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BTL Censorship at the Guardian…again

by Kit

It seems this blog is now officially totally banned from the comment section of The Guardian. That’s what user Dell3330 found when he posted this link:


The comment, left under the latest toxic offering from the Guardian’s network of NGOs and government employees, was to this article. A simple, fact checked, point by point breakdown of the various members of the New East Network.

It’s unclear, at least to us, exactly how this comment could be against any “community guidelines”, and yet…


Oh well.

Many thanks to the hawk-eyed reader who brought this to our attention


  1. Cthulhus_Evil_twin says

    Ironic to the extreme, but I’ve just had a comment removed BTL which asked why the Guardian was restricting and censoring BTL comments for no reason. Not just moderated mind you, completely removed from the article along with around a dozen other people who had all commented similar concerns.

  2. proximity1 says

    I’ve referenced this site–just discovered–in the comments thread of a commentary I posted in the “Pro or Con” readers’ blog at http://www.librarything.com/topic/220060

    “The Guardian (of London) Newspaper–now morally-lost and a disgrace”
    — which I wrote a posted Thursday, 10 March, 2016

    Thanks for your work here. You have a new reader.


  3. Les says

    Anything BTL quoting the sources of NEN articles, or even questioning that they need to be read in the light of the authors’ backgrounds and preferences is immediately removed. I mentioned that Meduza in Latvia had UNKNOWN sources of funding to the tune of 1.7m$ announced at a Brussels conference in 2015, and the comment disappeared within 10 minutes. I have zero faith in CiF.

  4. Allan Saunders says

    On two occasions I have referred to Russophobia in editorials and reports, and had my comments quickly removed.

  5. ian guthrie says

    Any link to Off guardian apparently dissappears , I have tried it a few times and it seems to automatically get filtered out , the comment does not get moderated it simply never appears .

  6. I stopped reading The Guardian about 8 months ago after reading it for decades. It has become authoritarian and people could be forgiven for thinking it was run by the Foreign Office.

  7. John says

    Freedland always was, constantly is, and always will be a zionist lackie.
    Regrettably, he is part of an orchestrated hasbara campaign to take over oppositional elements to Eretz Yisrael within the UK, in particular organisations like The Guardian and the Co-operative Bank.
    In both cases, previously supportive organisations are now deliberately behaving against the interests of many of the groups they once worked with. The Co-op Bank has closed down current accounts with Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and a number of leading pro-Palestinian groups.
    Try looking at new US execcutives in both cases, where their neo-traitor credentials are clearly open to examination.
    After poo-pooing BDS for a number of years, it seems the zionists in Tel Aviv and elsewhere have woken up to the fact that BDS is causing them serious damage.
    Their response: take over organisations formerly working with their opposition, i.e. The Guardian and the Co-op Bank.
    Freedland is one of their point hit men. Perry the other.

  8. Amer Hudson says

    Jonathan Freedland appears to be the Comment editor. And gatekeeper. He dresses to the right, well enough.

    I think the editor made a HUGE mistake there. Unless, of course, she thinks similarly.

  9. So, the name “John Pilger” is now being censored in the comments section of the Glibtardian.

    While their prestitutes are attacking the Young Jerks of the university LGBT activist community for “no-platforming” Duchess of Feminism Germaine Greer and Queen of Gay Liberation Peter Tatchell, the ‘Tard is doing precisely the same thing to one of the world’s most vociferous and persistent journalistic voices against imperialism and for social justice and common decency in our lifetimes.

    Sad day for press freedom. Sad day for what was once Britain’s best left-leaning daily. Indeed, these days I’d be ashamed to wrap the cat’s litter in it, let along my fish ‘n’ chips.

    • bevin says

      Below The Line +BTL.
      It refers to comments under the article in Comment is Free, which article is said to be Above The Line.

  10. paulewart says

    Indeed. I linked to your John Pilger piece on Assange and was immediately moderated. I then ran a series of tests culminating in typing ‘John’ and ‘Pilger’ and was again moderated. I expressed my surprise as The Guardian used to publish John Pilger pieces but to no avail. There can be no debate btl.

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