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by Kit

The past two weeks, the ten days following our article predicting a marked increase in a pro-Syrian war rhetoric…there has been marked increase in pro-war rhetoric. The Guardian, CNN and the Washington Post have all published editorials decrying the West’s “lack of action” in Syria, and especially in Aleppo.
In the Guardian, Janine di Giovanni declares that:

The West cannot stand back and let Aleppo be destroyed”

…although she is rather vague on what she would have “the west” do about it.
A little background on Janine de Giovani: She is the middle-east editor for Newsweek, a fellow of the New America Foundation and a frequent speaker and author for The Council of Foreign Relations. No prizes for guessing the general tone of her article.
She repeatedly compares Syria with Yugoslavia – maintaining the myth that the illegal NATO bombings were “humanitarian”, and neglecting to mention that the conflict nearly escalated into hostilities with Russia.
She quotes “experts” from notionally non-partisan NGOs such as the Carnegie Institute and The Atlantic Council. One such expert, Fred Hof, a former “ambassador for transition in Syria” (whatever that means) and a fellow of the aforementioned Atlantic Council says:

I’d not rule out [surface-to-air missiles] for defenders of our choice…I’d not rule out cruise missile strikes on regime airbases.”

Just to be clear, for any readers unsure on this concept, cruise missile strikes on “regime” airbases would be a declaration of war. If those missiles struck Russian personnel or Russian planes, that would probably be the end of civilization as we know it. This article was published in a supposedly liberal paper, with no counter-case given, and no mention of a possible global conflagration as a result.
The WaPo editorial is anonymous, written under the name of the “editorial board”, and again takes up long-disproved view that the war in Syria carries on because of US inaction. Their headline:

As Aleppo is destroyed, Mr. Obama stands by”

They cite the same unsourced facts, hit the same talking points, and deploy the same memes as the Guardian. They don’t go so far as to call for global annihilation, but they don’t recognise that danger either. There is, again, no reference to a possible conflict with Russia should America decide to stop “standing by”.
The CNN opinion piece, written by Hassan Hassan a fellow of Chatham House, headlines:

Why the United States must change its failed policy in Syria”

What exactly the US should “change” is never stated, but the tone is clearly against cooperating with the Russians….and for working with al-Nusra:

Four days after the doctors’ appeal to the US to help lift the siege — and as if to add insult to injury — Moscow announced that the US and Russia are close to starting joint military action against the very group that broke the siege in Aleppo last week — the newly rebranded Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (JFS), formerly al Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra.”

Finally, today, there was a The Guardian’s “reveal” of a reconstruction of Assad’s “torture prison”, and the suddenly “iconic” photograph of a little boy in an ambulance that totally accidentally went viral.
The prison article comes with accompanying horror stories (none of which are independently corroborated), and the now habitual practice of dead-panning absurdities as if they are grave revelations. The prison was apparently recreated using “ear-witness testimony” as “a sort of sonar”. Which is to say, the entire article could be totally meaningless if an alleged torture victim’s five-year old memory of an echo is slightly flawed. The article and even goes so far as to have an NGO employee openly declare the political motivation of the release. The aim, he said, is to:

…ensure that Assad is no part of any future peace deal.”


The media have already proved our predictions correct. The propaganda war on Syria is renewed, with the clear hope that they can sell the public on another disastrous conflict in the Middle East. Hiding behind mythic American “inaction”, they clamor for war in the name of peace and beg governments to take an action that was being planned in the Pentagon ten years ago. They employ NGOs they created, to cite statistics they invented, to try to prove that black is white and bombs can save lives.
It’s just the same as Saddam’s “super gun”, and the Kuwaiti babies being thrown out of incubators. It’s just the same as the 45 minutes.
It’s just the same as their last attempt in Syria, in 2013. Only this time with much higher stakes. Hopefully it will be just as effective.

Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.

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Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.

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Mr Cane
Mr Cane

Nice article Kit. Janine is a definition of a “presstitute”. True little w*ore.

Jon B
Jon B

Was about to mention the babyless, Kuwaiti incubators myself, but I see the writer is on TOP of his/her game…WELL DONE!


And the young girl in the US who independently and impartially reported the ICU units being taken by Iraqi troops – who subsequently turned out to be the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador in the USA telling a fake story?
So much for independence and impartiality!
Let us also remember that when informed by Saddam Hussein of his intention to send Iraqi troops into Kuwait to stop them stealing Iraqi oil, the then US Ambassador in Baghdad indicated the US would not oppose it.
Talk about drawing-in Saddam on to a sucker punch!
Even then, Israel was calling the shots in America.


Governments, administrations and corporations still feel the need to justify their crimes via the media they own. Are we to feel honoured they still make an attempt to look accountable? These gangs do as they please with little or no oversight, so why is it so important to have us believe them? Probably because there are so few of them and so many of us.


Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:
The western presstitutes really are the most disgusting lying propagandists and anti democratic voices ever inflicted on any population. The US and KGB propaganda pales compared to the gutter press and their lack of any integrity.
The US is doing something. Along with Israel and the Saudis, it is arming the very terrorists torturing, starving and murdering innocent Syrian civilians, while some countries, most notably Russia and Iran are delivering humanitarian supplies to the victims rather than the terrorists.
Call these propagandist platforms out at every opportunity.


I gave up trusting the West years ago. I know what it’s like refusing to tow the American line. I”ve had people say to me: ‘if you can’t beat them, join them!’ I wonder what Israelis would feel about Germans in 1939 who did that?? So why should any sane human being feel any different about that advice now???

C. Canuck
C. Canuck

‘if you can’t beat them, join them!’ and they did
As Many As 150,000 Jews Served In Hitler’s Military
Two field marshals
Fifteen generals
Two full generals
Eight lieutenant generals
Five major generals

Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith

Yet another clue that the “holocaust” story is not correct. The Jews who served in Germany’s military believed that they were fighting for their country. How could this be if all Jews were being persecuted by German government authorities?


That’s revealing isn’t it

Paul Smyth

Reblogged this on The Greater Fool.


It’s like the world’s been turned upside down and inside out within the perculiar boundaries of our media. Compared to the people likely to take over in Syria after the eventual toppling of Assad’s government, with probably absolute chaos and disaster to follow… it’s Assad’s ‘regime’ that occupies the centre or moderate ground. The alternative to Assad isn’t Swiss-style democracy with rights for women and sexual minorities and gay pride marches through Damascus, but rule by ISIS, it’s Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya all over again. What a prospect!
Our liberal media ignores this, the likely result of destroying Syria, in favour of some fantasy about democracy and human rights and ‘freedom’ and this is despite the obvious and clear results of our previous ‘interventions’ in whole row of countries that have proved to be utter and complete disasters, with massive destruction and enormous suffering to follow.
It’s extraordinary. We keep destroying countries, intervening massively using mercenary armies we train, arm, and help, yet we pretend we’re not involved at all and aren’t doing enough to help… amazing. So all those training camps set up by the Americans in Jordan, don’t really exist?
I’d be inclined to send some of those rather lovely young lady journalists to Syria to interview the rebels and give us a firsthand impression of where they stand on core liberal issues and values.


THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK. Who the hell has been destroying let alone Aleppo and the rest of Syria for the last five years. What the west has just been standing on the side lines and praying for rain. Who financed them who enabled the takfiris. You expect any human being with any grey matter to believe the hasbra about the House of Saud.
Look at Yemen the Saudis can’t even beat the yemenites armed with sandals so spare us that blatant and brazen propaganda. So lets call spade a spade and not a shovel cause we all need more than shovels to pile up the B.S these propagandist have been feeding us the west. MORALLY AND INTELLECTUALLY BANKRUPT.
P.S They make the Nazis and Italian fascist of the 30’s look like real journalist.

the pair
the pair

CNN’s resident afternoon alternative to dr. phil a.k.a. “jake tapper” started his show whining about the footage of the kid and then said – not kidding – “while the world sits by and does nothing”. if only, i guess the saudis are “doing nothing”? and the CIA? just wow. and they wonder why they’re following print news down the toilet.


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Strange that the video footage of relieved Syrians being freed from ISIS control somehow never seems to get the same amount of coverage, is it not? No burning burkas to be seen anywhere! Thank goodness we have an independent impartial liberal media – I don’t think!


Aleppo as reported by western media (from Moonofalabama)