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Seth Rich murder: The facts so far

by Kit


Last month Seth Rich, a data analyst who worked for the DNC, was shot near his home in Washington DC. He was on the phone to his girlfriend when it happened. Police were called to the scene and discovered the young man’s body at roughly 4.20am. It was reported that Rich was “covered in bruises”, shot “several times” and “at least once in the back”.

The New York Daily News reported:

…police have found little information to explain his death. At this time, there are no suspects, no motive and no witnesses in Rich’s murder.

While initial theories were that the killing was robbery or mugging gone wrong, the Washington Post said:

There is no immediate indication that robbery was a motive in the attack…but it has not been ruled out as a possibility.”

Rich’s family have also reported that nothing was taken:

[Rich’s] hands were bruised, his knees are bruised, his face is bruised, and yet he had two shots to his back, and yet they never took anything.”

On August 9th Julian Assange gave an interview on Dutch television in which he seemed to imply that Rich’s death was politically motivated, and perhaps suggest he had been a source for the DNC e-mail leak:

That same day wikileaks tweeted that they were offering a $20,000 dollar reward for information on the killing of Mr Rich.

These are the facts of the case, so far. And they are undisputed.

I’m not going to take a position on the motive for Mr Rich’s killing, or possible suspects. But I do want to point out the general level of media silence. Take these facts and change the names – imagine Trump’s email had been hacked, and then a staffer with possible ties to wikileaks was inexplicably shot dead. Imagine this poor young man had been a Kremlin whistleblower, or a Chinese hacker, or an Iranian blogger.

If this, as yet unsolved, murder had ties to anyone other than Hillary Clinton, would it be being so ritually and rigourously ignored by the MSM?


  1. Seth was bruised, and shot twice in the back; there was no robbery. Former Clinton partner James MacDougall was separated from his heart medication by prison guards; he died in solitary confinement.


    • Kenneth Jones says

      And these suspicious deaths aren’t connected? Who do they think they’re kidding? We weren’t all born stupid! Is this a massive cover up? You bet it is, and we’re eventually going to find out who ordered those killings!


  2. Kraut says

    Interesting body language at 1:05min:

    “Was he one of your sources?”

    Assange slightly nods, says: “We don’t comment on our sources….”

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    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      In fairness to Assange, the video and the sound are not in sync……….


  3. Douglas Gray says

    The Washington Post said, “Nothing was taken, but robbery has not been ruled out????”

    What does that mean? If nothing was taken, then there is no robbery. Who wrote this for the Washington Post? Is English their native language?

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  4. Stu Piddy says

    Ask his girl friend some questions. She would probably know a lot, including if he was the leaker.


  5. Julian Assange did not say Rich was a source. It is highly unlikely Rich was a source, I can’t see Wikileaks revealing a source regardless of circumstance. Wikileaks obviously have information pointing to the idea that this was a politically motivated killing. He is concerned that this, in turn will lead to all dissidents being frightened to stand up and speak out.


    • Maybe wikileaks doesn’t know who their source was. The DNC authenticated the e-mails by their response, then they float the “Russia influencing US elections narritive” to distract from Seth’s murder. Has there be ANY evidence that Russia was behind the hack? Where did that rumer start?? WikiLeaks has a vested interest in Seth’s murder being solved because they don’t want people being afraid to give them information, so I understand them offering a reward, even if he wasn’t their source, once the rumors started, they wouldn’t want to scare off the real source, or futur sources.

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  6. brian says

    I am afraid to leave a comment. I am afraid to speak my heart. Just vote for Trump or anyone else who can win. Enough said.

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    • Eric Edblad says

      Don’t be afraid! The “Problem” will not come after you because True Americans are watching every political detail and the Problem knows that! If common people start dying for their free speech–many American’s are waiting for a reason to make a stand against the Problem, their constituency and their conspiracies! If you think about it, some of the press is helping the Problem take away your free speech as well! This is not going unnoticed. CNN is the worst conspirator out there!!

      The Problem is afraid of Donald Trump because he will shake up their house! Mrs. Clinton and the press want to put you in politically-correct bondage experienced in much of the world. Those countries are ruled by their Problem and worse. The only way to maintain the balance of powers in America is that True Americans exercise their constitutional leverage with free speech! Exercise it freely every day!

      In this day and age any unprotected informant should have a concealed carry permit and a gun! I will refrain from getting into the 2nd Amendment discussion–may not be appropriate for this discussion…..

      No matter how it turns out, my condolences to the family of Seth Rich……


    • Also, around the same time of Rich Seth and Shawn Lucas deaths, Victor Thorn, who wrote at least 20 anti-Clinton books, supposedly committed suicide. Makes one wonder what is really going on 😦 😦


  7. Alan says

    So many theories and those, who appear to want to profit. This young man is dead with an on going investigation. Given his connection whatever verdict is reached will be a whitewash, can we blame those who disbelieve? A history of victims with throats cut, gunshot wounds to the back, judged as suicides or bizarrely as natural causes? We are surrounded by the most callous whose trade is ‘the good of society’, are we to be a part of that? Whatever the motive a lost life and decimated family cannot be used for gain, whether it be ratings, publicity or a confirmation of ones own theories.


  8. robert costa says

    the road to the clinton power regime is littered with bodies. vince foster and ron brown. and more recently john ashe and shawn lucas. add seth rich to the list. good luck if you work for the dnc or in her campaign. the clintons are completely corrupt and morally bankrupt.


    • The Clinton rumors have been around for over 20 years. Clintons had nothing to do with this. He was probably involved in something deeper. There are no missing bodies. Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and Ken Starr are all still around and they would be the ones to go. Get a clue. No one’s missing and Foster suffered from severe depression. Do some research.


      • AnotherLover says

        The lead investigator, Manuel Rodriguez, resigned from the case because when he followed the leads that clearly showed MURDER he found HIMSELF investigated! Here, read his resignation letter:
        Quick quote (USPP stands for US Park Police. THAT is who had jurisdiction on the possible murder of a United States politician. The Park Police):

        (10) the existing FBI interview reports and USPP interview reports do not accurately reflect witness statements; (11) four emergency medical personnel identified, having refreshed their recollection with new photographic evidence, trauma each had observed on Foster’s right neck area; and (12) blurred and obscured blow-ups of copies of (polaroid [sic] and 35mm) photographs have been offered and utilized. After uncovering this information, among other facts, my own conduct was questioned and I was internally investigated.

        DCDave has been doggedly researching this case for years. He’s just kept at it. Here’s a great article, among many, by him:



      • Judianne says

        All of those people you mentioned were constantly in yhe public eye. In fact, they’ve been household names for over 20 years. If they were to die “mysteriously,” it would shoot up too many red flags and would make it a lot easier to connect the dots to the Clintons. They might have wanted these people to disappear, but it would have been way too risky to make that happen. .. which is why some of them went out of their ways to remain relevant. As far as the murdered individuals are concerned I think you should consider this fact. During the course of a very lengthy political career, it’s entirely possible for one or two people to die of unnatural, non disease related causes, but when the death toll surpasses 50 and is still counting, that just might be the smoke from a fire raging out of control. Hence, the so called conspiracy theories.


    • Vera says

      Please keep this brutal murder in the spotlight. Julian isn’t offering $20.000 without an inkling it’s tied to the Clinton’s campaign.
      The press are too busy destroying trump.
      It’s rather scary.


  9. Here is alternative, crazed anarchist Assange being interviewed by CNN from the Ecuadorian embassy.

    Is Ecuador some kind of Shangri La anarchist freedom republic or …

    “The administration of President Rafael Correa has expanded state control over media and civil society and abused its power to harass, intimidate, and punish critics. In 2015, thousands of people participated in public demonstrations against government policies, and security forces on multiple occasions responded with excessive force. Abuses against protesters, including arbitrary arrests, have not been adequately investigated.”

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    • Richard Le Sarcophage says

      A crazy hasbaranik has landed! ‘Human Rights Watch, in my very firm opinion, are a rabble of mostly Judeofascist hypocrites who work hand in glove with the US regime to blackguard and vilify states targeted for regime change for attempting to create decent societies for their people. I wouldn’t cross the street to piss on them if they were on fire.

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  10. We know that he told Wikileaks and now he’s dead. Bradley manning’s info was spilled too.

    Wikileaks is a fraud Guardian – John Young

    “But the group ran in to problems even before WikiLeaks was launched. The organisers approached John Young, who ran another website that posted leaked documents, Cryptome, and asked him to register the WikiLeaks website in his name. Young obliged and was initially an enthusiastic supporter but when the organisers announced their intention to try and raise $5m he questioned their motives, saying that kind of money could only come from the CIA or George Soros. Then he walked away.

    “WikiLeaks is a fraud,” he wrote in an email when he quit. “Fuck your cute hustle and disinformation campaign against legitimate dissent. Same old shit, working for the enemy.” Young then leaked all of his email correspondence with WikiLeak’s founders, including the messages to Ellsberg.”

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    • Richard Le Sarcophage says

      Wikileaks pretty plainly started as a US tool to attack the likes of China, but then Assange may or may not have gone ‘off reservation’, so he was set up by US stooge regime Sweden, in the usual blatant fashion. And Assange’s little buddies at the Guardian cess-pool turned against him with Old Testament fury, in particular unleashing their pack of feminazi Harpies to vilify him. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

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    • AnotherLover says

      Killing it! It seems more and more like Trump’s the plant, huh? A true know-nothing that can ONLY do what his advisors tell him to. And the Trump election is likely to bring whatever Americans can muster up as a race war into being (comment directed at the fact everybody’s fluoridated to the gills these days and likely UNABLE to really riot). I think the controllers really, really, really want that.

      My GUT told me all this about Assange when he first appeared. Same thing with “please-employ-encryption-so-we-know-who-to-watch” Snowden. Encryption’s just about the FIRST thing I was interested in when I bought my first laptop, so the LAW barring encryption past a certain strength on the open market was one of the first things I found out about! Whatever encryption you can get is hacked. Period.

      Great info on Assange.


  11. Seamus Padraig says

    The old Clinton body-count just a keeps on growin’! Not imagine what she could accomplish with a fleet of drones at her command, eh people?

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    • elenits says

      Ambrose Evans Pritchard is in the forefront of the Clinton exposure:
      “During his time as the Sunday Telegraph’s Washington, D.C. bureau chief in the early 1990s, Evans-Pritchard became known for his controversial stories about President Bill Clinton, the 1993 death of Vincent Foster, and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

      He is the author of The Secret Life of Bill Clinton: The Unreported Stories (1997) which was published by conservative publishing firm Regnery Publishing.[1] In this book, he elaborates on assertions that the Oklahoma City bombing was a sting operation by the FBI that went horribly wrong, that ATF agents were warned against reporting to work in the Murrah Building the morning of the attack, and that the Justice Department subsequently engaged in a cover-up.[2]

      Coverage of US politics
      During his time in Washington, his stories often attracted the ire of the Clinton administration, and on Evans-Pritchard’s departure from Washington in 1997, a White House aide was quoted in George saying, “That’s another British invasion we’re glad is over. The guy was nothing but a pain in the ass”. His efforts in ferreting out the witness, Patrick Knowlton, whose last name had been spelled “Nolton” in the Park Police report on Foster’s death, resulted eventually in a lawsuit by Knowlton against the FBI and the inclusion of Knowlton’s lawyer’s letter as an appendix to Kenneth Starr’s report on Foster’s death.[3] In his book, Evans-Pritchard responded vigorously to White House charges against him.



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