NATO’s War On Russia: The Winds Howl Before The Storm

by Christopher Black, via New Eastern Outlook, October 3, 2016

A few weeks ago I wrote, “I have been a defence lawyer most of my working life and am not used to gathering evidence for a prosecution, but circumstances impelled me to open a file for the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, or perhaps some future citizen’s tribunal, in which is contained the evidence that the NATO leaders are guilty of the gravest crime against mankind, the crime of aggression. I would like to share with you some brief notes of interest from that file, for your consideration. Article 8bis of the Rome Statute, the governing statue of the International Criminal Court states:

For the purpose of this Statute, “crime of aggression” means the planning, preparation, initiation or execution, by a person in a position effectively to exercise control over or to direct the political or military action of a State, of an act of aggression which by its character, gravity and scale, constitutes a manifest violation of the Charter on the United Nations.

Since then I have written little partly due to other events in life that interfered with the ability to sit back, take in, and think about what was happening in the world, but principally because to choose to write about one particular crime committed by the west, meaning the United States of America, when faced with their multitude of crimes, celebrated in the western media under the bloody banners of patriotism, nationalism, chauvinism, and fascism, led to a type of paralysis; state of shock, is perhaps, a better phrase.
Others must feel the same. Maybe most of us feel that way from time to time. What’s the point? Why say or write anything? They’re going to destroy us all anyway. It doesn’t matter what we say and besides, it’s all been said before. It was said in World War One. It was said in the Second. Now we’re entering, or probably already in the middle of the third-all those words of peace, and outrage and the result? The wars happened despite them.
John Lennon made our fundamental demand, “Give Peace A Chance,” and the CIA shot him in the back for it-one of the great crimes against the people-the murder one of our heroes-for when they shot him in the back they shot all of us in the back.
But this feeling fades, the numbness retreats, the blood begins to flow again, the Peter Finch cry from Paddy Chayefsky’s Network “I’m not going to take it anymore!’ comes screaming back and you stand up and say, “Damn right! I’m not going to take this anymore!”
So I have reopened the file I am preparing for the prosecutor of a future peoples’ tribunal or, a miracle, a really independent prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, to lay war crimes charges against the United States and its NATO and other allies, their leaders and military officers, for the crime of aggression and all the other crimes they commit on a daily basis against many different countries.
The new charges concern their involvement in the political coup carried out in Brazil against the socialist government there, elected by the people, essentially robbing the Brazilian people of their democracy and independence as a nation, their continued and dangerous provocations in Asia against China and North Korea, which they are directly threatening with nuclear annihilation by flying B1 and B2 bombers over the peninsula, ongoing provocations of NATO forces in the Baltic and the Balkans, all threatening Russia, and committing crimes against the peoples of the Donbas republics and now Crimea, that is, Russia itself. But the most dangerous of all is their invasion of Syria to protect and assist their ISIL or Daesh proxy forces. The presence of US, British, French, Canadian, Israeli and other forces in Syria is of course illegal and constitutes the crime of aggression. There are no excuses or justifications for the crime of aggression. Their aggression also constitutes a complete repudiation of the UN Charter, which requires all disputes to be settled peacefully, and forbids the use of force for any reason outside the parameters of the UN mandate.
The invasion of Syria by their direct forces and ISIS proxy forces under various names, and now it appears Turkish forces, has killed hundreds of thousands of people. While Syria, Russia, Iran and others try to find a peaceful conclusion to the war, the Americans and their gang, perpetually dishonest, talk cease-fire from one side of their face, as, from the other, they give orders to attack.
The recent bombing of the Syrian positions near Deir ez-Zor on September 17th, everyone knows, was a deliberate attack. The more so since we now have Britain and Denmark stating their planes were involved, as well as American. For all four nations’ pilots to make the same mistake when such a joint operation would have to be finely tuned is beyond far-fetched. The Syrians now claim they have radio intercepts of Daesh and the Americans coordinating the attack. This was a particularly cruel war crime since the Syrian soldiers who were killed were under the impression they were safe from any such attack, didn’t see it coming, a sneak attack, an ambush, by the world’s greatest cowards.
Then to cover that crime under moral indignation they accuse Russia and Syria of attacking an aid convoy that those two countries spent a lot of time and work organizing, then carried on their attack by insulting Russia in the Security Council using the type of vile language that shows their complete contempt for the Russian people.
Many think it’s because Samantha Power is a crazy bitch, which she is of course. Is that personality required for the job? No, but it helps because these gratuitous insults are not just a matter of personality and the personal psychopathy of the individual. This ugly behaviour serves a propaganda purpose and needs to be delivered with hatred and venom for maximum effect. Samantha Power is a natural. Her personality matches perfectly the needs of the regime she represents. Her displays are acted out deliberately and with the one purpose, that of showing the world that Russia is not worthy of credit or respect, that the Russian people and government are beneath contempt and therefore they are not really human beings. They are things that can be destroyed without feeling anything, for they are nothing. That is the message and anyone who fails to understand this fails to understand what the ultimate objective is-Russia’s complete subjection or war.
The quick response by the Syrian forces to the breaking of the ceasefire by the Americans and, if some reports in Sputnik and Fars are credible, that 3 Russian, ship-launched missiles fired at Aleppo, hit a central command post manned by American, Israeli and other allied forces, killing 30 of them, then the world is already at war. The report of 11 Canadian soldiers being killed in the Donbas after attacking republican positions there on July 23, while not confirmed, has not been denied by the Canadian authorities in response to my query about the report.
The Americans seem hell bent on war and the up-coming elections in the US hold no hope for the future, only more despair. The Russians and the rest of the world are faced with Godzilla, the monster that threatened Japan in several science fiction films made in the 50’s. Those films were cleverly disguised political attacks on the United States and its destruction and occupation of Japan. America was the monster that was born in the mushroom cloud over Hiroshima. It was the monster threatening to destroy everything in its path. Nothing could seem to stop Godzilla, except of course nuclear weapons. And this is where we are; the Russian government trying everything it can think of to avoid that catastrophe while the Americans keep pushing them and all of us, into a corner there is only one escape from.
So, I mark the file, add the new charges, build the criminal dossier; because one day there will be a reckoning with these people. One day, justice will prevail in this world. For as I wrote in a poem,
Once there was Enlightenment,
And Reason’s voice sang sweet,
Of Rights of Man, and truths we now lament,
Murdered with impunity, cut down on every street,
So now we must renew our song,
Our struggle take another form,
For the days run dark, the nights are long,
The winds howl before the storm.

Christopher Black is an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto.  He is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and is known for a number of high-profile cases involving human rights and war crimes.  He writes especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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Oct 4, 2016 8:41 PM

Many historians seem to believe that the great nations of Europe ‘sleepwalked’ into WW1. This might apply to the ordinary people, but not the leaders, who knew what they were doing and what was at stake; the future of Europe and which nations were going to dominate it. The Germans knew was was coming, as did the leaders of the other leading nations. The question was ‘only’ where and when was coming? Russia’s remarkable economic growth in the years prior to the outbreak of hostilities worried Berlin, as did Russia’s rapid reforms to its military machine. They were building a very modern army and the French were financing the building of a network of railways able to transport this new, model, army to the front and overwhelm the Germans in the event of a war. The Germans understood all this and calculated that if war was coming and inevitable, it… Read more »

Oct 4, 2016 7:51 PM

I hope and pray that there are no Canadian troops in Donbass unless they are peacekeepers! Canada has no hatred and no political or military interest in Donbass except to support the peoples’ right to self determination just as we support our own French Canadians’ right to the same thing. We are not now, nor should we ever be a weak sister to American imperialist designs. Not now, not ever!

Oct 4, 2016 4:20 PM

Reblogged this on Worldtruth.

Oct 4, 2016 1:07 PM

I’d love to see the leaders of the broad ‘Coalition’ (I’m including the leaders of Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Isreal etc) in orange jumpsuits; in the dock for their illegal invasion of Syria. Unfortunately, it won’t be for the crime of Aggression. This all came out after Chilcot – that Tony Blair could possibly be charged. Much as I would want to see him rot in prison – unfortunately the crime doesn’t exist yet. It was part of the statute of the ICC – but hasn’t been implemented and won’t be until at least 2017. Even then, it can’t be applied retroactively. How convenient for the Imperium that it has not yet defined a law that could stifle its crimes against peace and war on humanity.

Greg Bacon
Greg Bacon
Oct 4, 2016 1:35 PM
Reply to  BigB

The post WW II Nuremberg Trials used ex post facto laws to convict guilty and not guilty Nazis of war crimes, with many being hanged as a result of being convicted of war crimes that weren’t on the books. That won’t happen with the US and NATO war crimes, as they control the corrupt UN and the sad-sack ICC, which only seems interested in going after black African leaders. Thugs, murderers, thieves, con artists, liars and traitors are in charge of the West and filled full of hot air, thinking they are the baddest dudes on the planet, for having beaten up and destroyed 3rd world nations like Libya and Iraq. Russia isn’t a 3rd world power, and has amazing electronic warfare capabilities, as was shown when one of their jets did a flyby of the USS Donald Cook and disabled its computers. But that didn’t register with our fools,… Read more »

The sad one.
The sad one.
Oct 4, 2016 10:22 AM

All empires go to a level of evil that it becomes obvious to the simplest of pheasants. Once it’s reached that level than its the start of the decline. Shore a lot of life’s will be lost in the process. It’s human nature.

Oct 4, 2016 5:04 AM

A salutary piece which hopefully will serve as a seed for hope. At the moment it looks very bleak we are being led by people with evil intent in the US and fools follow. It seems that we cannot believe anything that comes out of the mouths of such sophists as they lead us inexorably into a nuclear confrontation.
Perhaps sense can prevail but short of a revival of social revolutionary thought and action it seems we are left with nothing but a band of warring brothers on the worlds stage who understand no limit to their lust for profit and hegemonic dominance.

P Bobby
P Bobby
Oct 4, 2016 4:33 AM

A war being fought for well over 5 years now, suddenly gets the media attention it has long deserved. Now, after Russian intervention, we see the newsfeeds of dismembered and bloodied bodies. No matter that half the Syrian population — 11 million people — is either already dead or displaced. No matter the beheadings that were (and presumably still are) being run in makeshift abattoirs for “human cattle”. No matter the rape and pillage that has rampaged for half a decade. No matter the last 5 years. Suddenly, images are newsworthy. Pivot to Asia, and leave a vacuum that will creatively destruct? Perhaps. Never really planning to leave entirely, more likely. Rather, take money off the table. Bait them and then bleed them. This is going to be a war of attrition, of fits and starts, but, yes, it has started. PS. A prosecutor calling someone a “crazy bitch”, however,… Read more »

Oct 4, 2016 2:50 AM

Your conscience came roaring into the ring of hope and courage! I admire your willingness to write this and the courage to pursue the file for the prosecution in the name of peace and against the crimes against humanity. When you bring to the light the underhanded tactics of evil, whose agenda is nothing short of our destruction, your effort lifts us all up to this awareness and ultimately, to our resolve that we are Not Going To Take It!! Lifting the veil of darkness ultimately brings forth light! Thank you, from my heart, and I’m sure, from all the innocent souls caught in this evil. Numbness and ignorance is not an option. We must All be unwilling to To Take it!

Oct 3, 2016 10:32 PM

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Oct 3, 2016 8:36 PM

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