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The Beatification of Barack Obama

by Kit

Obama's farewell speech tear, one more than he ever shed for Libya, Syria or Yemen.

Obama’s farewell speech tear, one more than he ever shed for Libya, Syria or Yemen.

As the eight-year term of America’s first black President draws to a close, the media are already in the process of myth-making. There’s room for an honest autopsy of a man who promised a new kind of world, and delivered merely warmed-over soundbites and a few fake tears.

“With Barack Obama’s exit the US is losing a saint.” writes Simon Jenkins in the Guardian, whilst Ann Perkins praises his “grace, decency and defence of democracy”. Lola Okolosie rhapsodises on his legacy of “warmth, love, resilience”.

Already the storyline is set – Obama was a good man, who tried to do great things, but was undone by a Republican senate, and his own “sharp intelligence”.

These people, as much as anybody, reflect the cognitive dissonance of the modern press. “Liberals”, to use their own tortured self-descriptor, now assign the roles of good guy and bad guy based purely on aesthetics, convenience and fuel for their vanity. Actions and consequences are immaterial.

For the sake of balance, here is a list of Saint Obama’s unique achievements:

  • Obama is the first President in American history to be at war for every single day of an 8 year presidency.
  • Obama has carried out 10x more drone strikes than Bush ever did. Every Tuesday a military aide presents Obama with a “kill list”, and the “decent, gracious” Obama picks a few names off a list…and kills them. And their families. And their neighbours. These illegal acts of state-sanctioned murder have killed hundreds of civilians in 5 different countries in 2016 alone. The only reason that number isn’t higher, is that the Obama administration re-classified all males over 18 as combatants, regardless of occupation.
  • After declaring he wanted to build a “nuclear free world”, Obama committed to spending $1 TRILLION dollars on rebuilding America’s nuclear weapons.
  • Under Obama, the NSA et al. were able to spy on, essentially, the whole world. When this was revealed, not a single intelligence officer or government official was prosecuted. Instead…
  • Obama’s administration declared a “war on whistleblowers”, enacting new laws and initiating what they call the “Insider Threat Program”. Manning was prosecuted, Snowden sent into exile and Assange was set-up, discredited and (they hoped) extradited. It has never been more dangerous to be a government whistle-blower, than under Barack Obama
  • In terms of foreign policy, despite his press-created and non-sensical reputation as a non-interventionist, American Special Forces are currently operating in over 70% of the world’s 195 countries. The great lie is that, where Bush was a warmonger, Obama has sought to avoid conflict. The truth is that Obama, in the grand tradition of the CIA and American Imperial power, has simply turned all America’s wars into covert wars.
  • Before Obama came into office, Libya was the richest and most developed nation in Africa. It is now a hell-hole. Destroyed by war, hollowed-out by corruption. The “liberal” press allow him to agonise over this as his “greatest mistake”, and then gently pardon him for his good intentions. The truth is that Libya was not a mistake, or a misjudgment, or an unforeseen consequence. Libya is exactly what America wanted it to become. A failed state where everything is for sale, a base to pour illegal CIA weapons south into Africa and east into the ME. When war is your economy, chaos is good for business. When secrecy is your weapon, anarchy is ammunition. Libya went according to plan. A brutal plan that killed 100,000s and destroyed the lives of millions more. Libya, like Iraq, is a neocon success story. Syria on the other hand…
  • Syria, probably the word that will follow Obama out of office as “Iraq” did his predecessor, is a total failure. Both of stated intent and covert goals. Where the press will mourn Obama’s “indecisive nature” and wish he’d “used his big stick”, the real story is one of evil incompetence, so great that it would be almost comical…if it hadn’t destroyed an ancient seat of civilisation and killed 100,000s of people. Syria (along with Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Iran and Sudan) was on the list of the 7 countries America intended to destroy, famously “leaked” by General Wesley Clark. After the fall of Libya, Syria was (essentially) surrounded by American military on all sides. Iraq, Israel, Turkey and America operating out of Libya could pour “freedom fighters” into Syria to bring down “the regime”. When that didn’t work they deployed the trusty “WMD” method, to demand “humanitarian intervention”…the Russians saw that off. Then “ISIS” was created by the CIA, as al-Qaida were before them, and their manufactured barbarism was used as a pretext for invasion. The Russians, again, saw to it that this would not happen.
  • Perhaps in the hope of distracting Russia from the ME, or perhaps merely as a short-sighted punitive measure, the Obama’s administration next foreign policy target was Ukraine. Victoria Nuland’s own voice proves how much that “color revolution” was an American creation. Ukraine is broke, even more broke than it was, its people starve and freeze through the winter. The new “democratic government” has shelled 10,000 people to death in the East of the country….using American weapons.
  • In Yemen, the poorest country in the ME is being bombed to shreds by the richest….again, using American (and British) weapons. Obama’s “defense of democracy” doesn’t extend to criticising, or even discussing, the abhorrent Human Rights record of America’s Saudi Arabian allies, and in an act of brazen hypocrisy, even supported their chairing of the Human Rights Council of the UN.

This is the world Saint Obama has created. Guantanamo is still open, and terrorist “suspects” are still held there without trial or charge (they are probably still tortured). Other “suspects” can be simply declared guilty, and unilaterally executed…anywhere in the world. The NSA and CIA are illegally monitoring the communications of half the world. If any other leader in the world claimed even 1% of this power, they would be decried as “autocratic”, and their country denounced as a “pariah state”.

The Middle-East is ablaze from Libya to Afghanistan, and from Yemen to Turkey. Relations with Russia are as precarious as at any time since WWII, thanks to America’s efforts to break Russia economically and shatter their global influence. There is no sign that America intends to back-down (see the recent red-scare style hysteria in the American press). Likewise America has positioned itself to have a massive conflict with China in the South China Sea. Obama is, in terms of influence, nothing more than a used-car salesman. His job is not to create policy, but to sell neocon ideas to the general public, but his lack of agency cannot excuse his lack of vision or morals. Under Obama’s notional leadership the world has moved to the very brink of self-immolation in the name of protecting American hegemony. Domestically America still crumbles.

He had a nice smile, and a good turn of phrase. He was witty, and cool, and looked good in a suit…but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t just more of the same. He could say the right things, and sound like he meant them, but he was still a monster. As he moves out to pasture, the press will try to spit-shine Obama’s tarnished halo, to try to convince us that he was a good man at heart and that, as politicians go, we can’t do any better.

But yes, we can.


  1. Caro says

    When Obama was elected, I was genuinely moved. I sat here watching him, and I felt that things had really changed. Yes, I’m that naive. And one tiny tear ran down my face.

    Now I think he was CIA – their nominee, their man all along.

    • nevermind says

      Not wanting to be too smart but I did not believe him. Given my experience, I was in a war, I do not trust any politician especially not liberals. I equate liberal with fascists. Now difference between Obama and Trump is next to nothing, former is “human” face of savage capitalism and later is real face of it.
      Which mask(s) the shrewd capitalist and Deep State uses depend of circumstances and time. But all of them are the CIA and FBI people except ,maybe….just maybe, JFK.

    • Ikallicrates says

      Please tell me why you believed Obama’s promises. I’m not mocking your naivete. I ask out of curiosity.

  2. pavlovscat7 says

    When Murdoch finishes getting married and moves the New Of The World into that big new, N.Y. Freedom Willie thing from that Led Zepplin LP.. Can someone tell me what floor to get On for the Off Guardian office ?

  3. Martin says

    Yep, under Obama I lost about 150,000 in interest and dividends and social security cost of living increases have been nothing or close to nothing while the actual cost of living increases (not their fake numbers) was more like 9-10% each year. My nephew and many others in their 20s have had to take minimum wage jobs after college (yes, these minimum wage jobs are all the new jobs that Obama has bragged about creating).
    I welcome Trump.

    • “If we’re going to call Obama a “monster”—especially given the man who will replace him—then every U.S. President is a monster and the term becomes meaningless.”

      That’s some seriously deficient “logic” there, fella. If, in fact, it turns out that every U.S. President is a monster, it doesn’t change the meaning (or meaningfulness) of the term “monster”, it merely adds to the meaning of the term “U.S. President”. Maybe it’s time for that update?

    • Alessandro says

      Some monsters are worse than others, though. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think any other President has presided over eight years of continuous war, come to the rescue of the bankers who caused a financial meltdown while publicly professing to be for teh pplz, made a mockery of the idea of public health care, watched his party rig its primaries and of course try to start a war with Russia. I think even Nixon might be envious of Obama’s record.

      In their execution, George W. Bush’s lies and deceptions were amateurish compared to Obama’s – has another President ever managed to cultivate a public image that was so completely at odds with the reality of his administration?

        • Alessandro says

          The U.S. was at war for four years under FDR, bankers hated him, and while the New Deal wasn’t perfect he was brave enough to try something different from the then-classical liberal status quo… not even close.

      • Jen says

        I think there’ve a few actually: Woodrow Wilson who promised he wouldn’t take the US into World War I (but did) and Abraham Lincoln, under whose watch the US Civil War began for various reasons not entirely connected to slavery and who actually stood to lose financially if the Confederate states had won the war (he had money invested in railway companies that wanted to build railway lines across US territory and that had to be secure). Jimmy Carter was another.

        • Read through Lincoln’s archives (available online)… the first eye-opener: Abe was a life-long racist whose fondest dream was sending Black Americans “back” to Africa! His racist jokes/ jabs at insufficiently-racist political opponents was also interesting….

      • pavlovscat7 says

        And they say there is no master and no slave?

          • pavlovscat7 says

            Not Who, (italics) says that. Saint Aug…They say! …you know?..the ubiquitous “they”. It’s a pronoun. Its’ usage is widespread in political rhetoric but I understand its usage is rejected by some folk with a bug up their arse…. What are you on about?

            • (tip toes quietly out the room, shuts off the light and closes the door behind him….)

      • nevermind says

        Well, somehow this “logic” is not working: “….but I don’t think any other President has presided over eight years of continuous war,…”

        No, statistic is cruel, but statistic of what?

        the author of article is trying to compare which calamity is worse Iraq, Syria, Somalia, ect which is awful by itself. Yet he did not mention that Bush/Blair had murdered over ONE MILLION of Iraqis and by implementing the Death Squad policy from Central America set path of that country to endless destruction and bloodletting. What BB did is complete destruction of Iraq society yet none of them prosecuted and/or punished, Liberal Democracy!?

        In addition looting of archaeological treasure of Iraq and selling some of it to fascist state of Israel is a crime in itself

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      Thanks for that……………The Truth hurts………Too bad.

  4. eduard says

    He is nothing but a halfbreedkaffirqueer. He and his tranniewife should dissapear into oblivion – quietly.

  5. the audacity of hype says

    Who speaks ill of Dear Leader Messiah? Y U bee so wayciss!?

      • pavlovscat7 says

        AND…mea culpa.. taking the sterotypical, racist piss outa the pretender just lets him off the hook as well. All contingencies are catered for aren’t they?

  6. D3F1ANT says

    Meh…we KNEW the mouse would be lionized. They’ve been trying to fix Obama’s reputation as an utter failure since he won the Nobel Peace Prize (ROFLMAO)! Nobody believes any of it–not even the Liberals. There IS no “press” anymore. The media are simply Leftist public relations firms. We know the score. That’s what counts. And now The Donald will fix Obama’s mess instead of crying about the disaster he “inherited.”

    • pavlovscat7 says

      You’ve got the job..they can’t fool you.

  7. Peaceful World says

    Obama, May you and You will, REST in the filth that you are part of. I remember the days prior to his presidency when people were crying and so overwhelmed that he would be the next president. I was completely and utterly flabbergasted that they couldn’t see thru the deception. Fast forward to today, we have another huge mess and failure to get this planet back on track and make it a place where everyone can live in peace and harmony. These politicians all need to be tried for their crimes against humanity. Lets go where Iceland went. Lets start creating real change. Voting for different politicians that have been in the same game for decades will not serve us well. The whole system needs not to be overhauled but thrown on the garbage heap. Its rotten to the core. Their path of destruction is getting wider and wider. Research Iceland and what they did. Thats a good starting point.

    • BigB says

      I am all aboard with your sentiment and nom de plume Peaceful World, and I did follow Iceland (any whiff of social revolution and locking up Banksters) and thought that what occurred was inspirational, but not exportable.
      Now they are back in the IMF fold with central banks intact, I’m not sure it amounted to much either. The ‘banks too big to save’ and mortgage relief programme were encouraging, but the ‘crowd-sourced’ constitution and full reserve banking/Sovereign Money initiatives seem to have been kicked off into the ice fields for the moment. Apart from a very small number (3 or 5?) that got indicted for a very specific crime (i.e. not held accountable for the systemic failure) – the central bankers are doing fine – so, a “whole system overhaul?”

  8. He bombed seven countries, sold more weapons to the Middle East than any previous president, destabilized all of northern Africa with his misguided attempt to overthrow the Libyan regime, and secretly supplied American weapons to the misogynist rape culture of ISIS (via the Saudis) in a desperate and cynical hope that they would overthrow the Syrian regime for us. His chaotic foreign policy alone will ensure that this phony Nobel Peace Prize winner will be judged quite harshly by historians, once the fawning of the limousine liberals is over.

  9. Brian says

    Naive to think he had a say in any of the above really. Are we seriously going to believe that one man decides all that and that he isn’t pushed/told/threatened to do this.I think he is a decent chap and I think when we look back (post trump), this man will look an angel in comparison.

    • It’s true. His power would be very limited, however, he strikes me as being similar to Tony Blair. I just didn’t find him convincing. Admittedly, I generally avoid listening to politicians as much as possible because … they’re politicians. Also, his vice-president molests young girls in plain sight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd8o3WUKP8M and you do wonder about the friendship bracelet JB gave Obama with a slice of pizza on it. http://www.slate.com/blogs/xx_factor/2016/08/04/joe_biden_tweets_happy_birthday_message_to_barack_obama_with_a_picture_of.html.

    • Seraskier says

      “A decent chap”

      Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahah!!! The “decent” Kamp Kommendant!

    • “Yes, he blew up my mate´s wedding killing everyone, he then armed a gang of psychos that raped and murdered the whole neighborhood, but he is a nice, decent chap overall, what´s not to like in him”

      Do you realise now how flabbergastingly stupid and disconnected from reality you sound? No? Well, that´s precisely one of the biggest problems of our society.

      • Ikallicrates says

        You offer Gerald Ford as an example of presidential virtue??? Gerald Ford???

    • Jon B says

      Brian: “Naive”, really? So, Obamao DOESN’T bear responsibility for Libya AFTER HRC TALKED HIM INTO IT?!? HRC said HE made the decision based on HER ‘advice’…are you THAT uninfomed about this ;administration’???

    • JGarbo says

      Only the ignorant (and, frankly, stupid) could believe that one man runs the US. Obama, like all presidents since Kennedy, was a front man, an MC sprucing up a bad script for a willing audience. He was a CIA asset, along with his mother, his first job was with a CIA front company. That’s the way the US works. Obama was cute, black and suave – the exact opposite of the buffoon he replaced. Now he can go back to the golf course, mission accomplished…

    • Brian says

      Several of you replying as if you think Obama made all these decisions, he’s a puppet. Wake up. Blair was an even bigger puppet.

    • “Are we seriously going to believe that one man decides all that and that he isn’t pushed/told/threatened to do this.I think he is a decent chap…”

      BHO is obviously only a spokesmodel for The Owners, a job he did extremely well. If a “decent chap” were coerced into maiming/ incinerating/decapitating innocent children, women and men for eight years, he’d have collapsed on the job during the first weeks of the bombings… and be a raving, twitching basket case by now. The fact that he is “charming” and glib as ever speaks very poorly of his humanity (yet very highly of his psychopathy: the most successful politicians share this secret power). Re: BHO’s decency: there is none and you are naive to think there could be any.

    • pavlovscat7 says

      And that belief is how dialectical materialism remains cyclic…thanks Brian.

  10. Seraskier says

    Meanwhile back at the Last Chance Saloon….

    … things have reached such a low ebb that the Graun is trying to remint No-Brain Insane John McCain as the new and upstanding face of American Conservatives.


    When the Graun is in bed with Meryl Cheap and John-Bomb McCain simultaneously, it can only have unintentionally hilarious results for Jonathan Friedland and his team of trained monkeys.

  11. I would like to see a detailed list of sources that prove every statement of this article. The alegations are very strong and in any serious article there should be sources listed like in a scientific paper. In a post truth world of fake news this is the least we have to do.

    NOTE FROM ADMIN: The article is heavily sourced. This commenter has clearly not read the piece or is trolling.

    • There are many sources linked in the article, is there a specific statement with which you take issue?

    • michaelk says

      The article I linked to below is surley enough,isn’t it? It’s got a lot of Obama’s own words as sources. One can’t start with the invention of the wheel all the time. The list of soures would be far, far, longer than the article. The point is that Obama was a fake from the very beginning, obviously so to anyone who was really paying attention. Even my teenage daughters thought so and warned me about the guy before I’d even seen one of those dreadfully sentimental and portentious speeches, banalities on top of banalities always delivered with cloying gravitas which was annoying and comical at the same time.

  12. michaelk says

    First, thanks for all the positive comments. They help, really. Second, here’s a good article looking at the Obama phenomenon from before the beginning which has some interesting insights and many fine quotes from the man himself. Thirdly, Trump’s intrerviews in The Times and with Bild are interesting and indicate the radical, social-nationalist path he’s apparently getting ready to follow, which if successful, will be great lurch compared to what we’ve been used to over the last couple of decades.


  13. MchaelK i reposted your reply on my main page by mistake. I was actually just saving your words as an example of fine writing. In my opinion what you have wrote deserves to be put in an article not only in the comments section of this fine site but elsewhere its that enlightening. I follow a couple of the Poet/Writers on counterpuch because the vividly descriptive offers a key to understanding politics and politicians far better than convoluted Post Modernism Sociology-Speak .

    • michaelk says

      Well thanks for your kind words. In a world like this, we have to try, that’s the least we can do. Though I can ‘do’ the Post Modern Sociology-Speak with my eyes closed, I’m increasingly inclined not to do so. The ‘left’, such as it is, has lost the desire and ability to communicate with great swathes of people, not just because of their lack of ideas, but because of the poverty of their language that’s so unappealing and lacks rhetorical skill. Basically they concentrate on the head and forget about the heart. But that’s another story.

  14. Very sobering article. I always had the feeling about him that it was words not substance, although obviously there’s a lot of substance to what he’s done, it just wasn’t in his words.

    Another thing is that he’s presided over is a number of hoax shootings and the Boston bombing. Apart from the Boston bombing the other events were presumably to push gun control and therefore had some noble aim. However, why create events when there’s plenty of real events to push that agenda and regardless of the ostensible nobility of a goal, hoaxing the public is beyond unacceptable. I believe the intention is actually far more sinister than gun control anyway and thinking that anything could happen in that direction from these staged events is ridiculous.

    Number of mass killings involving 8 or more deaths under the last five presidents
    Note: Figures may not be completely accurate but there’s obviously a big anomaly under Obama.
    Ronald Reagan: 1981-1989 (8 years) – 5
    George H. W. Bush: 1989-1993 (4 years) – 3
    Bill Clinton: 1993-2001 (8 years) – 4
    George W. Bush: 2001-2009 (8 years) – 5
    Barack H. Obama: 2009-2016 (in 8th year) – 19

    These hoax events contain various hallmarks:
    * They show evidence of being a drill (or a drill occurs shortly before event)
    * They use crisis actors (people who are employed quite legitimately in Full-Scale Exercises (massive drills) conducted by government agencies but who are used in these events illegitimately)
    * They have at least one hero (a crisis actor too)
    * The perpetrator(s) is identified immediately or very soon, is often “killed” and leaves behind a manifesto.

    For more info see: http://www.laverite.weebly.com.

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      “Another thing is that he’s presided over is a number of hoax shootings and the Boston bombing. Apart from the Boston bombing the other events were presumably to push gun control……….”

      You’re probably right about the President wanting to ‘push’ for gun control. The rest of the World is perplexed by the fact that the American people can carry a gun in public, apparently because the “Constitution” allows it.
      But, I think the American people will NEVER give up their ‘Right to bear arms’, because they don’t, and never will, trust their government.(And, I don’t blame them.)
      The Department of Homeland Security has been armed to the teeth with not only guns, but military equipment. And the American people have noticed.
      There’s trouble brewing, and it could turn real nasty, somewhere down the track…….

  15. Obama the beatification of the great fascist leader
    Kit spot on. I might just add another few great things he has done
    1: the US military drop a bomb around the world every 20 minutes or circa 3 bombs per hour at present day stats
    2:Inherited a budget deficit of circa 4 trillion and quadrupled it under 8years to circa 20 trillion dollars give er take a few billion.
    3: QE flooded the world with fiat money which will definitely implode the international financial system. Petr Schiff and Reynard notable right wing economist state as much.
    Most aggressive militarist since Adolf Hitler and all we hear in the west is Russian aggression ,Iranian aggression and Chinese aggression. and last but not least denigrating any foreign leader that does not follow the washington consensus/pax-americana dictates
    Positive things:
    Obama’s fascism was so overt ,brazen and blatant that even a 4 year child could understand it and see it .
    Hence the whole world knows the truth and as Aleksander Solzhenitsyn used to say ‘THE TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE’

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      I agree with you except item3. My understanding is that the QE1,2 and 3 were issued by the FED, to purchase the “Mortgage Backed Securities”( a fancy word for “BAD DEBTS”). These funds however never left to FED, but are “parked” in the NYC (and European) Banks “Reserves Accounts” AT the FED. So these funds have never made it into the “Mainstream economy” which would have caused massive inflation if they had.
      The Fed’s actions in only saving the Banks that own it, is the greatest act of Financial chicanery in history.
      A recent report states that in 2016 the Fed paid these banks US$12Billion in interest on the funds in their ‘Reserves account, and with rising interest rates this year The FED will pay the Banks US$24Billion in 2017.
      During the period since 2008.
      My understanding is that several hundred regional “Main street Banks” have gone bust since 2008, while the big NYC Banks received the “QE”.

      • Yes but if you note the monetary policies that followed with QE1,2,3,4 and the EEB version of QE1,2,3,4. The Interest rate regime was reduced to zero and their r at least four central banks in the western global financial sector that have negative rates. SWISS, Japan, r a few that come to mind hence cheap money was made available and viola stock market bubble and Housing bubble. So yes ur first point is valid but the monetary policies that followed hence it did end up flooding the market with cheap money. Hence the debt leverage on the world stock market during the 2007 crisis was at 120 trillion dollars and actual real value was circa 20 trillion dollars . The debt leverage at present is circa 500 to 600 trillion dollars and the real value is only 60 trillion dollars due the math it doesn’t add up. Most of info comes from the likes of Schiff and Reykard . Even left wing economist say as much. Further more the velocity of money is at a virtual stand still. Hence consumer price index and wage to work earnings r all on a downward trend and have been nose diving since 2007.

        • Brian Harry, Australia says

          I’m not familiar with European “QE” but I’m guessing you’re completely right. You’re talking about the “Derivatives” market of course.
          I was told that, “Sports gambling” is a derivative in nature. It gives you a financial interest in an Asset that you don’t own. That’s what a betting ticket on horse race at the Racetrack is, a derivative”
          I suppose the problem is, the people who run the Market, have enough money to buy the people(Government) who should be overseeing, the Market, for the ‘Common Good’……..And they’re failing completely to do their job.

          • Yes to some extent. QE came with a monetary and fiscal policy dictate. Hence zip interest rates and financial; austerity for all western governments. Total contraction of government outlays and added value to the virtual economy. IE: Eisenhower presidency. US economy was healthy and had copious amount of room for growth he spent government money via issuing government bonds, Built roads and much needed infrastructure. Same happened under FDR.
            The US government printed money zirp interest rates and issued bonds which all central banks in the west have been purchasing since 2007. Hence revolving door with regards to where the money was going. Zilch industrial capacity or exporting of goods and services.
            I gather from ur name u r from australia. Same problems in australia. Commodities based economy and no real industrial capacity, compare to germany which has everything but natural resources and the economy is still growing up to 3-4 percent per annum.. U have to have wages and wide distribution of general wealth in order to increase the velocity of money. U and I will purchase let say a couch multiply that let say consumer numbers of australia would be circa 14 million consumers hence now 14 million couches have just been sold viola increased the velocity of money . QE only ;lined the pockets of the 1 percent hence only 86000 couches have been sold no velocity in the money.
            All western economies should have increased their spending and gone on an infrastructure bonanza .IE Telecommunications, roads bridges needed upgrades to education and health would have all helped the economy and we in the west would not be in the pickle we r in. Hence 500 percent correction is going to burn a lot of innocent people in the coming months.
            Further more just printing money totally devalues it base and cing that most western countries have no gold bullion reserves to back their diluted currencies u can bet ur life that this will be the biggest financial collapse since the fall of the roman empire.
            P.S I am not economist just an avid reader . Cheers and if I am not mistaken down under u would say G-day mate. Cheers. always read ur blog.

            • Brian Harry, Australia says

              Thanks. For a non-economist, you show a great grasp of ‘post 2008’ economics, where the central banks are propping up the wealthy, and abandoning the rest. I think we both learnt about economics the hard way
              The problem is, if you’re right about the 500% correction in the coming months, where is there to ‘hide’? BTW, Australia’s Treasurer, prior to the Crash of ’08, sold 167 tonnes of Australia’s Gold Reserves for the ‘rock bottom price’ of US$306/oz(it subsequently went to US$1900/oz after ’08).
              If the Treasurer of a country is SO stupid, what hope have WE got.

  16. fremo.remo. says

    “The Titanic Sails at Dawn : As long as a permanent, un elected bureaucracy—a.k.a. the shadow government— continues to call the shots in the halls of power and the reach of the police state continues to expand, the crisis has not been averted. Here’s a glimpse of some of the nefarious government programs we’ll be encountering on our journey through the treacherous waters of 2017.”

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      My GOD!! What has happened to the USA? I read some time ago that the Dept of Homeland Security(ie America’s Military force solely for use domestically against the American people) had purchased over 2Billion bullets, as well as being supplied with ex military equipment from America’s Defence Department.
      It would seem that the warnings about ‘Terrorism” in the USA, are actually warnings about what the US Government intends to do to the American people???

  17. Sadly, every point you make here that’s (merely) just and true can (and will) be nullified by any (and all) “Liberals” who dismiss these as “Alt Right Talking Points”. The heads just shake and the eyes all roll and another attack on “The Normal” is effortlessly deflected.

    The Propaganda is relentless, it’s in everything, it’s self-perpetuating, it’s even bigger than the War Machine and it makes the massive target audience feel “good” while The Truth makes them feel like shit…. so… yeah. Everyone who reads this very good article and agrees with it… I’m afraid we already knew it to be true.

    Meanwhile, TFIC (the fuckers in charge) have released one of the deadliest anti-Truth viruses in years: The Flat Earth meme (spreading like wild fire)… watch it taint (and possibly disable) every viable parapolitical commenter on YouTube. In the minds of “Duh Average Murkkan”, Flat Earth/Bad Obama/ 9-11 Truth/ et al, will become one toxic and laughable cluster-meme. The heads will shake and the eyes will roll…

    …Until The Shit Really Hits The Fan, of course, by which time it’s far too late.

    I’m still open to plausible correction on this bleak assessment, but, right now, after watching the jaw-dropping cog diss released by this last prez campaign, it’s hard to believe that more than a few hundred thousand people across all the Serfs of “The Western World” aren’t total fucking glassy-eyed Dupes.

    • erratum: “In the minds of “Duh Average LIBERAL Murkkan”, Flat Earth/Bad Obama/ 9-11 Truth/ et al, will become one toxic and laughable cluster-meme…”

  18. BigB says

    I can’t add to Kit’s excellent analysis of the Obama ‘legacy’ – but I can pick up where she left off with the blatant war crime and crime against the peace – the January 3rd B-52 bombing of Sarmara, Idlib Province – which killed 20 civilians (designated ‘combatants’) – a blatant breach of the cessation of hostilities agreement; with no waring to the Russians.
    He doesn’t want any old Nusra types around to tarnish his beatification, does he?

  19. Thanks for that Kit, always a pleasure to read you.

    If only, I would like to add to the list of miracles and sacrifices of Barack the blessed:

    1) His generous fueling of the war on drugs that, included weapons supplies directly into the hands of both drug gangs (see “fast and furious”) and government forces. It has left 100 000s deaths in Mexico alone.

    2) His candid persecution and deportation of immigrants. Lets not forget that he deported more persons than all of the American presidents in history combined. Many of them hunted and separated from their families and submitted to trials at the same time with other hundreds, and without a real attorney.

    3) His merciful militarisation of the border. More than 600 billion dollars to build walls, spent on surveillance, drones, weapons and, of course, not a wall, but immigrant loving fortified fences that, as intended, send the despaired to die in the desert by the thousands.

    4) His brotherly love, expressed as coups, sabotage, harassment, sanctions, interference, for the peoples and governments of, to name a few, Cuba, Ecuador, Venezuela, Honduras, Brasil, Bolivia, Mexico, etc.

    So far, unlike Trump, Obama did spread the love throughout the continent…

    • Litchfield says

      And don’t forget the domestic mess.
      My nephew (married, two kids) just saw the family’s health insurance premium double. From $1,000 to $2,000/month.
      Message to Liberal Earth: The Obamacare disaster is one of the reasons people voted for Trump.

  20. A small nitpick: there are 195 countries in the world (if we stick to the UN-based definition), and US special forces operate in 138 of them, which makes almost exactly 70% of all states.

    • Thank you for that, that’s a small transcription error on my part.

  21. How many Americans have or will read this analysis? Can anyone find any factual errors? If not, how can our democracy survive if essential facts are ignored or not understood? Without a doubt this is a splendid article that merits the attention of all fact-based communities.

    • Amplify. I blog and when I’m out and about blather. Everyone has something to contribute. And everyone can contribute, more easily than ever (in some ways), with the internet. Which is why it’s a target in various ways. NSA crap along with politicians eyeing laws to criminalize real news…

      I didn’t get one reference made by Kit. She spoke of body counts going down once the admin executed the ploy of declaring all males over 18 to be enemy combatants, until they proved (after being killed) that that aren’t seems to be backward. Maybe I’m missing something.

      • Mihangel apYrs says

        18yo+ men were thus no longer considered “civilians” by the regime

  22. Alessandro says

    The thing is that most liberals on social media don’t care at all about what the U.S. is doing in Syria and Libya – they accept the “moderate rebels” concept and believe that only Russia and the Syrian government kill civilians because they are told so by Obama, whose word is infallible. If they’ve even heard of Libya they probably believe the problems there are all over because it’s not in the news anymore. Kind of like how people think the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica is now “fixed” because the media hasn’t been whipped into a hysteria about it since the late 90s. Actually informed political observers are an increasing rarity in an age where most people get their news in paragraph form on Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, etc. And to think I used to shake my head at the notion of people getting their news from talk radio.

  23. mog says

    The irksome difference between ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ is that whilst conservatives are openly content to hide from facts behind their faith, liberals generally profess a commitment to a more discursive approach. Truth is that the latter are at least the equals of the former in terms of cognitive dissonance.
    The Obama years show (perhaps more clearly than ever) how the ‘liberal’ mindset is a self deluding charade of epic proportions.
    It is this hypocritical arrogance that is so hard to witness.

    I like this article, it lays out the relevant aspects of BO’s legacy in a straight forward and honest way.

  24. Yonatan says

    Obama is the US version of Tony Blair – bigger, louder and more dangerous.

  25. “…defence of democracy…” Obama did this? Where and when?

    OBOMBER will go down as the WORST president in US history. If Hillary had stolen the election, she would have taken that honor.

    Now he can start building his fortune, taking in hundreds of millions from grateful defense contractors, Wall Street banks and Israeli lobby’s.

    Privately, Obama had told Wall Street executives that he would protect them. On 27 March 2009, Obama assembled the top executives of the bailed-out financial firms in a secret meeting at the White House and he assured them that he would cover their backs; he promised “My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks”. It’s not on the White House website; it was leaked out, which is one of the reasons Obama hates leakers. What the DOJ’s IG indicated was, in effect, that Obama had kept his secret promise to them.


  26. Brian Harry, Australia says

    It really doesn’t seem to matter who the President of the USA is. Nothing changes, despite the PR, and the tears on exit. The Media will turn Obama into a ‘Legend’……. and the incoming President’s PR team will make his promises seem real(with a lot of “massaging” from the ‘Spin Doctors’).
    I’m glad that Hillary is now in the “rubbish bin of history”, but, I have no great expectations of Trump. The people who REALLY run America, are still fully in control…..

    • Still, I have to admit, when HRC finally went down in flames I allowed myself a dignified YESSSSS!. It doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s satisfying.

      But, sure, as I often say: When Pepsico gets a new Prez it’s not as though they suddenly start bottling champagne…

  27. michaelk says

    Years ago, Bob Dylan that Obama’s lifestory was incredible, that he was like a character in a narrative arc from a 19th century novel by Dickens or someone. This was a very perceptive observation by Dylan. It was subtle and paradoxicial at the same time. What Dylan was really saying and drawing attention to was the ‘fictious’ elements surrounding the Obama brand, how like classic fiction they were. Dylan’s view is rather… enegmatic, as usual from his side, but focuses on something of central importance.

    I find the liberal and left stance towards Obama incredibly frightening and disturbing. Using the term ‘grace’ reminds me of Catholic prayers. ‘Hail Mary full of grace.’ Calling him as Saint is extraordinary. Obama gets turned into an icon, literally. This is an enormous step backwards. It’s lifting the image, the picture, the surface, the face into a symbolic space far above and removed from rationality, scrutiny and analysis. Don’t examine his actions, but concentrate on his words and his iconography. The carefully staged compared to the bloody reality.

    The walls and ceilings of churches in the medieval period were covered in colourful paintings like cartton or comics that illustrated the Bible stories for a largely illiterate public, with the priest pointing to them during his sermons. That’s what we’ve returned to. With the media taking over the role of the Church and the jounranlists are the moden version of the Catholic prisethood. This isn’t a good sign. This is why we are repeatedly told to ‘have faith’ and believe in the authority of the CIA and MI6, that only want to protect us from myriad unseen threats to our way of life, posed by an army of ‘useful idiots’ that have been charmed and won over by Satan and his clever minions.

    The alternative media seem to be occupying the place reserved for heretics in a society where increasingly the differences resemble religious schisms. This is why Trump is being subject to a witch-hunt and Putin demonized and compared in words and images with Satan himself. Apparently we are under constant threat and attack from invisible forces from the outside who wish to destroy us and turn us into slaves of Satan. It’s like we’re busy turning our backs on modernity and rapidly returning to pre-modern way of thinking, where the invisible is real and dangerous and black magic is all around us. There’s battle going on for our souls.

    • Litchfield says

      ” where the invisible is real and dangerous and black magic is all around us.”
      Yes, and where people’s fears are more real to them than any reasonable argument or analysis of what is actually going on in the outside world.

      People’s “fears” about their personal safety after the accession of Trump are more real than any objective history of Obama’s real acts, or of the genuine threats this country faces by picking fights all over the globe. A perfect example is Meryl Streep, who went onstage to preemptively attack Trump before he has done anything, but never opened her pretty mouth to protest the actions of the icon Obama, who had to be kept sacrosanct and could not be criticized because he is an African American. So there is also a classic projection going on here. No criticism of Obama’s actual actions and projection and externalization of the evil onto Trump. Many people who appeared to be above average and who very much see themselves as moral leaders—such as Meryl Streep and Rebecca Solnit— have exposed themselves as childish intellects who don’t notice their own hypocrisy (of course!) and morally bankrupt.

      Are we fated to be disgusted with each and every president (and his consort) and glad to see that last of them (we hope) by the time they finally get helicoptered out of the White House?

    • Brian Harry, Australia says

      MichaelK. This new generation of Americans might like to revisit Dylan’s words of warning from the sixties.
      “Come gather ’round people wherever you roam
      and admit that the waters around you have grown
      and accept it that soon you’ll be drenched to the bone
      the order is rapidly changing
      and if your breathe to you is worth savin’
      then you’d better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone
      Cos the times they are a changing”

      • pavlovscat7 says

        No the times are not changing Brian Harry! The times are exactly the same and to be a tad more metaphysical than Bobs’ Kumbaya..it’s the same time all the time. Someone might like to revisit John Cales’ The Giulers Eye…..”.It was rush hour..in Hawaii, only ten am”

  28. Jen says

    Don’t forget also that under O’Bomber’s watch, a legitimately elected government in Ukraine was overthrown by the US State Department under Victoria Nuland, assisted by extremist nationalists / fascists in Ukraine itself and people such as the Chalupa sisters (Alexandra, Andrea and Irene) drawn from the Ukrainian-American diaspora.

    • Seraskier says

      Just 48 hours after being anointed by Barack Obama for his services to mankind, Joe Biden has scurried off to Kiev again today – to compare notes with Petr Poroshenko

      For those unable to get a press pass for their meeting and press announcements later, here’s a sample of the great work Biden & Poroshenko have been doing for the people of Ukraine

      (non-aligned American journalist Patrick Lancaster reports from Donbas)

  29. Steph says

    we the u.s.$heeple RICHLY DESERVE OUR FATE. The entire toxic $y$tem is soon to collapse.
    Deth to what? amurderka? Will be ” fun ” —well deserved…how we consumer-rats will kill
    ourselves ! Thanx whigger bushes clots & BRING ON THE piece of trumf/cia impeachment…
    a very un-civil slaughter…pass the popcorn

  30. Archie1954 says

    How do you beatify a mass murderer because that is what Obama is and his soul will pay or every child his orders left dead in a ditch somewhere. In the meantime, the very fact that no American could give a good gosh darn about dead bodies littering the ground in the Middle East and elsewhere. It just doesn’t register with the exceptional ignorami comprising the bulk of the American public!

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