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Huffington Post Continues Campaigning for Hillary Clinton

Eric Zuesse

See this screen-shot taken at 1:30 in the afternoon on November 9th, after Trump’s win. They pretend Trump’s win is a victory for bigots, instead of a defeat for the aristocracy (‘Wall Street’, ‘The Establishment’, or America’s billionaires and their agents such as lobbyists and the leading politicians).

However, a close look at the evidence shows Huffington Post to be wrong: Trump’s win was overwhelmingly driven by Americans’ repudiation of the aristocracy itself (such as, for example, repudiation of the Institute that runs Huffington Post’s neoconservative international edition, World Post, the Berggruen Institute (including Eric Schmidt, Lawrence Summers, Fareed Zakaria, Arianna Huffington, Nicholas Berggruen, Ernesto Zedillo, Carl Bildt, Niall Ferguson, and Joseph Nye, all being proponents of Obama’s building war against Russia — such as: “To confront Putin, Europe will have to make changes that will be deeply controversial on a continent long committed to environmentalism and marked by an aversion to the use of force”). And, as far as global warming is concerned, which is a real problem about Trump, it’s also very much and demonstrably — not merely in words — a real problem about Hillary too (and one that back in July 2015 before the Party nominees had been chosen, even was courageously reported by some of HuffPo’s own reporters), but HuffPo and other Democratic Party propagandists pretend there’s reason to believe that Trump’s actions would be even worse than hers have been, and HuffPo’s readers thus end up being little else than Democratic Party suckers who feel satisfied in their ‘news’ reading to soak up what is almost entirely Democratic Party propaganda, which means the propaganda emanating out of the White House whenever a Democrat resides there — sort of like a Democratic Party version of the Republican Party’s Fox ‘News’.

The aristocracy (all of it, both its Republican and its Democratic Party branches) continue their campaign, and expect to crush their opposition — the public (of all parties). And that’s what a close look at the evidence shows explains Trump’s win — not bigotry on the part of the American public. Bigotry is a huge problem in every society, but especially amongst the aristocracy, who love to pretend that it’s mainly a problem ‘down below’ — so that they can continue to exploit the public while claiming to be superior to it. That’s the Big Lie, which Obama and the Clintons — and Huffington Post — promote and get paid very well to promote.

Their campaign never ends. Only the personnel do.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.


  1. Peter says

    One of the few funny-ha-ha things about Trump’s win is all the hand-wringing, teeth-gnashing, uncontrollable weeping and general hair-tearing going on at the ‘fearless independent’ Graun.

    More of a relief than an actual full-on rib-tickler is HRC’s losing. She got it all so wrong you actually have to feel a bit sorry for her.

    The tragedy is that for Clinton to be beaten, Trump had to win. What’s certain is that practically everyone who voted for him thinking he’d do what he said is going to be shafted. Make America great again (whatever that means)? Build that wall? Make the Mexicans pay? Drain the swamp? Keep out Muslims? The greatest job-creating president in history? He’s going to find it an uphill battle just to rescind NAFTA and the TPP – probably his only good ideas, apart from improving relations with Russia (if the neocons let him do that).

    In the meantime, the Far Right is rejoicing everywhere, and that’s an uncomfortable sign. Peter Levelle and his (all-male) talkshow mates were high-fiving and thumbs-upping on RT the day after the election. Given Clinton’s relentless, hateful anti-Russian line, it was understandable but not really an appropriate reaction, in my opinion. I hope it won’t be the case, but Trump could turn out to be worse than Clinton, including with foreign policy. No one really knows what he thinks, but I fear that showing how great America is will involve military muscle abroad and police repression at home, especially if his economic policies aren’t working. Trump’s sneering reaction to the protests against his election (‘professional protesters’) already looks like a foretaste of a lot of redneck nastiness to come.

    Meanwhile, the MSM, to judge by the lack of insight they’ve been showing into their own failings since Tuesday (cf. the Graun, above) , don’t seem to have learned anything.

    The coming four years, whether Trump lasts that long or not, aren’t looking rosy.

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      “The coming four years, whether Trump lasts that long or not, aren’t looking rosy”.
      It’s not the President that can change America(no ONE person can). It’s the “revolving door” people who show up after every election, who seem to moved from high position to other high positions, and make the decisions that decide what is going to happen.

    • deschutes says

      No, you’re a bit off the mark. At least as far as what Trump has ‘said’ regarding U.S. foreign policy, i.e. that he want to cooperate with Putin in eradicating ISIS; he questions America’s role as world’s global hegemon and that troops should come home. From your post it sounds like you projected your idea of what he is rather than having actually listened to him. At least he did say he was against escalating conflict in Ukraine/Syria against Russia, but talk is just talk, only time will tell. Trump is a wild card because he is an outsider, not hand-picked from the Washington beltway career pols. That is why the neo-liberal status quo hates him so much. Ironically his win is a victory in that he won a good old fashioned election–MSM and Washington careerists be damned despite doing everything in their power to destroy smear him in the run-up. Like the miserable, wretched Huffington Post: I cannot believe I used to read it! Once the presidential election swung into gear, it morphed into a 24/7 bullhorn for “CLINTON AT ALL COSTS” like author Zuess points out in this article. I think the Huffington Post is a good example of how 21st century neo-liberal crapitalism cannot actually have objective journalism in the traditional sense; you can only have “write what I told you to write or your ass is on the sidewalk” journalism which pleases her royal majestly Queen Arianna Huffingsnob. I’ve read it is a terrible place to work btw.

  2. John says

    Interesting that Hillary’s photo is featured below a headline ‘HILLARY: FIGHT FOR RULE OF LAW’.
    Why is she not saying this to the street rioters objecting to a Trump Presidency right now?
    Is she being selective about who benefits from the rule of law?

  3. Kevin Morris says

    ‘The aristocracy (all of it, both its Republican and its Democratic Party branches) continue their campaign, and expect to crush their opposition’.

    I guess that is another way of saying what people have always known deep down but we go on hoping against all the odds that we might be wrong: It doesn’t matter who you vote for because the government always gets in.

  4. michaelk says

    Still, after it all. After getting so much so wrong, the writers at the Guardian seemed determined to see Trump’s triumph in terms of identity and gender politics, witlessly repeating all the mistakes they made before he won the election. They appear intellectually and ideologically unable and unwilling to reflect and attempt to understand what happened and their own role in it, in Trump’s success.

    They label Trump, a lot of things. Among them he’s a populist, which they regard as something very bad indeed. They ignore the fact that a populist leader needs a base if he’s to be popular and they don’t care why Trump was popular. Were his populist answers to complex questions and problems really worse than Clinton’s?

    That Trump defeated both the grandees of the Republican Party and the Democrat Party, and in that order and then defeated the mainstream media as well and the Hollywood liberals and tv satirists, was a historic and remarkable achievement. This defeat has really worried the liberals and shaken them to the core. Have people stopped listening to us, or what? What’s happening?

  5. Alessandro says

    Question, does Eric Zeusse write these articles especially for OffG? Just wondering because I don’t see a link to another site.

  6. BigB says

    The big loser of this election is the M$M of which HuffPo is part. Edward Burnays – the founder of indoctrinal propaganda – called the media the “invisible government” – not so invisible now – the liars are totally exposed!
    It’s not just lies coming through the ‘Black Mirror’ (the screens of the various devices that surround us) – the century long experiment in social engineering – funded by and for the benefit of the 1% – is exposed too.
    Their (sadly temporary) downfall is their hubris – HRC could not lose – and they didn’t even prepare for the eventuality. Boo hoo!
    And who will ever trust a privatized politically motivated demographically skewed poll again? Or indeed the pollsters and pundits that push them?
    And the big winner (for the moment) is the burgeoning broad spectrum social media / alt media platform – that encourages people communicate and think for themselves. Encouraged by this – America has just delivered a huge f@#k you to goals of the 1%.
    Another winner is Wikileaks – this should result in freedom from illegal detention (at our expense) for Assange?
    (Though I’d stay put for the moment If I were him. Though she should be in prison already – I’ve got a horrible feeling HRC might yet walk.)
    These victories may be short lived – but for the moment – I’m joyous anyway.

  7. It’s not over until it’s over…

    Michigan, Arizona and New Hampshire haven’t officially declared their vote totals, so skullduggery may still be afoot.

    Now that the ones who voted for Trump will resume their nap, could a stolen election still be in the works?

  8. Brian Harry, Australia says

    The Huffington Post has done a “Guardian” and sold its soul to the Devil. It’s just part of the MSM now……

  9. wd schneider says

    Well, a brain dead country has elected a brain dead human….a climate change denier….just what we need at this time on the planet….and yes there was no choice, but this perhaps will be the end as we know it….good luck to us all.

    • Well, there were other choices but if you keep them in the closet no one gets to hear their ideas. But for the brain dead Tubularsock guesses it doesn’t matter.

    • People will have to get used to the painful realisation that the anthropogenic global warming merry-go-round has been one of the biggest scams in history. Perhaps people saw the Express article of a few days ago which reported the alarming news from NASA scientists that the earth is heading for a new ice age. Leading climate scientist Piers Corbyn has been saying this for years, in addition to providing the scientific proof that human-produced CO2 has a minuscule effect on global temperature. Termites produce 10 times as much! Of course it’s true that the climate is changing. It is always changing, but we are not the engine of change. It’s solar activity. We can ponder on who thought up this scam and why as we watch Europe getting colder and colder over the next few years – but we’d better be preparing ourselves for it, unless of course the crazies in the Pentagon and elsewhere (Tel Aviv?) just can’t bear to give up their insane idea of waging nuclear war with Russia and China.

      • deschutes says

        Oh yeah, the! Besides the NASA article there’s a goody about cosmonauts at the International Space Station filming a UFO and space aliens. Check it!

      • Simon says

        Thanks Paul, you beat me to it.

        How people can’t see that the Global Warming scam is wrapped up in the whole NWO agenda is beyond me.

      • BigB says

        So the Express is a scientific peer reviewed journal now and not just cherry picking data to support the unqualified Right-wing populist opinion of it’s owner (Richard Desmond)?

        • BigB says

          I thought I was on topic talking about a viewspaper pushing a spurious agenda. LOL!

    • Laid khan says

      There was a clear choice. The viciousness visited upon Hillary have no basis in truth or reality.
      A despotic response from elements of US life who fail to get they are in a global world not a nationalist bubble.
      Rich criticising elites and billionaires while ignoring the draft and tax dodging Trump billionaire from faintly Lang Trump Towers. Happy days the best candidate lost to a rogue and maverick. Thank Hillary for taking a bullet for all women who either don’t know or care! I thank Hillary for her fortitude against an unjust tide of lies and pure hate!

      • BigB says

        You have no idea what you are saying. If you think that this is a current righ-wing plot to smear you beloved Hillary – I urge you to research Bill Duncan, Russell Welch and Linda Ives – to name but three of the wronged.
        This woman and her husband are the visible face of a deeply pernicious crime cartel that has co-opted and subverted American politics for the last thirty years. They have cheated, lied, lied again and probably killed – all with impunity – all the way to the White House. Think it is all lies? Do some research starting with Mena and Little Rock.
        Enough is enough. If Trump doesn’t move – expect Wikileaks to confirm what many have known for years.
        Take the bullet – I wish she had – though that may yet come.

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