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Bombed for Our Own Good

Vice President of Montenegro’s 28 June Movement Milo Dubak Addresses United Nations Human Rights Council by Milo Dubak, 20 March, 2019, via Global Research Milo Dubak, Vice President of the humanitarian organization 28 June, delivered a blistering speech at the United Nations in Geneva today [March 20, 2019] strongly condemning the illegal NATO bombing of Yugoslavia one week before the 20th anniversary of the tragedy. At the 40th Session of the Human Rights Council dealing with racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia, Mr. Dubak’s speech drew gasps and shocked stares as he highlighted the absurdity of Montenegro’s NATO membership stating “I have the distinction of being the only speaker here who hails from a country which bombed itself”. He went on to denounce the use of depleted uranium and “decades of subsequent suffering” inflicted by the bombing. He concluded by stating that 28. Jun would use its Special Consultative Status with the United Nations to undertake an ambitious project which will focus on three key principles to ensure a unified path forward; Truth, Reconciliation and …

VIDEO: Should Montenegro join NATO?

As the US Senate votes to ratify the treaty on Montenegro becoming the 29th member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the Campaign for Neutrality in Europe have created this short video on why they believe this should not happen