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The Great American Perpetual Motion War Machine

by Greg Maybury from Pox Amerikana

The so-called ‘military-industrial complex’ ushered in by the passing of the 1947 National Security Act is a luxury America and the world can no longer afford. The unprecedented threat posed by the over-privileged belligerents infecting U.S. military doctrine with their unbridled hegemonic ambition is redolent of that of the British Empire in the years leading up to the Great War in 1914. With Donald Trump advocating massive upgrades of the U.S. nuclear arsenal and full-spectrum dominance likely to remain integral to American foreign and national security policy making, along with musing on how we arrived at this point, we ponder the here and now, and an unthinkable, yet, still avoidable future.

From Truman to Trump (Extra War, Hold the Peace)

President Harry S Truman – The former Missouri Haberdasher Gave the Nod to the Military Industrial Complex

President Harry S Truman – The former Missouri Haberdasher Gave the Nod to the Military Industrial Complex

Of all the major actions taken by presidents since 1945, it is surely President Harry Truman‘s decision to sign off on the 1947 National Security Act (NSA)—thereby ‘birthing’ the National Security State, the so-called ‘military-industrial complex’ (MIC)—that has triggered the most unremitting, far-reaching and profound blowback for America, its allies and the rest of the world.

Few would argue that in order to expand, justify and perpetuate its monolithic existence, there’s much to show for the investment of blood and treasure the “complex” has exacted. This to say little of the propaganda, lies, corruption, debasement of the public good, and ‘divide, conquer ‘n rule’ abuse of power and privilege that have long sustained it, or the environmental, social, cultural and economic destruction, geopolitical instability, abject futility and all too human suffering, tragedy and farce that’s been its hallmark.

As an exemplar for the Law of Unintended Consequences hard at work, this decision doesn’t simply tick all the boxes; seventy years later, the ‘gift’ just keeps on giving. The inescapable reality from this is that there are some extraordinarily powerful folks the like of which insist to this day this is the way it should be, with some doubtless seeing it very much how it was always meant to be. President Barack Obama’s tenure was ample evidence of this prevailing, depressing reality. They will resist by any and all means open to them, attempts by anyone to question or challenge the status quo, much less any serious efforts to reverse its course. Which is to say, no one should expect any divestment by the U.S. in the machinery of war after January 20.

Notwithstanding what president-elect Donald Trump said on the campaign trail about scaling back America’s commitment to foreign wars, defusing the tensions between Moscow and Washington, developing better relations with key international partners, and curbing the ‘coups and colour revolutions’ crowd, there is much to be concerned at how foreign and national security policy and military doctrine will play out under his administration. Regardless of what Trump does or says, such is the collective psychopathology of the Great American War Machine, it retains a relentless momentum all of its own that will move forward inexorably with or without his cooperation, and/or he and/or any of his team even knowing about it. We might even say, with or without him at all!

For William Engdahl, there’s “no good side” to what we will experience under Trump, and he seems to take this view not necessarily because of who Trump is and what he might or might not do. Engdahl isn’t buying the feverish talk of elements of the national security state pulling out all stops to thwart his presidency or even prevent his inauguration. Even if he doesn’t know it himself, ‘Trump was put into office to prepare America for war’, albeit one he says Wall Street and the military industrial complex aren’t presently in a position to win.

For Engdahl then:

…Trump’s job will be to reposition the United States for them to reverse the trend to disintegration of American global hegemony, to, as the Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz Project for the New American Century (PNAC) put it in their September, 2000 report, “rebuild America’s defenses.”’

Finian Cunningham suggests Trump is being (White?) ‘house-trained’ as it were. His view is that the ruling elite is using ‘media orchestration and dirty tricks’ to ensure its desired election result prevails, which is ‘a hostile policy toward Russia, China and the rest of the world’, serving of course US corporate interests. After observing the ‘shift’ by Trump and his people toward a ‘more frosty stance’ on all things Russia, Iran and China (evident in secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson’s confirmation hearing testimony and that of his fellow nominee for defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis), Cunningham suggests a ‘coercive taming process’ is in play within the Beltway establishment, with, he notes unnervingly, ‘sinister implications for supposed US democracy’. He had this to say:

…It’s a truism that US presidential winners are…determined by elite corporate power, the ‘Deep State’ military-intelligence apparatus, and their controlled news media conglomerates. In Trump’s case, the outcome appeared to be an exception…So now [Trump] is being ‘processed’ to produce the desired ‘result.”

From Harry Truman to Donald Trump at least then, if not before, well might we say, [that] falling into line with the powers that be whilst preparing America for war has been part of the presidential job description. No sooner for example had Truman stopped one war with two very large bombs (the decision effectively having already been taken for him before he was sworn in), he then set in motion another war that went on for 45 years, the very one for which the national security state was ostensibly established to fight. The rest we might say is “history” except, as we’ll see it is not, with most presidents viewing their lasting legacy through the prism of warlike enterprise.

We’ll return to Trump later, but for useful context and perspective, we should revisit at this point some post World War Two—or more specifically, Cold War—history.

Where Have all the Wise Men Gone?

Throughout the Cold War, by any measure George Kennan was a towering figure in the geopolitical firmament, a crucial player in the realm of Cold War foreign policymaking. Of Kennan, historian Wilson Miscamble remarked that ‘[o]ne can only hope that present and future makers of foreign policy might share something of his integrity and intelligence’. To be sure given how U.S. policy has played out since Kennan’s heyday, it is difficult to think of too many folks who’ve measured up in this respect. This “integrity and intelligence” was evident when he appeared to question the myth/delusion of American exceptionalism, suggesting that, ‘[the] tendency to see ourselves as the center of political enlightenment and as teachers to a great part of the rest of the world strikes me as unthought-through, vainglorious and undesirable.’

George Kennan – Kremlinologist of note, and Wise Man of U.S. Cold War foreign policy.

George Kennan – Kremlinologist of note, and Wise Man of U.S. Cold War foreign policy.

Born in 1904 in Minnesota and educated at Princeton University, Kennan was a ‘Kremlinologist’ and Cold War intellectual and policy wonk, one of the so-called Wise Men of American statecraft of the era. He was the key architect of the ‘containment’ principle, the cornerstone of the rules of engagement by which America sought to manage (that is contain, but not directly confront) the purported Soviet menace.

Broadly defined, said “menace” was Communist-inspired, ‘full-spectrum domination’ of the Big Blue Ball, attended by the overthrow of capitalism and the purging of the bourgeoisie, represented by the much-reviled capitalist power elites. It was of course this much-touted existential Soviet threat that inspired and defined the Cold War itself; for almost five decades it informed international relations and shaped the geopolitical landscape. As indicted, under the aegis of the NSA it both justified and precipitated the establishment the ‘complex’.

For his part Kennan, who died in 2005 at the age of 101 (four years after 9/11), continued making his views on policy known to the Beltway Bedlamites throughout retirement, whether they were interested or not, which for the most part they weren’t. Notably, two years before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and four years before the implosion of the Soviet empire, in a foreword to Norman Cousins‘ 1987 tome The Pathology of Power, Kennan—presumably after having reflected much on how containment had played out since its inception and any implications this might have for America’s future national interest and security—had this to say:

Were the Soviet Union to sink tomorrow under the waters of the ocean, the American military-industrial establishment would have to go on, substantially unchanged, until some other adversary could be invented. Anything else would be an unacceptable shock to the American economy.’

Putting aside the unavoidable inference in his remarks the foundation for the Cold War—and the justification for the military-industrial complex ostensibly created to fight it—may have been premised on less than legitimate security concerns or noble ideals about freedom, democracy and the pursuit of happiness, given the widely unforeseen nature of the event he imagined, it is tempting to assume he knew something few others did. However, this was not the case. At the same time, whilst Kennan by his own admission had a struggle coming to terms with his prior ‘what-if’ musing about this putative unipolar world, he lived long enough to see the Great American War Machine “go on…”, albeit in a much changed—and for the majority of Americans, unexpected—form.

As the U.S. entered this post Cold War era then—what Andrew Bacevich termed the Age of Great Expectations—most folks anticipated a ‘peace dividend’. But as history tells it, the much hyped and hoped for “peace dividend” revealed itself as a chimera, wishful thinking on the part of those people who’d breathed a sigh of belief at the disappearance of the Soviet threat. Of course we should recall here that most Americans and Russians amongst others expected a global “peace dividend” after 1945, which as history tells us it also failed to materialize.

True to Kennan’s ‘prophecy’ then, the Soviet Union had barely sunk, Titanic like, ‘under the waters of the [geopolitical] ocean’ when a group of folks in the U.S. began busying themselves inventing new adversaries, devising new threats and drafting commensurate doctrines to meet and challenge them so as to pre-empt the “unacceptable shock” Kennan hinted at. In fact for these people (we all know who they are), the biggest threat now facing America was that it faced no threat at all! Like their Cold War architect ‘ancestors’ back circa ‘45, talk of any “peace dividend” for these folks was anathema—nay, heresy—to their way of thinking about the world. For them, there really wasn’t any point in having this great military machine if “we” weren’t going to use it.

Throughout the nineties and in the lead-up to 9/11 and beyond then, it was this not-so-loose ‘confederacy of hegemons’ that would go on to profoundly alter the impetus and focus of American strategic policy, if not its broad direction and end game, which may have already been defined. Either way, they would do all this in ways and by means in which it’s difficult to see how Kennan and his ilk might’ve contemplated in their wisest imaginings, with or without a Soviet-style threat. That this recalibrated “impetus” in strategic policy still plays out today is a given, despite the disasters it has engendered, the enormous cost in blood, treasure, economic stability and geopolitical credibility, and most importantly, the genuinely existential risks posed by its unfettered continuance.

Indeed, these New American Centurions repudiated anything resembling what the ‘wise men’ would have considered prudent. For the latter, unilateralism and preemption weren’t part of their policy lexicon. In later years Kennan was sharply critical of such actions taken by both the Bill Clinton and George W Bush regimes. According to Miscamble, along with opposing policies for NATO expansion and [to] what he saw as the West’s ‘exploitation of Russian weakness’, he expressed considerable reservations about U.S. interventions in places like Bosnia, Somalia, and Kosovo, irrespective of their alleged ‘humanitarian purpose’. In his 98th year, a ‘still intellectually vigorous’ Kennan harshly criticized Bush’s national security doctrine, especially decrying the Iraq invasion.

It’s hard moreover to imagine he would’ve thought much of President Obama’s policies either, given what has taken place on his watch in Syria, Libya and the Ukraine, to name just three globally destabilizing, avoidable conflicts of note to which the incumbent effectively lent his presidential imprimatur. By way of considerable understatement, Miscamble noted of Kennan, [that] ‘….[his] long-expressed reservations regarding U.S. overextension and excessive reliance on military force proved remarkably consistent whatever the changed geopolitical circumstances of the new century.’

In a Fearful, Bunkered Nation (How did we get here?)

One suspects George Kennan might have also observed supreme irony in the way this post-Soviet reimagining and subsequent rearranging of the world order—in particular America’s consequent place and part in it—unfolded. For the duration of the Cold War, this was ostensibly the great fear he and his contemporaries had of the Soviet Union, which was that the USSR was positioning itself to do same. After all, was this not the basic premise of containment—to keep a lid on the gremlins in the Kremlin and curb their presumed gusto for Third World exploitation, saber-rattling destabilization, military one-upmanship, geopolitical mischief-making, proxy war mongering and global hegemony?

Click link below for further information regarding military spending as per above graphic.

Click link below for further information regarding military spending as per above graphic.

And though this fear of Soviet imperial ambition we can now say with reasonable certainty was never founded on much resembling a viable prospect for them or even a genuine objective, nonetheless it determined the course of geopolitics, spheres of influence, international relations, military affairs and history—along with the balance of world power, and we might add, the global financial system and world economic order—for almost half a century. We might also posit that the Soviets were themselves containing the Americans as much if not more so than the other way round.

As for the Machine itself, it’s significant that in his seminal 1956 book The Power Elite, Charles Wright Mills made much of the unholy alliances, connections, interactions and relationships between and across the economic, political, defense, industrial, legislative, intelligence, and academic hierarchies in the United States and the economics that have been it’s mainspring, what came to be called the “military-industrial complex”. Mills — who died in 1962 — noted that since 1945, “….the US power elite has [become] increasingly immoral, irresponsible, ignorant, stupid (in not valuing reason)…..mindless in its quest for wealth and power.”

Fast-forward sixty years. Of all the discrete, seemingly disparate elements of the U.S. National Security State, it is with the military-industrial-security complex Mills’ observation really comes into its own. Along with reinforcing this observation, the following might serve to underscore what should be one of our principal concerns: The truly unsustainable and literally incalculable cost of keeping the machine in perpetual motion! In his introduction to the indispensable 2011 handbook The Pentagon Labyrinth, retired Defense Department veteran Chuck Spinney noted that even allowing for the cumulative effects of decades of inflation, twenty years after the Cold War’s end—and with that the disappearance of the singular existential threat upon which the whole national-security edifice had hitherto been constructed—the U.S. spends more on defense ‘than at any time since…World War II’.

If winning sundry wars and military conflicts, reducing the risk and prevalence of terrorism and other actual or perceived threats, and keeping the country and the world safe and secure are suitable measures by which to evaluate its overall effectiveness, then on such basic metrics alone the defense establishment’s performance leaves quite a lot to be desired. This is before any consideration of whether such profligacy is providing American citizens with bang for their taxpayer buck. The utter failure of the purportedly impregnable, gold-plated defense apparatus of the U.S.—still the most formidable military machine ever assembled in history—to preempt and prevent the 9/11 attacks is stark evidence of this.

We only need factor in just one of the many head-shaking realities that attend the Pentagon/DoD narrative: It cannot account for around six and a half trillion dollars of expenditure over the past two decades. From there concerns about ‘bang-for-buck’ might seem if not irrelevant for some, then a secondary consideration at best. For that matter, there’s something decidedly ‘other-worldly’ about any bureaucracy already blessed with unlimited budgets—black and white—that can lose track of such staggering amounts of money, defies, avoids or resists all attempts to undergo external audits like other agencies and departments are required to, and no-one is held accountable. And though it’s far from an insignificant ‘achievement’ (this ‘mother’ of all real-life ‘case studies’ is sure to provide forensic accounting gurus much to dine out on for some time), we’d have to say any organization that can lose track of this amount of money forfeits from the off any claim to being efficient, competent or effective, especially one that can point to few if any substantive successes in its core mission in recent memory.

NOTE: Click link here to the above graphic regarding military spending. Readers are encouraged to watch this short animation to help visualize what one trillion dollars looks like. It’s an eye-opening exercise, providing perspective to spare.

Of course the ‘complex’ still keeps demanding—and getting—more, with Trump now pledging even further increases. Yet as Spinney notes, this gigantic defense budget is ‘not producing a greater sense of security for most Americans.’ For the highly respected former defense ‘lifer’ and many others of his ilk, the positive outcomes—quantitative and qualitative—from all this expenditure have been few and far between at best, and non-existent at worst. Who could argue that it has actually created the reality of greater instability and insecurity as well as the sense of it, in America and elsewhere? Further, Spinney observes that throughout this process:

…we have become a fearful nation, a bunkered nation, bogged down in never ending wars abroad accompanied by shrinking civil liberties at home. We now spend almost as much on defense as the rest of the world combined, yet the sinews of our supporting economy….are weakening at an alarming rate, threatening the existence of the high income, middle-class consumer society we built after World War II.’

Spinney rightly asks the following question: How did the American political establishment maneuver itself into such a self-destructive straitjacket? Although not an easy question to answer definitively, some reflection may assist us putting some of it in perspective. For that matter if our narrative simply keeps the discussion going as it were, then well and good. We might argue that the country’s future national security depends on it!

An Alert and Knowledgeable Citizenry (Going AWOL)

In January 1961, the outgoing president of the United States Dwight D (aka Ike) Eisenhower delivered his last address and most memorable public utterance. In his much-cited speech, Ike warned us of the dangers of the growing “military-industrial complex”. Now enough of the broad vocabulary and themes of his speech are well known, so there’s no need to expound on it too much.

Suffice to say, though Ike stopped short of acknowledging his own administration’s contribution to its emergence, he nonetheless admitted he’d become very concerned about the growing power of the bourgeoning but already Byzantine matrix of relationships between the US Military, Wall Street, Congress, and the private sector security and defense industry apparatus.

Yet well before Eisenhower uttered his immortal words, the train had left the station: The “unwarranted influence” and “misplaced power” he knowingly alluded to had already infiltrated and infected Washington’s collective psychopathology, and today this now 70 year old monster corrupts and corrodes virtually every nook and cranny of the U.S. body politic. And though it was the “military-industrial complex” bit that took up residence in most folk’s minds, we can now say the “alert and knowledgeable” bit he referred to, went decidedly AWOL.

Which is to say, unfortunately for those all too few folks fitting that ‘make’ whom Ike suggested was the only “bulwark” against the continued growth, power and influence of this monster within, most of their fellow citizenry remained completely oblivious to it all. They either fell asleep at the wheel or chose to ignore the already disturbing implications of its encroaching reach. Or those in whom they placed their faith and trust to prevent this from happening, such as their elected representatives and the political parties to which they belong, have betrayed them. Even for those savvy citizens who understood more clearly what was happening, Andrew Cockburn had this to say: [for anyone daring], ‘…..[T]o suggest that U.S. military organizations exist for the benefit of those who profit from them is considered unseemly…indicating a dangerous predilection for “conspiracy theories.”’

That the MIC throughout its evolution from 1945 onwards and up to its current incarnation then went on to become even more powerful than Ike could have ever dreamed possible, is a given of course. And as noted, it has become considerably more ‘immoral, irresponsible, ignorant, stupid, and mindless in its quest for wealth and power’ than Mills might have imagined. All of which is to say that the exponential growth of the MIC—especially so since the end of the Cold War and even more so since the events of 9/11—now exceeds anything previous generations might have imagined no matter how hard they tried. It should not be difficult to envisage the outcome from this continued mutation and metastasization and the implications for democracy and freedom (or whatever is actually left of either), and at this point we have more proof than we’ve ever had.

It hasn’t just endangered but taken the liberties and democratic freedoms—not to mention the lives—of American citizens, but as noted, those of many millions of others throughout the Western and Eastern Hemispheres. The ongoing events and developments taking place in the Ukraine and on Russia’s borders along with the continuing political standoff with Russia—to say nothing of the Syrian situation — are compelling, but by no means the only, evidence of the dangers that lie ahead.

We might also posit that it has incurred humanity’s greatest opportunity costs: In everything from security itself, to individual and collective freedom, economic prosperity, international relations, Western prestige and respect, financial stability, human rights, political effectiveness, social harmony and equality, technical and scientific cooperation, and many other areas or concerns that have been and remain vital to resolving some of the biggest issues all countries—indeed, we as an evolutionary viable species—face.

The Merits of Warlike Enterprise

And to the extent additional corroboration of impending dangers might be required, it is difficult to see how the 2015 National Military Strategy of the United States of America authored by the complex is not designed for any other purpose than to aggressively provoke a global military conflict involving two other nuclear powers, China and Russia. Quite apart from their singular status as useless, dangerous, and expensive, the starkly existential implications of their deployment would suggest there’s no better place for folks to become “alert and knowledgeable” than with nuclear weapons, and the prospect of a renewed nuclear arms race between the U.S. and Russia. Donald Trump’s talk about the U.S. upgrading its already formidable nuclear arsenal should not have come as a surprise, even if there was little indication during the campaign something like this would be on the agenda if he won.

To be sure, like most things Trump-related regardless of the issue, saying one thing and meaning another, shooting from the hip, and keeping the pundits guessing are just some of the tried and true tactics employed by the president-elect. Indeed, such foreign policy making on the fly is unprecedented, with little sign this is likely to change radically after 20 January. Given this uncertainty, it’s difficult to get a handle on what the real agenda is or might be in relation to this issue; it is even more difficult to ascertain just how the Russians might respond, and how this might play out should Trump seek a genuine rapprochement with the U.S.’s former Cold War nemesis.

It should be noted that outgoing president Barack Obama also had already flagged such an upgrade earlier, with spends of up to a trillion dollars being touted. Though it now sounds much like the presidential candidates’ equivalent of a Miss Universe contestant professing world peace to be her most fervent desire and that if crowned pageant winner she’d do everything to make it all happen, it almost certainly would’ve been Obama’s earnest declaration that if elected POTUS, he’d do everything he could to ‘rid the world of nukes’, which earned him his Nobel Peace Prize (NPP).

Indeed, here’s a president who at the beginning of his first term was all for deep-sixing nukes altogether and by the ‘fag-end’ of his second, was shilling a wholesale, trillion dollar plus upgrade. And there is to be sure incalculable irony in a president, who after accepting his NPP, becomes the very first ‘Oval Officer’ to serve two full terms with his nation at war on not one but several fronts, more than a few of which are of his own making. Along with many other unflattering assessments one might make of Obama’s performance as POTUS, this surely will become an ineradicable blot on his already considerably shop-soiled legacy.

When it comes down to it then, the hegemonic mindset that has propelled the Great American War Machine since Truman has frequently subverted, maliciously thwarted, blithely undermined and/or routinely destroyed said “liberties and democratic freedoms” along with the economic and social well-being of all concerned. With or without Trump, the next four years appear likely to bring us closer to answering that question than we have ever got to it before: that being, is it already too late? For his part Paul Craig Roberts recently pondered this question. His view is that the existential danger we all face is Washington’s assumption, based he says, on the West’s hegemony and historical rule, that it is “normal” for it to continue pursuing ‘full spectrum dominance’, despite knowing the enormous risks. However, he adds ominously, Russia and China ‘do not agree’, and that,

…either country is sufficient to stand up to [the U.S.], and together they overmatch Washington’s military capability. Due to the arrogance that resides in Washington, the would-be overlords of the world are not aware that Russia and China are not Iraq and Libya. If the moronic idiots that rule in Washington bring us into war with these powers, the United States will disappear from history along with the rest of the world.’

It is perhaps appropriate that the last word herein should go to Thorstein Veblen, the sadly under-appreciated Norwegian-American economist and social theorist, and noted (and occasionally pithy) critic of the excesses of capitalism and the free market. He was the man who at the time correctly presaged the consequences of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles (a sequel twenty years later), and interestingly, coined the phrase ‘conspicuous consumption’. Although in what follows Veblen was referring to the prevailing sentiment and mindset in Europe and in Britain that brought us the Great War of 1914-1918, he could quite easily have been talking about the Beltway Bedlamites in 2017.

Temperamentally erratic individuals…such as are schooled by special class traditions or predisposed by special class interest, will readily see the merits of warlike enterprise and keep alive the tradition of national animosity. Patriotism, piracy, and prerogative converge to a common issue. Where it happens that an individual gifted with an extravagant congenital basis of this character is at the same time exposed to circumstances favorable to the development of truculent megalomania and is placed in such a position of irresponsible authority and authentic prerogative as will lend countenance to his idiosyncrasies, his bent may easily gather vogue, become fashionable, and with persistence and shrewd management come so ubiquitously into habitual acceptance as…to throw the population at large into an enthusiastically bellicose frame of mind.’

With Veblen’s somewhat tortuous, yet pithily cogent, observations firmly in mind, might we suggest in concluding that it is in few other areas occupying real estate within the overarching U.S. body politic beyond the rarefied milieu of the U.S. national security state/military industrial complex, where ‘conspicuous consumption’, the ‘tradition of national animosity’, ‘truculent megalomania’, the ‘excesses of capitalism’, ‘irresponsible authority’, ‘patriotism, piracy and prerogative’, and the purported ‘merits of warlike enterprise’ intersect and fuse so seamlessly.

And so ominously!

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  1. Melissa says

    Wars are inevitable under capitalism. I’m more suprised when I wake up every day to find the sky is still blue than I am by another president preparing for war

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  3. The pentagon is a vassal pledged to kill the enemies of the British Crown FOREVER by
    N.A.T.O. treaty. They and the National guard are traitors to our American Revolution of 1776.

    • John says

      Trump described NATO as “obsolete” during his presidential campaign.

      • pavlovscat7 says

        Trump is great, he tears a new slogan of his toilet roll every day.

    • Sorry, Not Buying it says

      Errrr…it’s the British who grovel to the US, not the other way around.

      • pavlovscat7 says

        British Prime Ministers grovel to Murdoch for their jobs it’s true..and Murdoch I suppose is an American..and I guess it’s fair to make a rank yank generalizations….But if any grovelling were to be witnessed in a meeting between; Donald Trump say.. and ER11…..it would be Trump doing the grovelling and not Mzrs Saxe-Coburg-Gotha….This not an expression of personal, identity defence. It’s just a tangent look at the Real hierarchy..

        • John says

          The only real power a UK monarch has these days is of the exceedingly “soft” variety.
          She can officially receive Trump as one head of state to another.
          In doing so, it will lend his presidency a degree of legitimisation.
          He may well crave such legitimisation but that confers very little real power on Britain or the British monarch.
          I dare say he will enjoy the experience of all the pomp and circumstance such events bring with them.
          Yet, it is all just a bit Ruritanian in nature, which is lost on no one participating in the spectacle.
          Don’t forget Trump’s mother is a Scotswoman and she will probably like to see him with The Queen.

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  5. BigB says

    @Jen: absolutely spot on – I think you just about wrapped that up. As for the US/ Saudi relationship, I’ve never been entirely convinced as to which is the tail, and which is the dog! Mixing my metaphors, Salman backed the wrong dog in the recent election, do you think he’ll get his $25 million back?

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  8. “Finian Cunningham suggests Trump is being (White?) ‘house-trained’ as it were. His view is that the ruling elite is using ‘media orchestration and dirty tricks’ to ensure its desired election result prevails, which is ‘a hostile policy toward Russia, China and the rest of the world’, serving of course US corporate interests.”

    That only makes sense if you took Trump at his word when he was a candidate. Dogs who pee on the floor have to be house-trained but Trump is no dog. He said that he was hostile to China and Iran when he was campaigning but the Baathist amen corner did not care that much because it was so fixated on Syria. Meanwhile, Trump’s representative to the UN has castigated the Kremlin over an escalation in Eastern Ukraine. I wouldn’t put it past Trump to start to use his muscle against Assad. The bottom line is that politicians pay attention to their corporate masters, not the people who vote for them and least of all “anti-imperialists” who were bamboozled into thinking that Trump was some kind of benign isolationist.

  9. Thelma Follett says

    So where is the mention here of the huge part that the global arms manufacturing profiteers have to do with this whole mess?
    America (and, by the way this is NOT Americans, who for the most part until recently were kept in the dark about what was really going on in the upper reaches of their rogue democracy) has not gone it alone all these years.
    And where, EVER in these articles, do we see the mention of the REAL culprits in all of this? The corporate owned global propaganda press? Call the press out! Name names – going back 100 years.
    The only way Americans (or the world for that matter) have ever gotten enough real truth is for martyrs like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea manning to leak it.

    • Your average American is and always has been complicit in the crimes of US Empire. They serve it in various ways or cheer from the sidelines. Anyone who didn’t know it’s because they didn’t want to know and didn’t care.

      The press is just an institution, a tool of the capitalist ruling class.

  10. Well crafted simplistic article and particularly enjoyed the many quotes of excellent minds from previous years. Quite prescient in view of what Trump is up to with regard China and North Korea. As for the “friendship” with Putin, I don’t believe it is genuine. Rather I see it as driving a wedge between Russia and China in the hope that Russia – who will always be viewed as the enemy, will not intervene on China’s behalf or behest, so that once “dealt with” China will have no reason to come to the aid of Russia. It will all depend on whether Putin is clever enough to see through the guile.
    Likewise, many of Trump’s appointees are ardent anti Semites and pro Zionists. The more Jews Trump can encourage over to Israel, the fewer radicalised Jews on US soil. It’s called killing two birds with one stone. Not only do more Jews leave the US,(100,000 in 2016 alone) but the “Palestine” problem will pretty much cease to exist as the indigenous peoples of the land Israel occupies will be eliminated on an even grander scale.

  11. John says

    AIPAC recycles US Dollars to ensure that the finest political system that money can buy is firmly in the pockets of zionists, both home-grown and overseas.
    The zionist state is better represented on Capitol Hill than the White House ever was, is or shall be.
    This is definitely one case where the tail DOES wag the dog!
    It gives me no pleasure at all to report that – following the Al Jazeera exposé of zionist attempts to topple senior UK government ministers – the same process is happening in the UK as well.
    The May Government’s cowardly efforts to sweep zionist espionage under the carpet is a sure sign that the leading elements within the UK political elite are firmly in the pockets of zionists too.
    Just imagine the outcry and general hubbub that would result if a similar exposé caught the zionists out acting similarly in the USA – or would it only result in a similarly meek acquiescence by the US political system?

      • John says

        You are making the mistake of conflating Jews and zionism.
        Not all Jews are zionists and not all zionists are Jews.
        There are plenty of crackpot Christian fundamentalists in the US who are avid supporters of zionism.
        This vile creed has caused more terrorist murder and mayhem than anything amateurs like ISIS can achieve.
        The Yinon Plan lies behind much of what continues as a form of fascist ideology in a militarised zionist state.
        The tendrils of the zionists do indeed reach out to the US and UK, and a number of other supportive regimes.
        Ultimately, they are all linked together through a network of exploitative finance capitalism.
        I wonder just when will decent Jews living within the vile zionist state finally throw off the vile yoke of zionism?

      • pavlovscat7 says

        If you want to know where your master lies..find what can’t be criticized .

        • Apparently they can be criticized quite a bit. I can’t go anywhere online without running into this psychotic bigotry and foolishness.

          The American WASP ruling class generally frowns on open expressions of anti-Jewish bigotry because it has tried to position itself as the “good guys” since WW2 and also to curry favor with evangelical Christians.

        • Apparently they can be criticized quite a bit. I can’t go anywhere online without running into this psychotic bigotry and foolishness.

          • pavlovscat7 says

            Prole inc. mate?….Would you please hurry up and raise a red army and put all us nazi running-dogs of capitalism to the sword.?… Just watch out for ice picks with your name on them:

    • pavlovscat7 says

      You could print, “In Yahweh we trust” on the quid, and the punters still wouldn’t get it.

      • Brad says

        True…”Jesus” is a made up name. English did not exist when Yeshua lived and the letter “J” did not exist until about 1500. “Jesus”, when you look at the roots, means praise-Zues (je-sus). Dont tell the baptists because “there is power in the name” …sadly they cant figure out his real name

        • pavlovscat7 says

          Racism reives, past the rocks and headlands
          to a flood on the ignorant sand
          On redemption presumed
          I floated to high ground
          But the mountain by magic asked questions
          “are you Judas, or Joshua, or both?”
          And before I could answer a cockatrice crowed
          So it seems I’m still holding my breath:

    • Brad says

      You figured it out….the Rothchild Kazarian mafia runs the show. And trump is a zionist…so the show goes on….Russia bet on the wrong horse. Althougb ALL of the “horses” that were running were bad.

    • Israel is nothing more than an unsinkable aircraft carrier for the US. The US military industrial complex will be satisfied with the huge profits that go its way. The US taxpayer funds the arms that go to Israel, but those dollars end up in the coffers of the “defense” industry.

      • The US Homeland Security got all feisty when they were alerted to the fact that Mossad had stolen many of their nuclear secrets. What did they do about it? Nothing. When the USS Liberty was destroyed by Israeli aircraft and sea craft, did they do anything about it? No, they hid the facts from the US public. When Israel demanded more dollars to prop it up, did the US say they could not afford it? No, they agreed the extra “funding”. This puppy is definitely wagging the dog and it’s tail!

        • Those dollars end up in the hands of US arms companies. The USS Liberty incident could have easily been friendly fire during the Six-Day War or it could have been a false flag attack intended to draw the US into the war, either way it doesn’t mean Jews are taking over the world. Israel paid millions of dollars in compensation to the families of the victims of that attack.

          Don’t spread these ridiculous right-wing conspiracy theories. Why is it so hard for you to believe that the US is the number one enemy of all humanity? It is a WASP and not a Jew that is behind all this mischief.

        • BigB says

          Re: nuclear secrets – they did worse than nothing, they (the CIA) smuggled 44 pounds of weapons grade plutonium (‘stolen’ from the Kerr-McGee plant) to Dimona. When the Union safety officer, Karen Silkwood, became suspicious and was about to whistleblow on the companies appalling disregard for safety, she was run off the road, ‘accidentally’ killing her. (She was on the way to meet a journalist from the NYT)
          According to Danny Sheehan (one of the law team in the subsequent case) – the plutonium was to be shared with the Shah of Iran and apartheid South Africa (a good fact to remember with the undoubted furore over Iranian ‘nuclear weapons’ about to erupt . There are none, but nevertheless, America gave them the wherewithal. Worth a look into deceptikon CIA shill A Q Khans duff centrifuges and dodgy warhead plans, and Operation Merlin. Talk about forward planning, but it looks to me as though the coming sh_t storm was set up by the CIA in the mid seventies.)

        • Brad says

          So many awake people hear. Very refreshing. I have been awake sonce 1992 and was very alone and viciously attacked for many years….it so good to see so many “getting it”. Ive been censored over and over again for discussing our REAL problem. Voltaire said…..if you want to know who rules over you, figure out who you are not allowed to criticize.

          You can talk about the Vatican, the masons, evil liberals/demoncats, jesuits and a long list of entities but almost no sites will censor comments discussing these groups, but if you point fingers at the zionist mafia, many sites will censor you. This has conviced me that i was on the right track.

  12. “What would happen if capital succeeded in smashing the Republic of Soviets? There would set in an era of the blackest reaction in all the capitalist and colonial countries, the working class and the oppressed peoples would be seized by the throat, the positions of international communism would be lost.”

    Joseph Stalin

    • pavlovscat7 says

      Not if Uncle Sam and Moishes construction firms got the contracts to rebuild the infrastructure,

  13. “…in the new exuberant aggressiveness of world capitalism we see what communists and their allies held at bay.” – Richard Levins

    • pavlovscat7 says

      What was held at bay…? more 3 dollar bills to finance the Bolshies?

        • pavlovscat7 says

          You could do with a one on one with Professor Anthony Sutton Prole Center… Do you gesticulate and wave your fist in the air when you are typing your hilarious recruitment posters?

            • pavlovscat7 says

              I think I can see your hidden agenda and stone me..I THINK I LIKE IT!…You play the commie-bolshi schtick..and the internationalists and bankers that facilitated lenin and the boys of the revolution at the fin de siecle.. will do a reprise on your revolution….You’re a genius mate..How much are your red hats going for?…I’ll have a large.

              • John says

                What we have to remember about the zionists is that they sided with Germany in the First World War (as they did in the Second World War for zionist reasons) as they perceived their principal enemy as Tsarist Russia.
                To a large extent, this is understandable, for the Tsarist regime was appalling in terms of the waves of pogroms and other forms of Judeophobic hatred they unleashed from time to time.
                Initial efforts to get the US to enter WW1 on the side of the Allies were frustrated by the zionists as they wanted to see the Russian Empire defeated and smashed by Imperial Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
                Once the Kerensky Revolution had taken place, they were more open to considering supporting the Allies, especially after the Balfour Declaration was issued.
                It was then that Arthur Zimmerman (of the Telegram fame) arranged for Lenin and a group of his associates to be transported from Switzerland to St Petersburg, in order to bring about the Bolshevik Revolution, which ensured that conflict on the Russian front ended, thus freeing up more than 1 million German soldiers to switch to the Western Front, in a final desperate but ultimately unsuccessful attempt to forestall the impact of fresh US soldiers and airmen.
                It should be noted that the Imperial German government had agreed to something similar to the Balfour Declaration with the German zionists but had said they could not issue such a declaration until after the war had ended, as a result of having to keep their ally Turkey committed to the Central Powers war aims.
                All in all, the zionists played a very clever game in playing off the Central Powers against the Allies to gain a homeland in Palestine, which Herzl had predicted with startling clarity well before the war had even begun.
                Ultimately – and especially as a result of the zionist settlements policy – Palestine can only survive in the future as a single secular state, in which all Palestinians should enjoy equal rights to everyone else, including the right of return and/or compensation. Only then will the religious conflict in the so-called “holy” land come to an end.

                • Brad says

                  Actually as Ezra Pound and a few others have pointed out, you are correct that the Zionists supported Hitler. They said the real meaning of “Nazi” was National (Na) Zionist (zi). Not National Socialist like “the winners of wars” have distorted. Because Germany lost the war, we only hear the winners version of events and any rational person knows that will be a distorted view of what really happened.

    • Brad says

      Eisenhower had Patton killed. He allowed the soviet army to take Berlin when Patton said he would. The sovietz mercilessly rapped thousands of innocent german women. Eisenhower was a worthless piece of fecal matter

  14. John says

    What also keeps the US MIC machine in motion is the zionist state, which is itself now a permanent war machine and helps to keep the USA in a similar condition.
    The US neo-con neo-traitors place the interests of the zionists before the interests of what might be thought of as their own American country men and women.
    Even a US President as formidable as Eisenhower could not resist the machinations of the MIC machine.
    How – then – to reign it in?
    Only by the US electing a President determined to reign it in.
    How long such a President would survive – literally – is, however, very much open to question.
    It may well have to be an incremental process, involving more than just one presidential term to succeed.

      • pavlovscat7 says

        Lot of internal parasites under the tail of that rabid mongrel:

      • Prole Center – The zionist Lobby determines US policy, foreign and internal and to much of US politico is “owned” by the parasites Pavlovscat7 refers to.

      • Brad says

        You are wrong….the US does not tell the Zionists what to do.

    • Jen says

      Before we get too carried away by the US-Israeli symbiotic connection which is real enough, we ought also to consider that since the 1940s at least the US and Saudi Arabia have also had a very tight relationship that has worked to the advantage of US and Saudi political / economic elites at the expense of their peoples (particularly the Saudi public): the US buys Saudi oil and protects Saudi Arabia, to the extent of ignoring its outrageous human rights abuses and vast social / economic inequalities, and the Kingdom’s promotion and funding of global Wahhabism; and Saudi Arabia invests the bulk of its oil earnings in US Treasury bonds which help prop up the US dollar and keeps it circulating in the world economy.

      In addition consider also that since 1945, the US gave safe haven not only to former Nazi government bureaucrats, scientists and other intellectuals (we’ve all heard of the rocket scientist Werner von Braun) but also to their collaborators in eastern Europe , particularly in Ukraine, who tortured and butchered thousands of Jewish and other people. Some if not many of these collaborators and their descendants returned to their home countries after 1989 or 1991 and managed to slot themselves a little too smoothly into important government positions. Having mismanaged their new countries’ economies with neoliberal economic policies and driven their populations into austerity and emigration in search of work, the governments of these countries are now calling for NATO troops to be brought over and US military bases to be established in their territories, presumably to stimulate spending and provide jobs in cleaning toilets, mopping floors and pole-dancing entertainments in the bases for their own people.

      How does recreating World War II in Europe benefit the US and Israel? How does helping a barbaric kingdom corrupt Islam and spread a vicious ideology that potentially threatens Jewish people around the planet (and ultimately in israel itself) benefit the US and Israel? The only way we might explain this is that certain individuals in Israel with interests in the armaments industries (and who might also have political influence there and in the US) might benefit financially in the short term while all this activity around Israel keeps that nation perpetually insecure and forces that country to continually buy US arms and military equipment with all the zillions of aid money it receives. Do these people care about their own co-religionists? I suspect not.

      • John says

        If you have not yet read it, I suggest you read Jeff Halper’s “War Against The People”.
        I don’t agree with everything Halper writes but he does provide significant food for thought.
        You should also familiarise yourself with the Yinon Plan, if you have not yet come across it.
        The zionists inside and outside the zionist state are determined to achieve an Eretz (Greater) Yisrael.
        They are not satisfied with a state from the sea to the river but want it to run from the river to the river.
        The rivers they had in mind ever since 1919 have been the rivers Nile and Euphrates, and everything in-between.
        As for the US: no one cares about the US; only about the extent to which they can fulfill their “useful idiots” role.
        Just ask all the supposedly neo-con neo-traitors like Perl, Wolfowitz and all the other zionist-supporting scum.

        • Brad says

          Yes, the U.S. is just the muscle to enforce the agenda of the zionist bankers/mafia

      • pavlovscat7 says

        With regard to endangering and indeed sacrificing their own tribesmen.. Israel is the state of the art of perfidys’ trick is persecution. They did though delegate the sacrifices to the gentile franchise on 9/11.

      • BigB says

        @Jen: absolutely spot on – I think you just about wrapped that up. As for the US/ Saudi relationship, I’ve never been entirely convinced as to which is the tail, and which is the dog! Mixing my metaphors, Salman backed the wrong dog in the recent election, do you think he’ll get his $25 million back?

    • Brad says

      Since the Zionists own the media, both tv and print and they own Hollywood, the odds of ever getting a leader not aligned with the Rothchild Kazarian mafia is slim at best.

    • pavlovscat7 says

      Check out that little film schtick by the late Bill Hicks John… on the meeting with the new POTUS and the boys in the darkroom that run the show:

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