Nuland to Congress: We Spend $100 Mil a Year Trying to Destabilize Russia (Video)

by Ricky Twistdale, via Russia Insider

On Tuesday [June 7, 2016], the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations scheduled a two-hour anti-Russian hate-fest. Lies, misinformation and jaw-dropping stupidity were on full display. The star witness of course, was Tricky Vicky Nuland.
These congressional committee meetings crack me up. In theory, they’re supposed to be interviewing witnesses to collect information. In reality it’s a platform for congressmen to make speeches satisfying the special interests who own them and then they read questions from prepared notes provided to them by “experts” or lobbyists (or maybe the witnesses themselves). Then they get the answers they want to hear from the witnesses. It is 100% theater.
Nuland’s opening statement was full of scare mongering about the supposed threat to peaceful civilization from Moscow. She did provide some telling facts. She said the US had already spent $600 million on “security assistance” to Ukraine – so on top of other billions in handouts from the IMF, most of which was stolen by oligarchs, that’s money going directly to killing kids in Donbass. (Warning, the foregoing link is very graphic. And there are many even worse images of Kiev’s terror victims I will not link to.)
Poroshenko was very clear how Kiev intends to win the war. They intend to win it by blockade and terror shelling of Donetsk. Just like Hitler planned to beat Leningrad. So they imagine.
Nuland also said the US had trained 17,000 Ukrainian troops. That’s training going directly to kill kids in Donbass. She said the US had “provided counter-artillery and counter mortar radars” and “over 3,000 secure radios” and “other equipment, to help Ukrainian troops successfully resist further advances.”
As if the “Ukrainian army” (if that’s what they call neo-Nazi private legions) and the assistance provided to them would be enough to stop the Russian army from actually taking over Ukraine, were Moscow so inclined.
No, Vicky, that’s equipment going directly to kill kids in Donbass. How’s that for “Russian propaganda?” How am I doing?
Are my fellow Americans satisfied with how their tax money is being spent?
But the United States is not stopping at simply supporting war and economic destruction in Ukraine. They want to spread the same kind of “freedom” to Russia.
Here’s where Lil’ Marco Rubio comes in. He’s a tough guy. He’d probably nuke the world just to prove he’s a man. (Well, Hillary will probably do it to prove she’s a man as well.)

Lil’ Marco asked Tricky Vicky if the sanctions had changed Putin’s “aggressive behavior.” She said yes, they stopped him from continuing his “invasion” of Ukraine beyond Crimea and Donbass. Then Rubio says he knows they’d hoped Crimea would bankrupt Russia, any sign that’s happening? Vicky says not yet, but Crimea’s really hurting them. Tough Lil’ Marco said good we ought to double up the sanctions. Vicky says they will if they need to, plus even if they lift the Russia sanctions, sanctions on Crimea will never be lifted until Crimea returns to Ukraine.
Well Crimea is never returning to Ukraine. So in other words, Crimean sanctions will stay until hell freezes over.
So they were hoping fixing up Crimea would bankrupt Russia, but they expect us to believe Putin wanted all Ukraine? Yeah I’m sure he wanted that trillion dollar black hole.
Next comes in one Sen. Shaheen, who sounds like somebody’s clueless grandmother. She probably cannot find Russia on a map. She keeps glancing at her notes just to get through her opening statement. She has probably never even seen RT, though she condemns it on cue.

It was here that Vicky let us know the extent of US efforts to turn Russia into a smoldering wasteland wrecked by civil war and terror just like they did to Ukraine starting with Maidan. (But I’m sure all Vicky did was hand out pastries.)
Nuland claims the US is spending $100 million a year producing Russian-language propaganda in the Baltic states and Ukraine, as well as Russia. They also operate secret training programs for Russian journalists. She also said they provide funding to organizations and programs inside Russia but wouldn’t give details.
Actually, they have access to far more than that, with the total budget of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which runs all official US propaganda directed abroad, being over $700 million. (US government agencies and departments routinely underestimate the amount they spend on programs, in an effort to win more funding.) Meanwhile, Nuland told a bald faced lie that the budget of Russia’s RT was $400 million. It is closer to $300 million. But it would be difficult to count all of Vicky’s and her companion witness’ lies in just this 2 hour time span.
Of all the times the term “Russian” or “Kremlin propaganda” is uttered by the Western apologists, they consistently fail to give any examples. I suppose what they really mean by “Kremlin propaganda” is facts given by people who dare to confront their own politically correct Owellian distortion machine. In the past decades, the United States and its allies have done plenty to propagandize against themselves, doing no good for any country and more often than not leaving conflict and destruction in every country they touch, both economic and physical.
Does Russia in the last 25 years have anything like a comparable record of international violence and expansionism? The plain facts speak for themselves, which does the job of “Kremlin propaganda” on its own without much effort.

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Norman Pilon

“Does Russia in the last 25 years have anything like a comparable record of international violence and expansionism?”
Oh, absolutely it does! How many times has Russia intercepted NATO or American reconnaissance, be it planes or ships, just at the edge of its territorial limits?
What of its shuffling of its military assets ‘en masse’ well within its borders in response to NATO introducing new or maneuvering existing assets just off of Russia’s own borders? If that ain’t aggressive, then I don’t know the meaning of “relentless and pervasive global aggression.”
Oh, the Russians have been up to aplenty in the last 25 years. But you have to look beyond the smokescreen of all the plainly speaking facts to be able to see it, something you are obviously incapable of doing, Monsieur Twistdale, otherwise you’d be more forgiving of the American establishment’s theatre of annoyance with the kind of ‘fact informed’ drivel that you, in true Russian fashion, aggressively mirror.
I still give your article two thumbs up because you at least have the balls to somewhat balance your pro-Russian view of things by permitting at least some countering American propaganda to have its say.


Did you bother to read the article, Norman?? Or did your knee just whistle past your chin on its rapid jerk upwards?
I don’t give your post any thumbs up – for being a gutless poster-boy for American-sponsored mass murder in Donbass.
Now look into the eyes of these women and children, you asswipe…. and tell me they are Putin’s spies????
YOU ARE LAUGHABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Norman Pilon

Hi Reiner,
I think I’m going to have to stop mocking the logic of the neo-cons, or at least the logic of their propaganda, which surprisingly seems to get some traction among many unsuspecting dupes. Either that, or when the mood for irony will take me, I’ll have to append a parenthetic note to my comment along the following lines:
(Please do not take this comment at face value. I realize I’m not very good at being ironic, but I”m working on it. I’m trying to be funny about something that I know is not at all funny, but that is one of the ways by which I try to maintain my sanity. So Please, invert the meaning of my comment. Do note the logical inconsistencies, as these are deliberate and intended as hints to the reader that he or she should not be taking the comment too seriously, that an attempt, however clumsy, is being made to highlight some of the awful stupidity in the world.)
So if I’ve offended you Reiner, I do apologize. Know, then, that I’m really on your side. And indeed, I wholeheartedly agree with you: whoever holds “Fuck The E.U. Nuland” in high esteem is indeed an asswipe.

O Lucky Man!
O Lucky Man!

Try this as a safety valve at the end of irony posts..
…plus I was down the pub last night and that Putin was on TV and I swear he looked right out at my lager-top in an agressive manner, implying it was soft. Either that or he wants to annex the frothy bit on top. Unpredictable, inscrutable, passive agresseive big daddy mama that he is.

Norman Pilon

Except that I know Putin enjoys a pint now and then, and probably would indeed be eyeing your lager-top with a twinkle of genuine covetousness even as he gazed out at you from the TV set, especially if appearing in the middle of some boring state function being televised.
So you see, even painting this scenario leaves wiggle room for being misinterpretation. Nevertheless, I promise I will in the future make use of your device or some such more obvious twist . . .
Many thanks,

Randy Brightson

Norman, who are you really? Are you part of the U.S. State Dept. propaganda machine yourself?
Russia intercepting spy planes at its border is not evidence of international violence or expansionism.
A small amount of research will show you that the U.S. is about as evil as they come, so demonizing the Russians does not resonate.

Norman Pilon

You do not understand irony, do you Randy?




I’m pretty sure Norman was being ironic, but even if not – please forgo the ad hom 🙂


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80 years ago the west used to ridicule the USSR calling them show trials well havent we gone full circle the so called bastion of the free world now has its own show trials. Hollywood script writers r working overtime.. U should compare these congressional hearings when the likes of Grayson and Warren ask deep hard questions and the schills on the receiving end r squirming and choking on their lies and can’t in all honesty even attempt to answer any of their probing questions exposing the fraud in the federal reserve and Us foreign policy and defence policy. Say hello to the new third reich its called the washington consensus. Wake america cause the end is nigh,the financial collapse has only been prolonged cuase it really happened in 2007 fiat monetary policy has only put it on hold the difference now is the fall will be from a far higher debt level.


Well if there’s any silver lining to be found in this cloud, it’s that destabilising Russia is costing Nuland heaps of money. Sooner or later, she’s going to have to justify all that expenditure. I would start to worry if the work of destabilising Russia were to cost any less. The great thing though is that Moscow only has to do very little to make that work more expensive, not less: Ukraine (especially), Poland and the Baltics are working hard on that front.


I still shake my head as to how open they are about it all now. The theatrical side of it isn’t sophisticated at all. It’s amateurish.
Yet it still works on a fair swathe of the population.


“Honourable” Nuland – in what way?

Daniel Rich
Daniel Rich

I here case its abbreviation of ‘Honey-trap,’ the sour version.

Zoharariel Underscore Obatala
Zoharariel Underscore Obatala

If ww3 is the price we’d pay to end Amerika’s crooked paths of duplicity, treachery & global destabilization program, then so be it.
The great questions of the time will be decided, not by speeches & resolutions but by iron & blood.
I would cite the order of comrade Stalin – Not A Step Backwards, Go Russia!


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