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VIDEO: Google Manipulating Searches to Favor Hillary Clinton

Very enlightening video that shows just how deep the corporate endorsement of Hillary Clinton goes. Google is clearly concealing searches that may reflect badly on the Clinton. Credit to SourceFed for a very well put together video.


  1. Kathleen Lowy says

    I forget exactly the details, but I remember doing something recently, having to do with signing up for a petition for Bernie, donating or something., and I couldn’t get through….It was on Chrome….I was told that Chrome is owned or part of GOOGLE…I felt that I was definitely being blocked, and my being blocked seemed to favor Clinton….now I know why. I believe it is deliberate.

  2. Amer Hudson says

    Just tried it on Google now. And yep, different results, like those suggested here, than the other search engines.

    Interesting, and thanks for the heads-up.

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