The Coup d’État Was against Kemalists

by Mehmet Perinçek, via Defend Democracy

Turkish historian and political scientist, former political prisoner in the case of “Ergenekon,” Mehmet Perincek comments on the unsuccessful coup attempt in Turkey:

The people who prepared this putsch are absolutely not Kemalists.  This upheaval was purely pro-American.  Its core was the Gülen movement, which works for the CIA.  Of course, pro-American officers and generals tried to organize a revolution.  But it was supported by a minority of the army.  They had no chance of success, because the majority has objected to any overturn.  Another interesting tidbit: some Russian experts declared that this cataclysm has been planned as a response to Erdogan’s domestic policy, which does not correspond to founding President Ataturk’s principles. That is not accurate.  This coup d’état was against Kemalists, and Kemalist officers didn’t participate in any form.

Attempts to discredit  Kemalists is in the interests of the CIA and organizers of the upheaval.  Thus, they provide cover for Gülen followers and try to rescue pro-American officers.  This coup had been planned at the Incirlik Air Base which is used by the American military.  On the grounds of this base, the pro-coup generals had twelve conversations with American generals.  It is quite clear that America is the puppet master of the putsch. Another remarkable fact is that two pilots, who had brought down the Russian SU-24, also participated in the coups d’état.  This coup was a reaction to the increasing likelihood of a rapprochement between Russia and Turkey.  Also, the Turkish diplomatic overtures towards Syria, the Caucasus, and the Middle East have caused panic within the US establishment.
The coup was not supported by the majority of military and civilians in the country.  This is because it was not just against the president, but against the sovereignty of the country and its independent policy.  Therefore, all Kemalists and all of the public have opposed this coup.
As for the capacity of the Turkish military, all of these events will have a positive effect.  The army will be released from pro-Atlantic elements, who have insensibly inhibited our struggle with terrorists.  Besides this, the course towards rapprochement with Russia will now accelerate, and the whole foreign policy of Turkey will begin to change much more quickly.

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How could the coup be either for or against Kemalists if Kemalists were being suppressed within Turkey? Is it not the case that Erdogan is opposed those restraining his moves to turn Turkey into an Islamic theocracy?


To understand what Perinçek is saying, it helps to know something of the mainstream view of Turkey’s recent history since 1920 or whenever Kemal Ataturk proclaimed the Republic of Turkey and then initiated various reforms aimed at Westernising Turkey. This view of Turkish history is that the army regards itself as the upholder of secular, democratic values and Westernisation (Kemalism) and intervenes in Turkish politics with putsches whenever it perceives the government veering off in a populist direction.
But this means that real democracy never takes root: if people are given a choice, the majority make a decision, and that decision looks backward or suggests a return to old traditions, should that decision be respected (because it’s the will of the people) or be overturned (because from a Western point of view it’s nonsensical)? This is the issue that always plagues countries that claim to be democracies, whether it’s Turkey where most people vote for a populist government and the Turkish military then squash it, or it’s Britain where 52% vote for leaving the EU so the other 48% talk about holding another referendum (and maybe another referendum) to make sure the 52% vote “correctly”.
When Erdogan came to power, first as prime minister, I think one of the first things he did was to purge the army. He would have got rid of a lot of Kemalists then. Back then, Erdogan and the AKP were happy to work with the Gulenists as long as the Gulenists did their own thing and left Erdogan and the AKP to do theirs. Now it looks as if the Gulenists have been in cahoots with the CIA all along, and that Fethullah Gulen has been on the CIA payroll.
So when Perinçek says Kemalists were not behind the bptched coup, he is referring to that mainstream view that might be starting to spread among some sections of the Turkish public, that Kemalists started the coup (as was their custom in the past) but that this coup now represents something very different and has nothing to do with restoring democracy in Turkey.


That doesn’t address my question or else I don’t quite understand it. And I wish I knew more Turkish history. One can only read so many books. Perinçek says that the coup wasn’t against Kemalists. Whoever the coupists were (and it’s clear to me from reading around that the US inspired it), that’s not the same as who they were targetting. And my simple point, perhaps because I don’t grasp the situation fully but even so, is that Erdogan and his supporters are not Kemalists, so, Of course the coup didn’t target Kemalists.


Hmm, just had another look at the title and the article itself and they say two entirely different things.


Stepping back, One could say that the coup did target Kemalists – indirectly. Both Erdogan and Gulen want an Islamic state. (To the extent that the people support it, I do not support the people. That’s how it is. ‘Democratic’ isn’t automatically righteous. That’s something that others, like John Pilger, will point out. See his article titled “The Rise Of Democratic Fascism.” – http://bit.ly/29OVaBR. Too bad about Robert Parry’s insistence on supporting CIA asset Graham Fuller.) Of course, the language of those, like Graham Fuller, who are supportive of US imperial aims and therefore any CIA inspired coup you look at, will sound reasonable to ignorant people. ‘Gulen’s political Islam is moderate and those who desire a secular, modern Turkey shouldn’t be afraid of that’, etc.. We know better of course. The US always puts strong man leaders, and governments, in countries targetted for regime change. Look at Egypt. What you and I call regime change, dogs like Obama call democracy promotion. Interventions are humanitarian. They came up with ‘the new military humanism’ during the destruction of neutral (a sin) Yugoslavia – where an org that the US categorized as terrorist, namely the KLA, became allies in the fight against terrorism – as Chomsky notes in “The New Miltary Humanism – Lessons From Kosovo.” It can become absurd, as when you call some terrorists (the enemies of Bashar Assad) ‘moderates’. Moderate terrorists. How can you be a moderate terrorist? And now, in Ukraine, fascists are democrats and those who they are targetting are terrorists. Radical nationalists are ‘not’ Ukraine’s Nazis – which is what I call them in order to convey the fact that they are no different than historical Nazis – but instead they are those who disagree with the Washington Consensus (of one) and prefer democracy rather than plutocracy. (In fact, The neonazis in Ukraine don’t want to be seen as different from the historical Nazis of Germany. They are proud of their roots as collaborators with the historical Nazis.)
So, If the coupists had gotten their way – and Sibil Edmonds thinks that this could be a dry run coup – and Erdogan was out and Gulen was in, Kemalists – who may not be most of Turkish society, and can’t be, if most of the country supports their defender Erdogan, who let hundreds of them die for political gain – in Turkey would indeed see no hope of avoiding the darkness of an Islamic theocratic state in that development.


Since 1960 Kemalists are the main culprit for attempting to kidnap the democracy in Turkey. In 1971 Kemalist officer protected the nation and raped the Turkey’s democracy, in 1980 Kemalist killed the democracy to please Neo-Con Friedman and USA military elite ( they even said that our boys did it). Now Eregenekon, adn Sledge Hammer operations were aiming to clear the long waited ill units of Turkish army KONTR-Guerrilla’s , but it was not successful. So Perincek claims that those corrupt officers who were trained in Pentagon were Kemalist and protector of Nation protecting the Nation from USA and Gulen. BOFFF… What a white wash…