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A View from the U.S.

by Heather Cottin

The US has come so far on its McKindarist-Brzezinski scheme of world domination, that we are now into the EuroAsian gambit for late imperialism on the “Grand Chessboard.” Anyone dares challenge us? We will attack!

The Russians know the game. Suddenly: there is a challenge that will have deep repercussions. Russia in Syria, helping Iraq; Hezbollah, Iran and China form a strong resistance, united in Syria, though China is not directly involved. With its 2.5 million army and its 2.3 million reserves, and lots of fancy new planes, China is a threat.

The US wants war, but in the arsenal of the anti-imperialists war is not the first move. Economic machinations can choke the imperialists and their proxy (poxy) states.

Russia’s cutting gas and oil off to Turkey will be hard on millions of non-fascist peaceful Turks. They will be cold this winter.

So this is the response to the shooting down of the plane and the horrible, public, immoral, illegal shooting of the pilot. The world is incensed. And no one wants WW III. Least of all the Russians, who in I and II suffered the most.

The challenge of Russia is the strength of Russia; it is a country filled with everything it needs, from people to land to food to minerals. And learning. They are super smart, they study. Russia is rich and will fight for its own preservation. They read Brzezinski and PNAC; they are very analytical and intellectual. And self-preserving.

The US ruling class is not. They piss away our resources, piss upon us, and haven’t a care. The US ruling ideology is venal, pragmatic and opportunistic. This is tripping it up right around now.

Because the Russians do not want war with NATO and the satraps. So the Russians will squeeze Turkey dry, and the resulting crisis may unite the Turkish workers against the state and the economy. The Turkish government will say it is all Russia’s fault, but millions of Turks hate their government. They were horrified at the shoot-down of the Russian plane and the murder of its pilot. Those Turks are poor and their ruling class is rich. And unlike in the US, the Turkish people KNOW they are working class. There are communist groupings among them. Turkish workers may embrace revolutionary defeatism as part of their political movement. I am sure they already do, but it is really dangerous to be Left in Turkey.  The State throws the activists in jail and tortures them all the time.

No matter what the US/NATO devises, they cannot know the result or outcome or dangers of their outrageous behaviors. As fearful as these times are, things are changing. The workers are rising.


  1. rehmat1 says

    Russia and United States are both imperial vultures preying on foreign natural resources. Most of their victims happen to be Muslim states.

    Both the US and Russian are fighting in Syria for the same cause – protect Israel from Iranian influence, which has scared the hell out of Benjamin Netanyahu that he took a copy of Khamenei’s book, Palestine, to UNGA last year to show the 193 countries attending the gathering that Iran has become an “existential threat” to the Zionist entity.


    • For Russia being fighting to protect Israel from Iran, they are doing a great job fooling us all with those diplomatic efforts to ease international sanctions and by providing them with all those fancy weapons.

    • Utter rubbish! This has nothing to do with Israel its all about a gas pipeline to EU from Qatar(Exxon). This is an excellent article & your comment is simply foolish.

    • Seamus Padraig says

      Anyone who hasn’t noticed that Iran and Russia are on the SAME SIDE in Syria can be safely disregarded.

    • Rehmet I am absolutely sick of you grabbing thr thread with your nonsense, my more cynical side actually wonders if you’re deliberately trolling for the state.

  2. “As fearful as these times are, things are changing.” It is my most fervent hope. And when it finally happens, if it ever happens, it will yet have come too late for too many.

    Brecht comes to mind — the streets that led to quicksand, the speech that betrayed one to the slaughter, the fact that there was so little anyone could do, that there seemed to be only injustice and no resistance . . .

    Fearful times.

    Dark times.

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