New East Network: Who is the Guardian speaking for?

by Kit

The Guardian’s “New East Network” is notionally a group of “media partners” aiming to “expand coverage” of ex-Soviet states. Here we take a look inside the “NEN” and ask: Just exactly with whom is the Guardian in partnership?

Avid readers of the Guardian, if indeed such creatures truly exist anymore, will be more than familiar with the New East Network by now. A brand new sub-set of the media, a sort of imprint cartel, made up of various publications all dedicated to making ex-Soviet republics more “democratic”. Including, of course, Russia.

First appearing in the Guardian on the 9th of June 2014, at the height of Ukraine crisis – when a new “invasion” was being reported every twenty minutes or so, the New East Network (NEN) has brought us such groundbreaking journalism as “Putin walks funny”, “Lady-Nazis of the Aidar Battallion: The sensitive side of fascism” and Luke Harding’s spectacular interview with Sergei Pugachev – the criminal banker currently wanted by INTERPOL. He’s down to his last 70 million dollars, you know. It’s a tragedy.

It’s not quite clear how all this fits in with the NEN’s self proclaimed agenda…

…to expand coverage [of the East] at this critical time in its history

…and a glance down their list of “partners” in this enterprise would suggest – rather than an expansion of coverage – a narrowing of permissable opinions. The membership of the cabal is…interesting, to say the least.

The Carnegie Moscow Center

Despite its name, and the rather misleading .ru web address, this center is actually run from Washington DC. From their own about page:

The Carnegie Moscow Center was established as a subdivision of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (Washington, DC) and started its activities in 1994.

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is, essentially, the non-governmental arm of the US State Department, their current chariman – William Burns – even served as deputy Secretary of State. The Moscow Center’s aim is, apparently:

To embody and promote disinterested social science research and the dissemination of its results in Russia and Eurasia;

Although one wonders just how “disinterested” a party can be, when its board members include Peter Aven, the chairman of Alfa-Bank – the largest private bank in Russia.

To sum up: The Carnegie Moscow Center is controlled by former State Department employees and private bankers, and is totally non-partisan.

Hillary Clinton, just one of the many "disinterested" parties involved with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Hillary Clinton, just one of the many “disinterested” parties involved with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

This particular “partner” of the Guardian needs no introduction. It is a public knowledge that RFE/RL was established by the CIA and funded by the American Congress to broadcast pro-American news behind the the Iron Curtain. Nothing more need be said.

The Interpreter Magazine

The Interpreter declares proudly, on its about page, that it:

…aspires to dismantle the language barrier that separates journalists, Russia analysts, policymakers, diplomats and interested laymen in the English-speaking world from the debates, scandals, intrigues and political developments taking place in the Russian Federation.

It goes on to boast:

The Interpreter, which was launched in 2013, was made possible by a seed grant from the London-based Herzen Foundation and a grant from the the New York-based Institute of Modern Russia, of which the journal is a special project.

The Institute for Modern Russia? Doesn’t get more Russian sounding than that – except of course it’s based in New York city. Oh well, it certainly seems to have a benign enough goal:

The Institute of Modern Russia (IMR) is a public policy think-tank that strives to establish an intellectual framework for building a democratic Russia governed by rule of law. IMR promotes social, economic, and institutional development in Russia through research, analysis, advocacy and outreach. Our goal is to advance Russia’s integration into the community of democracies and to improve its cooperation on the global stage.

Now, the more cynically minded might read “advance democracy” as “get rid of Putin”, and “improve cooperation” as “start doing what America tells them to”, but that is absurd paranoia. I mean, look: most of the people that work there seem to have Russian names. Including Pavel Khodorkovsky – son of Mikhail, the corrupt former-billionaire slash suspected murderer. Mikhail Khodorkovsky, like most criminal billionaires, has no interest in grabbing power, political revenge or re-privatising state-owned oil – he just wants to be nice.


Let’s just get straight to the “about page” this time, shall we?

EurasiaNet.org provides information and analysis about political, economic, environmental and social developments in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, as well as in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, and Southwest Asia.

Well, that sounds friendly…but wait, there’s more:

Based in New York…Eurasianet.org is operated by the Eurasia Program of the Open Society Foundations.

New York again, huh? Who would have thought there was such a large pro-Russian freedom movement in NYC. The Open Society Foundation sounds familiar too, isn’t that the foundation set up by George Soros? Why yes, yes it is. Good old Soros, just another one of those billionaires who only wants to help make the world friendly.

Transitions Online

Formerly “Transitions Magazine”, Transitions Online (TOL) was set-up in 1999. From its about page:

TOL was established in April 1999, the month after the publication of the final issue of its print predecessor, Transitions magazine. (The print magazine was first published in 1994 by the Open Media Research Institute, a joint venture between Radio Free Europe and the Open Society Institute.) Four of the former print magazine’s staff members established Transitions Online as a means of keeping the widely respected, cross-border coverage of the magazine alive.

RFE and The Open Society Foundation? Again? OK. So this magazine is a cooperative enterprise of the CIA and George Soros. Good to know.


Window on Eurasia

A very simple, old-fashioned look blog. All you can tell from the site, which has no about page, is that it is run by a man named Paul Goble. A quck google shows up a Paul A. Goble on wikipedia, to quote his page:

Paul A. Goble is an American analyst, writer and columnist with expertise on Russia…Goble served as special adviser on Soviet nationality issues and Baltic affairs to Secretary of State James Baker. He currently teaches a course on “Islam and Geopolitics in Eurasia” at the Institute of World Politics.

So, he used to work for the State Department and now he teaches at, essentially, a spy school. Further examination of his career shows a (by now) fairly predictable list. Mr Goebbels…er, Goble…has worked at Radio Free Europe, Voice of America and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He has written for EuroMaidan Press and worked as an analyst for the CIA.

It seems like RFE, Carnegie and the CIA are getting mentioned a lot on this page.

Belarus in Focus

From their about page:

Founded in 2011, Solidarity with Belarus Information Office (SBIO) is a Warsaw-based non-profit, non-partisan organization working closely with Belarusian and international journalists and expert community to overcome Belarus’ isolation by promoting democratic values and transformation.

There you have it. They are a non-partisan organisation that promotes change…non-partisan change. Because that’s a thing. Their objectives? Simple:

  • Raising awareness inside Belarus about democratic values and the policies of the European Union in relation to Belarus.
  • Raising awareness among the international community about the political, economical, social, and cultural situation in Belarus.
  • Strengthening ties between Belarusian civil society and the international democratic community.

See? They are a totally non-partisan NGO that wants to integrate Belarus into the EU, and just happens to get their funding from the European Endowment for Democracy. The makers of this not-at-all-creepy video.

PONARS Eurasia

From their about page:

PONARS Eurasia is located at the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (IERES) at The Elliott School of International Affairs, The George Washington University, and is co-directed by Henry E. Hale and Cory Welt. The program was founded at Harvard University in the late 1990s and housed at the Council on Foreign Relations from 2000-2001. PONARS Eurasia is supported by Carnegie Corporation of New York and the George Washington University/IERES.

Well look at that, Carnegie. Again.

The Elliot School of International affairs is a subsidiary campus of The George Washington University, the “most politically active” college in America – whatever that is supposed to mean. It has a building right opposite the State Department, and a quick google will show you that at least two professors currently employed there used to work for the CIA (this one and this one).

While that may seem a little tenous – the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) connection is far more telling. A famously rather secretive organisation with a membership of nearly 5000 people, including a “Cheney, Richard”, a “Brzezinski, Zbigniew”, 6 different Rockerfellers and “Clinton, William” plus his daughter Chelsea. Oh, and one “Psaki, Jennifer”.

There's that girl again - this time talking at the CFR. Because non-partisan.

There’s that girl again – this time talking at the CFR. Because non-partisan.

So – there you have it. So far we have eight “partners”: 3 with direct ties to the American govenrment and/or intelligence agencies, 2 of which are personal projects of billionaires with well-known anti-Russia agendas, 2 of which are both, and 1 which was set up by the European Union. It seems that when the Guardian talks about “expanding coverage”, what they mean is broadcasting the views of billionaire oligarchs, ex-CIA analysts, the European Union or some delightful mix of all three.

Those of you who have been regular readers of the Guardian since before they broke the “Snowden files” will no doubt notice a volte-face with regards to government interference with journalism. One wonders if the NEN being set up so soon after the Guardian came under such pressure from GCHQ that they voluntarily destroyed their own computers could really be a coincidence. In the space of two years the Guardian has gone from broadcasting the illegal actions of the US/UK governments, to re-printing CIA and State Department press releases. There’s a name for that, and it’s not “expanding coverage”.

Some partners listed by the Guardian do not seem to have English language versions on-line, as such we’re interested in hearing from anybody that can give us information on http://www.russianmediacenter.org/, http://zona.media/ and http://www.tut.by/.

Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.

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Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.

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[…] of facts and opinions that run counter to that agenda. They are shocked and appalled by theblatant association with propagandist outlets which the Guardian reveals through its ‘New East Network’ section, which – shockingly – […]


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This is the article I’ve been waiting for, and somehow I missed it when it was published. Running articles straight from RFE/RL is in my opinion the best example of how far the Guardian has fallen, it shows an astounding lack of respect for readers’ intelligence. The Moscow Times and the other sources the Guardian reprints at least make some effort to present themselves as legitimate news channels (and are very vague about where they’re based and who funds them), but any idiot can find out in seconds that RFE/RL is propaganda straight from the US State Department. Does anyone know if this tripe ever ends up in the print edition of the Guardian?


[…] honest British newspaper, the Guardian, was taken over by the aristocracy in recent years and now derives its income from distorting and falsifying the reality about that, instead of by honest repor…. Even the Guardian has become […]


[…] honest British newspaper, the Guardian, was taken over by the aristocracy in recent years and now derives its income from distorting and falsifying the reality about that, instead of by honest repor…. Even the Guardian has become […]


The Guardian isn’t what it used to be: a left-leaning source of independent objective news. For several years I was a loyal daily reader of the Guardian and celebrated their breakthrough publication along with Glenn Greenwald of the Snowden files.

But those days are gone. The Guardian had a management shakeup, financial problems and then launched a new “partnership” with George Soros’s outfit the Open Society, NGO’s, questionable media sources in Russia, Ukraine and other eastern countries on the U.S. “hit list”.

The Guardian made changes to its popular comment section and not for the better. Fewer controversial stories allow comments, comments are quickly censored and not always for community standards but because of content (for instance I had a comment deleted because I said that Israel was not a democracy), and many others have complained of similar experiences, being put on pre-screening and kicked off the comment site.

What is particularly troubling is that the Guardian has been beating the Cold War 2.0 propaganda line with anti-Russian, anti-Putin, pro-Ukraine and slanting other neocon and liberal-interventionists agendas, such as in Syria. The Guardian was clearly anti-Jeremy Corbyn and now obviously pro-Hillary, with almost daily glowing stories about her. Hillary is a favorite of George Soros.

Sadly, the Guardian has become highly suspect of following the rest of the corporate media. Conflicts of interest, such as troubling ties to corporations, NGO’s and murky “partnerships” with unknown financial ties has cast a dark shadow over the Guardian.

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Not at all, a lot of our content is reader-generated. Feel free to send us anything you like using the “submissions” e-mail address on the about page.

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[…] Department press releases. There’s a name for that, and it’s not “expanding coverage”. http://off-guardian.org/2015/12/20/new-east-network-who-is-the-guardian-speaking-for-part-1/ The Guardian, always indistinguishable from spooks, spies and covert application of […]


I linked o this from a NEN article in Guardian Comments and it vanished without a trace in less than 1 minute.


Do you have before/after screencaps? We like to compile evidence of Guardian mods censoring reasonable posts.

Les Dittrich

Sorry not possible but in future I will do this – keep up the good work.


Reblogged this on leonaleecully.


Great apt article, to the point and overdue. It is time to call a halt to such malicious neocon undermining of democracies in the west. and there is a stop gap measure which is appropriate, civil disobedience, cataclysm and finally reformation, some might find a simpler word for it. Hopefully reformation will include a fair proportional voting systems for all the politically inept and genetically predisposed party political addicts here in Britain. Corbyn’s policies, without a declared policy of allowing us a choice on a fair proportional voting system, only mean more of the same manipulative fraudulent politics.
We have to take politics back to basic levels, create our own local Independent candidates. The more one looks at lottocracy the better it looks.


Excellent work! I want to thank you folks on the Offguardian for your efforts to open people’s eyes and show them the true face of high end Western Journalism. I do hope more and more common people will finally awaken to the realities of today and realize that lies, deceit and propaganda do not reign supreme in Russia, but much closer to home. Speaking of which, are you aware about the progressing scandal story of German ZDF public service tv station, which produced and recently aired a botched documentary about Russia’s evil president, titled “Strongman Putin”. The Germans wanted so badly to show that Russia is supporting and paying for the rebels in Eastern Ukraine that they invented a first hand source and witness, who’d tell it to the world just the way they wanted. They found a young Russian alcohol abuser from Kaliningrad in need of cash to play the role of separatist rebel with conscience….a guy who never been to Ukraine. Here a YT link to the story with English subs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZWWULHSOpc

Tony Papagallo
Tony Papagallo

They’re losing.

And they’re afraid.