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VIDEO: Should Montenegro join NATO?

As the US Senate votes to ratify the treaty on Montenegro becoming the 29th member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the Campaign for Neutrality in Europe have created this short video on why they believe this should not happen


  1. Seraskier says

    [[ As the US Senate votes ]]

    You don’t need to read further than the fourth word to see why this yankee-doodle obscenity is wrong.

    By what right do a bunch of obese ignorant morons – of whom only 5% could find Europe on a map, and only 1% could find Montenegro – vote to shoehorn an independent nation into a nuclear alliance of fascist nations, against the manifest will of the people of Montenegro???

    Probably this appeals to ignorant pigs like Maxine Waters – the yankee-doodle birdbrain Neanderthal who didn’t know the difference between Korea and Crimea?


  2. JJA says

    Clearly the US wont be happy until they have bases in every country in the world except mortal enemies, Russia, China and Iran. And they keep buying local lackey politicians to ease their path to full spectrum basedom.

    • Bryce says

      Sure, the politicoes trouser the cash, the local brothels occasionally keep their Roma girls busier than usual, and the local tough guys are able to knock off some fat yankee heads.
      Otherwise, this american (nato) aggression means nothing, except to the MSM.
      It certainly means nothing to the taxpayers, who pay for the folly.

    • Seraskier says

      Here in Europe we have the lowest possible assessment of the intellectual grasp of Americans. They are a race of intellectually-stunted pygmies. American college degrees come in tear-off sheets, with “Now Please Wash Your Hands” printed at the bottom of each one.

      • magsoul says

        Seraskier, I get why you are so negative about Americans…so am I, and I’m American! But use your own intelligence to understand that the American people are beginning to wake up….the Real criticism needs to be at our politically engineered divided government and the politicians who have brought us here. But more important, globally the Powers That Be who have dumbed down most of our educational system not to mention pushed on us big pharma, skyrocketing healthcare, and Mind Control narratives. Our intellectual logic and reasoning is constantly being attacked in the U.S. through the MSM , TV and Hollywood! This cancer has spread world wide…..And, if WE don’t stop it, by supporting our efforts to SEE IT, speak out and not criticize each other………it’s coming to theater near YOU!

        • JGarbo says

          It seems most Americans are happy with, or ignorant of, the police state where they’ve been imprisoned. For the few with awareness, there’s only way out – escape to the civilized world beyond. Only a Superman can stop a rampaging elephant. If you’re not Superman, just step aside and let it pass.

        • Seraskier says

          Sure, sure, we listened to all that “It’s not us, it’s our government” hogwash back when you were bombing Serbia in 1999. Since then the US government has oscillated between Democrats and Republicans several times… but nothing has changed

          So give it a rest, huh? It’s very old now,

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