Open letter to the president-elect of the USA requesting a new investigation into the July 2014 downing of Boeing MH-17

by Billy Six

Here is the text of the letter sent to the Trump organization in New York and to the White House, Washington DC, last Friday, November 25, 2016.

Dear Mr. Trump,
Your election has raised hopes that easing of tensions, between U.S. and Russia, and peacemaking in Europe in general is achievable. Settlement of the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine and lifting the sanctions against Russia which is vital for the world community has a realistic chance now.  With this in mind, there is also hope for a higher quality investigation into the disputed downing of MH17, as you expressed your doubts in an October 2015 interview, regarding the proof of Russian guilt:
“They say it wasn’t them. It may have been their weapon, but they didn’t use it, they didn’t fire it, they even said the other side fired it to blame them. I mean to be honest with you, you’ll probably never know for sure.“ (MSNBC)
Indeed, we agree with you, we will never be sure, with the kind of investigation we have seen over the past two years.  The official investigation of the “Dutch Safety Board“ (DSB) and the “Joint Investigation Team“(JIT) was neither independent nor convincing.  This kind of investigation forms a huge burden particularly to the families who lost their loved ones in the downing of MH17.  They need to know the truth.
WE ARE ASKING YOU, TO PLEASE PUSH FOR A NEW INVESTIGATION.  This could happen within an international framework like the U.N. comprising the following aspects:
(1) A team of international, independent scientists who would be able to exclude veto power for any government.  This exclusion of veto is especially important, due to the overwhelming role of one of the involved parties, Ukraine.  The main source of information to the DSB and JIT used for their official investigations was SBU, the Ukrainian secret service.
(2) Keeping all scenarios on the table.
(3) Declassifying and releasing “available satellite images” claimed by Secretary of State, John Kerry, on 20th of July 2014; or (if not) disclaiming their existence.
(4) Conducting forensic examination of impact holes (for metal residues) in the MH17 wreckage and reproducing the same pattern of damage by shelling tests (as usually done in crime cases). Completing key information fields, such as body forensics, voice recorder, radar data etc.
(5) Prior construction of, a clear path to an international, objective trial in the U.N. framework with judges from countries which are not connected with the crash.
FURTHERMORE, WE ARE ASKING YOU TO PLEASE INITIATE PEACE TALKS WITH ALL PARTIES CONCERNED (including but not limited to Russia, Ukraine, and the EU) aiming at settling the dispute and establishing a reconstruction plan for Eastern Ukraine including the compensation of the MH17 families.
Thank you so much, in advance, for your attention to this matter.
Independent journalists & experts on MH17,

  • MARK BARTALMAI, journalist & Ukraine documentaries producer, GERMANY
  • DR. THIERRY BAUDET, journalist, publicist & initiator of Dutch referendum on EU/Ukraine association agreement, NETHERLANDS
  • BERND BIEDERMANN, missile defense colonel ret., military attaché ret. & book author, GERMANY
  • CHRISTOPHER BLACK, international criminal lawyer, CANADA
  • NORBERT FLEISCHER, investigative journalist, GERMANY
  • PROF. DR. ELMAR GIEMULLA, lawyer of German MH17 victims, GERMANY
  • DR. HERMANN HAGENA, airforce general ret. & author of MH17 military study, GERMANY
  • PETER HAISENKO, journalist, publisher & former “Lufthansa” pilot, GERMANY
  • JOHN HELMER, longest-serving foreign correspondent in Russia, UNITED STATES
  • FRANK HÖFER, journalist & film producer, GERMANY
  • DIETER KLEEMANN, airforce colonel / trainer ret. & book author, GERMANY
  • PATRICK LANCASTER, investigative journalist with 100s of hours on MH17 site from day one & U.S. Navy veteran, UNITED STATES
  • DR. JAMES O´NEILL, barrister on human rights & geopolitical analyst, AUSTRALIA
  • JOOST NIEMÖLLER, journalist & MH17 book author, NETHERLANDS
  • GRAHAM PHILLIPS, investigative journalist, UNITED KINGDOM
  • PROF. DR. KEES VAN DER PIJL, political scientist, peace activist & author, NETHERLANDS
  • HECTOR REBAN, political analyst & blogger on MH17, NETHERLANDS
  • NORBERT K. REISBERG, Lt.-Col. ret., airforce pilot ret. & military scientist, GERMANY
  • DAN SHEPPARD, private MH17 researcher, AUSTRALIA
  • JOACHIM SIEGERIST, journalist, publisher & author, GERMANY
  • BILLY SIX, investigative journalist & book author, GERMANY
  • MAX VAN DER WERFF, blogger & private MH17 investigator, NETHERLANDS
  • PROF. KAREL VAN WOLFEREN, journalist, political analyst & book author, NETHERLANDS
  • MOHD AZAHAR ZANUDIN, technician, supplier for army/police & blogger on MH17, MALAYSIA


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hey ed? who benefits from the shooting down of the plane? russia shoots it down, world condemns russia..
others shoot it down and blames russia, world condemns russia.
ed, your either trying to be deliberately deceptive, or youre a total idiot. my guess is a bit of both.

Ed Eismontas

Benefits from shooting down Boeing?
Are you an idiot?
Anyway,maybe you could answer my question – why Russia lied so many times in a desperarte attempt to blame Ukraine of shooting down Boeing?

Norman Pilon

Wait, what?
Obama did not order the shoot down of MH-17.
It was the Russians, you imply?
Because the one man intelligence team, who, while briefly enrolled at a university, studied media ” . . . he thinks,” the baby faced blagueur from Leicester, a.k.a. ‘Brown Noser,’ who was once an administrator of something somewhere, the Bellingcat team who all together once worked in the guise of a single expert payments officer at a women’s underwear company, who may or may not have suffered from multiple personality issues, given that he has always been a team, using nothing but a laptop, YouTube videos, and the comfort of his couch, oh, and an ability to lie, mistaken for analytical genius, or merely being sold as such to the rest of us undiscerning schmucks by the always so honest western media presstitutes, says that — as much as he was able to determine by the same methods of investigation that Assad was indeed responsible for all past, present, and future chemical attacks in Syria, in this way exposing the world’s darkest, most secret secrets in far away wars — well, that it was the Russian’s that did it?
And we know that that is true, because when the team at hand speaks the truth, it speaks it in the same accent that it speaks its lies, or anything else, namely that of a soft Midlands accent?
(Disclaimer: all adjectives in this comment used to characterize the “Winnie the Pooh meets a Beautiful Mind” enigma cracking Eliot Higgins — of which there are many, perhaps even some phrases — were all plagiarized from this source, Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat, Who is He? Everything You Need to Know, by Graham Phillips — because I honestly don’t know anything about the guy other than what others have written about him. 😉 And ‘Brown Noser’ is a play on ‘Brown Moses,’ a former Eliot Higgins team member, who Zappa did rhapsodize about and did apparently presciently prophesy:

I likes my wine
I loves my gin
‘N fo a lil’ collateral,
I’ll gives ya HIM!
A lil’ collateral,
I’ll gives ya HIM!
A lil’ collateral,
I’ll gives ya HIM!
I said a lil’ collateral,
A lil’ collateral,
A lil’ collateral,
A lil’ collateral,
A lil’ collateral,
I’ll gives ya HIM!
I’ll gives ya HIM!


Norman Pilon

Oooops and BTW: my comment was directed @ Ed Eismontas — fora bit of context, eh.


This is fairly off piste, Norman, but are you aware of FZ’s masterpiece, “The Adventures of Greggery Peccary”? Originally part of the Studio Tan album. One of the most satisfyingly self-contained (and rigorously executed) pieces of long-form avant garde music of the late-20th century!

Norman Pilon

Hey, Easter,
I hate to disappoint you, but I grew up in a North Ontario backwater uranium mining town that didn’t get more than one black-and-white CBC television signal, and that only sometimes and spradically, until well after the beginning of the 70s (yes, that’s how old I am, I think), and the only records I had access to until about 1975 (we were that poor, being French Canadians of no repute) were old 78 rpm vinyls that had been inherited from a relative nobody in the family (still living) remembered. So unless Zappa recorded “The Adventures of Greggery Peccary” on that medium, I’m still unfamiliar with that classic. But isn’t the internet the greatest thing for information and culture (sort of)! I looked it up on YouTube, and wouldn’t you know it, they have multiple renditions, and I can follow along with the lyrics to the song, courtesy of ‘azlyricsTM.’ Now I don’t pretend to know what the song is about yet, but we’re talking Zappa, here, so he’s doubtlessly a) just making music for the sake of making music and b) at the same time satirizing a social scene that a) takes itself way too seriously and b) is too absurdly repugnant in its values to deserve to be taken seriously.
I’m giving it a listen and a read now, and it may take me a little while to make something of it.
Many thanks for the new discovery. (There is so much good material out there that it is impossible to be familiar with it all.)


Indeed! The Internet was “given” to us as a universal control/surveillance monster but its corollary functions of cultural archive/ archive access/ global communication are still mind-blowing useful and may even (before they choke these aspects off or bury them behind paywalls) foment pockets of genuine resistance and revolution, here and there. We Serfs may yet surprise ourselves and get that Boot off our faces…
PS Yeah, I was 16 in ’75 and my favorite composer was Morton Subotnick (on Nonesuch Records)… always a freak, you see…

Norman Pilon



Off-topic I know but I couldn’t resist. I only wish this “fake news” had actually been true.
Latest CIA stunt “Operation Beethoven”

Norman Pilon

“Is this ‘fake news?’ What do I think?”
It’s difficult to tell if the piano is photoshopped into the still image, the only place in the reportage where we get a clear view of it.
And anyway, everybody knows that CIA agents, once they get their collective patriotic hive mind made up to finish a job, never quit until they themselves finish it.
And I really do have my doubts that just because The Onion is said to have picked up the story from Clickhole, where the story really did first break, that The Onion did pick up the story. I mean, maybe it did, but I seriously doubt it and, besides, simply don’t believe it.
And if The Onion did pick up the story, what might that prove?
Only that the CIA is embarrassed at another bungled attempt to avenge it’s deeply wounded fat American patriotic pride in the face of all of Fidel’s clever and lucky dodges, now a whopping and confirmed 639 of them, and that it wishes to discredit the truth of its obvious ineptitude by making it all appear as satire, all 639 attempts, because if once you can begin to seed even the slightest doubt if only about one attempt, then that doubt grows and grows and eventually infects all other convictions about the other 638 attempts, because then what are we now to believe and on what bases? I mean, 639 attempts? Let that sink in for a second!
So Its obviously obvious: it’s not fake news until we* start saying that it is, then by mainstream media decree it will become the fake of a fake and, therefore, true by dint of sheer force of logic, evidence be damned.
So I am forced to conclude what we* all must conclude, that because it strikes us* as fake, it must be true.
That’s what I think.

we*: us, our own selves — here, in the ‘alt-media.’
us*: we, our own selves — here, in the ‘alt-media.’

Brian Harry
Brian Harry

What do I think? I regard just about everything I see in the MSM as “Bullshit”, however, this may have been The CIA’s(Maxwell Smart’s) 657th attempt to “Get” Castro, which, like all previous attempts, was a dismal failure. When interviewed later, Maxwell Smart could only say, as he held his finger and thumb close together,…”Missed it by that much”.


So many people now seem to see Trump as some kind of savior that I’m beginning to wonder if Clinton wasn’t put in the race to herd people towards Trump, rather than the converse (as I originally assumed)… because… are you kidding? We’re counting on a plutocrat to make Google-Capitalism honest…? Should I laugh now?

anthony hall (@UptiCToc107)

donald trump could ask the NSA/CIA for the Satellite Images they have of East Ukraine War Zone.


Now expose the government targeting innocent citizens with military weapons to isolate them, ruin their lives and then try to have them act out criminally. They are using mind control and directed energy weapons (V2K, remote neural monitoring, microwaving, scalar, sound) and gang stalking on innocent citizens. These technologies can’t be seen or traced and the victims are left with little recourse since the attacks can’t be proven. The victims may appear to have mental issues, however it is the technology that is violating their minds and bodies causing voices, hallucinations, time lapses, and multiple other violations. Psychiatry is a hoax, these technologies cause many mental issues. Freedomfchs.net, ICAACT.org, http://www.GMNKen.com, http://www.informationfortis.wordpress.com, Jesse Ventura’s Brain Invaders youtube, intellihub.com, John Hall’s book Guinea Pigs, Renee Pittman’s (Anne Frank of our times) books and countless victims are trying to expose the truth. The media, politicians, and psychiatry all cover for this and are complicit for this torture taking place for decades remotely in every city. These psychopaths in government need to be exposed and the true terrorists are in government agencies remotely targeting individuals with military technology.
These technologies violate the minds and bodies of the afflicted persons and are the most egregious violation of human rights perpetrated by the government with your tax dollars. Taxpayers should be demanding their government quit paying for these crimes against humanity on law abiding citizens. No wonder we are broke. Why pay perps sitting at computers screwing with people in their beds and living rooms, these treasonous criminals and agencies need to be exposed and jailed. EXPOSE AND END THE TORTURE AND HOLOCAUST NOW.

Rhisiart Gwilym
Rhisiart Gwilym

All the evidence that’s seeped out so far points to a Kiev-junta plot, or at least a plot by rogue elements within the Kiev usurpers’ illicit power structure, with or without CIA involvement. Eventually, the truth will come out. It does.

Ed Eismontas

Sorry,what evidences you talking about – Russian MOD paintings of Ukrainian Su-25 near MH-17?
Russia MOD debunked their own lies with “new” radar data,if you missed.

Doug Colwell

The Dutch Intellegence service said there were four functional Buks in the area, all operated by Ukraine if memory serves.
But you are correct, there is a lack of evidence available. There seems to have been little interest on the part of the US, after all they had no satellites overhead. Oh, wait, Kerry said they did. Ed, could you remind me what reason they gave for not releasing their clear images showing the launch?

Ed Eismontas

Any comments on Russia MOD paintings of Ukraine Su-25 “near” MH-17,which was debunked by Russia MOD itself?

Doug Colwell

I’m no expert, but it looked like a stupid effort to deflect attention.
But Ed, that is not much of an answer to my question. In fact it is an abdication.

Ed Eismontas

Ive notice your stupid effort to deflect attention from my simple question about Russia MOD lies,thank you.
1.Please share a link where DSB says,there’s only 4 Ukraines BUK in the area.
Youre not lying,arent you?
2.Wasnt it Russia MOD,who said about US sattelite over the MH-17 crush site?
Youre not lying,arent you?

Ed Eismontas

Sorry guys,but why you asking Trump for “new investigation”?
None of tenth Russia “investigations”,with Russia MOD pictures of Ukraines Su-25 “flying” near MH-17 not convinced you?
Maybe Captain Voloshin will help you solve the mistery,why dont you ask Russia?


A new investigation – I thought Eliot Higgins at Bellingcat had already solved this by himself?
If he has not already, Trump will ‘get religion.’ He is not about to expose his puppet dictator in Kiev.
Reality has never been high on the agenda of successive Washington regimes – it is only about the manipulation and management of the perception of reality – to fool some of the people some of the time.
Despite the compelling evidence to the contrary, if Washington says the Russians did it – then much to my disgust – I expect that is the way it will stay.

Ed Eismontas

“Despite the compelling evidence to the contrary”
What “evidence”?
Russia MOD paintings of Ukrainian Su-25 “near” MH-17?
It was debunked by Russia MOD itself,if you forgot!

Le Ruscino (@LeRuscino)

As it was Obama who ordered ‘his’ Kiev Junta to shoot down MH-17 to achieve sanctions on Russia it will be very difficult for Trump to investigate this atrocity correctly & fairly as the outcome is not in any US interest.
Don’t hold your breath.

Ed Eismontas

Obama ordered to shot down MH-17?
Im sorry,but is that Captain Voloshin who told you that,or it was spanish air traffic controller spainbucca?