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VIDEO: CNN cuts Congressman off 3 seconds after he mentions Wikileaks

Poor CNN seem to be having more technical problems. Here we see Congressman Chris Collins having the satellite feed cut literally only three seconds after he says Wikileaks:

CNN have had trouble with their satellite feeds before, their temperamental equipment has cut off reporters who bring up Clinton’s past:

…and then prematurely ended interviews with African-American voters who endorse the “wrong” candidate:

And this isn’t the only problem CNN have had working around “the W word” recently. A clip of the same host – Chris Cuomo – recently went viral when he claimed it was illegal for members of the public to view the wikileaks files, but that it was “different for the media”.

Cuomo goes on to say:

Everything you learn about [wikileaks], you’re learning through us.”

You wish, CNN.

EDITORS NOTE: This post was modified 1/5/2018 to replace a video that had been removed from youtube.


  1. Gene Wilson says

    Another obvious Clinton News Network job. Both Cuomo’s have their heads so far up her ass if she stops fast they’ll pop out of her belly button

  2. Greg Bacon says

    Welcome to the NWO Global Plantation, where you slobs are only needed to breed more cannon fodder, invest in our crooked Wall Street schemes, work on our corporate farms and warehouses and keep your mouth shut when we invade another nation.

    Get back to your 55″ HDTV, swill lots of beer and eat more junk food, ensuring an early grave for you ‘useless eaters.’

  3. Brian Harry, Australia says

    Anyone who still relies on the Major newspapers, and TV networks in America(and the rest of us as well) to get their news, are willingly choosing to remain completely ignorant of what is actually happening on this Planet.
    I regard my television as a “sewer pipe” INTO my home. I watch sport and a few other things, but leave it off most of the time(especially now that the Internet is a very viable alternative). It is unbearable garbage.

  4. CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC … etc. Media
    simply is ‘station for sale hay – dried grass,hey
    that suffering nourishment to, citizens without intelligence, there bred, fools ‘remote parrots’ they offer, valid and reputable misinformation,
    *** Phut itself control dirty gang, ‘tyrants / despots’, who accuse the GOLDEN DAWN OF HELLENISM of universal values,
     the global wave for ‘society release’ from the claws of the Cheats, the usury… for any professional adventurer, *see type Soros … !!!!
    *** US citizen ‘wake up’ and see the truth …
    The Prison officials of globalization,
     not want to sounds no other voice, > except the voices that shall be ‘OK’ with them !!!
    *** Citizen, you have the strength in your hands, do not listen to the lies of the media and CLOSED the media of globalist OUTSIDE YOUR HOME you make (boycott) …
    do not you to accept to you become ‘man-minced’ not in society of Bolshevik / new Communists’ !!!
    without selfishness is voted Trump !!!
    FOR AS LONG AS THERE AND WILL STILL FREEDOM IN ANY OPINION and “Freedom of movement of ideas’ !!!

    • deschutes says

      Lay off the skunk bud before hitting the keyboard, holmes.

  5. CNN is just as bad as NBC, CBS, ABC and the rest of them. I wouldn’t trust any of them as far as I could throw them!

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