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VIDEO: “Why WW3 between Russia and NATO is inevitable in 2017”

A Satirical take on the current fear porn in our western media.

…Everyday, we in the West hear about the evil and resurgent Russia threatening the world. Just recently NATO held its largest post-Cold War wargames on Russia’s border! So is WW3 between Russia and NATO inevitable, and will it happen as soon as 2017? Watch to find out!..”


  1. Matias says

    Come on Russia, pls fuck up this motherfucker Nato and all its terrorist friends!!


  2. Crazy Jesus eh? Was that necessary? Do you think all of us on the Left are like you (dude in video), faithless and happy to disprespect God?

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  3. rtj1211 says

    These stories are run for one reason only: to feed the paranoia in Governments to ensure they keep on increasing spending on arms.

    Who benefits?

    Arms manufacturers, those investing in armaments manufacturers and the smugglers who ensure that ‘illegal arms deals’ are delivered to those parts of the world the ‘civilised world’ has deemed unworthy of being highly armed……..

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