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VIDEO: Manufacturing Civil Unrest: is the US now targeting its own population?

Truthstream Media provide devastating evidence, using only a compilation of MSM footage, of the decades-long pursuit of regime-chage in countries world-wide by the zealots and profiteers that constitute the political class in the USA

This video shows more clearly than any amount of commentary, the brazen evil that has been sold to us for more than sixty years as “defending democracy” or “humanitarian intervention”. It also asks the question if 2016’s “summer of chaos” implies the US state is using the same methods of civil unrest against its own population to justify the removal of the last vestiges of democratic accountability.


  1. Seamus Padraig says

    I’ve had the same thought myself: Would they and could they try a ‘color-revolution’ at home? I believe it would be possible. That’s why I am somewhat skeptical of professional ‘protest’ groups like BLM, even though I initially sympathized with their complaints regarding police brutality. I just can’t get it out of my head that Soros–the same guy who finances the Open Society Institute–is also financing them. Maybe their intentions are completely honorable … but who really knows for sure.

  2. Thanks for that.

    If I am not mistaken some of the footage appears to be included also in what I believe is one of the best documentaries on US foreign policy and Empire out there: “The Power Principle” by Metanoia films. I wholeheartedly recommend all of their documentaries to those who haven´t watched them yet, the research, the speakers, the footage and even the music are excellent.


  3. Soros funds a lot of things under his Open Society Foundations to expand his global presence and fund regime change activities (ex. demos for regime change that pay protestors @$25/day as in the Ukraine).

    Soros controls Human Rights Watch

    Many of the nonprofits and groups paying the Ukraine protesters are German. Hmm, Germany is looking for cheap labor, imagine if they could tie the Ukraine into the IMF and Western institutions to do so…

  4. This is an important video for all anti-racist, anti-imperialist, Black Power and immigrants rights organizers to look at which organizations/individuals are getting Soros funding. And find out what programs are happening with that money. Soros has a lot of blood on his hands. We alert!
    p.s. Human Rights Watch is heavily Soros funded

  5. flybow says

    For more on this. Read “Killing hope” by william Blum. He documents all US interventions.

  6. Brian Harry, Australia says

    I saw a quote recently that stated the US Police, last year, killed AND injured over 50,000 Americans. Given that over 30,000 people are killed by gunshot every year I’m assuming the 50,000 figure is mostly injuries, but also includes an unknown death toll.
    Given that 58,000 American servicemen were killed over the 14 year Vietnam war, the statistics of police violence are astonishing, and wouldn’t be tolerated in any other country on Earth.

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      My original comment was made before that video was available. I now have a different perspective. The USA(People)are in deep trouble, and in danger of becoming prisoners in their own land. I certainly hope that the USA Military, and ‘The Department of Homeland Security’, realise what their priorities are(to the Constitution and the American people).
      The Zionist/NeoCons who ‘occupy’ so many positions of power in the USA seem to be in total control, and “America” needs to sort things out very quickly. My best wishes to the American people.

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