Pentagon leads rehearsal for invasion week after White House says it may attack N Korea

by Steven Gowans

The United States and South Korea are conducting their largest-ever military exercises on the Korean peninsula [1], one week after the White House announced that it was considering military action against North Korea to bring about regime change. [2] The US-led exercises involve:
• 300,000 South Korea troops
• 17,000 US troops
• The supercarrier USS Carl Vinson
• US F-35B and F-22 stealth fighters
• US B-18 and B-52 bombers
• South Korean F-15s and KF-16s jetfighters. [3]
While the United States labels the drills as “purely defensive” [4] the nomenclature is misleading. The exercises are not defensive in the sense of practicing to repel a possible North Korean invasion and to push North Korean forces back across the 38th parallel in the event of a North Korean attack, but envisage an invasion of North Korea in order to incapacitate its nuclear weapons, destroy its military command, and assassinate its leader.
The exercises can only be construed as “defensive” if undertaken as preparation for a response to an actual North Korean first-strike, or as a rehearsed pre-emptive response to an anticipated first strike. In either event, the exercises are invasion-related, and Pyongyang’s complaint that US and South Korean forces are practicing an invasion is valid.
But the likelihood of a North Korean attack on South Korea is vanishingly small. Pyongyang is outspent militarily by Seoul by a factor of almost 4:1, [5] and South Korean forces can rely on more advanced weapons systems than can North Korea. Additionally, the South Korean military is not only backed up by, but is under the command of, the unprecedentedly powerful US military. A North Korean attack on South Korea would be suicidal, and therefore we can regard its possibility as virtually non-existent, especially in light of US nuclear doctrine which allows the use of nuclear weapons against North Korea. Indeed, US leaders have reminded North Korean leaders on numerous occasions that their country could be turned into “a charcoal briquette.” [6] That anyone of consequence in the US state truly believes that South Korea is under threat of an attack by the North is risible.
The exercises are being carried out within the framework of Operation Plan 5015 which “aims to remove the North’s weapons of mass destruction and prepare … for a pre-emptive strike in the event of an imminent North Korean attack, as well a ‘decapitation’ raids targeting the leadership.” [7]
In connection with decapitation raids, the exercises involve “US Special Missions Units responsible for the killing of Osama bin Laden in 2011, including SEAL Team Six.” [8] According to one newspaper report, the “participation of special forces in the drills…may be an indication the two sides are rehearsing the assassination of Kim Jong Un.” [9]
A US official told South Korea’s Yonhap news agency that “A bigger number of and more diverse US special operation forces will take part in this year’s … exercises to practice missions to infiltrate the North, remove the North’s war command and demolish its key military facilities.” [10]
Astonishingly, despite participating in the highly provocative exercises–which can have no other consequence than to rattle the North Koreans and place them under imminent threat—the South Korean ministry of national defense announced that “South Korea and the US were keenly monitoring the movements of North Korean soldiers in preparation for possible provocations.” [11]
The notion that Washington and Seoul must be on the alert for North Korean ‘provocations’, at a time the Pentagon and its South Korean ally are rehearsing an invasion and ‘decapitation’ strike against North Korea, represents what East Asia specialist Tim Beal calls a “special sort of unreality.” [12] Adding to the unreality is the fact that the rehearsal for an invasion comes on the heels of the White House announcing urbi et orbi that it is considering military action against North Korea to bring about regime change.
In 2015, the North Koreans proposed to suspend their nuclear weapons program in exchange for the United States suspending its military exercises on the peninsula. The US State Department peremptorily dismissed the offer, saying it inappropriately linked the United States’ “routine” military drills to what Washington demanded of Pyongyang, namely, denuclearization. [13] Instead, Washington “insisted the North give up its nuclear weapons program first before any negotiations” could take place. [14]
In 2016, the North Koreans made the same proposal. Then US president Barack Obama replied that Pyongyang would “have to do better than that.” [15]
At the same time, the high-profile Wall Street-directed Council on Foreign Relations released a task force report which advised Washington against striking a peace deal with North Korea on the grounds that Pyongyang would expect US troops to withdraw from the peninsula. Were the United States to quit the peninsula militarily, its strategic position relative to China and Russia, namely, its ability to threaten its two near-peer competitors, would be weakened, the report warned. Accordingly, Washington was adjured to refrain from promising Beijing that any help it provided in connection with North Korea would be rewarded by a reduction in the US troop presence on the peninsula. [16]
Earlier this month, China resurrected Pyongyang’s perennial proposal. “To defuse the looming crisis on the peninsula, China [proposed] that, as a first step, [North Korea] suspend its missile and nuclear activities in exchange for a halt in the large scale US – [South Korea] exercises. This suspension-for-suspension,” the Chinese argued, “can help us break out of the security dilemma and bring the parties back to the negotiating table.” [17]
Washington rejected the proposal immediately. So too did Japan. The Japanese ambassador to the UN reminded the world that the US goal is “not a freeze-for-freeze but to denuclearize North Korea.” [18] Implicit in this reminder was the addendum that the United States would take no steps to denuclearize its own approach to dealing with North Korea (Washington dangles a nuclear sword of Damocles over Pyongyang) and would continue to carry out annual rehearsals for an invasion.
Refusal to negotiate, or to demand that the other side immediately grant what is being demanded as a precondition for talks, (give me what I want, then I’ll talk), is consistent with the approach to North Korea adopted by Washington as early as 2003. Urged by Pyongyang to negotiate a peace treaty, then US Secretary of State Colin Powell demurred. “We don’t do non-aggression pacts or treaties, things of that nature,” Powell explained. [19]
As part of the special unreality constructed by the United States, Russia, or more specifically its president, Vladimir Putin, is routinely accused by Washington of committing “aggressions,” which are said to include military exercises along the Russian border with Ukraine. These exercises, hardly on the immense scale of the US-South Korean exercises, are labelled “highly provocative” [20] by US officials, while the Pentagon-led rehearsal for an invasion of North Korea is described as routine and “defensive in nature.”
But imagine that Moscow had mobilized 300,000 Russian troops along the Ukraine border, under an operational plan to invade Ukraine, neutralize its military assets, destroy its military command, and assassinate its president, one week after the Kremlin declared that it was considering military action in Ukraine to bring about regime change. Who, except someone mired in a special sort of unreality, would construe this as “purely defensive in nature”?
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Feb 19, 2018 5:28 PM

Meanwhile, back in Syria a little country without nukes, The Man from Uncle is having a hard time. Ziad Fadel editor of SyrPer 1hr ago: “The United States, as I wrote before, is in a fallback position in Syria. With a large number of special ops soldiers helping the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces, they are especially vulnerable today. Planning in Moscow and Damascus has shifted substantially from fighting a defeated ISIS to now extirpating U.S. forces from the country. A lot will depend on Iraq’s cooperation with Damascus. If the Iraqis deny the U.S. rights to fly over, Washington will have to scrub the Kurds in order to re-use Incirlik in Turkey. It’s a mess. ….. The U.S. has cornered itself … with no perceivable way out. Just as Afghanistan is sucking American energy, so will this latest adventure in Syria. And it’s just beginning.” [Tell us, Uncle, why do… Read more »

Sam Sabet
Sam Sabet
Apr 7, 2017 10:13 AM

This “rehearsal for invasion” as you call it is only a reactivation of exercise “Team Spirit”, an annual exercise, held during March/April every year. Anyone who was stationed in Korea would know this. They were stopped in hopes that N. Korea would stop their Nuke program, but of course, they didn’t.

Mar 17, 2017 7:46 AM

Any pretence at being the world’s policeman would disappear with such an invasion. The USA would be the world’s new Hitler, conquering to get a hard-on.
North Korea poses no offensive threat, it merely defends itself. If that is a crime, the USA needs the death sentence!!

Mar 16, 2017 9:47 PM

Michael Moore never mentioned North Korea!

Mar 16, 2017 12:25 PM

Great article.
US led empire foreign policy of domination and plunder via destruction, sanction, subversion and threat continues apace. Who would believe we were in 21C? Neo colonial barbarity and inhumanity continues apace conducted by the self declared ‘civilized’ nations.
Koreans especially N.Koreans have already suffered unbelievable horrors and now it looks like US moving from planning, to test new killing and destruction tech and strategy on N. Korea, to action.

Mar 16, 2017 11:16 AM

I would imagine there are invasion plans for many countries within the Pentagon, probably all that aren’t domestic (only the US is termed domestic). After all it is America’s God given right to enlighten other nations as to the true meaning of Democratic rule. The Founding Fathers understood that only Continental America could be the land of the free and home of the brave. America has never deviated from this God given task, why should it be of any surprise to see plans for an attack on the North of Korea, they already occupy the South?

Dead World Walking
Dead World Walking
Mar 16, 2017 3:57 AM

Meanwhile, back at HQ, Trump needs a distraction from his foot in mouth disease.
As the Iron Maiden learned very quickly, war is good for business and fertilising patriotism.
Question is: Will Kim Jong-un, being vastly outgunned, retaliate with the biggest bang of all?

Mar 16, 2017 2:28 PM

Your last sentence could prove to be prescient, so I can only hope that someone constrains the “mad men”, preferably before the South Koreans end up on the receiving end of their egomaniacal saber rattling and switch and bait word game. God help us all(or anything else you believe in), if sanity cannot prevail. There’s not a whole lot of that being demonstrated of late.

Mar 16, 2017 3:23 AM

Any nation that continually refuses peace talks, is courting disaster. Any nation that plans assassinations and invasions is breaking international law. Any nation that continues to provoke an insane leader of another nation is despicable and deserving of what it gets as a response to such blatant incendiary actions. How damned foolish Americans are!

Mar 16, 2017 2:17 PM
Reply to  archie1954

In the UK more than 60% of Brits polled (closer to 70% most of the time) said no to a war against Iraq. The American people are in no better a position in the machinations and war intent of the powers that rule them. ” How damned foolish Americans are!” could equally be applied to British citizens. I fear you are correct in your prophetic words relating to what goes around, comes around, but the sad truth is, that those who have no say in what the powers that be will do, are the ones who will pay the price. If pushed, the mad man that rules N.Korea could well start a nuclear holocaust and the US “powers that be” led by their own “mad man” would happily respond likewise with absolutely no regard for the inevitable death and destruction of such nihilistic convictions. Be careful what you wish for,… Read more »

Mar 16, 2017 7:40 PM
Reply to  mohandeer

I agree, war should be extinct!

Mar 16, 2017 2:41 AM

Oh dear… China is bound to get involved. 🙁

Mar 16, 2017 2:20 PM
Reply to  vierotchka

They would have to and so would Russia. North Korea, like Israel and Kosovo, is the US proxy military forward base from which to murder and maim whomsoever they choose, with much greater ease, without putting themselves in danger and the direct line of fire.