People wake up!

by Peter Koenig, via Defend Democracy

Neoliberal-fascist atrocities become rapidly ever bolder and are carried out with impunity. They should wake up the 99.99% from our brainwashed dreams and make us SCREAM! – Scream for change, not at the margin, but fundamental. This apparatus has to stop, not just be ‘reformed’ as the caviar ‘left intellectuals’ suggest. Absurdities have to be eviscerated. Our socio-economic system needs rebuilding from scratch. Washington has shown us again on 8 November that they offer only the choice between risking nuclear annihilation of humanity and total corporate privatization of our lives and our live services that we, the people, have created.
The latter means impoverishment and enslavement to corporations for the majority of the population. It is a choice between the Satan and Lucifer.
Here are just a few examples of what the establishment gets away with and nobody protests:

Saudi-chaired UN Human Rights Commission Expels Russia

On 28 October 2016, the UN kicked out Russia from the UN Human Rights Commission, but keeps Saudi Arabia and of course the US in the HRC – both of whom are the largest, most audacious human rights abusers of our planet.  This is the first time in HRC’s history that a member of the Security Council was voted out.  The reasons given by the western vassals was Russia’s involvement in Syria, “bombing hospitals and civilians, and supporting the atrocities of the Assad regime”, when exactly the contrary is true.  There is ample evidence that the US/NATO supported ISIS forces and the US / NATO / France / UK themselves are responsible for these deadly bombing raids on Aleppo, executed so that they can blame Russia. It is a ridiculous farce.
By now the world knows that the US, NATO and Washington’s Gulf puppets are responsible for devastating the entire Middle East – but nobody objects.  The empire – alias the Deep State behind the empire – calls the shots based on flagrant lies.
The President of the United States literally boasts about international capital crimes he commits and which nobody condemns – the extra-judiciary drone killings which he personally approves have killed at least 4,700 innocent people, according to official Washington statistics.  The real number is at least triple or quadruple that amount.  He is wiping out children, women, men, entire families, and nobody beeps.
All those bought western US puppet-UN members, who were compelled to vote against Russia, of course know the truth; they know in their innermost selves – which they are denying – that Russia is actually the only country seriously attempting to bring stability to the Middle East, that the real culprits for the three decades of bloodshed in the Middle East (including the first Gulf War, the Iran-Iraq war, the destabilization of Somalia, the destruction of South Sudan and the West Sudan Region of Darfur – and counting) are the United States and her corrupted vassals, the Saudis, Turkey, Qatar and other Gulf States that are at the mercy of the empire. By now they also know that the CIA created the Islamic State (IS or ISIS) from Saddam Hussein’s elite forces, that they were trained, funded and armed by the US, Israeli, NATO, French and British secret services. They all obey the orders of the Empire for FEAR, are afraid of sanctions, of bombs and invasions and regime change; they fear of being deprived of Washington’s favors. Fear is the weapon of cowards and against cowards.
The world just looks on, as Russia, one of the few defenders of peace, justice and stability in the Middle East, is expelled from the Human Rights Commission, while the United States is allowed to remain; the country currently involved in seven wars and counting – which has the record in extra-judiciary drone killings (this is a MUST read: “I don’t know how many people I have killed”, says a US drone pilot) – and which is responsible for 10 to 12 million people killed in wars and conflicts directly initiated by Washington, or by proxies, in the last 15 years.

Crisis in Crimea

On 15 November 2016, a UN special committee approved a resolution condemning Russia’s “temporary occupation of Crimea and reaffirming the United Nations’ commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty over the Black Sea peninsula.” The resolution was approved by 73 to 23 with 76 abstentions.  The resolution will most likely be adopted by the 193-member assembly.  Most leaders of the world know the truth, but don’t protest against the lies, for fear – what else? – Another horrendous farce!
The US instigated in February 2014 the coup d’état in Ukraine – which prompted the Maidan massacre, actually directed from the US Embassy in Kiev, followed by an atrocious civil war, supported and nurtured by Washington, the European Union and NATO. The autonomous authorities of Crimea, of which more than three quarters of the population are Russians, decided they didn’t want to remain part of the newly western implanted Nazi regime in Kiev. They launched on 16 March 2014 a referendum to rejoin Russia. It was approved by over 95% of Crimean. The Duma (Parliament) of the Russian Federation accepted integrating Crimea into the Russian Federation. Crimea was not annexed, as the western propaganda apparatus likes its audience to believe.  The Crimea peninsula was reintegrated at her own request.
In 1783, through an agreement with the Ottoman Empire, Russia took over Crimea.  In 1942 Crimea was briefly occupied by Nazi Germany, but soon retaken by the Soviet Union.  In 1954, President Nikita Khrushchev, who had Ukrainian roots, for no apparent reason, transferred Crimea to Ukraine.  However, the Soviet Union and later Russia under a 1997 agreement between Ukraine and Russia continued to station part of its Black Sea fleet in Sebastopol, the Crimean Black Sea port.  This agreement has since been extended until at least 2042.  These legitimate Russian troops in Crimea are called by the presstitute MSM, ‘Russian occupation troops’; a complete lie.
The UN now wants to send a team of human rights inspectors to Crimea to report on Russian occupation and Russian human rights abuses. This is nothing more than a shabby show of propaganda, to make believe that human rights are being abused. For the western brainwashed public, its sufficient that the UN says it sends observers. The public doesn’t even care whether the observers are actually sent, or if they are, what the result is. The sheer fact that the UN is ‘suspicious’, is already an indication of Russian guilt. – Who is the UN anyway? – Lamentably it has become a mere instrument of the US and its western vassals to manipulate public opinion, to bully whoever doesn’t want to bend to the demands of Washington, and to facilitate provocations of conflicts and wars – and lend them legitimacy. There is no Russian occupation and there are no human rights abuses. It’s the typical Russia / Putin bashing propaganda.

Media Propaganda

Do not just accept what the mainstream media tells you! – Get the news from alternative media, on internet, if the national communication authorities prevent you from acceding alternative broadcasting stations, such as RT (Russia Today – English, French, Spanish, German), TeleSur (broadcast in Spanish and English), Chinese CCTV (broadcast in many, including European languages), PressTV, Iran (English, French, Spanish); and websites and journals, like Global Research (English and French), Information Clearing House (ICH), VoltairNet (many languages), CounterPunch, NEO (New Eastern Outlook), KenFM (German); and many more. Be informed, before it is too late. Tomorrow maybe you are trying to flee from war zones, just to find out that there is nowhere to go. The planet is demolished into smoldering ashes from wars and conflicts everywhere – which We, the People, allowed to happen.

Unbridled Capitalism

In the neoliberal world, where unbridled capitalism reigns, syndicates throughout the west, report that the private sector in general and especially the construction industry (a key economic indicator) is massively firing long-term workers and employees, just to rehire them the next day as part-time workers, with none or drastically reduced social benefits.  Corporations increase their profit margins and transfer more public and social capital from the people, the workers, to an ever-smaller elite. The pressure of massive unemployment, the result of western imposed austerity (FED, IMF, World Bank, European Central Bank – ECB), deprives the workers of their dignity and power to resist. They have to fight for their and their families’ sheer survival and are thus, vulnerable for exploitation and abuse. It is western colonization of their own people. No scruples, no moral, no conscience – and foremost, no solidarity. Ever increasing unemployment is what Marx called the capitalists’ cushion on which wages can be suppressed to a minimum for mere survival.
If you are not happy with working for less, no problem, we’ll outsource your jobs to cheap labor countries. There are plenty’.  So, the blackmail goes.  And so, oppression is swallowed.  And so, the caviar left is whining (and dining) over what can be done to soften the blow, but in no case will they cause any significant risk to the established order, lest they might be next in line for falling between the cracks.
And don’t be fooled, the decaying US infrastructure President-elect Trump wants to rebuild, will be rebuilt by the typical public-private partnership farce – the capital comes from the state – your taxes – and the private sector will take over its exploitation, i.e. you pay twice – first the capital, then the private operator’s profit in the form of fees he will levy on the reconstructed bridges, roads and railways.  Another transfer from the poor to the rich.
People, wake up! There is no longer a ‘left’, since it has been decimated by the CIA led operation GLADIO (an elaborate series of false flags) of the 1960s and 1970s throughout Europe.
Left and right are long-gone concepts our conditioned minds still try to hang on to. They are old fixtures from our ‘democratic’ past, and now they have become part of our delusionary existence. They have long ago yielded to globalized neoliberalism that makes no distinction between left and right, but uses these defunct terms to confuse the public into believing that their vote still means what they believed it once did.
Just look at Greece – where the ‘leftist’ elite allows that their ‘socialist’ Syriza government ruins the lives of 90% of their citizens and compatriots. What they are doing is facilitating crime after crime after crime, as in successive ‘rescue packages’, i.e. debt, and steadily increasing and suffocating austerity. With a declining GDP – (yes, austerity does this to the economy) and an ever-increasing debt, now reaching close to 300% of GDP, it is obvious that Greece can never pay back its debt. Never. Most economists see eye to eye on this. Even the IMF does, if asked off the record, but they too are a mere tool of the Rothschild-led banking establishment, of the world’s Deep State – that has decided that Greece must go the path of no return, as a warning to others who may be intent to no longer bend to the master’s demands. And this is helped because the Greek elite is in connivance with them. They don’t want to leave the Eurozone, as their accumulated (and stolen) wealth is lodged in European banks. They know as well as internationally renowned economists do, that the only rescue for Greece and their compatriots in dire misery is to do a GREXIT, leaving the euro and leaving the EU.
On 16 September 2016, the Greek Parliament rush-approved a Brussels made legislation, written in English (not translated into Greek!), of 7,500 pages. The Parliament was unable to read it, for time and language; and even if they would have read it, they were obliged to sign off on it fast and without squabble. The legislation essentially transferred all public assets to the “European Stability Mechanism” (ESM), and this for 99 years, including infrastructure, sea and airports, public beaches, natural resources – you name it. The ESM, a supranational undemocratic entity will sell off these assets to private people or corporations, as they see fit. Greece has no saying. The ESM does not report to any elected parliament. With this 7,500-page legislation, the Greek Parliament also abrogated its own authority to pass any sovereign Greek fiscal legislation, transferring it quietly to Brussels and signing away Greek sovereignty. The last time a similar event happened was in 1933, when the German Reichstag (Parliament) transferred its legislative authority to Hitler.
How many Greek are aware of this? And nobody is screaming. This is equal to murder of a nation.
People wake up! – What’s happening to Greece can happen tomorrow to anyone of the European countries, starting with the southern Mediterranean nations. It has already happened in a ‘softer form’, as a parliamentary coup in Spain.  And nobody seems to have noticed.
Parliamentary coups coupled with election fraud appear to become the weapon of choice for ‘regime change’, or ‘regime continuation’ (Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Spain – to name just a few), as best suits the empire. Remarkably, shortly after Obama’s farewell visit to Berlin, where he had intense talks with Madame Merkel and named her the new leader of Europe, Angela Merkel declared on 21 November that she will run for a fourth term during the elections in the Fall of 2017. It will be interesting to see, what Obama promised her on how to ‘convince’ and trick a majority of Germans who are opposed to Mme. Merkel into voting for her anyway. Sputnik reports that two thirds of Germans, according to a YouGov poll, do no longer support her.
People wake up!   Return to national currencies. There is nothing that can be done, short of abolishing the system altogether, short of accelerating the dismantling of the European (non-)Union, the fall of the Euro, disengagement from NATO – and finally, but most importantly, short of detaching from the fraudulent dollar based pyramid monetary system.  For those who are afraid of what might happen when the euro bites the dust – no worries. First, European countries ahve happily (and better) lived without the euro and with their own currencies until only 15 years ago; and second, it may take only a few months to maximum a year for a country to prepare and revert to her own national currency.
A looming banking collapse.   After the election of Donald Trump and perhaps in response to his critique of Wall Street, the FED has announced that it may increase the target range from 0.25%-0.50% to 0.50%-0.75%. This, after it was increased last December for the first time in nearly a decade. With much of the banking sector – especially the TBTF (too-big-to-fail) banks overstretched and over-speculated to the brink, the slightest interest hike could trigger an avalanche that makes the 2008 crisis look like a walk in the park.
Don’t just swallow another manufactured crisis that transfers the money from your savings, your pension funds, your homes, to the elusive elite behind the banksters and corporations.
We are subject to food monopolies.  A handful of food corporations control more than two thirds of the food we consume. Be sure, they don’t work for your health, they work for their profit which means cutting costs on farming and production processes – and inserting GMOs everywhere. Genetically modified food can be engineered to reduce fertility (already happened as a Monsanto trial with poor farmer families in India in the 1990s), or to carry long-gestation germs of debilitating or deadly diseases, so that when years after ingestion they evolve into epidemies, they may be untraceable to GMOs. Yet, they serve their purpose, helping massive population reduction, so that a small elite may maintain their lush lifestyle longer with the finite resources of Mother Earth. Population reduction is the key dictum of the Rockefeller-led Bilderberg Society.  Henry Kissinger, a Bilderberger ‘scholar’, infamously said already in the seventies, “who controls the food, control the people”.
The machinery moves relentlessly forward on all fronts towards our civilization’s demise. And we don’t even notice it.
People wake up! – We need a change, as in redesigning our society according to humanity’s intrinsic values of justice and solidarity.  May we follow the little spark of consciousness with which we were all born.  It remains in all of our minds, despite the neo-fascist doctrine we are made to live day-in and day-out on an increasing intensity for the last 30-some years.  If we do not wake up to this innermost call of conscience, we, as a society, may simply extinct ourselves.  And like in times past, the wisdom of indigenous people may survive and carry our human genes forward for a new civilization to emerge – with a new conscience, perhaps increased by a tiny nudge – perhaps.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik, PressTV, The 4th Media, TeleSUR, TruePublica, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other Internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance.


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Matthew Bedford
Matthew Bedford
Mar 6, 2017 5:37 AM

So what? We’ve had Brexit, in essence a protest vote against a idiotic non benevolent system, and then the same happened in America with trump, instantly the media trashed talked both events, and branded both being the ultimate expression of racism, its all quite laughable, as we have celebrity trying to point the moral compass for us all, yet they live in ivory towers so can afford to live in a fantasy land, meanwhile people suffer regardless.
The world is built on hipocracy and lies, and then more lies, that will never change.

Mar 6, 2017 2:39 PM

I realize my reply was to the scream-theme of the article and not to you.
That ‘world is lies and will never change’ is a lie.
You can of course believe it reflects or brings you to the truth.
THE world is a sort of collective composite of liars contesting the narrative.
Everyone is expert in picking up and tuning into what is ‘wrong’ with others.
To meet a better world must involve seeking out and strengthening that which is ‘right’ – not right versus wrong but right by natural functional right – so you do have choice and you are not set forever beyond change by the actions of others or circumstances beyond your control, but this will call for the release of falsely asserted rights to judgement over others – over life – and of course over the true of who you are.
The father of the lie is protected from light by the blame game.

Mar 6, 2017 3:33 PM

The film ‘Network’ comes to mind. If you haven’t seen it – please do.
If we in truth ‘mad as hell and not going to take it any more’ – then the ‘it’ has to be pulled out by its root. Or its just a change of furniture to buy more time in delay, waiting on some other day – or on someone or something to show us the way.
To symptom of uprising the police state is all poised and primed and already squeezing down.
To symptom of emotional upset the medical manacles of pharmocratic treatment are already pervading our ‘phood’, water, air.
To symptom of threat of loss of control will the need to control ramp up to drown out and disinfo any ‘incoming’.
Such checkmate is of a mind against itself and is no ‘victory’ – though gratification in private fantasy as opposition and suppression of life-energy has its moment of release in death.
Along with other perspectives – I have been re-educating myself in the realm of ‘health’ related information.
The core foundation of disease, inflammation and sickness – (if you can make a lack of something to be a foundation) – is a profound sense of lack and loss of Connection – with and within our being and each other – physically, intuitively, psychicly, mentally, emotionally – in every aspect of who we are and can be.
And the shock of this sets into the sympathetic fight or flight that is like a jealous god – for everything else is subordinated to the emergency/crisis/fight/escape and so that sets of the parasympthetic or calm and rebalance, clear and repair – but it doesn’t get the opportunity or access while the attempt to kill the symptoms restates the war – effectively locking into a war-minded denial of life under the aegis of defending possession under threat.
When everything is backwards – the call I feel is to release the thinking that makes it so – and the more sickening or disturbing the anti-life – the more charge by which to re-align true in life rather than subordinate or delay that alignment until the war is over. Giving power away is the defining of ourselves as without it. Pride came before the fall. The wish to be the power is a self-inflation by which to effect a disconnected sense of oppositional self-specialness and exceptionalism of supremacism. It takes any and every form or route and so subverts any and every form of true expression – but its joyless and driven by a need to hype up or lock down. Bi-polar and don’t forget the Greys. (Grey initially coming to mind as the suppression and evasion of truly feeling anything).
In the E.T. ology the Greys are descendants of a parallel Earth/humanity that so degraded and destroyed their world, their genetic expression and consciousness – that what survived had lost all emotionality – excepting perhaps some sense of pervasive background scream where feeling would have been.
Humans are a composite world of all kinds of threads of expression and definition – but the idea of a world in which ‘choice’ operates indicates creating outcomes from a wide pallet of interrelating themes. I have never ever been able to live the choice of another – though the mind can fantasize – and we have established collective or group fantasies or bubble realities that have unique strengths and liabilities. The liability is of asserting exclusive reality at expense of others. Our strengths are when such developed abilities serve an inclusive recognition of worth.

Nov 30, 2016 5:53 PM

Today, the Governor of the Bank of England warned about rising levels of household debts.
Figures from the Bank this week showed credit card lending is at a record level, up £571m in the last month.
Overall unsecured debt – which includes overdrafts – is rising at its fastest pace for 11 years.
Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-38155178.
When neo-liberal capitalists talk about “freedom”, what they are really talking about is their “freedom” to lend ever-greater amounts to consumers, who then have the “freedom” to become ever-more indebted as a result.
Some years ago, I read an article in a magazine in which the person being interviewed referred to his F. U. fund.
What he meant by this was his accumulated savings to allow him to live for at least 5 years without working.
We should be advocating a similar policy to everyone if they want to retain some quality of life for themselves.
Then, if employers try to undercut their living standards, the workers can go on a buying and/or working strike.
“Power to the people” can only come about if the working people exercise the necessary financial discipline.

Mar 6, 2017 3:22 PM
Reply to  John

Discipline is strong in the Hierarchy – to its main tenets while the capacity of truly integrative action or consciousness is weak. Motivation from fear-agenda seems powerful and guilt seems like leverage of control – but true motivation operate within a true sense of worth – that doesn’t get its validity from the ‘enemy’ or ‘threat’.
A true sense of worth cant be self-helped or positively affirmed into place – but rises from a true foundation when the false is shone upon and found to be unfounded. So it is possible to read the actions of humanity as expressions of hidden, denied or inflamed fear and guilt.
Because the belief in hiding that we are hiding is so shared – in a pass the parcel or musical chairs sort of way – the Elephant in the room is always not given focus or witness.
Looking for others to give me sovereignty is teaching myself I have none and need the power from outside to ‘save me’. But the power that I sell myself to get, becomes my proxy protection and accepted identity. And once subverted to its own institutional agenda – operates a version of the same pattern of dis-inspiration.
Once the dependency is established – the stock are effectively tamed.
No need for the whip and chain – the conditioning runs itself.
Plato had the idea of waking others to a slavery unrecognized. Jesus too. But only those who are already waking will stir, hear or bring attention present – because the intent to not know is a deeply charged drive to focus in something else and present as if you do know something else.
Dissociation and fragmentation is a defence against terror.
When everything else fails our primary resource is each other in the joining that meets the need. Not just attending the form of the need – but an unrecognized love-need for connection through shared purpose and recognition – as a true movement and not the mask of coercion and deceit.
Many are more awake than seem – but closet within acceptable forms of invisibility. But then what is ‘waking up’?
I’m using this for a restored honesty of being – but anyone with a plan that others don’t join may want others to ‘wake up’ to see the same narrative and join the plan to fix it. I’d rather recognize the inherent nature of narrative identity and lean away from it, grow a resource that can abide through its trials and persecutions and live a true sovereignty of being – a truly free will. What about the ‘evil will’?
Put it behind you, and persist doing so until it has done its Job. But no one can dis-own what they haven’t first acknowledged ownership of. That’s why attempts to get rid or, war on, or suppress and control and manage sickness all enact the thing they seek to defend against.

Nov 29, 2016 12:50 AM

Excellent article. Nails it! The ONLY possible next step in doing anything to stop this is violent guerilla warfare!

Brian Harry, Australia
Brian Harry, Australia
Nov 28, 2016 8:02 PM

“(I don’t know how many people I have killed”, says a US drone pilot)” Here in Australia, I was unable to read the link, which is apparently “unavailable”. Can anyone else not reach it??

Nov 29, 2016 3:09 PM
Brian Harry
Brian Harry
Nov 29, 2016 7:07 PM
Reply to  flybow

Thanks for that. The people who run this world have descended into madness…….

Nov 28, 2016 6:43 PM

The primary basis of such falsely framed ‘choice’ is of an inner conflict, that is actively denied and externalised as the perception of the OTHER who is accused of the intent denied in oneself and projected out.
This both gives power of causation to external conditions whilst invoking and justifying the assertion of power in fighting the ‘external’ responses to being denied by both coercive power and by strategies of deceit.
The result is a persistent conflict loop of polarized reaction in which relational communication is effectively blocked, as a progressive loss of function to a usurping ‘function’ of defining and predicting (in terms of past), and control or manipulation to persist a continuity of the past – as survival in terms of an initial investment in identity assertion amidst a conflicted or split sense of self.
When disturbance raises the underlying patterns of inner conflict to awareness – and the ‘mind’ can no longer define and redistribute them in terms of outsourced blame – then something of our own foundation is moving that our reality-experience is predicated on – but is unseen and unrecognized while exclusively focussing OUT (which is the successful strategy for evasion of fears within).
Waking up to alarm at such a deep level is not something that can be communicated to others or thrust upon another. But it can operate awakening responsibility of self as consciousness – in place of the narrative control of definition, prediction and manipulation – that we took to be our own thoughts until we woke to look at them from a perspective NOT defined by false choices.
Waking up is both an individual acceptance in free willingness – AND a synchronicity of connection and communication.
But the insistence of the denial of Creative – for the private ‘power’ of the manipulative – persists as the attempt to guilt or fear, lure or bait others into aligning or reinforcing an Identity or an ideology to attract collective allegiance and sacrifice to – so as to oppose the ‘evils’ of the Other.
Wake up to the way the mind is being USED – for the USE to which you are putting it is usurping true function. Everything ‘OUT THERE’ has reflections for your own recognition and awakening to your true being – from a conditioned or programmed reaction. That does not preclude social or political acts of witness, solidarity and support – but it does ground them in willing rather than sacrifice to wishing.
The ‘sleepwalking self’ seeks reinforcement and validation for its identity – but awakened being is ‘self-fully’ overflowing as the recognition of worth in others – irrespective of identity presentations – and so is in a position to communicate or simply witness – to other ways of seeing and being.
While all that is being sought is ammunition, recruits and funding for a war – waking up is disregarded or actively denied as diversion. For war IS the identity that is raised at the expense of the ‘OTHER’.
True solidarity is a quality of recognition and equality in a sense of integrity that is held for all – including those who currently allow their own to be undermined, by the attempt to become more by making others less.
“Even as you do unto the least (worthy) among you – your do unto Me – said Jesus who was awake to the true being in all – whether they were themselves receptive to such recognition – or felt threatened by it and had to ridicule, smear and deny it.
I see the cartoon as depicting the subjection and destruction by our own denials and deceits. How much do we give power to fear-defined agenda that operates instead of our own being? Do we even have a direct or intimate sense of our own being? Has a sort of directed mentalism installed itself in place of creative relationship? By whose will?

Nov 28, 2016 5:28 PM

I don’t doubt the overall message of this article however it’s methods are reminiscent of those who abuse us. Fear is what I feel after reading this, that cannot be a part of the solution. All forms of government and officialdom assert their control over the individual, see what occurs when you don’t pay demanded taxes or attempt to travel in your car without demanded licences, object to being spied upon by CCTV or attempt to hold abusive police officers to account. By agreeing to any imposed decree, we share culpability. How many will say no, whilst as officials term, the law, is unleashed upon you and your family? It isn’t for others to tell you what is wrong, it’s for the individual to make the changes they are able to cope with.

Nov 28, 2016 3:52 PM

Reblogged this on EU: Ramshackle Empire.

Kevin Morris
Kevin Morris
Nov 28, 2016 3:38 PM

I am sorry, but any article that begins talking about waking up from our brainwashed dreams is going to lose at least fifty percent of its readership straight away because you are implying that whilst you know, your readership is either too dull or too stupid to get the message.
It’s like all those posts that refer to people as ‘sheeple’. Obvously the poster never sees themself as sheep like , but reserves the right to infer that others lack their superior perception.

Kathleen Lowrey
Kathleen Lowrey
Nov 28, 2016 4:32 PM
Reply to  Kevin Morris

hear, hear. This is one of the most disturbing aspects of the current moment, actually: the constant exhortation, from all sides, to consider many (often the majority) of one’s fellow human beings worthless moral zeroes who are beneath contempt. This used to be the signature move of the right; now it is also the go-to method of the left. In the United States the fundamentally unifying struggle against racism and sexism has been turned into a means for vilifying huge swaths of the population as mouth breathing garbage people who are beneath consideration (“Trump voters”, said with an arch eye roll). Or articles like this one: critical of neoliberal globalization, certainly, but even more vicious toward ordinary people, figured as useless sleepwalkers. Just stop it. If there is a tiny conspiratory elite somewhere, this is exactly what they’d like, isn’t it?

Citizen Si
Citizen Si
Nov 28, 2016 4:36 PM
Reply to  Kevin Morris

I’m afraid you are correct but this is a good example of a quality revolutionary rant. Plenty of passion, not much logic. Should be preserved for posterity.

Sean O Braonain
Sean O Braonain
Nov 30, 2016 12:28 PM
Reply to  Citizen Si

”They should wake up the 99.99% from ‘our’ brainwashed dreams and make ‘us’ SCREAM!”
To be fair Peter includes himself in this group that needs to wake up. If his passion makes us uncomfortable, it’s probably because we know he speaks the truth, but also realise that we are ‘still’ somehow privileged ‘insiders’, living on the right side of town and enjoying many freedoms and pleasures which could easily be diminished – even eliminated – by a messy revolt against our masters.

Nov 30, 2016 9:33 PM

I invite you (all) to watch the film ‘Network’ – again if its relevance doesn’t resonate here.
If there is an action you can channel your ‘mad as hell’ that feels aligned with integrity – there you go!
But if not – or in any case – use the passion – the disgust – to be the force of a deeper alignment with integrity. This will take you to another perspective to live from – and not just recycle disgust in your private reality.

Dec 1, 2016 12:20 AM

“To be fair Peter includes himself in this group that needs to wake up.”
I’m not sure about that. A little further on, he says,
“Do not just accept what the mainstream media tells you!”
and “People wake up!” etc etc.
I know the sense of frustration he may be feeling – similar to when I meet neighbours who obviously have no idea that alternative sources of news and opinion are out there, who rely 100% on the MSM. Mainly TV, which I consider an abomination.
But I finished the article imagining him thinking of himself as a type of 21st C Jesus, giving the Sermon on the Mount (to the silly people who don’t read anymore.)
It may indeed come to “a messy revolt against our masters” – I’ve been thinking that for some time.

Dec 1, 2016 12:30 AM
Reply to  Caro

A century ago, “a messy revolt against our masters” was possible – but today?
The state today has massive firepower, massive para-military policing and massive legal powers at its command.
What realistic prospect is there that any kind of revolt could be organised against the power holders of today?
Little – if any – I would say.
All any of us can do today is to try to use the electoral system to “throw the bums out” – peacefully.

Dec 1, 2016 1:12 AM
Reply to  John

Insanity is not exclusively ‘out there’ and waking up is not to the worship of hate or horror as power over life.
As long as you are trying to wake everyone ELSE up – insanity is protected.

Norman Pilon
Norman Pilon
Dec 1, 2016 2:46 AM
Reply to  John

Well, I dunno about the possibility or not of any kind of revolt. Ordinary men and women are part and parcel of the massive power of which you speak. When enough of them begin to mutiny, that’s the moment in which the power holders begin to loose their so called massive power.
That’s the problem with people, isn’t it? No matter how much you drill them into obedience, no matter how much you think you have succeeded in brainwashing them, there is always the possibility that they will begin to think for themselves en mass and decide to go in unforeseen directions for perfectly rational reasons of their own, that is, when they begin to recognize their own interests as being in direct contradiction with the interests of their commanders.
Therein lies the danger of information, of what for the moment the mainstream media is somewhat hilariously, not to say hysterically, beginning to call out as ‘fake news,’ of all the lies becoming flagrantly apparent, of minds finally and irrevocably wandering off the reservation, that waking up is always a possibility, and were it to happen in sufficient numbers, things could indeed get messy rather quickly, and in my opinion, righteously so.
I think it can happen. Certainly it is a possibility. Even as it may never actually come to pass.

Dec 1, 2016 7:33 AM
Reply to  John

problem is- the ‘bums’ as you call them- have always tried to control both sides of politics. Elections are a coin toss- no matter how many times you toss the coin- it’s always the same coin. What self respecting mafioso wouldn’t buy off both sides of politics, the Police Chief and his likely successor? How can you maintain and grow a criminal syndicate if you only ‘own’ one side power? After any election- your enterprise could be kaput! No, No, No- that just won’t do. You must buy both sides of the coin. You must own the coin outright.
as to the cynical realism of your comment: what revolution, what ‘peoples militia’ can compete or defeat global mass surveillance, nuclear warheads and Apache attack helicopters, etc? It’s a good if sobering point. However it’s like climate change- the future is dark- there seems to be no hope- but never the less you must struggle on and believe there is hope. In terms of fighting the 1% of the 1% who owns us all- there is always the chance that in the final moment- the goons they pay to man their death apparatus and control structures- will side with the people and ‘down tools’. It’s slim as buggery- but who knows for certain? Where there is life there is hope.
broadly speaking though- it is depressing to watch this video- spoof as it is- allegorical perhaps- fanciful certainly- but accurate broadly? I fear so:

My fear has always been that the elites- who pull the strings- who have better access to information than anyone else- (think think tanks) and control the military- the governments, etc will come to the same conclusion as anyone else with a brain: that the current model of human civilization is completely unsustainable- even in the very short term.
That they will then surmise that the end result will be mass death, no matter what happens, or who does what. They will decide, that being the richest, and the most powerful- they are also therefore naturally ‘the fittest’ in Darwinian terms, and that it would be better to ‘manage’ Armageddon, than to simply wait for it to happen of it’s own accord. That in killing a large, now ‘redundant’ percentage, of the human population deliberately- they are in fact saving humanity from itself- that their victims would die soon anyway anyhow- and that what they do is justified.
A new society will be ‘phoenixed’ from the old. Sound familiar? Like Hunger Games? what the symbol for that franchise again? Some kind of flaming mythical bird? World War Z? 28 days later, Children of Men, Knowing, Armageddon, Contagion, The Mist, And every other disaster film these days? Is all that post-apocalyptic dystopia spewing from Hollywood a self fulfilling prophecy? Or is it mental programming? The means of Armageddon change from film to film but the message is generally the same.
here’s a film that doesn’t sell the propaganda of Hollywood- and that reveals some actual truth about the World As It Is:

Dec 1, 2016 10:55 AM
Reply to  jacques

Doom-porn sets the framing of otherwise true so as to change it’s purpose. True purpose is joyous or Soul-felt connection – of an integrated wholeness – or at least the willingness of active faith in wholeness.
False framing is the wishful mind set in opposition to wholeness as the ‘determiner’ of truth – as if to author oneself.
This ‘idea of freedom in power of autonomy’ is the active denial of Relationship, the usurping and blocking of Communication, as the lure of self-specialness over the projected self-hatred that such a one is ‘saved from’ by denial and projection OUT to ‘Otherself’ or unrecognized and denied self.
If there is a fundamental waking it is to awareness of – and therefore no longer activates as – false framing. You ARE not separate from the true quality and awareness of being – but the wish and the fear of such separateness of ‘being’ has ALL the power of Mind in the wish – AND as usurped by fearful definitions acted from without question.
The ‘Problem’ protects itself from healing exposure by masking in symptoms of diversion and conflict that demand sacrifice of awareness of true to the compulsion or necessity or indeed fatal acceptance of its ‘mind’.
To open true perspective upon such definition – you have to pause or rest from using it and allow a movement of your true being to move you in its OWN terms. This has to become how you live – instead of from a mind of ‘disconnect’.
The life of the ‘disconnect’ is the dream of GETTING. Regardless the qualities inherent to Life – such a sense of LACK operates and develops the abilities to GET from Life, to GET from others and to defend against being GOT FROM – without GETTING even or more in return.
The total insanity of such a reversal of identity cannot be recognized within the belief you are getting power of security from it.
The negative co-operations of a society presenting itself in narrative self justifications on many and shifting patterns – is no true communication or intimacy at all – but a shared tacit sense of identity reinforcement – aligning in power and security that is got at expense of others and only ‘shares’ to maintain denial or sacrifice of true and protection of separation.
This ‘matrix’ runs on your Life energy – but you have to awaken to where you see false idea operating in your name – and choose NOT to choose it. The movement of your being is not yours to exploit and control for your private agenda. But it IS yours to truly share in. If you choose to be who you are not – and sacrifice who you are to its image – you reap your OWN consequences AS IF at the hand of Others – which then ‘justifies’ attack. That this is hidden is a very complex and fragmenting deceit. But whoever personifies your script – it is your own ‘self-conflict’ that attracts and invites them.
Waking up is to a quality and presence of being that is unconflicted in itself – and living from this one you feel and know yourself to be. As this is already GIVEN you – it cannot be difficult, but as you have given yourself, makes it impossible. You ‘have’ the rewards of the gift you gave yourself – but do not connect the inner and the outer to see the power of your mind even in the embodiment of limitation.
A war of fragmenting parts plays to a dream of power. What is the inner compulsive fascination with such power but your subscription to its ‘reality’. Noticing – and opening an abiding in honesty can replace conditioned tyranny of self-judging blame. It doesn’t seem like self-judgement – because the mind works extremely fast and very deviously to mitigate or offset and escape such blame – even paying a partial ‘penalty’ in advance so as not to actually meet or be exposed in pain and fear.
But in our times we are ‘meeting’ such fears ANYWAY – and the ‘mind’ can no longer operate as protector or power of concealment. So the surface reality degrades and disintegrates as the denied and negatively polarised life energies rise to their seemingly positive counterpart.
Here is the original ‘conflict’ in each and by extension collectively – that may be redefined and redistributed so as to seem to escape temporarily and at price of further loss of awareness – into another even deeper dream.
The degradation of humanity to pharmed assets of no remaining capacity for truly creative consciousness is by consent. Consider this: As you do unto others – so do you in effect consent to be done unto – by your own wish and belief in power and reality as you define it MUST you interpret yours.
Who is presenced enough to hear?
What is given to false is taken from true. When the false falls away from true recognition, energy of consciousness is released to the being you are – from the concept you no longer identify. This is EXACTLY what the mind fears and defends against most – so it will work against your own healing or correction of perspective in all the ways it knows you can be triggered to turn back into ITS framework – in which it serves as your protector and guide. But it does not and cannot know you – for it was invoked and employed to protect from love – or rather from the trauma of loss of what love became amidst overwhelming experience of conflict, pain and loss. Not idealized ‘love’ – but your foundational sense of being.
You don’t ‘get’ this from outside – excepting you extend it. If your brother or sister or world is worthy of life truly lived – you have to extend that worth to have its and thus ‘subscribe’ your participance. What you give to true is no longer available for the false. Against THIS does the mind-porn operate to disrupt. If you choose to focus there – you are there by choice.