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MSM using pro-al Nusra “media center” as source for war-propaganda

revised and updated 19/08/16

At some point over the last few days a little boy and his family allegedly sustained minor cuts and bruises when their apartment building was allegedly bombed by pro-Assad forces. The Western media, which has consistently ignored the thousands of those severely injured and killed in Aleppo by “rebel” bombardment, has now found its conscience and gone crazy.

You must have seen this video, because it’s everywhere right now.

You’ll find it all over the Guardian, NBC, Independent and most other major corporate news outlets, most using the same AP source. The boy is allegedly five-year-old Omran Daqneesh. According to the AP report neither he nor the rest of his family sustained anything but superficial cuts and bruises.

Yet, in a conflict that has already claimed the lives of more than 100,000 people nationwide, the media wants us to believe this story is somehow unique and that the “horror generated” by a video of some people looking quite well but dusty and bloodstained will shock us more than the piles of corpses , “echo the anguished global response” to images of drowned Aylan Kurdi and galvanise us all into “doing something” – ie supporting a NATO intervention to save the terrorists in eastern Aleppo.

If the sight of all the major outlets who cheer on western-backed slaughter every day,  running wall-to-wall op-eds and features about the tragedy of a little boy with a cut on his face,  simply because it serves the  empire’s  agenda, doesn’t convince you of the moral and intellectual blank they’ve become then keep reading. It gets better.

AP and other outlets tell us the vid was “filmed and circulated” by a group called the “Aleppo Media Centre.” Who/what are they? Well,the Graun links to their Twitter, which is in Arabic,and which boasts over 20,000 alleged followers,including several members of the western media, and a plethora of similar short and often murky vids beside this one. We can also quite easily find their Facebook page, where we also find this:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 16.47.25

That’s “al Nusra” as in the US-designated terrorist group. It looks as if the AMC quite approves of them doesn’t it. Even calls them “rebels” not terrorists”, and cheers on the fact they have killed Syrian service men.

We’re also a bit curious about why the AP report claim the video was made Wednesday night, when it was uploaded to Twitter at 13:52 BST Wednesday afternoon, which would equate with 15:52 in Aleppo. Is this a time-zone anomaly? But then there’s the added confusion of the Tweet itself, which seems to say pretty clearly that the vid was made on Sunday evening.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 22.23.14

Sunday? Wednesday afternoon? Wednesday night? It would be good to clear that up. Maybe we can ask the photo-journalist and alleged eye witness, “Mahmoud Raslan”, quoted extensively by AP and almost every media outlet.

It’s this Raslan who sets the scene, provides corroboration, gives the background human interest story of handing survivors “from one balcony to another”, and of passing “three lifeless bodies” before finding our poster boy alive. So he must know for sure when it happened. But so far he seems hard to track down.

Some outlets such as the BBC describe him as a “photo journalist for Al Jazeera Mubasher”. He’s also described by the Indy and others  as the “photographer behind [the] iconic image” of the little boy in the orange seat. This is slightly odd because the most widely distributed “iconic image” is just a still from the video, as the Guardian itself admits at the top of the article linked to above, and as this screen grab shows:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 20.07.44

The Guardian even includes an interview with the alleged author of the video in its rolling coverage. The man’s name is claimed to be Mustafa al-Sarout, member of the terrorist-loving AMC.

Presumably Mahmoud Raslan was one of the other photographers there, inaccurately credited with the still from the vid. But who is he? If you search for “Mahmoud Raslan Al Jazeera Mubasher” you get nothing but hits on today’s AP story. No one has yet found any social media page or website for him, and if he was a photo-journalist prior to this event there doesn’t seem to be any record of his work or credits immediately available.

It would be good to track him down if possible wouldn’t it. Because without his confirmation the only source for this entire bizarre event currently being used as a catalyst for war is an unverified vid from an anti-government, pro-terrorist “media center”.

UPDATE 19/08/16: We now seem to have an ID for Raslan. We’re not clear if he works for Al_Jazeera, but he apparently is a friend of child-murderers.


  1. Syrian Analysis (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClvD6c1VI75QZWJjA_yiWhg) has interviewed the boy’s father who tells the real story of what happened. His son was safe at home and the White Helmets took him without permission, painted him up and used him as a stooge for regime change. The father was offered a lot of money to stay quiet about the misuse of his son but refused. Listen to his story:

    Demand CNN and the AP recant their stories — Off Guardian reported this a year ago! Thank you, Off Guardian!

  2. Of course, had it been a Western child injured in an attack, the corporate media wouldn’t have published the photograph at all for fear of public outrage at the invasion of his privacy. Always one law for us and another for them.

  3. Fellow readers louis proyect is an anglo-zionist troll he lives in NYC and also has a warped sense of marxism. He website is titled THE REPENTANT MARXIST. He writes and tries to rewrite history anything related to marxist theory. I noted some bloggers calling him a Trotskyist . That only insults Trotsky. . He is delusional like most anglo-zionist As we can all see his skewered analysis and rather odd reasoning. So the last five years coming from the antlantacist of ASSAD MUST GO and the blatant funding an organising of the proxy foreign army /takfiris is all an illusion. Docius in Fondem the latest blow horning of the Us army threatening the Saa/Af and RuAf that they will shoot down any plane that fires upon their illegal army inside the sovereign territory of Syria. Thats rich.
    Post Scriptum : The anglo-zionist and their proxy army/takfiris r loosing we know as much cause they r jumping and screaming for the humanitarian catastrophy that is unfolding in Aleppo. Hell what about the humanitarian disaster with regards to Syria that these vile creatures have aided and funded and colluded with the GCC and Israel. Their is video evidence straight out of Israel where Netanyahoo is shaking the hand of a takfiri soldier inside an Israel ICU. Their is also video footage of a Druze elderly man yelling and hitting IDF paramedics inside southern Syria in 2014. The Druze elderly gentleman is cursing at them and saying u r aiding and abetting takfiris and destroying Syria.
    Sorry fellow readers don’t have the links for u but trust me their is video evidence .For the video evidence I suggest you try Press TV archive. So enough of the hasbra after 5 years we know full well Syria is about regime change and balkanisation, pars gas pipeline and greater Israel. The 2012 DIA USA report tells us such. The rhetoric from the west tells us as much. The poor Yemenites for over a year with the collusion of the USA. UK,and Israel army colluding with the House of Saud have been destroying countless lives in Yemen and we in the west . I am speechless.
    Exceptionalism has its draw backs and its the rest of the world that pays the price. The middle eastern countries that we see at present r all from Sykes -Picot in 1916 and what we r experiencing at present is exactly the same as then they r trying to redraw the Maps in the middle east fro their imperial design. The petro-dollar is dying their economic model is dying. The Stock market is over leveraged at 500 percent ask any reputable economist. All western economic systems are so deep in debt . History has an odd way in repeating itself. The 30’s come to mind and look where that ended up with WW2. You here all the hawks in US constantly speaking of Russian aggression. Ask the people of ex Yugoslavia ,Iraq ,Palestine ,Yemen . Libya about NATO=SS?NAZI aggression
    Libya under Qadaffi had the best standard of living in the African continent. Free health care free education free housing. Look at them today.
    Mussolini wrote the book LO STATO CORPORATO The Corporate State. Gramsci warned us from his cell in fascist Italy about what we r living today. Wake up west cause China ,Iran and Russia will not be extorted by the indispensable nation.

  4. Omran should have been accompanied by a medic after rescue. The video shows someone dumping him in the seat and trying to get out of the way as quickly as possible (so that the blue shirted photographer can get suitable footage of the forlorn child). Without examination, they wouldn’t know if he was seriously hurt or not.
    The user reinertorheit needs to address the behaviour of Omran’s rescuers before condemning what he believes are heartless remarks on here. Whether this incident is genuine or not, video footage and not the child’s health is clearly the priority. Subsequent investigation of the photographer have revealed that he is anything but impartial and could be described as an ISIS propagandist. It all points to a ‘Saving Syrian Children’ type of set up.

    • The photojournalist is also in the footage of the poor 11 year old palestinian being beheaded.The west said nufin about it . He has been caught red handed and this further proves my argument that the west aided and abetted the takfiris.

  5. I wouldn’t worry too much about this photo being used as a casus belli for “regime change”. Isn’t it peculiar that after 5 years, the “anti-imperialists” keep warning about false flags giving the USA the pretext it needs to topple Assad? In fact the Rand Corporation, a reliable source of strategic thinking for the Pentagon, put it this way: “Regime collapse, while not considered a likely outcome, was perceived to be the worst possible outcome for U.S. strategic interests.” You people have to learn to think in class terms. You need to read Karl Marx. The Syrian rebels are mostly rural, poor, religiously conservative and tend to support leaders at odds with US foreign policy. For example, at a rally in support of the Syrian rebels that took place in 2012, the keynote speaker was not John McCain or Nicholas Kristof. It was a Berkeley professor named Hatem Bazian.

    At San Francisco State University in the late 1980s, Bazian became the first Palestinian to be elected president of SFSU Associated Students and the Student Union Governing Board. He was the first student to win a second term as president in the history of SFSU. The election came as a result of a united front formed under the Progressive Coalition that brought together all the students of color organizations on a common platform and a joint political strategy.

    At the national conference United States Student Association (USSA) held at UC Berkeley in 1988, Bazian co-lead a major walk-out that culminated in the organization adopting a progressive board of directors structure granting by a 2/3 vote at least 50% of the Seats to Students of Color.

    I understand that this probably won’t change anybody’s mind since the love for Vladimir Putin here is palpable. It reminds me of Titania’s love for Bottom in Midsummer’s Night Dream but unlike that passion, I doubt anything will wake you up from your delusions.

    • Louis, I’m really struggling to see how anything in your four paragraphs has anything to do with the article, which is about the media sources behind the recent “viral” photograph. I fail to see what any of has to do with Vladimir Putin. Would you mind explaing?

      Also, would you mind providing sources for that Rand quote. It really makes very little sense to say the fall of Assad would be bad for US interests, when the US has been calling for the replacement of Assad for years. To pretend otherwise is absurd.

      Considering that large sections of the press are already clamouring (again) for a “no fly zone” and arming the “moderates”, to suggest there will be no push for war seems rather optimistic.

      The Syrian rebels are not “mostly” rural poor, they are largely foreign mercenaries sent by the US, Turkey, Saudia Arabia and Qatar.

      What is your analysis of the Syrian situation? If you don’t believe the Americans are pushing for regime change, what are their objectives? What would be your preferred solution?

      • The RAND material is here: http://www.rand.org/pubs/perspectives/PE129.html

        In terms of “largely foreign mercenaries”, I would advise against using Global Research as a source. This is a truly foul conspiracist website that has argued that the CIA was behind the Arab Spring, even defending the Mubarak dictatorship against protestors. My analysis of the Syrian situation is that the USA never had any problems with Assad before March 2011 as this might indicate:

        Guardian, March 6, 2009:

        Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s president, has good reason to be pleased. Barely a day goes by without a western politician or envoy knocking on his palace door. Europeans, led by the hyperactive Nicolas Sarkozy, have been doing it for months. News that two high-level representatives of the Obama administration are heading for Damascus means that Assad’s visitors are getting steadily more important.

        Hillary Clinton’s announcement of the impending arrival of officials from the state department and national security council (message: they’re on the same side under this president) was the moment the Syrians have been waiting for – more than the secretary of state’s carefully choreographed public handshake with the influential foreign minister, Walid al-Moallem, at the Gaza donors conference in Egypt this week.

        It was caught up in a difficult situation from 2012 onwards when Assad refused to accept an Egyptian type solution when a hated figurehead like Mubarak was removed in order to allow the underlying system to continue. It was already committed to a tilt toward Iran that came to fruition last year. So it was caught in the middle between its alliance with reactionary Sunni dictatorships like Saudi Arabia and its new pals in Iran. I think the USA is trying to square the circle in the Middle East and has no clear way of realizing its strategic goals.

        • Eric_B says

          Louis Proyect wrote:
          My analysis of the Syrian situation is that the USA never had any problems with Assad before March 2011 as this might indicate:

          Well that’s not true. Leaked cables on wikileaks revealed plans to destabilise Syria and topple Assad as far back as 2006, If I recall correctly.

        • Baron says

          Assad became a pariah only when he finally refused (in 2012) to let a gas pipeline from Qatar to Western Europe to run through Syria (the gas would have competed with Russian gas piped to Western Europe), it’s that simple, louis.

          • But Baron, you forgot to mention the chemtrails and the Freemasons. Those elements were just as crucial as the gas line.

            • You don’t think wars are fought over resource-control? And you’re alleging the US is pro-Assad?


              • Of course wars are fought over resource control but the war in Syria began after Baathist snipers started firing on peaceful protesters. I would cite newspapers about how this happened but I am sure that you would tell me that they weren’t really Assad’s hit-men but Mossad or CIA snipers trying to provoke “regime change” through a false flag operation. I am just as capable as you of trawling Infowars, Global Research and other latrines for that kind of idiocy.

                • John says

                  Snipers, eh? Like the ones at the start of the Arab Spring in Cairo? – or the ones in Maidan Square in Ukraine?
                  Strange – really – anyone would think there was some sort of pattern being orchestrated here.
                  Who would do such a thing?
                  Well, the name of Victoria Kagan nee Nuland – infamously recorded saying “F**K the EU” – comes to mind.
                  See http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/31887-the-ukraine-mess-that-nuland-made for further information.
                  Strange too that all the so-called “colour” revolutions “sprang” out of nowhere, is it not?
                  At least, we have been spared the “pots and pans” revolutions previously orchestrated through South America.
                  Mind you, Venezuela seems to be ripe for that kind of treatment right now.
                  Who could possibly be behind that, do you suppose?

                • Catte says

                  @louisproyect So, remove the second-rate trolling and what you’re saying is – “yes wars are fought for resources and my previous comment was completely stupid.”

                  Ok, done here. Thanks.

              • postkey says

                “You can’t understand the conflict without talking about natural gas
                By Maj. Rob Taylor
                Much of the media coverage suggests that the conflict in Syria is a civil war, in which the Alawite (Shia) Bashar al Assad regime is defending itself (and committing atrocities) against Sunni rebel factions (who are also committing atrocities). The real explanation is simpler: it is about money.
                In 2009, Qatar proposed to run a natural gas pipeline through Syria and Turkey to Europe. Instead, Assad forged a pact with Iraq and Iran to run a pipeline eastward, allowing those Shia-dominated countries access to the European natural gas market while denying access to Sunni Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The latter states, it appears, are now attempting to remove Assad so they can control Syria and run their own pipeline through Turkey.”

                • Syria is a secular state. And this analysis does very noticeably omit any mention of the United States. Suggesting this is just about gas/oil or any one thing is probably simplistic.

        • Janey says

          @Louisproyect. The quote you lifted out doesn’t refer to the US govt opinion of Assad. Total red herring. Either you’re a poor reader or a troll

          • Eduardo Cohen says

            He’s a apparently a Trotskyist with a typically Trot hatred of anything Russian. These sectarian Marxists still blame Russia for the assassination of their God, Leon Trotsky, in Mexico way back in 1940 or thereabouts. They are staunch anti-US imperialists until Russia is involved and then they turn into knee jerk reactionaries who claim Russian imperialism is the cause of the problem. These guys are kool-aid drinking true believers to whom history, facts and logic mean nothing when Russia is involved.

            I believe Putin is a war criminal who should someday be tried for what he did in Chechnya.

            But he was forced by NATO aggression to take defensive actions in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine – as any Russian leader would have been forced to do after the US sponsored the overthrow of the democratically elected government and the installation of a Nazi-loving fascist regime in Kiev. The Ukraine border is only a few hundred miles from Moscow.

            Both Crimea and Syria present real and serious national security concerns for Russia as opposed to the fabricated security issues there claimed by the US.

            He is also on the right side of the Syria crisis. IMHO.

      • Sav says

        Oh yes, we’re all Putin fanboys. You got me. I was a Saddam and Gaddafi fanboy before that.

        I just say this stuff for shits and giggles. The US are the most honest broker in the world.

        • Well, the name of Victoria Kagan nee Nuland.

          Yeah, those Jews are up to no good everywhere. It all goes back to when they killed Jesus.

          • Eduardo Cohen says

            Or more accurately, for Louis, it all goes back to when the Russians killed Trotsky – see my previous post.

      • Jen says

        I would be careful before engaging in any discussion with Louis Proyect: his strategy is to deflect attention away from the theme of the comment thread into irrelevant side issues that he can dominate and use to belittle, confuse and frustrate commenters with so-called Marxist analysis and flooding them with details intended to exhaust people and lead discussions into dead ends.

        To ask Louis Proyect for his opinion or analysis of the Syrian situation is to invite his brand of disruptive “shoot the messenger” idiocy into the comments forums.

      • Sandie Alexandra Schodel says

        Thank you for your common sense.

  6. Brad Benson says

    Here is a copy of my post to another site on this story.


    The fact is that no one can prove that the allegations of ANY air attack are even true, since the damage in the area around which this child was found is more indicative of a shell strike–not a bomb, which would have leveled everything in the area. Further, the Russians and the Syrians have both categorically denied the accusations of an air attack, but apparently that is not worth reporting.

    I also did a little quick research on the Syrian Network on Human Rights, which has made the bogus claim that, “Russian bombings recently overtook Islamic State as a cause of civilian deaths in the country,” and which was, of course, duly reported by the wholly-owned CIA/MI-6 Subsidiary, The Guardian.

    As always, if the Guardian reports it, Truthdig feels obligated to publish it, as if it came down from the mountain on tablets of stone. However, as is usually the case with anything taken from The Guardian these days, it turns out that the information was pure propaganda.

    In fact, with just a tad more research, the following information might have been discovered in regard to the sources of both the picture of the little boy and the false report of an air attack, but that would be journalism.

    First, on the Syrian Network for Human Rights, we have this:

    “…And the source for all this “newsworthy news”? Unnamed Sources. And the ambiguous “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”, a one man show with highly questionable information that some believe comes from UK intelligence feeds…”

    “…There are now two organizations claiming to have boots on the ground knowledge of every airstrike, every casualty, every name, all knowledge of the events in Syria: Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, and Syrian Network of Human Rights. Both claim to have begun their business as of 2011. Both are based in the UK…”

    “…Despite claims that The Syrian Network of Human Rights has existed since 2011, observance as a source of information was not marketed until sometime in 2013. And while it claims to have dozens of activists and researchers, and hundreds of members, its website names no one. In fact, it picks up its stories from other sites.


    Then, there’s this…

    Here are the facts about the photographer of the little wounded boy sitting in the back of an ambulance after being pulled from the rubble in Aleppo. It would seem that he was also present during the beheading of a 12 year old Palestinian Boy who was accused of spying for the Syrian Army. Later the same guy posed for a selfie with two of the killers and posted it on his Facebook Page.

    It would seem that the guy is a terrorist. Perhaps sometimes one should consider the source of these horrible photographs and recognize that they are actually intended to generate anger and thus—more violence.


    It should not be forgotten that, without the US Regime Change efforts in Syria, none of this would likely have happened. Now the Syrians and the Russians are going to finish this despite our best efforts.

    Sadly, until that time, pictures like this will continue to be taken. Even more sadly, they will only be shown in the West if they can somehow be used as propaganda to rouse the public against the evil Assad.

    Sadly, by being a foil for this propaganda, Truthdig has once again been used.

  7. John says

    I noticed two aspects to this little boy’s behaviour/demeanour.
    First: his left eye was partially closed. This suggests he had sustained some injury in the area of his eye but what caused the injury – and when – is impossible to determine.
    Secondly, when he wiped the side of his face with his left hand and then looked at the blood on his hand, he seemed genuinely surprised and quickly wiped his hand on the seat covering in an almost apologetic manner.
    This suggests to me that the blood had been placed on his face – thus explaining his surprise at seeing it – and his instinctive reaction was to wipe it off, suggesting that he was not in shock but somewhat overwhelmed by what was happening, as one would expect from a little child of his age.
    The facts suggest to me that he has been used for propaganda purposes. He is not responsible for the way in which he has been used. Perhaps his parents or father have involved him in this staged event?
    One cannot blame his family members either. After all, they are living under a terrorist regime.
    If they were ordered to participate in this staged event, what real alternative options would they have had?

    • Brad Benson says

      The injured child was not faked. Don’t be a fracking moron.

        • John says

          The first casualty in war is truth.
          This war has had more than enough real casualties without inventing additional ones.
          Some individuals – propagandists and actors – actually thrive on this.
          It is their occupation – to use a phrase!

        • Smith says

          No that doesn’t look real in the slightest, it looks embarrassingly fake. God who knows anymore what is going on.

      • Eric_B says

        how do we know? it would take all of 5 minutes to smear some dust and fake blood on him.

      • John says

        Brad: I am really pleased that in you we now have a personal on-the-spot witness of what actually happened.
        Can you confirm the time and date when this incident happened before your very eyes?
        Can you detail the methods used by the rescue workers to recover this little boy that you personally witnessed?
        Can you explain why the ambulance staff made no attempt to treat or clean the little boy before filming him?
        Which is more important: medical treatment or filming treatment – would you say, Brad?
        My observations were based solely on a close scrutiny of the little boy’s behaviour and demeanour on video.
        I claim no other authority than what I saw on the video with my own eyes.
        You, apparently, were far better placed to conduct your analysis; presumably, you must have been present there on the very spot where the entire incident took place.
        I am sure I speak on behalf of all other subscribers when I say how much we all welcome your added insights.
        Do please give them all now, Brad – or, otherwise, withdraw calling others morons when the only moron is you, Brad.

    • Sav says

      Picture claimed to be the bomb site in this article I can’t seem to correlate it with the narrow street shown in the video.

      How would all the family members survive that and walk out? No video of such a vast area being dug out by rescuers either.

      So let’s even say the injuries are real, do we know who struck their home?

  8. wardropper says

    This picture could have even meant the end of all wars, if only the people who supported and encouraged war were actual human beings. Even if the snap were to turn out to be a photoshopped piece of msm propaganda, its message still strikes home, since the child isn’t declaring eternal love for any particular country or regime.
    But our wars are not caused by ordinary human beings. They are caused by psychotic politicians and their spineless media mouthpieces. Ordinary human beings would never dream of starting a war in the 21st Century, simply because genocide and suicide have never been the priorities of ordinary human beings.
    The only modern exception to the above is the person who has grown up in a military family, or an arms-dealing one.
    It can’t be helped, but the scars left by such an upbringing in the late 20th and early 21st Centuries go deep, and I doubt there’s a cure. The symptoms are, basically, that to all intents and purposes you go mad.
    This is not 1415. Nor is it 1914 – It’s not even 1939.
    In 2016, you have to be mad to think that war is a viable answer to anything at all, but today the process of “electing” our modern “authorities” is supervised by precisely such madmen, and that’s why Jeremy Corbyn, practically the only anti-war voice, is so detested by them all.
    Mark Twain: “If voting made any difference, it would never be allowed.”
    If only people would remember that Mark Twain used to be quoted by intelligent Americans too. He must have had good reason to make such a statement.
    This is not a new problem.
    Even the line in the song, “When will they ever learn?” goes way back to a time before most of us were born.

    • Smith says

      Didn’t they make a lot of money from the Second World War as well? I remember reading that it was US businessmen who were responsible for Nazi Germany’s ‘economic miracle’ and that they basically supplied arms and equipment to all sides and profited from the Holocaust in that they used the slave labour in the concentration camps. This would have once seemed like a farcical outlandish conspiracy theory to me, but now that we know very well that US and UK made arms are found to have been used by our ‘enemies’ and from the Chilcot report that a primary motive for the Iraq war was oil (as many suspected at the time) and that Western corporations profited massively from Iraqi oil, leaving the Iraqi’s about 5% of their own oil for themselves, I actually find it completely believable that all our wars are fraud, despicable crimes committed by our governments in the interest of private profits.

      How to get everyone else to understand this is very difficult – as you say, the reaction to Corbyn’s anti war stance is utterly nonsensical and completely fuelled by the false media narrative. We now live in a world where citizens cheer for a woman who gloats about setting off nuclear weapons to kill millions of people and pillory a man who rightly says that war is completely unnecessary and should only happen if there is a genuine threat that can’t be neutralised through diplomacy and collaboration. At the moment, the only genuine threat to peace for all of us is our own governments, controlled as they are by corporations whose sole motivator is power and money with no concern for consequences whatsoever.

      • postkey says

        “In a few words: there is no such thing as Soviet technology. Almost all — perhaps 90-95 percent — came directly or indirectly from the United States and its allies. In effect the United States and the NATO countries have built the Soviet Union. Its industrial and its military capabilities. This massive construction job has taken 50 years. Since the Revolution in 1917. It has been carried out through trade and the sale of plants, equipment and technical assistance.
        . . . Because 50 years of dealings with the Soviets has been an economic success for the USSR and a political failure for the United States. It has not stopped war, it has not given us peace.
        The United States is spending $80 billion a year on defense against an enemy built by the United States and West Europe.
        Even stranger, the U.S. apparently wants to make sure this enemy remains in the business of being an enemy.“
        “Taken together, these four volumes constitute an extraordinary commentary on a basic weakness in the Soviet system
        The Soviets are heavily dependent on Western technology and innovation not only in their civilian industries, but also in their military programs.
        An inevitable conclusion from the evidence in this book is that we have totally ignored a policy that would enable us to neutralize Soviet global ambitions while simultaneously reducing the defense budget and the tax load on American citizens.”

  9. Eric_B says

    The Guardian’s/White Helmets’ story is that Ali was playing out in the street when the bomb fell. That’s why he has seemingly come from nowhere and wasn’t on the ambulance.

    But didn’t the bombing happen in the middle of the night? And what sane parents would be allowing him to play outside in a war zone?

    Who was he playing with? Where are the other kids?

    Are there any photos of him with Omran and his family?

    At what time exactly was he found and put on an ambulance and are there any photos of that?

    Does he in fact exist at all?

    • Indeed, all very good points. But then they even seem to have changed the day on which this happened. The original tweet from the AMC clearly states the event happened “Sunday evening.” The AP report said it was “Wednesday night”, but the vid was uploaded Wednesday mid-afternoon. How can they be unclear about something as basic as this? Doesn’t inspire faith in the story does it.

  10. Eric_B says

    They have now conjured up a 10 year old brother of Omran called Ali who we are told died from injuries in hospital today.

    This is odd because 2 days ago we were told Omran and his family were fine by the same White Helmets twitter acount.


  11. Petra says

    Hizballah is also a Terrorist Org. according to US. Yet it fights as a mercenary gang along with Assad mafia gangs. US silence means consent.

    • Eric_B says

      Hezbollah is not a terrorist group according to most countries. Who cares what the US says.

      • John says

        What the US really means is that Hezbollah are an effective opposition to their bosses in Israel.
        The last time the Israelis tried invading Lebanon, Hezbollah kicked their arses right back!
        That made the US neo-traitors very annoyed!

    • Hezbollah is primarily a defensive organisation, created to defend against Israel. However, the danger to Lebanon was perceived to be so great from ISIS (if they overran the Syrian Arab Army) that they felt they had little choice but to get involved in the. They and Assad were allies anyhow and as Eric_B stated, they are certainly not a terrorist group. To get an idea what they are all about, I’d recommend a book by Barbara Heard called Hezbollah, which is a fascinating insight into their mentality and the support they give to Sunni, Christian as well as Shia.

  12. Yes, such false flag photos can be the excuse the USA needs for “regime change” , right?

    (From Omar Sabbour’s FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1596853007210190/permalink/1862955763933245/):
    BREAKING – Al-Jazeera Arabic via Syrian opposition sources: The US coalition airforce has committed a massacre of civilians in the city of Aleppo, targeting a bridge on which refugees were escaping from ongoing bombardment by the Syrian regime and Russian airforces. Dozens of refugees have been reported killed. Both the bridge and the tunnel underneath it were collapsed, crushing several civilian cars in the process.

    The targeted bridge was in an area recently taken by rebels from the regime during their recent campaign to break the siege of Aleppo, between the village of Khan Touman and the neighbourhood of Ramousa in South Aleppo. The regime and Russian airplanes had been repeatedly trying to destroy the bridge but had failed due to its “well-cemented structure” – however the bridge was finally destroyed by “high explosive missiles” launched from airplanes belonging to the US-led coalition, according to the Al-Jazeera report.

    The report continues that this is not the first time the US coalition has targeted opposition factions inside Aleppo, having done so already in such neighbourhoods as Al-Sha’ar and Al-Sakhour. Rebel targets did not only include Jabhat al-Nusra but also moderate factions inside the city, the report goes on.

    The US is bombing refugees already fleeing Assad’s bombing. Syrians expected the US would not help them against Assad, but the US has gone far further and actively joined in Assad’s war against them.
    Clear Syria’s skies NOW

    From Al Jazeera Channel (Arabic) https://www.facebook.com/aljazeerachannel/videos/10154650225289893/

    The report says “this is not the first time the US coalition has targeted opposition factions inside Aleppo.” Far from it.
    But just recently, during the current truly apocalyptic Assadist/Russian imperialist slaughter, just in case they needed extra help, we have the above report, and a couple of others:

    #Syria|Did IC participate to Aleppo blockade ?
    Media Activist Majed Abdel Nur revealed on Orient News that International Coalition aircrafts have taken part to the battle of the siege of the city of Aleppo.

    He indicated that they have spotted a heavy bombing, believed to be carried out by F-16 warplanes, targeting vehicles, and which resulted in direct casualties


    US planes join Putins planes to stop rebels breaking the siege of Aleppo.

    According to “Halab today” yesterday there were 4 sorties over Aleppo by the US-led coalition aircrafts to strike the rebels:

    “Counting about 125 aircraft raided the City yesterday, including a Russian warplane, 72 Syrian and four Alliance”

    Also, from Idlib, we had this report:

    Idlib blasts near Bab al-Hawa, on the Turkish border , after a Jaysh al-Islam rebels ‘ ammunition warehouses was targeted, probably by a US airstrike

    (the article says local activists blamed the US airforce):


  13. John says

    I think the strategy of diverting everyone’s attention away from the primary causes of the conflict has worked brilliantly.
    People are consumed over questions as to authenticity of the child/photographer/ambulance/scenario, etc., etc……
    This exercise has all the hallmarks of a co-ordinated hasbara propaganda exercise, which Mark Regev would love.
    What all this “hubbub” camouflages is the fact that outsiders are providing money, weapons and munitions to killers.
    These killers are engaged in a project to overthrow the legitimately elected President and Government of Syria.
    Would it be OK if outside forces did the same thing to similar bodies in the US, UK, Saudi, Qatari, Israeli or Turkey?
    I am sorry to see innocent civilians being swept up in all these largely propagandist antics. It is not their fault.
    Instead of promoting more conflict, western mass media should be calling for the attacks against Syria to end.
    However, that is unlikely to happen any time soon because the merchants of death are making far too much money.
    Recognise this incident for what it is: just another sordid exploitation of innocent people – one way or another.
    Can we also have a policy of calm politeness and restraint in the comments? Politeness costs nothing!

  14. Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:

    Didn’t think the MSM could sink any lower. But they did. There’s a reasson why so many people refer to them as “gutter press” because that is where they have crawled out from. Cesspit Press is a bit of a mouthful but probably more accurately describes them.

  15. Eric_B says

    I wonder how many other White Helmets videos this kid has been in.

    There’s definitely another kid who supposedly got napalmed in the infamous ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ BBC doc and then I saw him again in a White Helmets video being rescued from some rubble.

    Talk about bad luck.

  16. Eric_B says

    Looks like the White Helmets are there as well as the video maker being in cahoots with terrorists.

    I’m calling it as fake and staged unless other evidence it is genuine comes out.

      • Admin says

        No threats please. Instead why not express why you are so personally affronted at the idea a video made by terrorist-supporters might be bogus. Are you a supporter of al Nusra? Do you trust in their good faith? Please explain

      • Eric_B says

        Behead me? Yell Allah Akhbar and set off a suicide bomb?

  17. Jen says

    I should think the fact that the video of the boy with the scalp wound sitting in the ambulance was made by the so-called Aleppo Media Centre, a known pro-jihadi organisation, should give people pause for thought and to consider that the entire scene captured on film, in which the boy and another child are rescued and poppled into the vehicle, an adult man with a supposed head wound then joins them, and someone then loads an empty into the car, was staged. This would suggest that no-one was actually harmed in the making of the film.

    Also do ambulances in Syria really carry First Aid kits with English-language printing on them? And if the child was genuinely injured, why does no-one check his head wound and put something on it, and why is no-one checking his eyes (to see if the pupils are uneven, which would suggest head trauma) or taking his pulse?

    The question that really should be asked is who is the target audience for a video like this and others that feature soupposed child victims of bombing attacks allegedly carried out by Russian airforce jets and the Syrian Arab Army. How is the audience for this video supposed to react? Who takes it for granted that the target audience is supposed to be so outraged that it swings lock, stock and barrel behind the US and NATO in support of a no-fly zone over Syria>

  18. M. Marshall says

    “Cuts and bruises” completely ignores mental trauma. No doubt that Western media will exploit this image to the max, but that’s no reason to make light of this child’s suffering.

    • Joe Staten says

      We need to verify the video is even real before angsting about the boy’s trauma. Made by a gang of terrorists, with other child-murderering terrorists seen hanging round in the background, why are you just assuming it must be showing real events?

    • It can’t be confirmed he was suffering. Kid’s usually cry when in distress, war zone or no war zone, and this particular child looked oddly serene. If we go back to ‘Saving Syria’s Children’, the scenario was clearly set up with ‘the dawn of the living dead’ actors being prompted by off screen directors. Anyone (and there are many of them) who thinks that program was not part of a (not so clever) BBC stitch up really does need to wake up. Similarly, anyone who thinks a young child would react like that to being dug out of a collapsed building hasn’t seen a child drop his ice cream and witnessed the drama that follows . If he was traumatised, then he was quickly given a sedative but not by anyone in the ambulance, no medical staff were in attendance, as we can all see. I’m sorry but anyone took in by this third rate drama episode really needs to stop watching TV . It’s a fake but a better one than Saving Syrian’s Children.

  19. Apparently the photographer of that “iconic picture that couldn´t hold his tears when seeing that injured child”, likes to hang out with the same group that beheaded a Palestinian child weeks earlier, note the shirt:

    It is also to note: the cleanliness of the ambulance, the perfect state of the road where some heavy bombing supposedly took place (can anyone spot a piece of rubble? a stone a pebble? a a pothole?) the shiny sandals of the rescue worker supposedly working over debris, and the older man that is walking with a white face (and a “blood stain” that only dripped until the chin…), supposedly covered in dust, but with clean neck and chest. Also, as a former reckless child/adolescent that had his head open innumerable times, I can attest that head wounds would have you dripping on blood all the way to your shoes, blood would not stop making straight lines on your cheeks. I wonder what a paramedic thinks when sees something like this…

    Normally these videos need someone with a trained eye to spot the inconsistencies, this one goes too far, you need two seconds to see that nothing seems to be right. As offguardian warned us few days ago, the propaganda war is escalating and they don´t seem to worry now which kind of bullshit they are throwing.

    • Yup, he needs to buy a new shirt 🙂 Is that guy identified as the elusive alleged “photo-journalist”, “Mahmoud Raslan”?

    • reinertorheit says

      Normally these videos need someone with a trained eye to spot the inconsistencies,

      So far all your ‘trained eye’ has told us, is that the ambulance was clean.

      Ambulances are supposed to be clean.

      • Well my friend, perhaps your eye could use some training because you missed the part about one friend of child beheading jihadist photographing the moment, the suspiciously clean attires of the rescue workers, the abnormal blood patterns, the lack of dust in the older wounded person and the perfect state of the roads in the epicenter of the the Syrian war, moments after “heavy bombing”.

        • reinertorheit says

          So nothing other than circumstantial blather in your entire screed of pox, then?

          Thought as much.

          Ambulance staff in clean hygienic clothing? Goodness me, whatever will those coons think of next, eh?

          • IntolerantofIdiocy says

            Yeah, and have plenty of time to stand around and film lots o videos rather than actually, you know, caring for the supposedly injured child.

          • The video was produced by pro-terrorists.


        • IntolerantofIdiocy says

          And also the part where the boy’s face is covered w/ “Dust” but his the back of his head, neck etc. is suspiciously clean.

    • I was also wondering about how the ambulance could look so clean and somehow unused in an intense war zone with massive shortages? I wouldn’t say it’s completely impossible, that the ambulances get cleaned and still have decent equipment and this was the first call after cleaning but it seems fishy to me at least…

      It also seems like the “Helpers” only care about helping the cameras getting good pictures and not about the patients. The guy who places the child on its chair is then just leaving him alone, leaving the camera-range, then there is a cut and suddenly there is a little girl in the ambulance too. then the guy receives the second boy, places him on the bar and again just leaves into the background. Nobody is caring for the children while there are plenty of people besides all the “bloggers”? Is there an uncut version of the video? why the cut? 🙂
      After I read your comment, I became aware of the neck which is not dirty at all. It could be explainable by the way he was lying before his rescue. But then again: Why would the blood’ve been running down towards his feet and not his neck?

      Something hit me while watching the vid again: Did you hear or see any women in the entire clip (besides of the little girl)?? Is it Aleppo Chelsea Village or what? 😉

      Do you remember the “Syrian Hero Boy” who allegedly saved a child (I don’t know if it was claimed to be in Aleppo by the media) and in reality was shot in Malta by a Norwegian Film-Crew….

      I won’t necessarly say that it’s totally staged but then again looking at the massive media coverage there might have been put a lot of effort ($$) in that production?

      • And just to be clear, wether or not this is staged, it’s sickening what’s happening to children, women and men in Syria and in a lot of other places and surely this child in the picture makes me feel sad. It makes me even more sad to be used in such a propagandist way everywhere on the news

        • At the end all of the details by themselves prove nothing, but all together make a very very unlikely scenario where dust spreads randomly leaving entire portions of bodies clean, where rescue workers diving in ruble have shiny shoes and don´t even care to make the most basic inspection of an injured child, where blood streams stop by themselves in the middle of the face, where no rubble reaches the well paved roads on which the shiny ambulance rides through one of the most troublesome warzones in the world…

          Many people here seem to be resisting the idea that such a fakery would take place. I encourage them to see the trickeries outlets like the BBC make. Note the relationship between the “pro-rebel” charity and the guy making special effects that simulate wounds. That´s the BBC with our “contributions”.


          • Eric_B says

            It can’t be proven, but I do believe the BBC has been training some of the terrorists in basic techniques of film and photography for more effective propaganda.

            I think that’s what the BBC team were really doing there.

  20. Maybe if the *anonymous writer had the courage to be honest about *their agenda.
    Maybe if they weren’t using this image just as cynically as he claims the originator of it is.
    Maybe if we stopped using weasel words like “allegedly” and “supposedly” and claiming stage-management as if this little boy was an actor wearing make-up, and started giving a damn about him as a person, and the 500,000 like him, and the 100,000 dead, whoever’s “side” he’s supposed to be on, and made some real efforts to stop the wars…
    Maybe then. That’s all I’m saying.

    • reinertorheit says

      Entirely agreed, Mark!

      The usage of the image of the child is sickening. But for some commenters on here, a child’s life means nothing whatsoever, and is simply a bargaining chip in their sick political ravings.

    • Thankfully the child is fine. Unlike the numerous other children of Syria who died at the hand of “rebel” bombardments and are never featured anywhere by our morally bankrupt media. Don’t you think it makes sense to use the word “allegedly” when dealing with an unverified account provided by a terrorist-supporting “media center?”

      As to the idea he’s wearing make-up – that’s your dream my friend. No-one on OffG has suggested any such thing.

      The media uses such images in order to shut down critical-thinking in its audience. Apparently, in your case, and in Reinertorheit’s, it succeeded.

        • Joe Staten says

          How do you know the child isn’t fine? The video was made by a bunch of terrorist-sympathisers for immediate propaganda effect. Do you think these guys are gonna be too ethical to fake it? This isn’t CNN or NBC or the BBC who I can sort of understand you being reluctant to think would stoop that low. It’s a group of people who cheer the deaths of Syrian soldiers and hang out with child torturers. If they need a bit of atrocity footage and they can’t find any to hand why wouldn’t they just throw a bit of dust and fake blood around and film two mins in the dark so they don’t need to dress the set or worry about details?

    • Kathleen Lowrey says

      Absolutely. This whole set of charges is premised on the idea that it would be difficult to find horrible images of injured children in Syria — so difficult that somehow they have to be stage-managed into existence. It is possible to be suspicious of Western media and government accounts of what is going on in Syria without imagining an entirely alternate reality in which photographs of wounded innocents are only plausible if they fall on the correct side of such skepticism. Grotesquely, there are enough wounded innocents to go all around; most of the time, they don’t get any attention in the West. If this were an article asking “why only this child, only now, rather than all the other similarly damaged children to whom we could be paying attention (in Iraq, in Syria, in Libya…)” that would be a good question. A snark fest about how this kid is obviously phoney baloney and you are too savvy to care about him one little bit is incomprehensible.

      • I don´t think that premise exists at all. I think everyone here understands very well that there are deaths (and crimes, atrocities, you name it) suffered and committed by both sides. Beyond that, no one said anything from which you could imply that commenters don´t care about this particular child, in fact there are a couple of comments on how despicable is to abuse a child and make him a propaganda tool.

        The issue here, as some have pointed out already, and I believe is very obvious, goes well beyond the picture. It is the message that we are getting attached to it in the front pages of virtually every major newspaper I have seen today: “we have to do something to stop it”, and we all know what that means. And asides from the, if you will, alleged, very suspicious details of the video, there is evidence of the collusion of the people running this “media center” with Jihadists, people that later feed this videos straight to every single MSM outlet, no questions asked.

        If you think we need to be ignorant of the suffering of the syrian people, on all sides, to stay silent on the bias, the manipulation and the criminal liaisons of both government and media and accept the latest propaganda stunt unquestioningly, I am afraid you are missing the point and that this site might bring you further disappointments. If you are not even to concede that there are plenty of inconsistencies and suspicious details in the video, that there is a huge moral dilemma on accepting unverified footage from people that pose with child beheaders, or that the way it has been exploited has nothing to do with the real problems of the Syrian people, then I am afraid I have to assume that it is because you refuse to see them, no matter how obvious.

      • Eric_B says

        The video maker hangs out with Jihadists who recently chopped the head off another child and filmed it.

        For that and other reasons I give this video no credence at all.

      • Tony says

        Sure, but blinding yourself to specifics with a generic bleeding-heart attitude is also not doing anyone any service. Yes, bombings in these areas are unfortunately all too common but I can still conceive of many advantages to tailor-making your own propaganda at precisely the right moment with precisely the right emotional tone to grab as much media attention as possible to convey just the message you want! Honestly, I think you’d be surprised what a fine line there is between switching people off by presenting a suffering child in a meaningless war and uniting public opinion behind an innocent victim in a righteous war. As an actor and film-maker please accept my credentials when I comment that there are a million subtle connotations behind even the most prosaic piece of film-making… Manufacturing your own propaganda is as essential during a war as at any time. And why would those who make propaganda risk exposing weak production values in previous staged footage by resorting, all of a sudden, to ‘realism’? Of course this is conjecture but please allow a moment to consider that churning our propaganda and film-making might not be so different and consider, also, that it might be far more common than you think.

      • Admin says

        @Kathleen Lowry

        I think you’ve missed the point of the article entirely and added a lot of other points that are not there at all. Scepticism about a video made by terrorist-sympathisers is not only rational, it’s essential.

        Your point about there being a plethora of dead in Aleppo is true, and indeed is our point also (third para I think). Why were these people selected for such special attention, when none of them were even severely injured?

        Well you see most of the dead and injured civilians are in western Aleppo, which is government-controlled and much more populous. But – because it’s government-controlled – the civilians are being killed by “rebel” (terrorist) bombardments, and so the Western MSM ignores the death toll, as it doesn’t fit their narrative.

        Far fewer civilians live in eastern Aleppo (exact numbers vary according to source), and so there are fewer civilian casualties. It’s held by the “rebels” (terrorists), and this is allegedly where they filmed their video.

        So, why did the MSM, which has ignored all the tragic stories of children wounded and killed in western Aleppo, suddenly give saturation coverage to this unverified video, made by terrorist-sympathisers in eastern Aleppo, of a family being thankfully only slightly injured? And why does the MSM use the vid to promote renewed calls for ceasefires and no-fly zones, which is – coincidentally – exactly what the “rebels” (terrorists) and the West want right now?

        It’s all very coincidental isn’t it. We suggest it all combines to render that unverified, terrorist-made video somewhat open to question.

        Don’t you agree?

  21. Look how new and clean the ambulance is . Observe how their is no one around him tending to him. I used to work for the Italian Redcross as a paramedic. I can tell u that this was managed and staged . If you look at the video when they even touch him he does not feel any pain. Hence no scratch no wound just make-up and the MSM anglo-zionist propaganda machine on steroids. Yes they r writing positive op-eds on Al -Nusra affiliated with Al-Qaeda. If I do re call didn’t the anglo-zionist pin the crime of the century MSM fabricated tail on the these takfiris. Hasbra and more Hasbra.
    P.S Academy award performance. I might add the shameful display at the UN last week from The Cretin Numbing Nuisance CNN(Clarissa Ward) how valiant those takfiris r fighting off that evil ASSAD . The only evil I can see from where I am sitting is the obvious fascism coming from the Washington consensus.
    This final statement says it all. As Goethe once said “NONE ARE MORE HOPELESSLY ENSLAVED THAN THOSE WHO FALSELY BELIEVE THEY ARE FREE”

  22. I think we know where this is going: straight to a US/NATO ‘humanitarian intervention’. But first of all western populations have to be primed up with horror pictures and stories. The barbaric regime of Assad must be overthrown, and so on and so forth, the usual blather straight out of the Pentagon/State Department playbook, as was the case in Iraq, Libya, and Yugoslavia. Expect more in the coming weeks from the three warmongering harpies, Clinton, Power and Nuland. When the moment is right the US bombing campaign will commence, that is almost a certainty.

    Notice the term ‘rebels’ is now used instead of jihadists. That is because objectively speaking the west is on the side of the wahabbist insurgents and it would therefore wouldn’t be good propaganda to call them by their correct name. The other thing is that many (if not most) of these terrorists, are in fact invaders. From Tunisia, Morocco, Bosnia, Chechnya, Pakistan and even France and the UK. Assad has every right to defend his country against what is in effect a foreign invasion.

    What will be crucial in the coming months will be Russia’s and to a lesser extent China’s reaction.

  23. reinertorheit says

    No one has yet found any social media page or website for him,

    Perhaps if you had the fucking guts to put your own name to this anonymous craven piece of shit, you would have more credibility?

    Meanwhile, you’re just as happy to exploit the image of a traumatised four-year-old as the photographer was.

    Shame on you, gutless asswipe.

    • the pair says

      so…if anyone mentions the source of the video being hard to locate they have to give their name as well? maybe you’d like some social security numbers as well? you’re probably one of the legion of whiners bitching that assange doesn’t out his sources. idiot.

      and switch to decaf. and buy a thesaurus since your vocabulary seems to be 90% “ass”, “fuck” and the like.

      • reinertorheit says

        Anonymous article. So go screw yourself.

        • LOL! There are only four of us working here, so how “anonymous” is that? When the work is collaborative we tend to publish under our general OffG banner rather than crediting a single author.

        • Dr Flange says

          Hi reinertorheit ,

          I think your upset and mostly confused but heh it can happen to us all.
          Why not take a good lie down and think kind Guardian thoughts?

          Pop over to the Guardian now and they will soothe your angst with kind words, race baiting, diversity, multiculturalism, corporate fascism and death from above. All in the name of the US/UN.

        • Kaiama says

          Ad hominem attack = you lost the argument.

    • Matt Morley says

      Can I take it from your uncompromising and unecessary invective it that you are a confirmed believer in the pro-“rebel” narrative, and are unapologetically ignoring the points made here about journalistic integrity?

      • reinertorheit says

        And may I take, Matt Morley, that you’ve never had kids??

        So you show up here prattling about ‘integrity’…. unable to see a four-year-old child with blood streaming down his forehead???

        I would tell you where to go…. but your kind don’t care. No morals, no heart, no soul, no humanity,.

        • IntolerantofIdiocy says

          Actually, most people who have kids would actually take care of them, stay w/ them rather than dumping them in an ambulance and exploiting their suffering, alleged or real, instead of standing around and filming a barrage of photos and propaganda videos-which is what your beloved “rescuers” did here. You’re as fake as the Al Qaeda front you’re here to propagandize for.

          • reinertorheit says

            Ever actually been in a war zone, loudmouth??? When people are dragged out of wreckage, getting them to emergency medical care is the priority.

            So shove that your abundant arsehole.

            • IntolerantofIdiocy says

              Go back and read what I just said, smartass. These “rescuers” were standing around on their lazy asses doing nothing, all the while providing no care for the supposedly injured boy. You’ll have to do better than that…

            • Eric_B says

              don’t paramedics normally look someone over in the ambulance, take a pulse, wipe blood off etc?

              • Joe Staten says

                Yes, and they’d probably use a backboard or a collar which they are sure to have in that pristine ambulance. A child that age could be bleeding internally and go from apparent good health to cardiac arrest and death in seconds. The scene makes no sense. Ask any paramedic or EMT.

                • Eric_B says

                  Apparently in east Aleppo first response medical care consists of bundling injured kids onto seats in an ambulance and filming them.

                  You don’t need to be a doctor or a paramedic to at least wipe the blood off a kid’s face.

                  Unless of course you can’t wipe it off because that would reveal there’s no actual injury.

    • Whilst I would hesitate to use the same expression – I support the sentiments & Reiner by the way – I post under my real name. It would be also helpful to remember that “all this” started back in 2011/2012 when mostly peaceful demonstrators wanted a bit more democracy in Syria. The reaction of the Syrian regime led to the situation we have (civs’ being bombed by Russia/what is left of the Syrian army). It continues because of Russian support for Assad. It will stop with some sort of political settlement that will, almost certainly need the departure of Assad. It will not stop with more military involvement (e.g. Nato). & for the avoidance of doubt, in my view “fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity”.

      • They could have had more democracy in Syria, if they had given Assad time. He was in the process of bringing about change. The young lads accused of writing graffiti and who allegedly triggered the uprising nor their families have ever been traced. During the early days of the conflict, dozens of Syrian Arab Army soldiers were murdered, many of them ambushed by those peaceful demonstrators that everyone believes were there. Russia is a long term ally of Syria, what business is it of yours or anyone else outside Syria to tell them who their friends should be and even more outrageously, to tell them who their leader should be.
        The majority of displaced people have remained in the country and fled to government areas. In Aleppo, serious attempts to allow civilians to leave the area have been met by a trickle of people. One of the reasons for the lack of enthusiasm appears to be terrorist snipers trying to kill those fleeing. This latest publicity stunt, because that’s what it clearly is, appears to be in the same mode as the other White Helmet productions. These people have lost any credibility they may have had due to their videos containing footage of armed WH agents being amongst terrorists and their treatment of dead Syrian government soldiers bodies.
        The resistance of the Syrian people to US and UK supported terrorists (the UK government have given the WH £19 million) proves their support for Assad, and neither you, I or anyone else has the right to demand they get rid of him. That is the job of the Syrian democratic elections.

    • Look at the above post by “M” & maybe you would re-phrase your statement & admit you’ve been had ?

      • reinertorheit says

        Maybe if you looked in a mirror, you might see a human being there – hiding behind the sack of shit that’s visible at first glance?

        You should be glad you are not within a fist’s reach, buddy. Because a pathetic prick like you, who can laugh about a child being caught in an explosion, deserves to have their face rearranged on a permanent basis, you gutless louse.

        • IntolerantofIdiocy says

          Watch out; we’ve got a badass over here…

        • Dr Flange says

          Hi reinertorheit,

          Are your meds ok? Having difficulty formulating rational arguments?
          Perhaps you need “CNN”. That’s right “CNN” takes away the need for rational thought. No longer do you have to grapple with complex issues. “CNN” does all the thinking for you in nice bite size chunks.

          Try today for a free trial and money back guarantee if not completely brainwashed.

          • Kaiama says

            I think he is using decision making dice with “fuck” on all 6 sides.

    • Meanwhile, you’re just as happy to exploit the image of a traumatised four-year-old as the photographer was.

      How is discussing the source of the photograph “exploiting” anything?

      Also, while we don’t moderate for language, it would be good to try and keep the discourse civil, don’t you think? Collapsing into abuse does nothing but flare tempers and limit the debate.

    • Laguerre says

      Meanwhile, you’re just as happy to exploit the image of a traumatised four-year-old as the photographer was.

      The kid in the vid is not at all traumatised. He’s quite calm, not injured, and not even crying. In fact, also true of the other kid, and the teenager. No sign of trauma at all among the three of them.

    • Is this the same Reiner Torheit that is on record as using incendiary and often Anti russian language
      all over the net??.. The same one that has been banned from numerous sites, but claims to be working in Moscow..

      I wonder who pays his bills 🙂

      Reiner Torheit


  24. John says

    This is the usual emotive crap, designed to overpower reason and to crowd out any thinking about why this conflict is going on and why these terrorist forces are being given totally one-sided treatment by the western msm.
    While many in the west will feel natural empathy for this small child they also objectively know that western intervention has a very poor record in terms of providing long-term solutions to local problems.
    That is why all attempts so far on the part of western elites has failed to persuade western societies to get involved.

    • Yonatan says

      The White Helmets NGO was actually created by the British with a British (supposedly ex-)military/possibly MI6 officer going by the pseudonym ‘John Le Mesurier'(*) running it. It is a British government outfit through and through. The White Helmets live with the takfiris, and almost never filmed outside their presence. They support ISIS victories and throw bodies of non-takfiris into the trash.

      the real name of an actor who played the part of a long suffering serjeant in a British sitcom called “Dad’s Army”. As the Brits say – someone is taking the piss.

      • IntolerantofIdiocy says

        Right. They’re supported by Hamish De Bretton Gordon, who’s rabidly supportive of a NFZ. Also, De Bretton Gordon is the only reference for a shady guy named Dan Kaszeta-a fake “CW expert” who played a key role in propagandizing against the Syrian Government during the 2013 CW attack.

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