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Georgia Sec. of State claims DHS hacks his office during elections

Brian Kemp, the secretary of State for Georgia, has joined his voice to the choir of American political figures decrying the “hacking” of American politics. The only trouble is, he’s pointing fingers at the wrong side.

Kemp told a local news station that his office regularly comes under cyber-attacks either the day before, or the day of, an election. The Republican Sec. of State claimed that ten different attacks, dating back to February of this year, could all be traced back – not to the Russian government – but to IP addresses associated with the Department of Homeland Security.

Full story from WSB-TV Atlanta here.


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  2. Now we know why Sam Powers was going bat-shit crazy; her special forces troops in Aleppo were close to getting caught, and now they have!

    US, Israel and Saudi special forces caught by the Syrian government in Aleppo


    I bet Putin used his ESP powers to trick the USA/Israel/Saudi Arabia into sending special forces to Aleppo, knowing they’d be caught and…And I don’t know what in the hell I’m talking about, think I can get a job as State Department spokesperson, although I’d have to work on being mean, nasty and arrogant!

  3. Thelma Follett says

    Tell a lie often enough and all the saps will finally believe you. We are being inundated, left, right and center, with news speak.
    Hope the world wakes up in time to escape the Thought Police.

  4. BigB says

    The US has a 16 agency ‘alphabet soup’ intelligence community; the best part of a million security cleared operatives; a $50bn plus black budget for them; a supercomputer that can house a yottabyte of data in Utah (I think that is a lot!) – yet they can’t get into this State office without setting off the firewall and leaving a cyber-trail right back to their desk at the DHS.
    Anonymous, Fancy Bear, Guccifer 2.0 or Kim Dotcom could log on from a smartphone; steal 30,000 emails; swing an election and still not get caught. Amateurs! #BlameThe Russians.

  5. Oooo, I like that: “At best, the work of single hacker who made it look like it was DHS.”

    Clearly, “Russians are sneaky!.” ** And equally obvious, whom the Russians would destroy, they first make mad.

    **For those who might be interested, the contextualizing background to that famous Tubularsock quote is this:

    Just this morning Tubularsock noticed that his soy milk was missing and asked the bunker cleaner what she knew about this. She said she knew nothing about the soy milk but as Tubularsock looked into her deep set eyes, Tubularsock felt those eyes looked a lot like Putin’s! Russians are sneaky!

    And he might have added, “And they are everywhere!”

    • Oh, and in case you missed it, that Freudian slip by Aaron Diamant, @ the 18 second mark:

      Lady Anchorr: ” And Aaron, Brian Kemp is angry. He wants answers from the Feds.”

      Aaron (looking a bit consternated, like he’s trying to contain a bit of anger of his own): ” . . . he wants those ass ***** . . . (– ooops, Aaron’s brain resets in a split second to: let me rephrase that:) . . . answers fast. Look . . .”

      Yep, we want those “assholes” as much as you do, Aaron. And how you must hate your job.

  6. America, how does it feel to have the CIA–Cocaine Importing Agency–do the same thing to us they’ve been doing to governments around the world since at least 1953, when they helped the Brits overthrow the elected Iranian president who had the audacity to tell the world that Iranian oil was going to be used for the chief benefit of Iranians? Shocking.

    Now that Americans are saying they want the government to start taking care of problems at home and not invade ME and African nations for the benefit of Israel and those TBTF Wall Street casinos, the CIA is striking back, attempting to do a bloodless coup d’etat in the USA, because us deplorables are getting uppity, thinking the government should first take care of business here, instead of shoveling endless sums of money and free weapons to Israel.

  7. rtj1211 says

    Americans have been hacking since at least 1998. It is absolutely
    Sftandard Operating Procedure.

    Perhaps if public flogging on Sundays on the church house lawn for miscreants you might reduce its incidence?!

  8. Joy says

    Obama pointing the finger for the DNC leaks at Russia, is to divert attention away from his government hacking US politicians.

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