Meet Lee Harvey Oswald, Sheep-Dipped Patsy

As part of our short season marking the anniversary of JFK’s assassination, we present this episode of the Corbett Report. A detailed run-down of the life of Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin and original “lone nut”. For a transcript, links to sources, or to download the video, click here.

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The “violent backward motion” over and over again. Yes, His head and body would jerk a little. But, What exactly are we looking at? They certainly want us to believe we see what they say we see, Don’t they?


The first concrete demonstration to the world that power in the US is vested not in the President but in unelected, unaccountable men who will murder the elected leader if they do not do their bidding.

Ross Hendry

And to do so in broad daylight, with a TV audience of millions able to see the killing shots, suggests a conscious desire for strong theatre that will send the message to future leaders (and the world ) that there are forces higher than the puppets in government who will always get what they want.


I cannot add anything about the crime – but I do have some insight on the cover up. Cui bono?
According to Peter Dale Scott – the real force behind the Commission was not Chief Justice Warren (who was still an active SCOTUS judge) – but Allen Dulles. That means that the recently sacked Director of the CIA – the very agency implicated in the crime – investigated the crime. As Phillip Zelikow would do later – the Commission was directed a posteriori form the conclusion to the fact (already determined by Dulles) that LHO was a ‘loner’, ‘without confederates.’
Another man who should have been a suspect – not an investigator – was Lyman Lemnitzer. He is best known today as the man responsible for the Northwoods document – the one we all point to and say “look, false flags are real.”
Like Dulles – he held JFK in contempt. Like Dulles – he had also recently locked horns with JFK and been sacked – demoted from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to command NATO (an unprecedented ignominy). Also like Dulles – he held Nazi sympathies and was mired in the setting up of the Nazi/Italian Fascist/Mafia/Vatican paramilitary death squads of the Gladio operation.
According to Richard Cottrell – during Lemnitzers time as Supreme Commander – the Gladio operations included the assassination of Olof Palme and Aldo Morro – and also the attempted assassinations of Pope John Paul II and Charles de Gaulle (7x.)
With this pedigree – Lemnitzer should have been a prime suspect – instead, he was brought back by Gerald Ford (who did a pretty good job of shepherding the Warren Ommission himself) to investigate the CIA’s involvement in the crime. I kid you not.
Finally, in a previous article, Catte mentioned the House Select Committee on Assassinations, chaired by Sen. Frank Church. This unremarkable exoneration was kept unremarkable – but it could have been very different.
Originally, evidence for the CIA was given by the then Director, William Colby – but he was too open and knew too much. The powers that be (the Shadow Government) were afraid he may expose the ‘Family Jewels’ (a highly sanitised list of all the CIA’S off the book black ops) drawn up by the previous Director – Paul Schlesinger. They needed to be replaced – as part of an event known as the ‘Halloween Massacre.’
Colby was replaced by George Herbert Walker Bush and Schlesinger (who was then Secretary of Defence) was replaced by a young Donald Rumsfeld. Case Closed!


I find it hard to make out what Oswald is saying when answering reporters’ questions.
He admits he worked in the Book Depository building but much of the rest of his comments are hard to follow.
Can anyone else tell me what they think he is saying in the footage?
Where the plotters were very clever was in distracting attention towards the grassy knoll.
In doing so, they diverted attention away from the culvert underneath the grassy knoll where the fatal shooter was located. If the shooter had been on the grassy knoll, JFK’s head would have moved DOWN and to the right after the bullet struck his head. Instead – as we can all see from the Zapruder footage – his head moved back, UP and to the left, thereby demonstrating that the trajectory of the fatal bullet came from JFK’s right and at lower street level – not at the upper grassy knoll level.
According to https://jfkplayersandwitnesses.wordpress.com/tag/sewer/ the culvert killer was Bruno (a/k/a Johnny) Roselli, a senior mafia associate, who personally knew Jack Ruby. There was a police report of a man carrying a gun walking along the river which the culvert was connected to shortly after the shooting.
One material factor: JFK wore a body corset due to his medical condition, which explains why the shot that hit him from behind did not knock him down to the car floor and so left him seated upright for the next shot.
As for motivation: JFK was allegedly intending to break up the CIA after their disastrous and embarrassing Bay of Pigs fiasco while the mob – with whom the CIA worked on the attempted assassination of Castro – also wanted JFK dead in order to remove his presidential authority from his brother – Robert – who was investigating them.
Various elements within the armed services were concerned that JFK appeared to be contemplating withdrawal of US forces from South Vietnam at the time. JFK’s VP – LBJ – also had little love for his President.
All in all, JFK had plenty of enemies, all of whom stood to gain from his death.


Grassy noll or culvert, the shot came from Kennedy’s right and hit him on the front.
As the official theory maintained that no shots were fired from the front, but only from the back and from the school depository, the backward motion of Kennedy’s head proved them wrong.
As for Oswald, he could clearly be heard saying, “I am only a patsy”, just before his death at the hands of Ruby. He said it ALL in a single sentence!


Angleton had chosen LHO as one of the patsies for one or any of the plots at least a year, more like 2-3, before Dallas which was only necessary as Chicago and Miami had failed and was part of the reason he and his new Russian wife were so easily allowed (back) into the USA when anyone else would have been arrested and charged with treason esp after his outbursts to the US ambassador and specialist radar knowledge esp in the light of the U-2/Powers controversy which undermined Eisenhowers attempted detente( He was there under the ONI/CIA False Defector Programme,entering through the known spy route from Helsinki where this impoverished roustabout had stayed at the very best hotels)The sheepdipping as a pro-Castro supporter uncovered by Garrison was orchestrated in situ by David Atlee Phillips ( confirmed as Bishop by Veciana following Fonzis death) which was also for some of the planners at least behind the spiel in Mexico and the apparent meeting with Kostikov…….. a wider conspiracy was however quickly scotched by LBJ and Hoover( what could the Far Right do?) probably whilst still on the flight back after information/instruction from the WH communications room. Thus the lone nut was deliberately born.and such evidence as there is- Bugliosi-type stuff-made to fit or suppressed.
In fact,Chief Curry admitted there was never enough evidence to convict LHO of anything and the timelines make his murder of Officer Tippit -the Rosetta Stone- equally as impossible as his involvement in any shooting.Its much more likely that LHO was working to expose the plot within a multiple of agencies,not just the FBI, and was the Lee who helped break the Chicago plot as hinted at by James Douglass/ the Warren Commission went into special secret session to discuss LHOs employment as an informant by the FBI and the 4 who knew they were covering up Warren himself,McCloy,Dulles and Ford( as well as Chief Council Rankin) were able keep most of the lid on it over the other 3 “innocent” commissionners.The use of doubles in the kind of operation as a Presidential assassination does of course go without saying whilst i myself dont believe there were in fact 2 Oswalds.A double was definitely in place however at the Texas Theatre as Bernard Haires evidence makes very clear whilst this person was flown out on the Vinson flight which landed near the Trinity River that afternoon.Its also key to understanding the Wise Allegation. The double may have been also present along with another man at the Tippit killing whilst LHO had been driven straight to the TT to meet his contact for the new mission he believed he was to be engaged in……the double may have been present on the 6th floor

Greg Bacon

America, welcome to tyranny. The first part of our coup d’etat was back in 1913, when the private bankers took control of our economy with their phony Federal Reserve, which is NOT federal and has NO reserve, except massive supplies of thin air, which they use to issue our debt-based currency. The bookend to the first coup d’etat was on 9/11.
But don’t think about slavery, like Bush the Younger said after 9/11, don’t worry, go out and shop!
In a way, the USA is back to the Founding Fathers original intent, where only wealthy, white land owners have the power.

Brian Harry, Australia
Brian Harry, Australia

There is a stark similarity between the ‘conspiracy’ to kill JFK, and the ‘demolition of the Twin Towers(and five or six other buildings, which rarely get a mention) on “9/11”, And that is, both events were televised, and turned into ‘infotainment’ which gained maximum coverage for propaganda purposes. Everyone on Earth can remember where they were when JFK died and when 9/11 happened. JFK’s assassination received even more dramatic(televised) national coverage later, when Jacob Rubenstein(Jack Ruby) was shown live on National television assassinating Oswald in cold blood(rather conveniently ensuing no need to go to trial for Oswald). Rubenstein also ‘conveniently’, died of a medical problem soon after.
Of course, the cover ups that followed the events, both of which do NOT stand up to any real scrutiny, were immediately accepted as ‘Case Closed’, with the government refusing to have ‘independent’ investigations into both matters. It’s almost as if the Government wanted to ‘shut down’ ANY further debate on what actually happened.
As they say in Hollywood, “The show must go on”……..until the final curtain.


You substitute “Bin Laden” for “Oswald”, and the similarity between “9/11” and “Kennedy” is complete.
Both were ex-CIA assets, and both were falsely accused of a crime they BOTH denied!
“Oswald” died at the hands of Ruby, linked to the corrupt Dallas police. Bin Laden died of kidney failure early 2002. He was kept “alive” on purpose by the CIA for many years, played out in “Bin Laden” video shows, featuring Bin laden clones, not even remotely resembling the original, until the US called them off.
On may 2011, Obama-the-lier and noble-prized war criminal, announced that Bin laden was “killed” by the SEAL unit in Pakistan, and the video shows were over. Some unfortunate Bin Laden clone was probably killed that day, to make it look real. But the body of “Bin Laden” was quickly disposed of at sea, in fear of a DNA test which could have proved to be NOT of Bin Laden’s!


The US administration has already admitted that one of the bullets from JFK’s body was from their own security, so it’s not possible for Oswald to have been working alone.
He may have been employed as a shooter with the intention of making him a patsy, or just be a plain patsy without any involvement in the assassination. Either way, there was more than one actor in the event where JFK died.

Brian Harry, Australia
Brian Harry, Australia

Of course. JFK was hit from the back, and then, from the front, so Oswald wasn’t the only shooter(and probably had nothing at all to do with it).


Keep in mind that he was wearing a neck to talbone brace when he was shot. He hurt his back, lol, when he overreached at a party, literally, for a woman he had his eye on. Which means that the lack of or limited (I’m not exactly sure how different assassination theorists tied that behavior into their theories, but it does get tied in) head whipping some noted in the Zapruder film was explicable.


Note: The neck brace info is from Seymour Hersh’s “The Dark Side Of Camelot.”


Can you provide an authoritative source for your statement ‘that one of the bullets from JFK’s body was from their own security.’?


No kiddding eh? I would never toss stuff like that out without something, a link, an author’s name, what have you. Mabye our commenter is new at this. We all had to learn netiquette.