I Have a Scream

by Brian Foley, via CounterPunch

The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893

The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893

I get it. You don’t like Trump.
I’ve wanted to say that to Facebook Friends who’ve spent the past several months hate-posting against Trump. Most posts aren’t funny, creative, or informative. When not merely petulant, they’re raw unfiltered anger. People might as well post videos of themselves screaming.
Turns out someone sort of did. A viral video shows a woman at the Inauguration sitting cross-legged on the ground, with her hands in the air in front of her, emitting a loud, guttural, primal scream at the precise moment Trump was sworn in:


At least it was honest, right? Well, actually, it looks staged. The camera was on her, waiting. Nine seconds in, she looks up briefly, as if to make sure the camera crew was ready for “the scream.”
Afterward, the Screamer looked exhausted. The ITV news crew descended, and the Screamer was incoherent:

ITV: Can you explain your emotions to me? Explain your emotions to me.
SCREAMER: There’s just no way, there’s like just no — no way to even comprehend what this means, like. This very – for me, this very moment, is like, like within a cell. It’s like, the dark and the light are so tight right now at this moment. It’s, there’s so much potential, um, for beauty and for devastation, in this one moment it’s just almost incomprehensible that they can exist right now, so, so close!
ITV: How big – how seismic – a day is this for your country?
SCREAMER: I am so sorry to my world. I am so sorry to my world, this is not what we want. I love you people, I love people, and I. This is so alien, this is so false and broken, and…

Self-immolation would have been more articulate.
Even worse was a video many people posted with approval: a black-clad, masked protester silently attacking Richard Spencer, an alt-right leader. It looked like attempted murder, as the assailant came by quickly and hit Spencer in the side of the head with his elbow or forearm.
So much for the reverence paid earlier in the week for the nonviolence of Martin Luther King.
So much for Michelle Obama’s “When they go low, we go high.”
Some Trump-haters have said that, since the election, they no longer “feel safe.” After all, their quiet neighbors, or the guy behind the counter at the DMV, or that little old lady at Rite Aid, MIGHT HAVE VOTED FOR TRUMP. Any one of them might be the racist sexist alt-right Nazi bastard who spray-painted the Swastika on that softball dugout
It seems that, even more than these people hate Trump, they hate the people who voted for Trump – those racist sexist homophobic uneducated stupid evil people who are so stupid and racist and sexist and evil they voted for him, what a bunch of fools they’re just Putin’s useful idiots!!!!
“I don’t see how anyone could vote for Trump,” many liberals, especially those living in comfort, said before and after the election, with more smugness than curiosity. I mean, how could anyone who’s NOT racist xenophobic bigoted stupid sexist homophobic vote for Trump?
Trigger warning.
If you voted for Hillary Clinton, maybe I don’t feel safe around YOU.
Trump said bad, even deplorable, things about Muslims. But Clinton used her power as a Senator to enable Bush-Cheney’s unnecessary bombing of defenseless Muslims and others (including women and children) in Iraq. As Secretary of State, she was a key player in the unnecessary destruction of Libya, which also killed defenseless Muslims and others (including women and children). She has blood on her hands, not virtual Twitter blood, but REAL blood.
Trump may like offending people, but Clinton apparently likes killing them. Remember how she exulted in the gory, brutal murder of Gaddafi? That’s sicker than any Trump tweet. Clinton also supports the death penalty. She doesn’t much care for live people either. She voted for the USA PATRIOT ACT and its renewal in 2006. She opposed the right of gay people to marry each other all the way up until 2013.
What kind of sick, twisted, anti-human, anti-Muslim, racist, homophobic, LGBTQ-hating, vengeful, disdainful-of-constitutional rights people voted for her? If you voted for Hillary Clinton, you voted for all that.
Oh, wait. You didn’t vote for THAT? You’ve always supported LGBTQ rights? Opposed the death penalty as racist? Long thought the Iraq War was immoral? I see. You voted for Hillary Clinton not because you love her bigotry or her warmongering, but because you thought it would be progressive to have a woman in the White House! A DEMOCRAT!
I believe you. (And I’m not saying that just because I fear you might throw an elbow at my head.)
But look what you’ve done. You’ve given yourself space between your candidate’s positions and your own. Because, well, you’re a good person and you don’t agree with everything Clinton stands for. I get it. I’ve known you for years, and in all that time you’ve never blown up my house, tapped my phone, or sentenced me to death.
But why do you deny Trump voters that space, that distance you allow YOURSELF between your candidate’s positions and your own views? Some women and minorities voted for Trump. They can’t have supported all of his positions. Not every Trump voter is racist or sexist. Even if they were, though, all their candidate did was tweet and say racist and sexist things. Your candidate actually supported and helped perpetrate violence against Muslims. I didn’t see you wearing a safety pin back then.
Have you forgotten what (Democrat) political strategist James Carville said about elections? “It’s the economy, stupid!” Maybe, just maybe, many if not most people who voted for Trump voted for him…because of his economic platform. Trump may not help the economy, but his promise to do so was more conspicuous than Clinton’s.
If you stop and think, if you stop “othering” people who voted for Trump (yes, that’s what you’re doing), if you stop screaming, you might hear that many of these voters just want to earn a decent living, and that they’re keenly, painfully aware that the Democrat Party and its nominee ignored them – except to scold them as “deplorables.” That the Democrat Party decided it didn’t need to court them, as Chuck Schumer announced in July:

For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.”

There’s nothing wrong with wanting an economy that works for workers. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to provide for one’s family – one’s children. Maybe, like decent people who voted for Clinton, many Trump voters decided to overlook the worst aspects of their candidate.
If you want to engage in “resistance,” resist your own hatred. Your beloved Democrat Party won’t help you do that. Its leaders won’t admit they lost the election because of their party’s embrace of capital and abandonment of labor. Democrat leaders want you to keep hating and screaming at Trump to “delegitimize” him, to usher themselves (not you) back into power.
Anyway, don’t blame me. I voted for Jill Stein, because I’m anti-vaccine.


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Seamus Padraig
Seamus Padraig
Jan 28, 2017 4:10 PM

“It seems that, even more than these people hate Trump, they hate the people who voted for Trump.”
Bingo. Back during the dark days of the Bush administration, I caucused with the Democrats and even voted for John Kerry in 2004. I did this thinking (hoping?) that they would end the wars and come home. However, as soon as O’Bomber was elected, they just completely gave a pass–hell, they gave him a Nobel just for making a speech! And later, when the Arab ‘Spring’ started up, and when EU/NATO overthrew the president of Ukraine, the Democrats just soaked in all the MSM koolaide, bashing the “dictators” Putin and Assad, and calling for war against Russia and Syria.
It was then that I finally realized that the Democrats had never really opposed Bush’s wars at all; they simply opposed Bush’s voters–namely, us “deplorables”: rural and working-class whites from ‘fly-over country’.

Jan 28, 2017 11:18 AM

Hmmm, women in danger. How about dangerous women.
In ascending order.
Samantha Power: Backed the war on Libya, backed the US proxy war in Syria, backed the zionist war against the Palestinians in 2014, supports the ongoing Saudi bombing in Yemen. This BTW is called ‘humanitarian intervention’.
Victoria Nuland. Architect of the overthrow of Victor Yanukovich in Ukraine in 2014. This led to the secession of the Crimea and the still simmering war in the Eastern Oblasts. To date there has been a conservative estimate of some 10,000 deaths is this benighted country, all emanating from Ms Nuland’s handiwork.
Hilary Clinton. Another liberal hawk, responsible for packing out the State Department with neo-cons, the war in Libya and now pushing for war with Russia. (Whoops I mean a no-fly zone).
Pick of the bunch:- Madeleine Albright. Responsible for the air war in Yugoslavia, and was Secretary of State during the two gulf wars. The sanctions applied by NATO to Iraq amounted to medieval siege warfare. As a result it was estimated that some 500,000 children under the age of 5 died as a result of malnourishment and lack of drugs and medicines (UNICEF Report). When confronted with this, there was no denial emanating from the ineffable Ms Albright, she did, however, make the now infamous reply that ‘it was worth it’. Mass murder of half a million children was ‘worth it.’ Speaks volumes about the mindset of the exceptional people.
I could also have thrown in Condoleeza and Susan Rice, but I didn’t wish to labour the point. It just goes to show that women can be every bit as barbarous and criminally insane as men. Evil intent is no respecter of gender differences.

Jan 28, 2017 11:26 AM
Reply to  Frank

Have Joe Bidens and John Kerrys sons o’ bitches…I mean, son and son in law still have their gigs in the resource and legal areas in Ukraine? …nothing suss there?

Jan 28, 2017 7:52 PM
Reply to  Frank

Ms Albright seems ready to attone for her sins (sarc) and register as a Muslim as a protest against the #MuslimBan. That should make the hundreds of thousands of Muslim women (and men) who rightly feel discriminated against, feel a whole lot better about themselves.

Jan 27, 2017 11:02 AM

The above is a “speech” from the “Womens’ March” in Edinburgh last week. It’s by Vonny Moyes and the level of hysteria within it is, at times, unbelievable. For example, from the speech:
“To be a woman today is dangerous. It has always been dangerous. Once we were literally pilloried and burned until justice evolved a heart. Today we are pilloried and burned in all but stock and flame. To be a woman with knowledge is dangerous. To be a woman with an opinion is dangerous. To be a woman with a voice is dangerous. To be a woman on social media is dangerous. To be a woman with a platform is dangerous. To be a woman in poverty is dangerous. To be a gay woman is dangerous. To be a trans woman is dangerous.To be a sexually active woman is dangerous. To be pregnant woman is dangerous. To be a black woman is dangerous. To be a migrant woman is dangerous. To be a disabled woman is dangerous. To be a Muslim woman is dangerous.
To be a woman is dangerous.
We don’t need to ask ourselves why. We are gathered here today because we know, and we know that others have forgotten or chosen not to listen. Ladies and gentleman, we have just witnessed the fortification of the West’s greatest white supremacist patriarchy. I do not use those words lightly. I feel the weight and the sadness of having to utter each one.”
I could not believe she committed all that nonsense to print. There have been strong women around for years, women who speak out, women who are in no remote danger when doing so yet she’s presented the current predicament of women in general so inaccurately that it’s embarrassing. But it’s not only embarrassing, it’s deeply dishonest.
Later in the piece she declares that we in the UK have a “duty of care” to our “brothers and sisters” in the US following the election of Trump. (There is no mention of those brothers and sisters there who elected him! She’s concerned only with those who did not. ) There is no mention of Hillary either. Presumably, being a woman, she is exempt from all responsibility, she’s female and is therefore blameless in all of this.
Moving on to something else I’ve just seen in the Guardian today I’d welcome thoughts on this Steve Bell cartoon which, frankly, I thought was deplorable.
Considering how the Guardian’s many arch-feminist contributors go into meltdown at the smallest slight to the sisters and how much the Guardian claims to care about our rights I thought the cartoon was completely inappropriate.
Finally, the Guardian’s Polly Toynbee’s offering yesterday was open for comments and was a rant at May that she needed to sort Trump right out when she met him. At one point she said something like, “Who wouldn’t want to embrace the ideals of a decent man like Obama?” I commented that people like Polly need to stop presented Obama as MLK and Hillary as Mother Teresa. The comment was removed by moderators. I tried to make the same point again and it was again removed. I saw nothing offensive in my comment and remain curious as to why it was deemed offensive.

Jan 27, 2017 2:26 PM
Reply to  Jo

The assertion of a victimized identity as a manipulative power ploy is not new. Making a pseudo ‘religion’ out of suffering is not new. Using vilification (guilting) of ‘offences’ against the ‘holy’ victim identity is new – but its all relatively new to the political arena in terms of seeking to shut down and invalidate (control) communication.
The assertion that the world is dangerous because one feels afraid – as a basis to demand special protection to those assuming the power of victimhood, has nothing to do with addressing or healing suffering, nothing to do with compassion, and everything to do with using fear of suffering based on the past, to legitimize a hateful agenda.
I find it has energetic fingerprints all over it – for the same device blocks genuine scientific and particularly medical honesty, and is part of the foundations of the post WW2 world order.
The implication being that if you debate vax openly or blow the whistle on vax-damage you are smeared as killing babies. If you speak critically of Israel or Jewish lobby interests, you are a racist anti Semite and aligning with the holocaust, if you provide cures for cancer you get branded a fraud and a quack – regardless of nobel prizes, reputation or qualifications – and driven out or shut down.
Special ‘identities’ are nurtured out of oppressed groups and used as proxy weapons in the undermining of culture and consciousness by deceit of directed guilt and penalty.
The irony is that using such deceits brings on the very thing they fear by hiding that fear in coercion of others.
Fear always breeds more fear – and so reaction has to give way to an honesty of of being that may own feeling fears – but not as leverage for a hate agenda masking as an enforced ‘sympathy’.

Jan 27, 2017 8:59 PM
Reply to  binra

Perfidys’ trick is persecution?

Jan 28, 2017 11:14 AM
Reply to  pavlovscat7

The treachery is in the framing – the coercive force is just coercive force wrapped up in deceits to make it seem like sympathetic kindness to suffering and oppressed people (or self) – but as I said it is USING suffering as a weapon for a hateful agenda so as to make any who do not support it seem to portrayed as hateful – worthy of hate and penalty.
This kind of deceit works through the appeal for sympathy – with the intensity of emotional response being the force of another’s identification with the story as it is framed – or the woundedness as it is displayed.
We all learn this as children – and it is very common behaviour – but its use as the foundation of social control is a large part of the ‘fake world’ of ‘fake minds’ in ‘fake identities’. The difference is that personal acting out of these things is usually specific to triggered grievances or frustrations and so is the power-play or forceful demand of conditional ‘needs’. But the state-backed power and indeed the mob-backed power to outlaw free speech as hate-crime makes hate a crime – and the hateful attack on those assigned or smeared with it – state and church endorsed. (I added church because the fake goodness or righeousness of such thinking masks itself in moral edict).
The idea of the greater good can and is used to deny individual liberty according to WHO gets to frame, decide and dictate the terms. Systems of enforced ‘good’ operate for the ‘good’ of those who run them. How well or badly the slaves are treated is not the focus of a politics by consent. But when the slave-minded have no capacity to recognize and protect their freedom, they can be engineered or gotten to consent to most anything – while believing that they ARE protecting their freedom. We read this as if talking about ‘them’ because the presumption we operate from operate automatically – without oversight or indeed without true in-sight.

Margaret Telford
Margaret Telford
Jan 27, 2017 5:12 PM
Reply to  Jo

As a Scottish woman I can state I and many others who want independence have no need to read Bellacaledonia. And, I am ashamed of the people that went on this silly march and listened to the likes of this woman. Gave up on the Guardian a long time ago as well, more a hate opinion piece paper than a news paper. I suspect any news they give out is trolled from other web sites.

Kilimanjaro West
Kilimanjaro West
Jan 27, 2017 2:54 AM

Agree that the hypocrisy and tone-deafness on the Democrat side is appalling. The temper tantrums and unwillingness to take responsibility for their actions is not doing them any favours. Not only that but the vast majority of North American and European mass media outlets are now blatant purveyors of neoliberal globalist propaganda that is the Obama/Clinton party line. At the core is a power struggle within the ruling class between two factions of capitalist rent seekers. Keeping this in mind is a useful way to ground oneself when the rhetoric becomes especially insane.
There is, however, a tendency for some on the left to offer soft support for Trump and take him at his word. There is also a lot of projecting going on and “I think Trump will/will not do….” or “Trump said he will/will not do x“. This is basically accepting the frame provided by the media that if you don’t support one camp, well, you must support the other.
Strip away the guesswork, wishful thinking and projecting and the fact remains that Donald J. Trump is a billionaire capitalist with a track record that shows he is not much of a friend to the working man or woman or those on fixed incomes. He is, you know, a greedy capitalist and an A1 asshole.
One piece here recently opined that Trump was “the best choice available”. Really? To me that sounds like accepting a false media frame again. Does there have to be a “best” candidate? No, of course not. HRC was bloviating about war with Russia…Trump said he wanted to talk with Putin, to work together with Russia. (He is however still rattling his sabre at Iran and China).
Trump did scrap the TPP but does that mean he is a friend of the working class etc.? The man is a billionaire and none of his past actions suggest he will suddenly become a nice, reasonable guy. Get a grip people. It does not have to be Clinton or Trump. That’s a media frame. It is perfectly okay to say neither of those two frauds is “better”, and reject them both.

Dominic Pukallus
Dominic Pukallus
Jan 27, 2017 7:59 AM

I agree that Trump was not really the “best” choice available. Had I really wanted to stand by my principles then Stein would have been my choice, how’s that for a first female US President?. Not really having a clue how the US electoral system operates (and having not much faith in its integrity) it would seem that the choice was effectively down to Trump or Clinton, and the clear and present danger the latter presented to Human survival in that case would have made the choice straightforward. Unless the choice was really taken out of their hands by one of those factions you refer to, in which case I will still (for now) breathe a sign of relief.

Jan 27, 2017 11:15 AM

You call that a scream Munch?….obviously he didn’t see the video of Phan Thi Kim Phuc… exposing to the shareholders (the serpents teeth).. the benefits of napalm:
….Kosher Kola..
Santa Clause killed ge’e’z,
on a contract from the jews
when shanhedrin made the godfather
an offer he couldn’t refuse;
Yes santa topped the saviour,
it was just ihs damn bad luck
now merchants all throw plastic girls
to baal and to moloch..
..and metal boys whose guns are toys that
transform into trucks:
Santa Clause killed ge’e’z
and the pharisees were gay
still the children burn near Gehenna
and Israel’s got all hell Tophet:

Jan 27, 2017 12:13 PM

I think American elections are a psyop on the unique american idea of itself … the notion that there is some universal conscience and fairness that can be appeased by a president: G.W. Bush..exposed eventually to all but the staunchest patriot as a smirking arsehole.. Barack Obama positioned as the redemption and atonement for the National embarrassment of Bush..Obama himself exposed as a pathetic actor and the American conscience now with nothing left to do but to throw a tantrum and go even further into denial with Trump pushing that lower lip up with a defiant, “No mummy…I will not!” stance. YOU CRAZY USA.

Jan 27, 2017 12:54 PM

No, Trump is no friend of the people. “Trump did scrap the the TPP” – but I can bet that a surreptitious TTIP will be back on the agenda when May (also no friend of the people) meets Trump today – for May to slip in via the trapdoor of of the Trojan Horse named Brexit.
The real Brexit plan is for deepening the integration of the European Federation and a European budgetary and military union – armed principally by the UK’s nukes (which are actually American nukes – which will be ceded to France then ultimately to German control. Extraconstitutional nuclear proliferation?)
Mad? Check out David Ellis’ analysis at Strategic Defence Initiatives.
Does anyone in the UK remember voting for (or even against) such a proposal?

Jan 27, 2017 6:30 PM
Reply to  BigB

Nothing ‘real’ is allowed into the apparent ‘debate’ – perhaps a little leaks into RT but the predator class runs the henhouse.
Post-truth society could also mean – fake society.
The whole world becomes psyop.

Jan 27, 2017 9:16 PM
Reply to  binra

It’s complicated these days..in the good old days pre, post-truth..all the pre Columbians had to do was take someones loved one to the top of a truncated pyramid, tear out their beating hearts and throw it down to the hoi polli to remind them who was in charge and what they were prepared to do to maintain dominion….Hell! , even back then the citizenry in their collective loss of nerve, convinced themselves that it was for good providence from the gods.

Jan 28, 2017 11:38 AM
Reply to  pavlovscat7

Yes terror as power is nothing new and ‘truths’ operate to shield from such or mask the intent to deny another.
Such as the imposing of order upon a fragmented mind limits the loss – it also uses fear to mask and limit fear, hate to eradicate hate – and so it does the thing it would defend against – but in disguise of deceit.
Terror is god – by which all things align to ‘survive’ within its light of hot and cold rage.
Is that true?
Those who seek to be predators rather than prey – as if that is the only choice – fight to live another day – nearer the top of the pyramid of sacrifice to such power.
Living for another day can never rest in the good of the day and know itself good – but only seek substitutes that hollow out by usage.
So my use of ‘post-truth’ is more to the inability to maintain disguise beyond false associations and parrot-speak rationalisations – backed by the emotional force of the terrified. In this lack of true witness, the audacity of lies and deceits seems to have all the power – because it is associated with holding the social order – or that on which the ‘Economy’ depends. Too big to fail. Too unthinkable to think. The ‘unknown’ is filled with projected terror – while the known reveals itself hell.
The mind of a fragmented terror ‘lives’ within a state of denial. But the stirring of a wholeness of being truly lives – and knows itself in the living – and not the substitute concept of falsely framed reality.
Vigilance as to what we – I – accept true is the capacity to NOT make sacrifice of Life to fear. This is beneath the mind that thinks it thinks alone.

Jan 26, 2017 7:15 PM

Good article. Good comments!

Jan 27, 2017 10:47 AM
Reply to  anthony

I think I saw that hi-viz rent-a-griever at Sandy-Hook…..no not really, just made that up. Anyhow, the article explains how politicians don’t only lie per se….but more so, give confirmation to the lies the voters tell themselves.

Greg Bacon
Greg Bacon
Jan 26, 2017 7:06 PM

If they don’t feel safe here, they could try Saudi Arabia, the good friend and $$$ of Hillary who chop off more heads each year than all of the CIA-backed terror groups combined.
Is what we’re seeing the end result of all the warm and fuzzy feelings being taught at US schools, now including safe rooms that upset students can hide in when they don’t get their way?

Dominic Pukallus
Dominic Pukallus
Jan 26, 2017 6:09 PM

On a personal note, I am still struggling with the sequelae of a heavy blow to the side of the head 30 years ago. That’s a very sensitive spot, and you can easily die from any blunt force trauma there. Nice one, anti-Nazis, you’re certainly showing the Love there!
Given the dismal choice on offer once Sanders was seen off by the DNC, I would have had no choice but to vote Trump myself had I been a US citizen. My own motto was, “Anyone but Trump EXCEPT Clinton!”. Nice one, anti-Nazis, again. You can’t always get what you want, but what we certainly needed was averting immediate overt war with Russia (and China). Phew!

Jan 26, 2017 6:00 PM

I don’t know if I can articulate this – but there is a level of hate that is masked and ‘lidded’ by ‘special love’ – which is NOT love – so much as attempt to manipulate and maintain conditions in which a self-narrative identity of the wish or sense of love and worth and justified force can and does operate to deny that which is associated with the underlying hate that is unconscious by definition because the ‘masking’ persona is made as the device of its suppression.
This is why getting to what is really going on is often impossible – because no one wants to own or feel or revisit their own conflicted pain.
Joining in ‘hate’ is the modus operandi of ‘uniting’ against the other or the enemy or the scapegoat. Those who so join may SEEM kind, loving and moral in their own bubble reality of accepted behaviours and idea – but to expose or threaten the basis and nature of such masked hatred is of course to open a more direct sense of fears that were kept from conscious awareness by ‘the world’ that is now ‘broken’.
Humpty Dumpty is the nature of the drive to re-lid or regain and restore that which is experienced as lost or broken – and all the King’s horses and all the King’s men operate the struggle of such drive – which embodies the rage of vengeance given access to whatever weapons and strategies promise protection against further loss and power to ‘get it back – and some’.
No matter where we identify in this kind of polarity – its pattern tends to be the invalidation , suppression and denial of the feeling being – which is associated with our core separation fears. This can be anti-emotional or false emotionalism – both of which are mind distortions, limiting and filter over human being.
Discernment is not judgement from ‘above’ so much as a felt quality of truth within relationship. But unless we align with self honesty within ourself – we are ‘minded’ to protect from exposure, by masking defence – and ‘see’ only through such a lens ‘darkly’. Or see only as fear directs our mind to allow.
It is all about fear – and our relationship to fear. The attempt to hide fears – and to hide from fear, fragments or splits consciousness, and operates a narrative control so as to hide the split.
Focus on the person is always a sign of idolising or scapegoating – as a way of living in the mask and making identity in assertions that mask evasion – and defending such investments as if our ‘lives’.
There is a great awakening opportunity in the ‘breakdown of reality’ – simply by abiding in simple being and being curious as to the truth.

Dominic Pukallus
Dominic Pukallus
Jan 26, 2017 6:15 PM
Reply to  binra

That makes excellent sense, as do all of your comments I’ve read, but for the Love of all that is Holy, can you make it more accessible? It would be a pity to see the message go astray as I fear it may from the difficulty for the ‘average’ person to scale that very dry wall. This is something I have been accused of myself, mind you.

Jan 26, 2017 7:27 PM

Speaking way out of line, get yourself a copy of ‘A Course in Miracles’. It explains in specifically spiritual terms what Binra seems to be saying in a more secular manner. In fact, I’ve often wondered if this might be the source of his perspectives 🙂 .
Worth a look. Be prepared to be challenged 🙂

Boo Radley
Boo Radley
Jan 26, 2017 7:40 PM
Reply to  DavidKNZ

‘A Course in Miracles’ brought to you by MK UItra.

Dominic Pukallus
Dominic Pukallus
Jan 26, 2017 9:05 PM
Reply to  Boo Radley

Care to be more specific? There are so many spiritual and healing modalities which the CIA has meddled in that it’s hard to make out just to what extent they were initiated or compromised by them. For instance, the Orthomolecular Medicine modality which saw my sanity resored was ‘tainted’ by the involvement of Drs Osmond and Pfeiffer who worked for MK Ultra while at the same time being dedicated and effective healers (the latter especially in my case). Many people did, unaware of its wider ramifications or ultimate purpose, and their work may have been purely incidental. I’m hoping for the latter.

Jan 26, 2017 11:04 PM
Dominic Pukallus
Dominic Pukallus
Jan 27, 2017 8:05 AM
Reply to  DavidKNZ

As someone who identifies as a Taoist (I meditate and stuff), I see nothing untoward with the assertions of the proponents of that Course, they are as old as time itself. Whatever the CIA did with that, if anything, would have been to find out that attempting to control minds does not work when you come across the concept of no-mind in actual application. Same with LSD in the case of Osmond I imagine, though much better results can be achieved with regular practice in non-drug techniques I am told. The Way is long and any journey begins with but a single step.

Jan 27, 2017 6:18 PM
Reply to  DavidKNZ

BTW I feel the linked page is fair comment.
I actually feel A Course in Miracles offers a true mind reprogramming course. When fear is NOT used , our true nature comes through of itself.
Part of the globalist theme is destruction of the old order (perceived obstruction) to make way for a new. But destruction is the old order unchecked – and nothing new comes of it – excepting its exhaustion. The new is the transformation of perspective by which fearful, guilt-ridden or hateful self-definition is undone or healed.
It is generally found difficult to maintain inner vigilance or awareness amidst the thought and activity of our day. So much so that it isn’t hard to see we are run by our thoughts of conditioned or learned reaction much of the time. That is already a kind of ‘mind-control’ where there is a presumption that it is ‘my’ mind serving ‘my’ purpose. Once we start to look at our mind in act, we see it has in a sense been hacked.

Jan 27, 2017 12:57 AM
Reply to  Boo Radley

Anyone can say or assert or associate anything. I cant substitute for your mind. Nor would I want to. Everything of any capacity to question or challenge the mind of orthodox ‘reality’ is a matter of ‘free will’ – that is to say proof NEVER forces any mind to accept truth.
It really IS a free will that you have and are – including the freedom to give or assign power to thoughts and beliefs that represent a false sense of self.
LSD and the ‘Hippy’ generation were a CIA project – but that does not mean the CIA ‘controlled’ that generation.
My sense of truth is that you can publish it in the open and nothing changes because no one recognizes or can match it – and if they did – no one would listen to them
There is simply no communication that can tell or reveal truth to an unreadiness or unwillingness to accept it. This has nothing to do with words, concepts and ideas of the kind that run the personality structure.
Because everything is rendered meaningless by a ‘translation’ filter called the mind.
While I have a sense of a right use or function of mind – I often equate the term as is generally used with the dysfunction of mind (as) control, rather than aligned within a balanced will. This in A Course in Miracles is called ‘ego’ – as both the mind-contol of terror, guilt and rage – as of the suffering of such. However, I don’t rely on the travel brochure IN PLACE of the territory. Nor do I ‘teach’ A Course in Miracles – so much as teach or demonstrate what I most want to learn, or to put it another way – to give as I would receive.
My sense of human existence is of highly individualized pathways within a collective ‘entanglement’ that can be experienced negatively or as a genuine appreciation.
I hold that no tool can serve a purpose you are not aligned or active in. A tool is what you use it for. The power is in your own honesty of enquiry or discovery – not a book or a teaching or a teacher. Those who believe they already know only seek to confirm themselves to themselves and have no capacity to challenge their own narrative until and unless they are moved or stirred from within – but the nature of the ‘ego’ is that it ‘lives’ upon the denial of any such movement. The mind that passes off as you – to which your truth is sacrificed. This is the pattern of the world predicated upon ‘ego’ – as ACIM uses that term.
I find it serves me – along with a host of other tools, props and permission slips. But I don’t presume it is for others – or to push the timing of such resonance. Everything is on a ‘need to know basis’ If you really need to know something, you ripen the synchronicity of meeting it. Doesn’t matter how.
“I have a scream” can be used to parody ‘snowflakes’ – as if reality displacement and identity crisis only happens to others or wimps. Or we can each feel our own part in a world that is a CONSTRUCT – and never was Reality – and when the reality moves such as to illuminate a fallen idol – that can be your whole life, your world and everything you believed true.
So regardless of A Course in Miracles or not – the psychic-emotional realm is active 24/7 beneath the surface ‘mind’ and its construct of a world. The strategy of survival that has been operating for millennia is now bringing about the very thing is was called upon to protect FROM …. and that is terror, rage, pain and loss. One can package this in social political symbols that Others are inflicting and suffering – as part of the way to keep the distance – because separation is used to save us from what we cannot bear or hate to feel – and so it is denied. Such a mind ‘opens’ only to the truths it can use to further its sense of power and protection relative to a sense of overwhelming threat – and so it limits to that which it can attack and play out its ‘victory’ upon.
MInd control as a ‘technology of state’ is an extension of the recognition that any mind under fear is already unseated, divided and open to manipulation – and everyone knows this – and yet few are vigilant for their peace – being already captive. Those who accept a protection racket believe their fears can be put out of mind. But then the world changes – which is not what the sleepwalker expected – and a rude awakening meets a more raw sense of change that their mind cannot get a handle on – so they either demand protection (to regain their ‘lidded’ state) or become curious – as a result of the spell being broken.

Dominic Pukallus
Dominic Pukallus
Jan 27, 2017 8:07 AM
Reply to  binra

Amen to that, or whatever Word of choice you percieve to apply here.

Jan 27, 2017 10:52 AM
Reply to  DavidKNZ

Could’ve just said the instinct is for the mob in the chook pen to peck the weak chicken to death…..Sorry, too much Kafka.

Jan 26, 2017 7:48 PM

I see the thought you share and of course have wondered about it at times.
Part of the issue of our world is that of taking – or seeming to take – living information, OUT from its true context – just as abstracting money from true wealth can seem to make wealth more accessible, shareable and easier to move about and use.
Congruency of thought word and deed is older than the gold standard, and even more degraded by derivative ‘meanings’ that can serve to operate against their original intent.
Turning an inheritance to a wasteland, a greater family to debt and enslavement, pharmed sickness and destruction – and by ‘choice’!
I find there is a vibrational barrier to communication – such that only like qualities can resonate and recognize themselves in each other. No amount of ‘rational’ simplification or simple blunt word usage can make visible that which another is invested in NOT seeing.
I could just say “simply stop and look within’ and save all the time to do something else – but what I write is my willingness to ‘look within’ and sketch something that bridges from the Unspeakable to a willingness to listen – which I feel the movement of – and share the synchronicity of – such as with you.
IF another feels something resonant in themselves yet doesn’t understand – then that is a wonderful place to be. That the ‘control’ mind demands everything to fit ITS ‘paradigm’ is not something I care to feed or fit myself to. That is what I desire to learn to be free of. Rather I would draw attention to that such a ‘mind’ operates by habit or reaction, in our name – and question, challenge or observe its result.
I believe that the breaking of the ‘lid’ or breakdown of the ‘mask’ is the freedom through which a fresh curiosity can move. Not from further extension of false or conflicted self definitions – but as a sudden capacity to see them! – for the idea of the ‘matrix’ is of an unquestioned reality.
Living from a true foundation is not in opposition to a false. There is a Movement of being that is recognizably myself – and yet within a greater relationship. If I lose focus within mistaken reaction – I can chase after what seems lost and have the drama and pain of that – or relax and abide through the mind of reaction – to open a sense of presence – and to live in its light. ‘Problems’ take on different aspects when seen from fresh perspectives.
We see our own investments in keeping them unsolved – and are free to invest in more truly fulfilling appreciations.
Psychic-emotional breakdown of communication is within and therefore reflected without. And is projected without as attempt to deny it in oneself. How can I communicate in terms designed to prevent it happening? Perhaps as a carrier signal through forms that can always be misunderstood and misused. I believe my core purpose communicates through writing as it does in preparing food or making music. But not in the ways that the mind expects.

Dominic Pukallus
Dominic Pukallus
Jan 26, 2017 9:09 PM
Reply to  binra

I can (and do) certainly resonate with that. These days I find humour and the vernacular (snark to be avoided at all costs) to be more useful, but that may be redundant when addressing people susceptible to respond favourably in the first place.

Jan 27, 2017 1:27 AM

I don’t feel that many appreciate the nature of the transformation of consciousness being called forth. The old ideas lose currency – yet seem to be all we have. The need for fresh perspective finds embodiment in whatever ways we each live it – insofar as we do.
Gathering around ‘problems’ frames everything in terms of ‘impact’ or effect on ‘problems’ – but problems are framed in terms of definition that may render them insoluble – and by design. “Seek but do not find…”

Dominic Pukallus
Dominic Pukallus
Jan 27, 2017 8:10 AM
Reply to  binra

In the immortal words of Tyler Durden, “only after losing everything are you free to do anything”, or at least that’s what I heard Brad Pitt say in a techno ‘song’.

Jan 27, 2017 1:36 PM

or ‘When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose’ – Dylan
But I feel there are contextual subtleties that qualify what otherwise becomes a personal claim to insight (which is something to lose 😉
The idea that honesty of being is sacrifice of our personal life is culturally ingrained – but it is dishonesty of being that actually gives life up in sacrifice to maintain and protect the lie of a partiality against wholeness of being. This is culturally pervasive as our idea of freedom to operate as if independent of the whole (of Life). The attempt to limit sacrifice protects core investments and profits while outsourcing as much pain as possible – which is really just a redistribution of pain or dissonance of being – and manifests as power struggle – which winds up such a world as is held in shared focus today.
But investing in a fantasy self such as to take it for real IS experienced as real in psychic, emotional and physical reflection. And our thought and language reflect this sense of possession.
“He who binds unto himself a joy, doth the winged life destroy – but he who kisses the joy as it flies, lives in an eternal sunrise” ~ W. Blake
So the perception of being stripped or deconstructed or called to sacrifice is attempting to see the New Wine through the old bottled paradigm. Fighting inherent change – (the movement of being) rather than balancing within its unfolding.
I use a profile for a (neglected) twitter account @binra – ‘I used to think I was, what I thought I was’.
To possess a thought is to be possessed by it – but abiding in free association is a natural resonance. Watching the mind, opens the shift or release into what might be called a field consciousness – which is what is denied from awareness while playing the foreground personae as if indeed ‘independent’ and both seeking and suffering power within its defined terms. (The idea of) power, corrupts who fears to lose it.

Jan 27, 2017 9:33 PM
Reply to  binra

The quicksand effect, of alphabet soup;
if coursed last will astound and then drown you:
That analogue broth, brews there in the trough
for the terms of interminable sentence:
Albeit Shemitic, if aeiou is phonetic..
..then gods’ name is mighty;
If you wish, play this shtick, this, interlocutory quiz..
..and curious sink where the silence is coming.
Which will make you a very bad listener:

Jan 28, 2017 8:27 PM
Reply to  pavlovscat7

The Silence calls to notice
what understanding fails to see
and trying…
and fails again.
One cannot listen for truth
while insisting stories are true.

j jones
j jones
Jan 26, 2017 11:34 PM
Reply to  binra

Knowledge protects & together with discernment helps us to decode & unmask truth. Working with other enquiring minds helps to raise awareness & is necessary for keeping ego in check.

Jan 27, 2017 10:39 AM
Reply to  j jones

Indeed, egocentric identification is the basis from which to reactively persist the problem while thinking to solve it. Yet such is not only the trained and acquired reaction – but defended from ‘interruption’ as a necessary and justified exclusivity or ‘exceptionalism’. In simple terms; self-specialness.
I felt to write on this theme – beyond a personal response.
The capacity to listen is dependent on the willingness to pause this ‘mind’. Within the freedom for communication thus opened, a spontaneous sense of worth can arise as both a recognition of the other and an extension of value. This sense of communication is miraculous or synchronous – in that it is not transactional effect of a past upon a present into a future – but a presence expanding as its own unfolding.
We have learned and in a sense become a certain kind of linear consciousness in which self-definitions condition our sense of reality, are reinforced by mutual agreements that run as subconscious routines, and by reversal suffer subjection and victimhood or powerlessness within such personal and collectively self-defined ‘realities’. This exclusive personal sense is the ‘ego’ or self through which we participate in the human experience of World as exterior to Consciousness.
If you move the cursor on your screen now to select any word I wrote – note that you haven’t ‘moved’ anything. But the programming uses the pixel mapping of the screen to operate a point of focus. Everything is a matter of focus within the theme of current attention and intention – including the relaxation of focus to rest in and as the feeling of Existence Itself.
I see us as learning to balance consciousness so as to embrace a richer experience of being – and part of learning balance is … losing it. Self-conscious inhibitions can polarize into fear and guilt that then ‘protects’ against re-experiencing ‘failure’ by inhibiting learning – and indeed limiting consciousness itself – by devices of ‘justified defence’ AGAINST knowing – in the assertion that what is already known (threat) is all that needs to be known. Indeed anything that doesn’t support the defence is itself seen as threat – and so communication is lost to the dictates of power to persist a narrative identity – in social extensions of such identity that align and conflict in all manner of ways – and yet always to hold the intimacy of knowing at bay. As if we are independent movers rather than truly moved.
A sail can use a force of wind to achieve different vectors of motion. The force or motivation of life can be harnessed to different effects by the set of our relational self definition – given acceptance and reality by acting out or extending such idea into manifestation. Such shifts of focus as maintain our shred reality experience operate much faster than our computing devices – operate far more ‘dimensional constructs’ at once and beneath the personality focus of awareness. Not so different as to say that trillions of cells operate the body and its networks of communication without having to take thought to effect it – though such thoughts will affect it.
The attempt to CONTROL life rises from a sense of disconnect, deprivation and lack – and make a vicious or negatively persisting loop. The recognition “I cant do it!” is not a mark of shame and failure – but a freedom from the futility of trying.
True balance is within a supporting movement of desire and intention. Staring from ‘beginner’s mind’ is the answer – because it doesn’t frame itself in the problem. Living from a present sensing – both within and without at once is very DIFFERENT from the sense of the manipulator of events and relationships. But the support for such a sense of ‘private’ control is withdrawing – as its cost is dawning.
So rather than “how shall I or we change the world or the minds of others?” – is the need and desire to balance and live within and as one with the fundamental change that can no longer be forced to uphold an obsolete sense of identification. Perhaps a forced fakery remains available if it calls you by name and you answer. But you don’t have to move until you feel and recognize the movement as you. Such is a true response ability.

j jones
j jones
Jan 27, 2017 12:23 PM
Reply to  binra

To a certain extent, we each create our own reality but the ego is a practised manipulator requiring constant vigilance. Otherwise, the I’s have it.

Jan 28, 2017 9:44 PM
Reply to  j jones

The ‘I’ of the ‘Me’
usurped can be,
by image and thought
to seem to be,
unlike, apart – as if
thinking alone,
dreaming of exile
while sleeping at home.
Manipulation of form
doesn’t change the truth of the purpose so embodied – and a wolf in sheep’s clothing is a deceit to those whose mind is fitted to forms as meanings.
Regardless the form, your experience of it – is your gift to yourself – and therefore to everyone.
Because ‘reality’ is defined in form – creating reality is judged as effects – and the cause is denied – where one wants the meaning of the form to stick.
The making of a world through mutually agreed definitions, is a framework of culturally interpreted experience. When the reality does not ‘agree’ with the model – the conditional identity loses support and is exposed to the underlying sense of conflict and lack that gave rise to the ‘rules’ the world – or those in it – were supposed to embody.
Or as Neil Young sang; “Now that you find yourself losing your mind, are you here… again. Finding that what you once thought was real, is gone… and changing”.
‘Wherever you go there you are’, works for the ego as for the Spirit. The self (and world) you meet is determined by where we are in a sense living out from. No matter how cleverly we manipulate our thought and experience – it can only embody the rejection or non-acceptance of what and who we simply are – via the false frame or image of who we thought we wanted or needed to be.
There is peace in self-honesty that cannot be substituted for by presentations of success… or failure.
So much of the ‘neo-liberal’ ism is caught in the idea we should be loving – with the stick of guilt and penalty hitting on selected forms of ‘failure to comply’.
So much of the fake news – and fake politics is more about controlling and directing a presentation – under the largely serious pretence it is real. Serious because it offers a diversion from what is really going on here – and how you really feel and the choices you are actually making that compound this – or use it to serve a joy in living.
Masks are defences are a symptom of defence. Fear can filter, distort and shut down communication. Fear mis-creates reality in attempt to hide.
As the mask or curtains fall away – the MORE of Everything – or the More of what we truly are – is restored to awareness – and this is a greater perspective of freedom in which to choose in alignment with freedom, rather than the choices fear defines as alternate ways to evade or hide itself.
Within the ‘scream’ is a recognition waiting acceptance – or an acceptance waiting recognition – for in denial are both rejecting and rejected.
Killing the Messengers, isolates a sense of power and possession in fear of loss.
The fear of loss triggers our first experiences of loss – which were traumatic as our emerging sense of self – such as to call forth a world of amnesia in defence against living that again.
Every journey unfolds its starting point. The attempt to get away from something inherently carries the fear and creates the very conditions that attract it into manifestation. But it does this unmindfully – as conditioned reaction – no matter how inventively complex.
To truly accept not knowing, is the condition in which the natural impulse of asking and receiving operates spontaneously – and synchronously. Awake.
No one asks who believes they already know – and asking of the already ‘known’ gets more of what it always gets – which is the imprint of fear-associated conditioning.
The ability to feel – is a quality of Soul or Consciousness. That we can feel, is part of our true inheritance and what we feel is the result of the ideas and definitions we accept true. Emotionality is the mental intent to deny true feeling – for true feeling IS knowing – wordless and object-less.
When forms embody true feeling, they carry a recognisable quality to a resonance of reception. Being ‘moved’ as one is no loss of individuality – but its unique signature recognition. We cannot meet that which we are not containing the vibration of. It’s physics.

Jan 26, 2017 5:18 PM

Is this demented delirium a simple consequence of the entire Mass Media being controlled by Jews? It’s a fair question having watched an outbreak of the same Jewish hysteria on BBC2’s Newsnight the night after Trump was elected.
We surely need to re-establish the Monopolies Commission and diversify media ownership. Jewish media barons will love this idea. They are ALL FOR diversity. It’s their favourite thing ,,, as we all know.

Jan 27, 2017 11:21 AM

The cultivation and manipulation of split minded identity under a protection racket is not unique to the Jewish identity politic – though that has its own contribution to the struggle of powers arising from exceptionalism or an exclusive self-specialness.
Perspective upon the nature of identity conflict cannot be found within it.
The clever and quick have always had the opportunity to fool others into doing their bidding, but deceits come undone or are sooner or later found out – AND the cost to the deceiver is a world OF deceit – how could it be otherwise?
Mental-emotional issues can be magnified into passive aggressive defences against communication just as they can be invalidated, suppressed and denied by heartless sadistic pleasure at the pain of others.
I notice that clever hidden agenda works through legitimate suffering to weaponize it.
The ‘immune system’ is co-opted by some disease vectors to operate in protection of the disease and even turn the body against itself. There are ways to look at the systems operating that do not operate identity in fear and hatred.
I feel that disease is an environmental condition in which certain inflammatory processes are enacted – that may then become vectors of further degradation of the environment to the seeming ‘invasion’ of infection. The focusing on the symptoms as if they are the disease – tends to degrade the environment further. So restoring environmental integrity is creating the conditions in which the various elements of disease synergies can no longer function. In this sense ‘environment’ is the contextual field of any level of our being – and not external to who and what we are.
The desire to eradicate symptoms is negatively (fearfully or hatefully) defining oneself over and against them. Such is the ‘split minded’ identity conflict.

Jan 27, 2017 12:30 PM

Was that anti-semitic?… Was it an a’semtic?….Or is that stuff just Greek guff to you:
Well according to theo, you can’t do that to Shem..but by george he can do it to you:

Jan 27, 2017 9:41 PM

“You don’t know me from the wind / You never will, you never did / I’m the little Jew who wrote the bible.”
………vale Lenny Cohen..
PS: even the spellcheck machine made me write Jew with a majuscule:…..
….’.Not that there’s anything wrong with that!’

Dominic Pukallus
Dominic Pukallus
Jan 28, 2017 7:08 PM
Reply to  pavlovscat7

The whole of that song seems to be more relevant as time goes on. I really do pray, and it’s not some idle claim, this is just a vision of what may be. Sort of like the Fatima revelation is supposed to be, even now that Russia has returned to Christ. Or so I’m told.

Jan 29, 2017 1:53 AM

The stark recognition of a future of destructive insanity is the ‘Call’ to Sanity – but as Leonard’s last work says “You want it darker”.
Participation in insanity is hidden – partly by focusing on what Others do. Blame is the redistribution and manipulation of guilt such as to substitute for true response-ability.
Guilt-backed responses are attempts to excommunicate or expel and deny guilt.
Guilt feelings are a deep sense of dissonance that truly felt is the ‘Call’ to Sanity. But guilt is also the basis of the ‘power’ to manipulate – and so the attempt to limit hate operates the narrative control of a surface ‘reality’ made to block out and substitute for truth.
One of the things coming up for many who thought the bubble was real is finding they have strong hate feelings. Being anti-something is being defined by that something – so anti-fascism depends on fascism as an equal an opposite reaction. Of course true witness can call out corporate cartel capture of governance for what it is and make a stand or work to block anything that works a destructive agenda – but my point is about hate as the driving force of an identity – masking as right over and against a certainty of evil in the Other.
I see repentance as an immediate response to something illegitimate and un-belonging in me. Not a process into which guilt can hide itself in guise of ‘working on itself’.
The core fact of release is freedom to appreciate true presence and be truly moved. The attempt to struggle with guilt is the feeding of self-importance, reinforcement and validation. Self-specialness works just as well with a sense of lack of worth as with self-inflation made to hide it.
The difficulty in such discussion in public is that the social ego is predicated on devices or defences against exposure of unconscious material, and even to encapsulate the emotional with words is commonly used as a ‘rationalisation’ by which to invalidate the dimension of feeling. In some sense we are emotionally illiterate – and so can describe and define our insanity or addictions in detail while persisting in them because the true emotional force is not allowed to signal the call to wake. But instead is used as the call to war – or whatever serves to keep the light out and make it ‘darker’.

Jan 26, 2017 5:11 PM

This is the cosmic tragedy that is identitarian politics. A world full of morons capable of becoming hysterical at what they deem an inappropriate tone of voice, yet seemingly careless of the fact that their own government has slaughtered one and a half million brown-skinned people and utterly destroyed at least three countries over the past 13 years.
The absence of rational perspective is dumbfounding.
Masturbatory solipsistic narcissism rules.
God help us all.

Jan 27, 2017 9:52 PM

I think the evidence suggests that god was invented by his favourite tribe…wouldn’t think he’d help you…..unless of course, like Larrys’ buildings..you were insured for a motza:

Jan 28, 2017 10:01 PM
Reply to  pavlovscat7

Everyone seeks and finds what they set out to validate – no?
The god idea is the self idea.
If you hold yourself a random mutational process of no purpose but to persist – then that is your ‘god’ from which you source and image yourself. – No?
Of course one can use different phrases or words to point to this – but if you pause to consider… the attempt at power is not just of dominant force – but of getting upstream.
Insider trading operates upstream and can crash the many to enrich the few.
But the notion of god as coercive power is a reflection of our own mind. And while such power is god – it is sacrificed to and worshipped in thought word and deed.
When seeking power to effect change on others and the world – such a god is presumed true – as if change has to be forced upon others or the world to happen. There is a millieu of physics relating to action and reaction in forces upon objects – but it reflected the idea of force as power – and neglects the recognition of frequency resonance as power.
One can see the false god runs on fear and generates the conditions that propagate fear and division – and actively undermining true solidarity of recognition and worth among us.
Thus we become as golems to be managed and pharmed. But waking to this is to wake from it to a sense of self that is not a manufactured identity

Jan 28, 2017 11:50 PM
Reply to  binra


Jan 29, 2017 2:14 AM
Reply to  pavlovscat7

Bull’s shit comes from a bull.
The nature of what a thing is or does embodies its source.
Cynicism does not embody joy – except as a perverse gratification in attacking it in others.
The ‘Father’ idea is the Source Idea. All Idea has a Source. The Idea of you has a Source – just as your own thoughts do not really LEAVE your mind – even though you can perceive them as if they are out there in the world. And you can have great force of emotional investment in keeping it there – as if to escape your own thought. But all thought has consequence at some level – and unconscious hate leaks out as well as working like a bot-net to empower evils in the world.
I don’t invite the god-idea as an argument, weapon or shield, as a persuasion or morally superior position or as a personal claim to anything special – though we are each and all unique and therefore all ‘special’ in that sense.
The politics of identity is the struggle to survive and prevail in that identity. But that which identifies you perfectly is not a result of struggle, nor in conflict with itself. Joy is a naturally unified state – and its radiance is unselfconsciously extending rather than a manipulative smile to disarm or use another for fantasy gratification.
I don’t see one needs any kind of theology or metaphysic or ideology to recognize where someone is coming from and feel the genuine need beneath the presented appearance.
But one has to live a self-honesty to discern – otherwise one’s own ‘cover up’ works a distortion in the results to strengthen the mask rather than live free of it.

j jones
j jones
Jan 26, 2017 5:00 PM

Of course he’s vile but given that both candidates have flawed characters & low morals, the election was farcical! Ultimately, when it comes to pretence, voters decided they would rather have Donald Trumps lies & pretence than Hilary’s.

Jan 27, 2017 10:45 AM
Reply to  j jones

@ J jones
Indeed, especially when Hillary’s sort of lies tend to be accompanied by many, many dead bodies in countries abroad.

j jones
j jones
Jan 27, 2017 12:06 PM
Reply to  Jo

The root cause being narcissism.

Jan 27, 2017 3:02 PM
Reply to  j jones

One can say that everyone who identifies in self-image or self-concept rather than in relational honesty – is a narcissist within their own reflection and ignores the calls of others.
I see addiction to power for its trappings left Hillary hollow – as a result of being whored out politically to whoever paid to play.
Addiction is destructive. Including addiction to our own thinking and our own image. It is a Faustian pact by which to ‘gain a world’ at expense of Soul.
While psychological terms may serve some function, they soon become the invalidating terms of ‘official’ scientifically backed vilification. And I see that those without the sin they hate are not the ones throwing stones. And even questioning the use of the term may be smeared as ‘defending’ narcissists – because that’s the way the mob-mind works.
Waking up to a true sense of worth doesn’t have to bolster a self-image – or suck up to others – or envy them either.
So I prefer the false (root) cause as the “lie and the father of the lie”. For the wish to be someone else, is based on the lie you are unworthy as you are – and the attempt to become something in your own right, can all be based on trying to overcome the past – which is then never released – because it is operating your core self-definition.
Deeper denials operate more assertive masking or shielding. Some want others to ‘love them’ – but only as presented – not for who they truly are – which the presentation is made to keep private and defended. This layer of masking is part and parcel of the ‘politics’ of manipulation. It’s fake – but its also a strategy of survival in one way or another. Because being truly ourself gets denied by our society – by which we learn and adapt our world – but also split our mind and lose the direct feeling of being – that we then try to find substitutes for in fantasy relations that ‘reality’ intrudes on!

Jan 26, 2017 4:33 PM

Indeed. There are plenty of reasons to criticise Trump but all this anti-Trump hysteria is just noise. Nothing articulated. The media have told them to jump and they jump. That’s the scariest part. You can’t have any kind of debate. They don’t want to listen, just repeat cliches about Nazis.
Even funnier I see people wanting to defend the mainstream media as the stalwart of truth – oh we need to defend our independent press before Trump destroys it! Seriously?
I feel sorry for many of these people on videos acting out for the media. One day I’m sure they’ll feel stupid and they can’t erase it. The people who have screwed with their heads are sitting pretty lunching and buying their designer clothes. Of course they’re not going to get their hands dirty or end up with criminal records.

Jan 26, 2017 3:09 PM

Although I am not an U. S. citizen I was really anxious. United States people were heading to a terrific Scylla and Charybdis trap.
First: Frankly, it was a huge relief I have been feeling reading the new Killary was not elected.
(Second: I am hoping that the murdered Colonel – or Colonel the Murdered(?) – is haunting her dreams and turning her nights into nightmares. Time-to-time, at least.)

Jan 26, 2017 3:10 PM
Reply to  Nerevar

“… reading the news …” was the correct word

Johnny Hacket
Johnny Hacket
Jan 26, 2017 2:55 PM

I thought Richard Spencer was a nazi ? I we supposed to feel sorry for him ? Attempted murder? hilarious.

Jan 26, 2017 4:21 PM
Reply to  Johnny Hacket

You don’t have to feel sorry for him but that footage probably gained him more support.

Jan 27, 2017 1:56 AM
Reply to  Sav

No it didn’t

Dominic Pukallus
Dominic Pukallus
Jan 27, 2017 8:12 AM
Reply to  peebbo

Having been on the receiving end of such an attack, I can only feel some kind of sympathy however limited.