as it turned out, (France backed-out of implementing these favors) but the point is that France has had a lot of odd problems in the recent years.

    What about that airline crash, with the depressed guy as a pilot?

    There seems to be some crack-down on France.

    Other comments: Most Syrians probably already had passports: Outside of the US, a passport is more commonly obtained, even for children. In a country in a longstanding conflict, as-is Syria, most people got passports long ago.

    Please keep writing. The world needs your input.


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  23. France has been a genocidal murderer of the people of Africa for hundreds of years now. France is waging war on Africa RIGHT NOW. ” Zee boogeyman attacked us, zee victims of our rape and slaughter are not capable of resistance. Zay were not Africans striking back in self defense against their oppressor. They were fanatical religious lunatics, not from Africa, who hate us for our freedoms, not because France is a gang of murderous imperialist pigs.” The poor French are victims of terror. Bombing peoples cities isn’t terror. Oh, no. Genocide isn’t terror. If it was, the United Nations would say so.

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  25. Arnieus says

    Dr. Roberts,
    Would you please educate “the Donald”. I find it hard to believe he is so clueless, but it can’t be an act. We can not survive many more presidents that pretends to respond to events that didn’t happen.

    I can’t believe I am supporting Donald but when you are surrounded and have no other options you have to jump off the cliff and hope for the best.

  26. conformity uber alles says

    But I saw the official story on teevee and they would never lie to me. You must be one of those conspiracy theorists! gasp

  27. Thankfully, a few bold and courageous men like PCR are teaching the world about the realities of false flag attacks. Yet the question is never raised publicly: is there a consistent pattern to this, who is really behind all of these terrorist acts, for what end purpose and how does all of this end?

    In truth, the answers to these questions are not found in the mouths of political pundits. They are found in the little-understood world of the occult, end times prophecies of the Bible and an informed understanding of the conspiratorial view of history. Few people have the education or the intellectual ability to grasp most of what’s required to understand what’s happening at a strategic and metaphysical level and why. This is by design.

    At no time in the last 2000 years has Biblical illiteracy and confusion been so pervasive. The western governments PCR refers to have been hijacked by the Khazar “jewish” Illuminati Freemason Zionist global elite conspiracy and it is they who are the ones behind all of these false flag attacks. These so-called elites secretly believe that they are the “illumined ones” who have the superior knowledge needed to run the world. It is no coincidence that they seek to do so by creating carnage and chaos out of which they hope to birth their vision for their New World Order global police state with them pulling all the strings of power behind the curtain, much like the Wizard of Oz. But this is where most writers stop. Seldom is the connection made between the realities of the global conspiracy, and its many obvious links to end time Bible prophecy.

    The global conspiracy is grounded in the practices and teachings of the occult. These teachings, which notably include the Babylonian Talmud and Zohar Kaballah of orthodox Judaism, inform and guide the beliefs and actions of those who number among the members of the Illuminati and Freemasonry whose plans are now out in the open for anyone who cares to know to discover. Orthodox Judaism is secretly Satan worship and > 95% of those professing themselves to be Jews today are Khazar impostors and frauds. The remaining 5% or so are Sephardic impostors and frauds – both of Turko-Mongolian ethnicity. Jesus revealed who these people really were in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9: the synagogue of Satan, a.k.a. the Antichrist of these end times.

    The truth is that we are now living in the final year of the 1,290 day long great tribulation foretold in Daniel 12 and Matthew 24 for thousands of years. This means that less than a year from now, Christ will return to gather the elect in the fulfillment of the prophecy of Matthew 24:29-31, followed by the marriage supper of the Lamb of Revelation 19:7-9. In spite of centuries of global elite efforts to thoroughly discredit the teachings of the Bible, it is proving to be 100% trustworthy and reliable, whereas almost nothing else is. And that’s a real problem for the majority of humanity alive on the planet today who have no clue what it says or means. What it means is that the vast majority of the 7.0 billion people alive on the planet today will be facing the fierceness and wrath of almighty God being poured out upon them, starting roughly a year from now. The world’s leaders know this and they desperately are seeking to create as many diversions and distractions to keep people’s attention diverted from this horrible Biblical reality that is just around the corner. False flag attacks that serve to foment WWIII between white Christian nations and Arab Muslim ones go a long way to accomplishing this very feat. This has been the plan of “jewish” Freemasonry since 1871, if not before.

    And now you know an important missing piece of “the rest of the story.”

    • DEB says


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  29. Mick McNulty says

    Western governments and media are repeating the language which was used eighty years ago against the Jews. Different enemy, same agitators.

  30. Jen says

    Of course PCR might have added how is it possible for passports to survive sailing over rough seas in rubber dinghies that might capsize, and their owners being rescued by Italian, Maltese or Greek border patrol vessels but not the passports themselves necessarily.

  31. Conspiracy2Riot says

    Anyone paying attention to the Empires and how they’re waging war in every corner, directly or by proxy, is aware that this French 9-11 is but another false flag.

    So many stand to benefit…Gov’ts have a willing populace ready to concede more freedoms. The Military Industrial Complex will be that much richer for Nov 13th. Xenophobia and a shared distrust of Muslims will benefit Israel, who is upset that France was moving to recognize Palestine and our current Gov’t is on board with that…now, Marine Le Pen, of the Front National (Nazi Party) is in the lead for President.

    But some of us know that strings behind the scenes are being pulled. That foolish, desperate young people are being used as pawns in a much larger game. And that it is the US (and Israel) who ultimately bear responsibility and who will be the biggest benefactors of this massacre. That is how THEY win ‘hearts and minds’.

  32. Selassie I says

    I agree with these observations. People seem to be hypnotized to the point of not having any logic. How can people not observe what PCR has? Are we zombies?
    When the migrants started traveling through the balkans on their way to utopia, I immediately observed that it is impossible for so many Syrians to have obtained passports. It’s not like the Syrians are known as world travelers and therefore all of them had them.
    It is so refreshing to read Paul Craig Robert’s articles. His logic is impeccable and his mind sharp.

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